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Two Jasperjohns: “It” Part Three Mentions All Good Things, Taint & Lupus

Ok, best episode yet! The added female energy was a welcome balance. “As Jude and Joseph attempt to keep “It” alive for the weekend, the brothers are forced into life lessons about sex-walking, man magnets, and lupus.” Tain is mentioned, I am happy. Shot and Directed by Ana Veselic Written by Vinny Lopez Jude Jasperjohns:


Hair Ball of the Day: Long Hair Versus Short Hair You Ask?

Can I admit to liking poor translations of cute accents? Here  we have some French to English, and I left all it’s charm and flaws intact. Long hair versus short hair? Truthfully it’s been years that I hesitate between the two! And then a few days ago, realizing that it’s been over ten years it lasts,


Prada Autumn/Winter 2012 Sends Oldman, Brody & Dafoe Down the Runway

DOUBLE TAKE!  ” Bring in some top tier actors to assist. That is exactly what Prada has done with their menswear runway show today for Autumn Winter 2012. Aside from the great fashion, Prada brought into town actors Garrett Hedlund, Alex Carril, Victor Carril, Jamie Bell, Emile Hirsch, Timothy Roth, William Dafoe, Adrien Brody, and finally, Gary Oldman. It is a mega list from a mega brand.” Selectism 


Cute Comfy Undies by Under Spring/Summer 2012 Lookbook

If  had a draw full of these soft-even-to-look-at under garments I might never get dressed. Actually these tops would look good with jeans. London via Amsterdam via Portugal, Under returns for its first Spring/Summer collection. Unfussy quality underwear, attention to detail with thoughtful touches like removable labels and covered buttons. This collection takes inspiration from various eras


Pitti – Clarks Original Rocky Mountain Featherbed Vests and Wallabee

As we say in Northern California, “Hella Cute!” Japan’s Rocky Mountain Featherbed gets in bed with Clarks Original for  dual battle Wallabee and vest set. The color match on the Wallabee v. vests match well with the supple brown leathers and suede hits. Choose your poison. (Selectism) Photography: Jeff Carvalho/


Pitti – Gitman Vintage Shirting Autumn/Winter 2012

Gitman Brothers gets boy scout and camper for Autumn/Winter 2012 with a slew of new patterns and takes on the classic shirtings looks. The Boy Scout shirts, with reproduction patchwork and all are only one angle in the camping ensemble they bring. Think back to those summer camps with segregated sleeping quarters and you can see

Why Gay Parents May be Better Parents Than Straights

  Gay parents, on average, ‘tend to be more motivated, more committed’ when compared to heterosexual parents. (really?) On Jan. 6, Republican presidential hopeful Rick Santorum told a New Hampshire audience that children are better off with a father in prison than being raised in a home with lesbian parents and no father at all.


Bears Tackle Body Image in “Man Boobs”

VicBears will tackle body image issues in its first-ever theatrical production being staged as part of this year’s Midsumma festival. Described as a story of sex, self-worth and body image, Man Boobs follows Spence (Phil Webster), a man who has spent the last 20 years struggling to cope with the burden of a painful memory,



TO: SWEDISH PRIME MINISTER FREDRIK REINFELDT We ask you to defend the fundamental human rights of ALL Swedish citizens, and do everything in your power to eliminate Sweden’s outdated “forced sterilization” law. The majority of Parliament is in favor of the law’s removal – but progress is being thwarted by a small conservative party. As

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Openly Gay Man killed Because He Stepped on a Pair of Sunglasses (Video)

The sunglasses that  Charlie Hernandez stepped on had a high price tag of life. The men responsible for this heinous crime should have their blood tested to be sure they are human. Enders DETROIT (WXYZ) – Family and friends of 26-year-old Charlie Hernandez held a candle light vigil and plan a protest at court on Tuesday

Ken Lay has a fight on his hands with rebel cops who are refusing to comply with the facial hair ban. Herald Sun

Rebel Victorian Police Officers Fights Bans on Ponytails, Beards

Ok, ponytails I get, but beards? “Top cop Ken Lay is facing a legal stoush to get a clean-cut force.” Oh, I get it, let’s focus on anything that’s not important and waste time and money on it. Great idea! Among facial hair banned under the edict are beards, handlebar moustaches, mutton chops and goatees. Sounds


Adorable Mr Gay UK Pledges Portion of Winnings to HIV Charity

Male beauty pageant winner (let’s call it what it is), the adorable Samuel Kneen, Mr Gay UK, has pledged a portion of his prize money to the HIV/AIDS charity, the Terence Higgins Trust.     Kneen, 22, is to give a portion of the £2000 prize money to the charity in support of a friend who was

Everett student David Lara, 12, holds a sign with his thoughts for a video designed to confront antigay bullying in schools. Photo: Lacy Atkins / The Chronicle

