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The Otter Spot is a New Wave of Self-Expression: Otterj Diego T-shirt

The Otter Spot brings a new wave of self-expression with a photography and t shirt line by using combined inspiration from the male gay subculture and alternative lifestyle.  


Hair Ball of the Day: Cute Booty Tooch

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Celebrity Accidental Bear Daniel Day-Lewis As Abraham Lincoln

 From the moment Steven Spielberg chose Daniel Day-Lewis to play Abraham Lincoln in his upcoming biopic about the president, movie fans have been excited to see just how closely the Oscar-winner would be made to resemble the bearded leader. From this first look, it’s very, very closely. Twitter user @UVAMichael posted a photo of Day-Lewis with his Lincoln goatee and


Keys, Wallet, Cellphone, Doormat Reminder = Awesome

For those chronic forgetters or stoners. Doormat for forgetful folks. Made of 100% coconut fiber with latex backing, stenciled with latex paint. It doesn’t come with a wind chime that reminds you to look down though. Flip 180° for best use. BUY HERE


Hair Ball of the Day: Leg & Juice



Photographs Of Frauke Theilking Capture Generational Similarities

“Generation” is a photography series created by German photographer and artist Frauke Theilking to demonstrate the differences and similarities between generations. Theilking focused on mother/daughter and father/son pairs, staging them with no distractions from clothing or background. While many people want to separate themselves as much as possible from their parents, whether by changing appearance or moving away,

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Jay Brannan – “Dear Santa” Video

Jay Brannan releases Christmas song and takes it to a sad and dark place. “Not even Santa wants cookies from me,” and reveals that he, at this point in his life, expected to have taken another’s last name by now. From Jay’s wonderful song, “I Want to be a House Wife” and now this. Me


Bleu De Paname- Knit Sweater: Pure, Simple & Classic

This post should be followed up with a How to keep a White Sweater White post! It is a risk you have to take.  Hunting & Collecting has the perfect white, chunk knit sweat, that I WILL NOT leave the house without… (waiting).


Manastash Sierra Nevada Jacket, Ugly That Works

It’s not often that one says they are in the mood for a patchwork, insulated jacket, constructed from ecologically friendly fabrics, but this must be the day. I am in love with the color palette. It’s an ugly combination that works and teases my senses. The eco part of the description is: “Pertex Microlight Eco


LA: BENT-CON: “A Comic Convention…Only Gayer” Dec 3-4

Bent Con is December 3-4, 2011 at the Westin Bonaventure Hotel in Los Angeles, California. “A comic convention…only gayer.” BENT-CON returns, bigger, bolder and badder than before! Some of the geekiest and most creative minds in the universe are joining together again to host BENT-CON 2011, a convention for encouraging, celebrating and appreciating LGBT and LGBT-friendly comic-book artists, writers,


A Totally Tubular Sale at !!!!

Here in San Francisco it is always t-shirt weather. Even on our coldest of days we will be layered, and when we plop into our favorite coffee dwelling, we will peel off our layers, seductively, one by one to real our rad t-shirt. Here was a tip sent my morning! Don’t say I never gave

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Gay Gene Discovered: “Gay Baby” Short Film (Video)

Winner of Audience Award – Best Overall Short at FilmOut San Diego. What if you found out your unborn son is GAY? An expectant couple learns their unborn son is gay. Can a young gay store clerk change the father’s reaction from disappointment to excitement? Written and Directed by Kevin Kelly Produced by Jane Kelly


Bear Semen Energy Drink, Chug Chug Chug

This energy drinks doesn’t claim to give you a hairy chest, but hairy balls. Chug-a-lug men and some of you ladies!   Feeling weak? Need some strength? Some MANLY strength? Want to gain the strength of TEN gorillas? Bear Semen is the Manliest Drink on Earth. This drink won’t just give you a hairy chest, this drink


Britain’s Manliest Man, Rugby Star Sacha Harding, Shows Off the Goods (Video)

How does one become the manliest man of ones country? Kill a competitor with your bare hands? No, silly Sacha Harding explains that  it was his stubble that got him the votes to win the title, but rugby is his main priority. Sacha knows he will get heat from his team mates about the sexy

