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FILE - In this July 20, 2015 file photo, Rowan County Clerk Kim Davis, right, walks with her attorney Roger Gannam into the United States District Court for the Eastern District of Kentucky in Covington, Ky. The Rowan County, Ky., clerk's office turned away gay couples who sought marriage licenses on Thursday, Aug. 13, 2015, defying a federal judge's order that said deeply held Christian beliefs don't excuse officials from following the law. The fight in Rowan County began soon after the Supreme Court legalized gay marriage nationwide in June. Davis cited her religious beliefs and decided not to issue marriage licenses to any couple, gay or straight. (AP Photo/Timothy D. Easley, File) Close The Associated Press

Cunt-Face Kentucky Clerk Gets Time for Gay Marriage Appeal

  The best thing about not claiming to be a ‘professional’ journalist, I can say things like, eat shit Kim Davis. Associated Press reported: A federal judge on Monday gave a Kentucky county clerk room to continue denying marriage licenses to gays and lesbians while she takes her religious objections case to a higher court. U.S. District Judge

NSFW “Normal Nudist” | This Town: San Francisco Pilot Ep 5 | LGBTQ SF Web Series

NSFW Episode| In pilot episode #5, “Normal Nudist,” Rocky Rhodes (Mike Enders) visits with friends who happen to be nudist. Rocky assumes all sorts of common misconceptions about nudist, but it ends up that they are pretty ‘normal.’ And like always Rocky has sex on the brain. “He’s a cock loving San Francisco queer. And

New Folsom Street Fair Promo Video is Worth a Watch

 A kink and fetish fueled dance explosion in celebration of the 2015 Folsom Street Fair. Folsom Street Fair 2015 is Sunday, September 27, 11am – 6pm on Folsom Street between 8th and 13th streets in San Francisco, CA. San Francisco has long pushed culture boundaries, radical self-expression and sexual freedom. Today awash in stories

The Vets in Silkies Challenge Donald Trump to Hike With Them | Video

You most likely remember our viral post about the hunky vets hiking in their silkies: Marines to Strip Down to Silkies and Combat Boots for PTSD. The vets are back and they have a challenge for Donald Trump. Whether Trump takes challenge or not (most likely not because he’s a total pussy. No offenses ladies), this

London | Oldest Gay Pub the Royal Vauxhall Tavern Under Threat: ‘There’s Been A Lot of Illegitimate Fun for 150 Years’ | Video

Just a few months ago I had the pleasure of visiting London for the first time. Some of my favorite nights out on the town and memories all happened at the Royal Vauxhall Tavern. Not just because the wonderful and wacky performances but because of the the local friendly vibe that was contagious. Gentrification is not

Rugby Player Keegan Hirst is Overwhelmed with Support After Coming Out in New Video

As a follow up to 0ur story about Rugby Star Keegan Hirst First Brit Player to Come Out as Gay, Keegan speaks out in a new video and is overwhelmed with the support he is receiving.   The captain of Rugby League Championship side Batley Bulldogs has told the Victoria Derbyshire programme why he has decided to

Neo-Nazis in Germany Film ‘Sting’ Video Posing as City Guards in Gay Cruising Area

  Be careful out there men. My first thought: Don’t these guys have anything better to do. I mean, hate us, despise us, but to take time out of your on life to hate on others is kind of pathetic. I feel sorry for these guys. Their life must be empty. The ‘men’ putting on


Elton John Criticizes Italian Mayor’s Ban on Books About Same-Sex Relationships in Schools

  Get them Elton! Gay Star News: Sir Elton John has attacked the Mayor of Venice on Instagram after he banned books about same-sex relationships in schools and nurseries. The singer, who has two children with husband David Furnish, described newly-elected Luigi Brugnaro as ‘extremely silly looking’, due to his campaign promises to remove 49 books

Bryan Hawn is Ridiculous Done Well | “Can’t Feel My Face” Parody Video

I fucking love Bryan Hawn. He doesn’t give any fucks about what you think. Ridiculous done well and Bryan‘s having a damn good time. Video by Bryan Hawn See all of our features on him HERE

Watch This Spanish Hunk Put on Condom | The Video We Wish We Saw in Sex Ed Class | NSFW

  Now this is the type sex education video we were all hoping for in high school. Not a damn banana. Watch the proper application of putting on a condom in Spanish. The visuals will be enough for most of us. From Diversidad Brutal  Facebook Don’t forget to LIKE Accidental Bear on Facebook so you won’t miss

Hair Ball of the Day | Aydian Dowling “Men’s Health” Cover As “Ultimate Guy” Finalist

We’re rooting for our guy, Aydian Dowling. Men’s Health reports: From the very beginning of our Search for the Ultimate Men’s HealthGuy, the men on this list have impressed us with their personal stories of strength, perseverance, and success. They’ve outlasted the competition, proving not only their mental and physical chops, but their dedication to giving back