Gay Straight Alliance Takes Hold in Earlier Grades

San Francisco gets it right, again. Kids these day have potty mouths in pandemic proportions. “Thinking it’s too early is really blind to what it’s like in middle school,” said Eliza Byard, the educational network’s executive director. “Anyone who walks through the halls of a middle school knows what it’s like. The words ‘faggot’ and ‘dyke’


Apply to Point Foundation: College Scholarships for LGBT Students

IMPORTANT NOTICE Point’s online application is open through February 10, 2012 and will close at midnight PST. *There are neither extensions nor late submissions. No exceptions. *There will be no feedback given on any application. * Point Scholarships are awarded on a “last provider” basis and the average financial award is $10,000. Point fills in


Cyndi Lauper Unhappy “True Colors” Used in Romney Attack Ad

This is a low blow to Lauper! Iconic entertainer Cyndi Lauper, whose song “True Colors” has become synonymous with the advancement of LGBT equality, is unhappy about its unauthorized use in a negative political campaign ad. Lauper has released a statement, saying: “Yesterday, I learned that my version of ‘True Colors’ was used in a

Photo pf Luxeed LED Rainbow Keyboard

Group Aims For ‘dot gay’ Web Domain in the Internet Real Estate

All aboard? I totally understanding wanting our (gay) own everything, but is this just segregation instead of integration into society? As applications for new top level domains on the web open today, an American group is trying to secure ‘.gay’ for the LGBT community. While many web addresses currently end with ‘.com’, there is a


Feeding Time: Photographer Cyril Sancereau Explores the Boundary Between Private and Public (NSFW)

We love listing a posting as NSFW. As the warning does it’s job to prevent awkward moments at work or the coffee shop, it inevitably draws a much larger crowd. We might as well climb the to the top of our building and scream at the top of our lungs, ” PEEEEEEEEEENISE!” I mean who


“Don’t Act Like A Girl”: Live 3 Person Band, Queer Teen Angst, and Plenty of Confetti (Chicago, IL)

“Don’t Act Like A Girl” opens January 15 at The Annoyance and runs every Sunday at 9:30 through February 12! Tickets are $10! Don’t Act Like A Girl is a raucous cabaret with a live three person band, queer teen angst, and plenty of confetti. This one-man show flashes back to the life of an awkward

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A New International Prize – The H&M DESIGN AWARD (Video)

H&M has created this brand new international design award with the ambition of supporting talented designers after their graduation. The H&M Design Award aims to push fashion students in the right direction, so that they can continue to grow and develop in their work as fashion designers. GENERAL INFO The contestants come from fourteen of the

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ART: Very Cool Downloadable Illustrated Bear 2012 Calendar

  What an excellent, functional, art project to be part of. All 12 months are stunning! Download, print and hang. Follow these simple instructions to enjoy the Bears, illustrated 2012 calendar. A collection of twelve specially produced works by artists from around the world who share their passion for men, art and hair. For the

Justin Torres

‘We the Animals’ Author Justin Torres Brings His Wild Hunger to Magnet Book Club in S.F.

First off, how exciting is it that San Francisco’s Magnet has a book club. The people running the show there have their finger on the pulse and always bringing in new event’s to peak the variety of interests of the whole community. Justin Torres will be Magnet Book Club’s guest of honor on Tuesday, January 31

Chris “Birdman” Andersen

Eat Your Way to a More Beautiful and Rugged Beard

As true beardo’s are here to stay, it’s about time we start thinking about beard care. Tooth paste running down your beard and you rinsing it out doesn’t count as a conditioner. Like any good healthy brute of a man, you must start “Inside First,”  with proper nutrition, in order to achieve the best overall


‘You Belong To The City’: Sam Devries Photographs Model Andrew Coslow In NYC

This man wears clothes supremely well. Our fashion connection,  Stefano Guerrini, from, brings us this masculine spread and says,” Model turned photographer, Sam Devries sent me this shot he has taken exclusively for my blog. I really like dandy newcomer model Andrew Coslow at MAS MODELS and I’m very happy to share these pictures with you. Below Sam


Hair Ball of Day: TGIF Cam Shot Fox

Source: thorisgod

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Shocking Gay Honor Killing Inspires Turkish Movie

Must see film. Mehmet Binay, producer and co-director of “Zenne,” claims that, in order to be excused from military duty in Turkey you must show up in drag and bring with with you pornographic images of yourself engaging in gay sex. Watch VIDEO HERE Istanbul, Turkey (CNN) — In colloquial Turkish, the word zenne means male belly

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THE CAMPAIGN: “No on 8 ” Documentary in Progress (Extended Trailer)

Goosebumps Heartbreaking and inspiring, THE CAMPAIGN is a human drama, following ordinary people compelled by a passionate belief in equality to go far beyond their everyday selves. They are caught in the political firestorm of one of the largest social issue campaigns the US has ever seen, the campaign to defeat California’s Proposition 8 and

