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Johnny Harrington for Falke Spring 2012

Falke taps Modelwerk talent Johnny Harrington for an early look at their upcoming spring/summer 2012 collection. Centering around the knit, color and texture come together for a refined take on casual. ( A ginger bearded model, jumping and twirling makes everything look better.


Hair Ball of the Day: Mistletoe Toe Head, Ginger Beard

In collaboration with Jonas Marguet “Les Sentiments Positivés” Matthieu Lavanchy

Screen shot 2011-12-23 at 2.12.04 PM

George Michael: “This Has Been the Worst Month of My Life” (Video)

The pop star George Michael gave an emotional and breathless press conference admitting his life had been hanging in the balance as he battled pneumonia in Austria. Now lay off the drugs Michael if this was a true awakening!


Hair Ball of the Day: Karlheinz Weinberger, Rocker, c. 1968

  via Karlheinz Weinberger, Rocker, c. 1968

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Brian Boitano And Figure Skaters Dress as Notre Dame Football Players On Ice (Video)

Musselman’s Apple Sauce presents Brian Boitano Skating Spectacular. As South Park has teased and played with Brian Boitano, I have one question to ask, “What would Brian Boitano do?” Leave it to Brian Boitano to come up with this — he had a TV special with hunky guests like Ryan Bradley and Michael Weiss. In one skit,

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Gay-Positive Sports-Fan Video Getting Some Play in Montenegro (Video)

Mi smo dio ekipe! We are part of the team! A wonderful depiction of the diversity of gay men. Some men role play as sports characters of sports jock or chew on sweaty jocks bought on Ebay and others are in it for the love of the of sport. This video’s jaw dropping kissing scene

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“Yes We Can, But No We Haven’t” Gay Footballers Poetry Slam to Obama

Slam poem written and performed by Adam Goddard who voices his disbelief over President Obama’s failure to fully support marriage equality. When we first met Adam Goddard about a year ago, he was overjoyed to have found the Los Angeles Gay Football League. A student at Long Beach State and attracted to both men and women,


Atlantan Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence Create A New Place for Queer Homeless Youth

Ideally your safe spot should be in your home, but that is taking some things for granted, one that you have a home and two that it is safe. Rick Westbrook and his Atlantan Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence are helping some queer youths facing a problem that affects the LGBTQ community more than almost any other segment


Yuketen’s All American Aesthetic: Southwest Week 12/19 – 23

Despite being born and raised in Japan, Yuki Matsuda of Yuketen, has an enviable understanding of American style.  In the 1970’s, prototypical American brands found a new market amongst the Japanese youth culture that respected and valued the all American aesthetic.  Companies such as Ralph Lauren, Levis, Red Wing, and other quintessential brands became highly desirable

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It Gets Betterish “Orgy” Nerves Getting the Best of You?

“Heeey, we’re here for the intercourse!” This is a classic case of the mind getting over-stimulated and psyching you out from having a really good time. Nerves get the better of these two men while anticipating an orgy. If they had better mind control they might of enjoyed a great night of three-ways, fisting, donkey


Homeless for the Holidays: Portraits of New York City’s Homeless LGBT Youth (PHOTOS)

“Every young person deserves to be loved. If so many LGBT youths are denied love by their families, then the LGBT community needs to give them love. We need to assert their human worth and value, despite actions by their families and their government that speak to the contrary. We cannot allow them to be

Lil' B performs during the 2011 SXSW Music Festival on March 19, 2011 in Austin, Texas., Roger Kisby / Getty Images

Why Rappers Are Suddenly Speaking Out in Support of Gay Pride

Hip-hop hooray-ho, No Homo! Hip-hop and homophobic hate speech have long gone hand in hand—but now MCs from Fat Joe to The Game are changing their tune. Chris Lee on rap’s gay-friendly tipping point. Has hip-hop finally had it with homophobia? Since the genre’s explosion into the public consciousness in the early ’80s, rap music has


Teacher Eloquently Describes the Importance of Teaching Gender Diversity to 1st-graders

One teachers approach to preventing gender bullying in a classroom. “It’s Okay to be Neither,” By Melissa Bollow Tempel Alie arrived at our 1st-grade classroom wearing a sweatshirt with a hood. I asked her to take off her hood, and she refused. I thought she was just being difficult and ignored it. After breakfast we


Co-Workers Spray HIV-Positive Man With Lysol

Almost 35,000 people are supporting a petition calling on the Great Expressions Dental Center in Michigan to apologize for how it treated HIV-positive employee James White. When White’s supervisors learned of his status, they informed fellow coworkers, who proceeded to spray him with Lysol, prohibit him from touching doorknobs, and wipe down furniture and equipment after he used

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“It Gets Better” – Disney Employees Reach Out to Bullied Youth (Video)

We have all seen our share of It Gets Better videos, but it amazes me how each and every one has its personalized story and gets me thinking. The staff at “the happiest place on earth” share their inspirational stories on growing up LGBT in this new It Gets Better video from The Walt Disney Company.

