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Beard-asm: Trim by Petey Boy (video)

For art, you are aloud to trim your beard. Otherwise, knuckle sandwich! [vimeo 27315673 w=400 h=224]


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Handpicked News: DOMA Red Tape, Legal in Washington, Gavin Newsom 2014, Polygamist Leader…

Same-Sex Marriage Becomes Legal in Washington (at Least One Part) Chief Seattle would be proud. The tribe he led in the late 1700s, the Suquamish, has made a giant leap toward equality by allowing and recognizing same-sex marriage. According to the Kitsap Sun,the Suquamish Tribal Council in Washington State voted Monday to extend marriage rights to same-sex

Beard Intervention on The Daily Motion’s Attack of the Show

There are times when a beard grows out of control. When that happens to an AOTS staff member, we are forced to intervene. Kevin Pereira and Candace Bailey present Beard Shave 2011. For more from Comedy, go here:

Seattle Muslim Man Sues Employer for Beard Firing

SEATTLE (AP) – A Seattle-area Muslim is suing his former employer, claiming he was fired as a security guard for refusing to shave his beard, which he wears for religious reasons. Abdulkadir Omar filed his federal lawsuit July 15 in California. He plans to speak publicly about it Thursday along with representatives from the Seattle chapter

Gay Bachelor Blog Presents: Featured Bachelors Shape up for Pride Season

We at Accidental Bear love our friends at Gay Bachelor Blog. partners up with Fitness Expert Jeremy Foreshew to get two of our Featured Bachelors in shape for Pride Season! It’s the final weight where we learn if the boys have met their targets or not. Congrats to both David and Aaron!      

Hair Ball of the Day: Human, Animal Role Reversal

by Levi Jacobs

NYC: Jeremyville & Buff Monster New Exhibition (Art)

Jeremyville & Buff Monster Show are launching a brand new exhibition at Tara McPherson’s Cotton Candy Machine this Friday, August 5, 2011. Runs to September 4, 2011. Cotton Candy Machine 235 South 1st Street Brooklyn, NYC

YMC Fairisle Raglan Crewneck Sweaters: Preppies with Tattoos are Foxy!

I think when I grow up I’m going to be  preppy. What does that entail, I ask? First I will run and jump into this comfy, classic looking crewneck sweater. I have always found guys covered in tattoos dressed preppy to be foxy. Fetish? YMC delivers some affordable takes on the raglan look. The patter

MTV Turned 30. Now Watch the First 24 Hours from 1981

Mondonna, Pat Benetar, Duran Duran, Wham! and Thompson Twins are the first bands that come to mind. Here is the original broadcast : MTV Launch Day One 12:01 am Saturday August 1st, 1981 Video # 1 This is why Youtube is more important than TV. MTV turned the big 3-0 a couple days past. Now,

SF CA Weiner News: Circumcision Ban Removed from Ballot

SF CA: Raising Awareness for Hepatitis C

I am immune to everything since my morning routine consists of bathing in bleach, removing all body hair, gargling with Raid, slipping a full body condom  on, elbow high gloves, protected glasses and I only breathe pure oxygen from a tank I wheel behind ,e in a red wagon. Hep still scares me though. Read

SF CA: Police still searching for gay man’s Killer a Year Later

This story has hit a heart string for me seeing that the murder occurred a block from my house. When the who, what and why’s are left unanswered my mind fills in the unknown with the worst case scenario. Let’s find this killer! via B.A.R. Last weekend marked the first anniversary of the murder of

PSA Video: Evolution of the Hipster

Holy cow, this is morning brilliance. The best thing I’ve seen since yesterday. “A hipster, a terrifying genetic hybrid.” (Thanks Daily what)

Morning Warm-up Videos: Literal Couch Surfing, 11 countries over 44 days, Adult-con…

[vimeo 27246366 w=376 h=200]

What is Your Spirit Animal? Whisker Wars Coming Soon: Aug 5th (VIDEO)