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EricJames Borges, 19, Killed Himself Wednesday After Having Endured a Traumatic Coming-Out Experience

Knowing the outcome and tragedy almost makes this video unbearable to view. Friends say EricJames Borges, 19, killed himself Wednesday after having endured a traumatic coming-out experience. This should not still be happening in 2012. Ericjames was near and involved with resources helping other LGBTQ individuals find peace in who they are, The Trevor Project, yet still


Hot Chip Side-Project: The 2 Bears “Work” Video

I think I may have to dig out my dancing shoes for this or do some serious bar stool bopping. It is refreshing to see the overused term bear used for something creative and new, and not just the fad of the hour. These guys make happy music, for lack of better words. via When

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A Darlin’ Rendition of Pocahontas, “Pocathomas and M’keesha”(Video)

Hmmm, there something fishy about Pocathomas. Pocahontas (born Matoaka, and later known as Rebecca Rolfe, c. 1595 – March 1617) was a Virginia Indian[1] notable for her association with the colonial settlement at Jamestown, Virginia. She was the daughter of Chief Powhatan, the head of a network of tributary tribal nations in Tidewater Virginia. In a well-known historical anecdote that may or may not be

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Girl Scout’s Cookie Boycott: Buck Angel, Transgender Former Scout, Rebukes Taylor’s YouTube Plea (VIDEO)

Many of you who are familiar with Buck Angel ( and the type of entertainment that he does, wouldn’t necessarily think of the Girl Scouts. As it turns out, the Girl Scouts was a very big part of him growing up he admits. “This is a video I made in response to the video made


BUSTED! Cops Accused of Entrapping Gay Men in South Florida

You can barely go foot in a public restroom these days without feeling paranoid that you MAY look like you are cruising. It is hard to navigate through the men’s room with your eyes glued to the floor. Heaven forbid you are taking a well deserve number two and you accidentally tap your foot to

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Republican Marine Fights For Gay Brother’s Marriage Rights (Video)

Republican and former Marine Craig Stowell is fighting to protect his gay brother Calvin’s right to marry in New Hampshire. Calvin was the best man at Craig’s wedding and he wants to make sure he has the opportunity to return the favor. He has launched a petition on calling on New Hampshire legislators not to change the marriage


“Imagined Landscapes” – Kyle Kirkpatrick Creates World out of an Object

Some of us have enough time trying to navigate through 2 dimensional surfaces. Just imagine fumbling through teeny tiny plains. Creating a world out of an object, Kyle Kirkpatrick taps into the fascination with miniature everything, carefully carving landscapes out of weighty books with incredible precision. “My practice is primarily concerned with the notion of the imagined

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Readers Meet Artist Edel Rodriguez and His Powerful Imagery

Edel Rodriguez was born in Havana, Cuba in 1971. He majored in painting at Pratt Institute (BFA) and Hunter College (MFA). His work has appeared in five picture books, on stamps for the U.S. Postal Service, and on posters for films and Broadway shows. He is a regular contributor to The New Yorker magazine and

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My Hero, Rugby Ben Cohen’s New Youtube Channel

Here is another way to keep up with the magnificent work that Ben Cohen and his StandUp Foundation are up too. Ben Cohen is a World Champion English Rugby Player. He heads the Ben Cohen StandUp Foundation which works to combat bullying where ever and to whomever it occurs.  It is amazing to watch Ben and


For the Love of Chloë Sevigny: A Salute to The World’s Sex Workers for Interview Magazine

Fashion performance artist and (and possible MPD sufferer) Chloe Sevigny works her special brand of magic once again in a salute to the world’s sex workers Interview Magazine in the February 2012 issue of Interview magazine. Let’s meet the alters, shall we? HOT HOT HOT! Zhanya, Kiev, 29 years old. Specializes in girl-on-girl and mild BDSM.


Hair Ball of the Day: Sweat on Your Face


The Oak Ridge Boys

Covey Center’s Facebook contest: “Make Your Own Oak Ridge Boys Beard!”

The Covey Center for the Arts is hosting The Oak Ridge Boys in Feb. 9. Tickets for this event are SOLD OUT, however, you can still get tickets. There is only one thing the Oak Ridge Boys are famous for besides (their music): their facial hair. Enter the Covey Center’s Facebook contest: “Make Your Own Oak


Gay Man Beaten, Robbed, in El Paso, Texas

A gay man was beaten and robbed in an apparent hate crime Sunday night outside a bar in central El Paso. Emilio Moreno, 23, was leaving the Rumors bar when two attackers jumped him in an alley. Moreno’s brother, Gerardo Agguire, told KFOX Channel 14 that the suspects — who have not been caught — were hitting

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Feeding Time: Freshman Car Wash – Andrew Christian Style Video

This is what I like to call Feeding the Gays. What?! Don’t look at me, Andrew Christian is an underwear designer. What better way to show off his products than at a car wash! For the full uncensored version with even hotter action, visit Social Video Page.