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Video: Harbour City Bears presents BEAR ESSENTIALS 16 – IT’S A WHOLE NEW BALL GAME

Gays are koo koo for coco puffs, sweat, jocks and  Rugby. Take a peek of what I mean in this festive video promo for the Bear Essential Fest in early February 2012. Harbour City Bears presents BEAR ESSENTIALS 16 – IT’S A WHOLE NEW BALL GAME. Be part of the action in Sydney, Australia, 11


PSA: Don’t Bro Me, If You Don’t Know Me!

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SF: World AIDS Day “Untitled” Screening at Magnet 12/1

Today at 12:00pm until Friday at 12:00am at Magnet SF: “This World AIDS Day, Magnet and Bridgemen invite you to interact with our gay history and see the impact of HIV on it. We are pleased to host this screening of Untitled. Screenings will be held on the hour every hour starting at Noon until Midnight. We do this


City By City: World AIDS Day Events 2011

Today is a day to go out and be visible and join others who are remembering those lost to AIDS. Today World AIDS Day, the world is taking time to remember and regroup. AIDS may not be a death sentence any longer (for those who are able to receive reasonable health care), but there is


An Idea That Turned Into A Passion: Happy Birthday Accidental Bear Video Wishes From Familiar Faces

  WATCH VIDEO HERE Today Accidental Bear Website turns one year old and we couldn’t be any happier of the direction we are going. An idea turned into a hobby, that turned into a job, that has now turned into my passion.  There are many websites out there bringing you LGBT news and entertainment, so

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It Gets Betterish – AIDS Test (Video)

Brent thinks he might have AIDS, so he and his buddy, Eliot, get tested together. This video, will make you laugh (hysterically), also touches on some very serious issues. Anyone who has ever had sex and then panicked afterwards out of fear of possible infection of HIV needs to watch this. Awareness doesn’t awlays have

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Season 2 of Two Jasperjohns is Here: “It” Part One (Video)

Some of our almost favorites, The Two Jasperjohns release Season Two’s first episode titled, “It.” These two are tested with dog watching duty in order to pay off an old debt with hunky gay-ruby-playing brother. Here is part one that sets it all up and now I am already bursting at the seams in excitement


Manhunt Mobile Ad Featuring Two Men Kissing Upsets Parents (PHOTO)

People are so scared of the unfamiliar. Why not use this as a teaching tool? Because frankly I am sick of seeing billboards of straight people getting married and hookers in undies selling ads for Las Vegas!       A new billboard for a gay dating and social networking website is causing controversy in

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Public School Teacher Stars in Gay Porn, Parents Not Happy

My Fox Boston news  network calls this teacher/ gay porn’s past unusual. I hate to say it but porn ain’t that unusual. People watch it, people star in it. Whether parents will want their children taught by Kevin Hogan who is an English teacher and crew coach at a top-rated Massachusetts public high school is another story.

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Heritage Minute: Canada Gay Marriage (Video)

Love comes in many forms. A victory against hatred and discrimination. Finance Dominic Poliquin’s Next Project and Get Rewards Via

Legalize Gay

Ground Breaking Documentary “Legalize Gay” (View Video Trailer)

FILM VIEWING COSTS — LEARN MORE  Part of the proceeds from the “Legalize Gay” film go to Campus Pride to provide LGBT & Ally scholarships and support for the 2012 CAMP PRIDE SUMMER LEADERSHIP CAMP.  More information online Campus Pride is offering a special opportunity to preview an incredibly inspiring film that captures the courage


Three Out Of Four Americans With HIV Don’t Receive Regular Health Care

  HIV does not discriminate, but  health care does. Medical progress now ensures that HIV/AIDS is no longer a death sentence, but only for those who can access good medical care. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reports that almost three out of four Americans with HIV are not receiving enough medicine or regular health care


WTF: Attorney General’s Warning About The ‘Pedobear’ (Video)

