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Screen Shot 2015-02-17 at 3.03.24 PM Porn Models Talk About Their Worst Dates Ever Video #TeamBennettAnthony

But first, Bennett Anthony Accidental Bear loves you! “Single on Valentine’s Day? That’s better than a bad date! Watch models Mike de Marko, Colby Jansen, Bennett Anthony, Colt Rivers and Garrett Cooper talk about their worst dates ever.” Video from

Body Builder’s “Get Swoll” Music Video is Nuts #TinyDickSyndrome

  All I can think is little dick. Video from Rich Piana

Damien Moreau’s “OH BOY” | New Erotic Web Series Explores Male Sexuality |Ep 2

DAMIEN MOREAU’S OH BOY The artist/director’s new erotic web series explores male sexuality and gives you something artsy to wank to. Watch sexy NSFW video trailers HERE Find out more information at and at  twitter | tumblr | instagram

Screen Shot 2015-02-17 at 9.27.44 AM

Guys Get Their Buttholes Steamed For The First Time | Video

Buttholes do sweat. Don’t knock it until you try. Take care of the fun tunnel of yours. Video from BuzzFeedVideo


“Hard Decisions” | A New Gay Interactive Web Comedy Coming Soon! | Kickstarter

Check to this new amazing project, “Hard Decision,” by a handful of my buddies down in LA About this project What is a gay interactive web comedy? It’s a web series on YouTube, but at the end of each segment it gives you a decision to make. It looks a little something like this: KICKSTART

Singer Brontez Purnell & 5 Gay Porn Actors on New “This Town” Vodcast – Max Cameron, Adam Ramzi, Ray Fillmore, Jon Shield & Jackson Fillmore

New episode of queer-centric, straight friendly, weekly vodcast hosted by Mike Enders, owner of Accidental Bear website, This Town. This week’s guests are, power punk singer Brontez Purnell of The Younger Lovers, and gay porn actors Ray Fillmore, Jon Shield, Adam Ramzi, Max Cameron and new “cummer” Jackson Fillmore. We happened to film this episode

Alexander Ikhide4

Don’t Police My Masculinity | Alexander Ikhide Photographed by Seye Isikalu

“Don’t Police My Masculinity” Photographer: Seye Isikalu Model:Alexander Ikhide  “In a world where Hyper-masculinity is unfailingly sold to us on a daily basis, ‘Don’t Police My Masculinity’ playfully explores ideas of self-love, self-acceptance & general care-freeness of the Black Male in particular. Happy valentine’s day people! love yourselves first! “

Miley Cyrus Might Be Recording With Against Me!’s Laura Jane Grace!

  I fully support this possibility. I truly believe that Miley Cyrus’ career hasn’t  even begun to bud, and over the next few decades she will become a powerhouse in the music world. Now she is just a baby finding her feet and learning how to walk. Stereogum has reported: Teenage homelessness has been a

“American Diaper” an “American Sniper” Parody Video Starring Bradley Pooper

The story of an American credited with the most diaper changes in the history of diapers. Video from Brian Guest

Jamie Dornan Eats His Own Abs on The Graham Norton Show

An audience member has baked a life-size Christian Grey cake. Jamie digs in. And just to be clear I am a fan of Jamie Dornan, not 50 Shades of Boring. Video from The Graham Norton Show

Can Science Improve Your Sex Life? | Asap Science New Video

    Food for thought. A little science secret to spice things up in the bedroom! Video from AsapSCIENCE

How Alabama Marriage Equality Got So Messy: Marriage News Watch with Matt Baume

  “Things are finally settling down in Alabama. We’ll take a look at just how messy it got last week, and what happens now. Plus, Justice Ginsburg makes some pretty candid predictions for the Supreme Court’s upcoming marriage decision.” American Foundation for Equal Rights


Sydney’s Why We Run Share “Comfortable Lie” New Music Video

Find more Why We Run at Facebook |The making of  |  Soundcloud link

“All About That Beard” by Marty Ray Project

  We knew it was coming. “A parody of sorts of..well Im sure you know what song I’m speaking of. Hope y’all enjoy this Bearded Music for your Amusement…Maybe just for mine! “Marty Ray