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Smoking vs Vaping | AsapScience Video

Is vaping actually better for your health than smoking? Video by the fine gents at AsapSCIENCE


2 More Gay Men Thrown Off Building by ISIS then Stoned by Blood-Thirsty Waiting Mob

Where is the rage people? Imagine if two gay men were thrown off a roof in San Francisco. We should be just as angry. I feel like we are too comfortable with these things happening to our gay brothers and sisters when they are on the other side of the world. Daily Mall reports: A


Rugby Star Keegan Hirst First Brit Player to Come Out as Gay

One macho man at a time that comes out will help everyone to come out in time. Come out come out wherever you are. Keegan, 27, reveals the secret torment of dealing with his sexuality while carving out a career in one of the world’s most macho sports. Mirror reports: Rugby League player Keegan Hirst

NSFW | Brent Ray Fraser Penis Paints Princess Diana & The Queen | Video

Mother And Child (Divided), 2015 The notorious Brent Ray Fraser (Canadian Performance Artist) creates a large 85″x 85″ rendition of ‘Queen Elizabeth and Lady Diana’ (UK). This large scale performance piece is completed with his Penis (often used in his live art performances and ‘webcam’ work). Fraser, a classically trained artist, demonstrates the talent and

Colby Keller Announces Rentboy Scholarship Fund for Male Sex Workers | Video #Cash4Class

Wow! Well done Rentboy. Judge Colby Keller announces the #Cash4Class 2015 Rentboy Scholarship at To win $1,500, submit an essay or video on the topic “Why is going to school part of achieving your dream?” by September 15, 2015. Supported by and CockyBoys. Details at

Can Cats Make Us Crazy? No Seriously | Video

” Cats can make you go nuts and it’s not just the emotional manipulation that’s driving you batty…it might be a parasite.” Video by WIRED

Trans Men Discuss Online Dating | Video

OkCupid… who knew? “You have to kiss a lot of frogs to find your prince…or whatever.” Video from Buzz Feed Yellow

“Hyper Masculinity On The Dance Floor” in Gay Club Setting | Trailer Video

I would love to hear how everyone feels about this piece. Whenever ‘masculinity’ is discussed it usually brings up a lot people’s passionate thoughts and opinions. Text from  Selin Davasse: In the club economy of seeing and being seen, hyper masculine bodies and bodily enactments not only communicate a certain idealized muscled aesthetic but also

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Dancing Man Nathan Barnatt Featured in Robin Schulz’s Video for “Sugar”

We are so wickedly turned on by dancing man Nathan Barnatt. But come on, who isn’t? If you don’t know who Nathan Barnatt is, you need to put down everything and go check out his Youtube Channel now. Below Nathan is the main character in new music video by Robin Schulz for “Sugar.” Those moves, that swag. Find

Meat Zine Naked 2016 Calendar is More than a Handful | Video Preview

Meat Naked 2016 Calendar video preview. Eleven of London’s finest (and one American, Hi Rica Shay) Naked Order now with the collectors edition of meat eighteen Launch Party: RVT London 11.09.15 Follow Meat on Facebook 

‘Donald Tramp’ Porn Parody Played by Dick Chibbles | NSFW Video

In my best New Jersey accent, “I’m dying over here!” At first I thought this treat was just a short fun Youtube spoof, clicked through to the link and BAM! Full on ‘Donald Trump’ porn played by (drum roll please)Dick Chibbles. You want more and it’s free. I won’t tell anyone, just go here and


BAATHHAUS Share New track “Suzy” | An Ode to their Favorite Horror Heroine

What sounds like drama and soaring vocals, terror and menacing synths, wails and tribal drums? Suzy does. Listen to Suzy below from BAATHHAUS’s upcoming self titled LP (out September 25).  BAATHHAUS tells me that the song “is an ode to their favorite horror heroine. Turn off the lights and turn it up.” Now follow the instructions

Watch Parody Video of Stonewall Trailer

So, whatcha’ thinking about? Parody video by Ben Dwork of the contraversial trailer of the upcoming Stonewall. Read more about the controversy HERE

Another Sexy Shirtless Video from Dollar Beard Club | Mmm… Testosterone

Dollar Beard Club now delivers up North. Canada… duh. Sign up now at

Marlon Teixeira 8

Marlon Teixeira Photographed by Milan Vukmirovic for Made in Brazil Magazine

Model: Marlon Teixeira  Photographed: Milan Vukmirovic Styled by George Cortina for Made in Brazil magazine.

Odeur Fall/Winter 2015 at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Berlin

  Odeur shares its Fall/Winter 2015 collection at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Berlin.