A docu-comedy set in the world of competitive facial hair growing. Following a group of men as they travel the country in search of top honors in a host of competitions, from the National Beard and Mustache Championship in Bend, OR to the World Competition in Norway. With Germany the reigning champion, over 80 local

Hump Day Headlines: It Gets Better — Even for Adventists, BRAZIL’S ‘STRAIGHT PRIDE,’ ‘VALUES’ IOWA BUS TOUR…

NPR’s Featured ‘Ex-Gay’ Guest Commits Over $200,000 To Dangerous, Unscientific Ex-Gay ‘Coachings National Public Radio has yet to apologize for the platform it provided Rich Wyler on Monday to spout as many lies about sexual orientation as he could fit into the segment. NPR featured Wyler for being ex-gay and allowed him to testify about all the promise he believes reparative

I Art You: Human Hair Castles

Amazing use of human hair, but gross. Human hair off the head makes my stomach turn. But this is worth a look. Artist Agustina Woodgate has built two model castles, each about 4′ high, out of human hair. They’re part of  a series called “I Wanted to Be a Princess” series. Her “Sandcastle” combines different colors of hair

Hair Ball of the Day: Time to Start Thinking How to Stay Warm for Fall, You May need One of These

Source: monstertrucker

Teasing the Gays: Towel Trick

World Premiere of “Outlaws of Love” – Adam Lambert – HD Live – Sainte Agathe

I believe most writers learn a lot about themselves through writing about others and thinking about your reading audience. Adam Lambert does not fit into my music box but I am all about applauding for a gay brother. As I race towards 40, I feel as if there isn’t as much room in me for hate

What do you Know About American Rapper/Producer Action Bronson? A Day At Meatopia (Video)

Big boy in the house.   Action Bronson, is an American rapper/producer, with Albanian descent. His stage name derives from gangster William “Action” Jackson, and mafioso actor Charles Bronson. [vimeo 27165450 w=400 h=225] Background Action was born and raised in Flushing, Queens, and is currently working at a yet unknown restaurant in New York City, and frequently raps about food in his songs. He has gained notoriety for

Naked & Famous Glow in the Dark Selvedge Denim Jeans

These jeans will be desired by some and to ween down that grouping more is their price of $240. I was working retail back in the peak of raver day’s and can remember these little, brightly colored kids, sucking of pacifiers and glow sticks usually had mommy and daddy’s gold card in their back pocket.

The Other Organ Where Size Matters: Brains (video)

Sorry, this story has nothing to do with penises at all. As a general rule, mammal species with big bodies tend to have big brains. If you know the weight of a mammal’s body, you can make a fairly good guess about how large its brain will be. As far as scientists can tell, this

Fashion Industry Salivates Over Creepy Photos Of 10-Year-Old French Girl

This photo you are looking at has caused ripples in the fashion world and has brought attention to the term “implied nudity.” Model Thylane Loubry Blondeau is 10 yrs old in the photograph. Freedom of choice, freedom of expression all plays a part in the “career” of this 10 years old super model Thylane Loubry Blondeau. She

Exclusive: Ronnie Spector Pays Tribute to Amy Winehouse

Now is the time to rake in on Amy Winehouses’s death. I will be making memorabilia of Amy made from left over dinner scraps, paper clips, horse hair & phlegm (Just kidding). Ronnie Spector has released a spectacular version of the late Winehouse’s  ‘Back to Black.’  via  I haven’t been this sad in a long time, about

Hair Ball of the Day: Tattooed & Exposed

(Source: leeciferslair)

Handpicked Headlines: Syphilis on the Rise, Homophobic Statements From Boehner, Santorum Lashes Out At Dan Savage…

Study: Syphilis on the Rise Among Minority Gay Men Syphilis rates among young, minority gay and bisexual men are rising disproportionately, according to a new study by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention published in the Annals of Internal Medicine. Reuters reports on the increase in syphilis cases. “Using data from 27 states, CDC researchers found that between 2005 and 2008,