Jedward – “Make Your Own Luck” Feat. Margaret Cho and Perez Hilton

  I wondered what happened to Jedward, I haven’t heard a peep from them in forever. This new video from Jedward features Margaret Cho and America’s most hated gay Perez Hilton. Watch Jedward’s new video for “Make Your Own Luck”. Available Now on iTunes twitter facebook instagram youtube google


“Only Boyfriend” by Brendan Maclean Will Help You Erase Your Man’s Track Record

Singer Brendan Maclean writes passage below on his Facebook Page along with the introduction of his new music video for the song “Only Boyfriend.” Because no one ever writes a decent Valentines song for the queers. Here is a new song: Only Boyfriend. Written with Emmy award winner Lance Horne and filmed by JD Urban in Brooklyn. Hope

Music Videos That Tell Our LGBT Story – Tom Goss Kickstarter

  Videos portraying the LGBT experience aren’t a priority of major labels. They are to me. I want to tell our story. Read More and Support Tom at About this project How did you first hear about my music? I bet it was a video wasn’t it? These days, people don’t discover musicians without strong

Vivienne Westwood9

Vivienne Westwood “Worlds End” Capsule Collection

Made for a new generation of rebel hearts, the Worlds End Capsule revives the ’70s and ’80s “Clothes for Heroes” archives from Vivienne Westwood’s storied Kings Road shop. Each limited-edition, unisex piece was carefully selected for its influential “status” concept and defiant DIY spirit, including classics reissued using prized, leftover scraps. From the bleached Drunken Anarchy shirt, to

“3 ERAS of GAY SEX in 3 Minutes” | Valentine’s Film Celebrates The History and Power of Gay Sex, Fetish & Cruising

An Original Three-minute Film by Leo Herrera Visually Spans The History of Homosensual Communication from Pre-Stonewall to Present Day   Leo Herrera, a NYC-based visual artist, filmmaker, writer and advocate with a focus on cataloging and presenting gay history, today announced his latest work “3 ERAS of GAY SEX in 3 Minutes” an original piece

Watch Gay Infomercial Introducing Boy Butter

Not sure why, but I all of the sudden crave corn on the cob and butter. Check out the world’s first gay informercial for Boy Butter Personal Lubricants starring Dean Monroe airing on TV in N. America 2015. Visit for more info and purchase. Video from Boy Butter

Watch Erase Errata’s “History of Handclaps” Video

Erase Errata say this about their new video “History of Handclaps” : The video is a madcap homage to Fluxus performance events such as Yoko Ono’s famous cut piece, No Wave-era zero budget films and the tension of minimalism and maximalism intermingling in our product saturated digital lives. It speaks to where the band has

Hot Chip Shares “Huarache Lights” Official Video

  Hot Chip will release their sixth album and second for Domino, Why Make Sense?, on 18th May 2015. Recorded in Oxfordshire and London and produced by Hot Chip with Mark Ralph, Why Make Sense? is the band’s follow up to 2012’s critically acclaimed In Our Heads. Hot Chip will be touring the US, UK

Daily Testosterone | What is the Best Pre-Workout? by Bro Science Life

I can’t help but to be entertained by this guy. He’s great to look at, not taking himself too serious, and did I say he is great to look at? Video from Bro Science Life


Venfield 8 Released New Limited Edition Zine/Book “Object Weapon” Feat. Jon Galt & Vic Rocco

Mysterious and controversial photographer Venfield 8, that has brought us candy covered sticky hairy asses in his series Candy Ass , Bear Hill, “An homage to the iconic Bear Pond, by Bruce Weber ensued, only this time, featuring stunning young “bears” as models,” has a new release!  Issue One: DUO featuring Jon Galt & Vic Rocco is Venfield 8’s

Queer Alt-Country Band, Indiana Queen, & Men in Underwear, What’s Not to Like?