Sadak Fall/Winter 2015 at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Berlin

Sadak shares his Fall/Winter 2015 collection at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Berlin.

This handout photo provided by American University/Jordan Eagles shows Eagles seven-foot-tall sculpture that includes the blood of nine gay, bisexual and transgender men.

Exhibition Showcases Gay Donors’ Banned Blood

(Above: This handout photo provided by American University/Jordan Eagles shows Eagles seven-foot-tall sculpture that includes the blood of nine gay, bisexual and transgender men.) WASHINGTON (AP) — A Washington museum will exhibit a sculpture that uses the blood of nine gay, bisexual and transgender men to protest the federal ban on blood donations from gay and

The Trevor Project

Teen Lesbian Kills Herself After Mom Beats Her for Being Gay | South Africa

Above photo from The Trevor Project A teenager in South Africa’s rural town of Bethlehem has killed herself apparently because of her family’s unwillingness to accept her sexuality. It all began when the young woman was suspected of smoking, the bereaved mother told, asking the media not to identify her daughter. ‘My son came to me


Catholic Priest Says Gay Sex is Like ‘Cramming a Bagel in Your Ear’

  Wow, this may be my new fetish, cramming bagels into my ear. You know what they say? It’s not the size of the bagel, it’s what you do with it. A Catholic priest has come up with one of the strangest analogies yet for gay sex, claiming it is like cramming a piece of

Documentary Now! | “Taking Care of Mother” Feat. Bill Hader & Fred Armisen|Video

Move over grey Gardens, Little Edie has some competition.  This is going to be a must watch.  Little Vivvy has an obligation to her mother, and Big Vivvy tells a story about a sandwich-stealing squirrel. For more Documentary Now!: Subscribe to IFC to see clips, behind the scenes, web exclusives, and more!: This summer, IFC’s newest

Lana Del Rey Wants to Blow Up Helicopters “High By the Beach” in New Video

Lana Del Rey shares new video for her new single “High By the Beach.”  Hey Lana you really need to buy some nicknacks for your house, it looks kind of empty. Video from Lana Del Rey VEVO

Health Share “Stonefist” Music Video of Insane Makeovers | Video

“HEALTH have shared a video for “Stonefist”, the single off their new album Death Magic – and if you have a weak stomach, you should probably think twice before watching. Directed by NAKED FACES, the dark visual sees the band’s members undergoing plastic surgery to take on drastically different appearances (view the finished makeover above). Viewers get an up-and-close view of

“My Heart Will Go On” | Vintage ’50s Style from Postmodern Jukebox | Video

Postmodern Jukebox  is a rotating group of musicians producing covers of pop songs using jazz, ragtime, and swing. Their vintage style covers of Miley Cyrus’ “We Can’t Stop” and Meghan Trainor’s “All About The Bass.” In the video below they have teamed up with singer Mykal Kilgore for a new take on the Celine Dion classic “My Heart Will

Hair Ball of the Day | 60-Year-Old Skateboarder Neal Unger on Getting Older and Skateboarding | Video

GILF “German brand Old Skateboards recently traveled all the way to California to talk to 60-year-old skateboarder Neal Unger about his approach to getting older and skateboarding. Although it’s been a while since we first saw Neal, it doesn’t appear he’s slowed down one bit. Titled “From Pines to Palms,” the short video captures Neal in his element, on four wheels shredding some

The Prettiots – “Suicide Hotline” Video

A song about NOT killing yourself. “Suicide Hotline,” like many Prettiots songs, couches stunning barbs of insight between sweet, fun harmonies and playful ukelele strums. In this case, singer Kay Kasparhauser says the lyrics describe a time in her life when her “friends and also therapist were a little worried.” They’re macabre, invoking both Sylvia

Short Film on Violent Abductions & Attacks Spawned by Russia’s LGBT Propaganda Law | Indiegogo

“Set one evening in present day Moscow, 16 year-old Pyotr is baited by an ultranationalist group known for their violent abductions and attacks bolstered by Russia’s LGBT propaganda law, but Pyotr has a dangerous secret his attackers could never have accounted for.” Find out more about the film and how you can help them finish

Denied a Marriage License Again in Kentucky, Court Defies the Law | Video

The office of Rowan County, Kentucky with the now infamous clerk, Kim Davis are defy the Supreme Court’s decision legalizing same-sex marriage and refusing to hand out marriage licenses to same-sex couples. What makes me sick to my stomach is that there are people out there applauding the  behavior. David Moore and David Ermold, the gay couple we

Do Protests Have to be Disruptive? by Matt Baume | Video

  “Sometimes political protests can be really inconvenient. And sometimes they target powerful people who already agree with the protestors! What’s the point of that? ” Matt Baume Interact with Matt on Twitter and Facebook Video by Matt Baume