  Creepy, cute and disturbing! Lets just classify this as WTF of the day. This PedoBear started as an internet joke, making fun of pedophiles, but now may be being used as some sort of mascot. But would a pedophile really advertise themselves to the the public?   via Attorney General Gary King is

Matt Light

Best Beards in the NFL

The NFL is a man’s game.  Boys need not apply.  There is no better proof than looking at some of the beards players sport during the season.  Nothing says you are a tough, ruthless badass better than an excellent beard. The NFL has a number of different players who rock facial hair throughout the season.  This year there


2011 New York City Beard & Moustache Competition Dec 3

The Gotham City Beard Alliance is hosting the 2011 New York City Beard (and moustache!) Competition as a fundraiser for the Keep-a-Breast Foundation. The event happens at the Club Europa in Brooklyn on Saturday December 3, 2011 from 7 to 11 PM. Registration to enter in the competition is available until the day before the event. Categories: Full Natural Beard, Partial Beard, 99% Beard, Fake,

Dirty Santa

Bad Beard: Santa Suit and Beard Give Seasonal Cover For Miscreants

Imagine an old man in a rocking chair saying this, ” Well, I’ll be! I never thought the day would come when we needed to fear Santa Clause.” We can look past the fact that he is an old guy who has children lined up around the block to sit on his lap and tell

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Short Film: “Gay is the Word” I’m Gay, As In Gay, Not Lame or Weak (Video)

A nervous gay lad tries to come out to his straight mates… but they just don’t understand what he’s trying to say. They think gay means lame, crap, weak or stupid… idiots! This short film, directed by Andy Heath, was made by staff and students from the University of Liverpool and was based on an


Hair Ball of the Day: Emiliano by Mustafa Sabbagh  A Zine for horny nerds!

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Tennessee Tea Party Calls Barney Frank ‘Perverted Sodomite POS’

Wow, what a classy bunch of jackasses. See, I believe when you take certain public, high profile jobs, you lose the ability to have diarrhea of the mouth. That is what blogging is for! The Tennessee Tea Party demonstrated yesterday that it has no reservations taking “bold” stands on social issues. Responding to the announcement


Homophobia in UK Prisons is Endemic, But Often Unreported or Ignored

Homophobia is not sexy! Prisons seems like the perfect, dark, private, ruled by ultimate power environment for homophobia to hide. “The charity (jail) has been told that gay prisoners are advised by officers to ‘act less gay’ as a survival strategy.” A new report claims that while homophobia is widespread in the UK prison system, anti-gay


HIV Rate Rises Sharply Among Gay Men in Israel

We are still in battle against HIV. It is not the hot topic of the day, but should be. It is a sad state of affairs when messy politics trumps air time over devastating health issues. We as humans need to re-evaluate. In a 2010 study of 2,000 Israeli gay men, 20% reported that they


Words That Are Transphobic and Why | Infographic

Your  jokes and calling each other Tranny Whore may mean you are transphobic. Gay men, while fighting for their own rights and legal equality in the world commonly use phrases for fun, that put down other minorities. “Tranny Whore,” always gets good laugh but at what cost? via  

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Pay a Blogger Day For a Year of Volunteering (Video)

Who knew? Many people are unaware that most bloggers make NO money and work 100% volunteer all year long. My rules: Educate Learn Share Liberate and Enlighten Be kind Have fun!


Hair Ball of the Day: Wicked Head Tattoo

  Source: deadweightblackluck

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Illustrator Richard Haines Teams Up With Unionmade Clothing: “The Art of the Gift”

Picking out gifts around the holiday can be down right stressful sometimes. Always searching for the perfect gift can be like throwing a dart at a dart board and hoping to  land on something good. The odds will be in your favor if you throw your dart at San Francisco’s Unionmade Clothing Store. Such an


Kapital Spring/Summer 2012 Lookbook: Surf Cowboys

The Bandanna Almanac  brings you Surf Cowboys, who celebrate their 30th catalog for the company and 10 years of Hirata Vs.Kvatek. The visionary pair have been working together for a long while and I congratulate them on their work thus far, and their future productions. Their books balance natural and urban environments with their stunning