Here is a quick introduction to a band that is new to me, Indiana Queen. Yes, there is a hunky man dancing in his undies, but what makes this the full package, is the amazing voice and tender lyrics of this song This is Me trying. Find out more about Indiana Queens on Facebook, at,

Florence and the Machine Share “How Big, How Blue, How Beautiful” Video

“How Big, How Blue How Beautiful” new music video by Florence and the Machine. Enjoy… Directed by Tabitha Denholm & Vincent Haycock

Charli XCX Covers “Shake It Off” and It’s Not Bad

Charli XCX covers Taylor Swift’s “Shake It Off” in the Live Lounge for Fearne Cotton and BBC Radio 1 Video from BBC Radio 1

“It’s Amazing” Starring Gia Gunn by Homer Marrs and the Excellent Adventure

  We have shared work from Homer Marrs in the past, and this time it’s Homer Marrs and the Excellent Adventure for his new song “It’s Amazing” starring Gia Gunn. Starring Gia Gunn. With Lucy Stoole, Sofia Safire, Tippi Marie-Peppermint and Vallery Dolls. Directed by Michael Azzato. Filmed at Berlin Nightclub, Chicago, IL. Download the single at or on iTunes,

Ms. Henrik – “Slow Dancing” Official Video is Out Now!

We love Ms. Henrik! Check out the official  new music video for “Slow Dancing” by Ms. Henrik. Directed by Lina Engborg Director of Photography: Tobias Henriksson Find Ms. Henrik on Facebook

Mitchell Smith

Australian Model Mitchell Smith Photographed by Lucy Feng

Gorgeous spread via Model: Mitchell Smith at BMA Photographer: by Lucy Feng Wardrobe: Mark Thomas Taylor

“This Town” Ep 2 | Bevan Dufty, SF Homeless, Exciting New Programs and Hope

  I really feel as if this is one of the most important, if not the most important interview I have ever done. After being disturbed at what I have been seeing on the streets of San Francisco lately, increased violence, and what appears to be an increase in the homeless, which I know must

Ukrainian Ballet “Bad Boy” Performs to “Take Me to Church” Directed by David LaChapelle

Phenomenal and sexy, Ukrainian ballet “bad boy” Sergei Polunin, improvised dance to “Take Me To Church” by Hozier Directed by David LaChapelle |  David LaChapelle Studio

Be my Valentine – Steam Room Stories Video

You have a secret admirer – US! Be our Valentine! Video from Steam Room Stories

Music News Video Recap | Annie Lennox FTW, Big Dipper, Big Freedia, Younger Lovers, AB SOTO, Tim Carr…

Here is a quick list of some new music and music news I don’t want you to miss! I also answer a common question,  “How can I support queer music and my favorite artists?” It’s easy as 1, 2, 3…. Featured in this episode: Annie Lennox wins the Grammys, Sam Smith, The Younger Lovers, Big


Montréal’s La Mécanique Share “IF” Official Video Music Video

La Mécanique are new to me and I think they are fantastic. Created in 2014 by Francis Nothingwater (Beat) and Francis James Hawkins (Vocal), LA MECANIQUE builds on the bands 80’s heavy percussive melodies and catchy synths. They’re based in Montréal (Québec, Canada). Find out more about La Mécanique on Facebook and Soundcloud

Who’s Trying to Stop Alabama Marriage Now? | Marriage News Watch | Feb 9

Marriage starts today in Alabama, and the usual suspects are still trying to figure out some way to stop it. Nebraska accidentally passed a bill that will recognize gay and lesbian couples, but only when they’re carrying a concealed firearm. And we’re on a fast track for rulings in several southern states. Video from American Foundation

A New Colby Keller’s Package & Poetry – “At The Window”

  It’s so cute Colby Keller reads and makes these video just for me! #notreally Colby’s package is poetry. Artist, blogger and adult film star, Colby Keller takes you on a calming journey into his soul. He’s not only passionate about his #iseepenis tags, but his also passionate about poetry. Today’s episode he recites “At

Photo by Josh Nece

San Francisco Based Tim Carr Shares Haunting Music Video for “Interiors”

San Francisco based singer, Tim Carr, has just release a new music video for his song “Interiors.” You better have Ghost Busters on speed dial. Carr’s voice is haunting in this new track and will have you looking over your shoulder. Watch below. “The ghost of musician Tim Carr is investigated by a ghost hunting


Etxeberria Fall/Winter 2015

Etxeberria presented his Fall/Winter 2015 collection during Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Madrid.


OATH Fall/Winter 2015

Rich Mnisi presented his Fall/Winter 2015 collection for OATH, during the South African Menswear Week.