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Petition: Chambersburg Area School District: Allow a Gay-Straight Alliance to Form at CASHS


Petition by

Thomas McCalmont

Roxbury, PA

I went through 3 years of being denied starting a Gay-Straight Alliance at Chambersburg Area Senior High School when I was in attendance. A brave group of students and faculty fought to get a Gay-Straight Alliance implemented this year, but were denied by the board last month.

It’s important for students to have support systems they might otherwise lack. Bullying has been an issue at the school even before I went there. It led to me being called “fag” or “faggot” or some variation of that every day. One year I was unable to dress in the boys locker room because it was a “solution” for the intense bullying I endured one day after gym class. The bullying escalated to the point of contributing to suicidal ideation my senior year. This club is crucial for the students.

Joe Tosten, Chambersburg Area School District
Stanley Helman, Chambersburg Area School District
Carl Barton, Chambersburg Area School District
Norman Blowers, Chambersburg Area School District
Fred Rice, Chambersburg Area School District
Joe Padasak, CASD Superintendent
I strongly urge you to change your vote (or lack of action) on allowing a Gay-Straight Alliance to form in CASHS (Chambersburg Area Senior High School). This club provides a much needed environment for students to network and create extremely crucial support systems they may otherwise lack. Bullying in this school goes unreported due to a fear of retribution. Incidents that are reported are poorly… READ MORE

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