‘Percussions in Color’ 3D Motion is Outstanding | Video

I stumbled upon this video from Sic Est on Instagram called, Percussions in Color. I had no idea what it was all about I wanted to know more. You know that feel you get when you devouring a bowl of gummy worms and you look into the bowl and your down to your three worms, you’re not sure you you want to slow down or speed up, that’s how the video made me feel, maybe not. I lead the trail to, which turned out to be the site for, Domenico Tedone, a freelance 3D motion designer & art director. Possibly one of my favorite 20 seconds my eyes have ever seen.

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You know when come across some things and really feel like it’s a must to share? This is totally one of those times.

 Below are some other samples of Domenico Tedone’s work. Feat on it.

“A tiny tribute to Pig.
I’ve always felt some kind of empathy for pigs.” Tedone