Rachel Maddow is in it, to Win it!! Extends MSNBC Contract

TEAM RACHEL!! MSNBC has extended Rachel Maddow’s contract in a new multi-year deal that will keep the primetime host at the cable news network well beyond the 2012 presidential election. The announcement is expected to come Tuesday at the network’s portion of the semi-annual Television Critics Association press tour in Los Angeles. The news comes as

Hairy Men and Hard Alcohol: Yerba Buena Center for the Arts Whiskey Waxing Event

This week artist Walter Green takes the helm of Drawing Crowds. Jay Sacher, the column’s originator, has moved onto greener pastures back East. He will be missed! To kick things off, Drawing Crowds bravely waded into a gathering of hirsute men (and the people who love them) having their facial hair massaged into wacky shapes

Bacon Bacon Truck! – Epic Meal Time (video)

I cannot help for myself loving these guys. They are meat-heads, obnoxious, damn idiots and lick my lips masculine stuffed skin bags! I cannot get enough. I want to meet up with lead guy Harley Morenstein and cuss like a trucker, scream out every sentence and wrapped stuff in beacon. “We have the infamous Bacon Bacon

I’m in Love with Twin Lesbians Tegan and Sara: Live In Concert Newport Folk 2011 (Audio of concert)

Listen to live concert HERE Canadian twin sisters Tegan and Sara Quin usually traffic in fizzy, punky pop music, so it’s a refreshing twist to see them pop up at the 2011 Newport Folk Festival in Newport, R.I. The smart and outspoken pair will throw an extra curveball when they show their faces Saturday: They’re translating their

Did You Meet Your Summer Work-out Goals? Beef Cake!

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Creepy but Real! Life-Like Mannequins Inspire Real-Life Shoppers

Anatomically correct? You will never know.  A mannequin maker in Colorado is helping retailers boost clothing sales by creating more life-like models. These are custom-made mannequins that look like the real people who shop in stores — or the way shoppers imagine themselves. In a Disney Store in Southern California, an employee helps a young

Carl ’60 Cent’ Kasell Explains The Debt Ceilinging RAP (AUDIO)

 Confused by all the details about the debt ceiling? NPR’s legendary newscaster Carl “60 Cent” Kasell explains everything…in a RAP! (be gentle people, this was a rush job) Listen here

Queers that have Your Back: Journalists Honored for Work in Media, Activism

The National Lesbian and Gay Journalists Association announced Monday that it will induct Don Michaels, William Dorr Lambert Legg, and Michelangelo Signorile into its Hall of Fame. Michaels, Legg, and Signorile will be honored at an awards ceremony at the 2011 National Convention and 8th annual LGBT Media Summit in Philadelphia on Aug. 27. The

Dolly Apologizes to Lesbian Couple and Does some damage control for Dollywood

I can just hear her squeaky, wonderful voice bouncing off her delicious breast, “Golly Gosh darn, really? I’m sorry.” Dolly does some damage control. AB Dolly Parton has issued an apology to the lesbian couple who felt discriminated against at Dollywood last month, saying she’s sorry for “the hurt or embarrassment,” reports ABC News. As The Advocate reported

Feeding the Gays: The Bearded Lovely dancer, Adam Boehmer

Cue the music, “You are always on my mind,” by Elvis Presley Find Adam here

Hey Baby Face, Kiehl’s for amfAR: LifeRide for amfAR

  Motorcycles and cream, love it. (remove mind from gutter here) Maintaining a long-standing tradition of supporting HIV/AIDS charities, Kiehl’s Since 1851, has announced the Limited Edition Ultra Facial Cream to benefit amfAR. The Limited Edition Ultra Facial Cream will launch during the second annual Kiehl’s LifeRide for amfAR, a seven-day charity motorcycle ride up the

Excellent news – Congresswoman Giffords is back and voting tonight!”

This is the most remarkable news I have heard all year. I want to start a petition for Gabrielle Giffords to be able to pound nails into assailants (I don’t like to say his name, because he gets’ off on that) skull for 12 hours a day and the other half of day they keep