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HIV/AIDS Vaccine Developed at The University of Western Ontario Proceeding to Human Clinical Trials

  London, ON – The first and only preventative HIV vaccine based on a genetically modified killed whole virus has received approval by the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to start human clinical trials. Developed by Dr. Chil-Yong Kang and his team at The University of Western Ontario, with the support of Sumagen Canada, the vaccine


Why Everyone Wants Benjamin Dukhan: VMagazine Spain Interview

In this interview by VMagazine Spain, they ask, Why does everyone want Dukhan? I can give you a 100 reasons off the tip of my tongue: beard, intrigue, originality, sex appeal, charm etc. I personally don’t like having to share Benjamin with the rest of the world! VMagazine finds out in this interview that Benjamin does


DC: LUTHER: Disco Bad-Ass to the Rescue! Queer DJ Quartet to Vanquish Homogeneity from DC Scene 1/15

January 15: LUTHER @ The U Street Music Hall featuring DJs Mark Louque, Pee Play, Ryan Smith, Bil Todd Art by Linas Garsys On January 15 (MAL weekend) at The U Street Music Hall, fire-starter DJs Mark Louque of the Provincetown party Fag Bash, Pee Play from San Francisco’s Honey Soundsystem, Ryan Smith of NYC’s Wrecked and Bil Todd of DC’s RAW join forces–supergroup-style–to become LUTHER, a

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Full Page Ads for Ex-Gay Therapy Found in Caribbean Newspapers

Want to see what a real live ex-gay therapy AD looks like and that they aren’t really a myth? Read on:  A full-page ad promoting ex-gay therapy has appeared in the leading Trinidad newspaper Sunday Express, titled “What You Should Know About Homosexuality.” A similar advertisement was also recently published in a Jamaican newspaper, LGBTQ Nation reports.


Hair Ball of the Day: Braid

Source: mugmugworld

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Feeding Time: “BORN FREE” Made in Brazil #4 (Video)

A film by Stewart Shining and Vincent Gagliostro For Made in Brazil Issue #4 Fashion Director: Gregory Wein Cinematographer: Justin Marquis Grooming: Gianpaolo Ceceiliato Special thanks: Juliano Corbetta for Made in Brazil Featuring: Diego Miguel, Rodrigo Calazans, Mateus Lages, Caio Cesar, Marlon Teixeira

Soldiers wave as the last American military convoy to leave Iraq arrives at Camp Virginia after crossing the border into Kuwait on December 18.

Iraq’s Unwanted People From Gay Middle East (Documentary)

A short multimedia documentary about Iraqi LGBT refugees who fled to Syria away from the horrific violence they experienced. In Damascus they await, precariously, a chance to be given a safe new home and beginning. A project by GME, Iraqi LGBT, Bradley Secker and Syrian LGBT Activists. With the lowering of the American flag, finally


Pajama Jeans For Men Makes Me Weep (PHOTOS)

Somethings really aren’t necessary . Who comes up with these ideas? Or a better questions, who approves these ideas to go into production? Here they try to throw sprinkles over these hideous pajama jeans in the form of a finely sculpted physique. Much like the stylish PJ jeans made for us ladies, the men’s pajama jeans

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“Show Trial” Bradley Manning Trial, with Dan Choi – Countdown with Keith Olbermann (Video)

Dan Choi says this is an American low point and that this whole trial of Bradley Manning is embarrassing. Choi speaks proudly with Keith Olbermann in his uniform that was torn when his ranks were ripped off of him before he was thrown the ground and brutally handcuffed which caused injury to his wrists.


Hair Ball of the Day: Pubis Mound Muff

Source:  adamtheterrible:


UK: Domestic Violence Help-line Offers Advice For “Surviving Christmas”

Take advantage of the resources in your own community. You are never as alone as you think you are! The LGBT domestic violence charity Broken Rainbow has published a list of tips designed to advise the victims of violence on how to seek help over the festive period. The charity warned that the levels of


Testosterone Dose: “The man they call “The Cobra” (Video Trailer)

A short film by Luke Monaghan on two-time Super-Middleweight Champion, Carl Froch. This is a short profile piece on the career of one of the best British boxers of the decade, premiered on Friday 16th December. “The man they call “The Cobra” is preparing to bite back. Two-time Super-Middleweight Champion Carl Froch is fighting


Chloe Sevigny for Opening Ceremony Sweatshirt

Vision all-over print sweatshirt Chloë Sevigny’s fourth oc collection gets real with vision street wear. chloë tapped the cult classic brand to supply reissues of their heritage footwear styles and resurrect some of her favorite street wear pieces. vision led the pack with skater fashion in the early 90s, making the collection’s cropped tanks, sweatpants,


All Eyes on Photographer Jackson Eaton: ‘The Third Wheel’ Series

‘The third wheel’ a series by Australian photographer Jackson Eaton    


Is This Guy A Sperm Bank Or An Intimate Partner?

Trent Arsenault’s sperm is a hot commodity and the Food and Drug Administration want to put a stop it! Last fall, the Food and Drug Administration hand-delivered an order to cease manufacturing to a seemingly unremarkable recipient, a soft-spoken, 36-year-old man from Fremont, Calif., who works in computer security. The contents of that letter, however, were

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Kim Jong Il Dead At 69, DUDE! Colby (Keller)Dong Il Still Kicking

The dynamic and hunky-dory Colby Keller pays an arty fartsy tribute to  the passing of  KIM JONG IL: To pay tribute today, we’re calling on graphic designers and anyone who can use FREE TRANSFORM in photoshop to check out KJI Looking at Things and find their favorite Kim Jong Il photo, THEN find a Colby head from


Hair Ball of the Day: Rocking Sunday

Underoath @ Warped 2K9 photo by Conor Keller

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Transgender Teen, Documents Transition On YouTube To Raise Awareness (VIDEO)

All Owen Middleton want’s you to know is that, “I’m Owen Middleton and I’m a Transgender trying to spread education about gender identity, gender expression, physicality, sexuality and commitment.” In this particular video he has started his testosterone shots and been on them for 2 weeks now. To follow Owen on his journey go to his

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Israeli Club AD “A Fragrance For All Creatures” (Video)

An video AD for the Israeli club for PAG made to look like steamy fragrance AD where some man on man intercourse was imminent  .”PAG – A Fragrance For All Creatures” and it’s made to look like an arty perfume ad. In reality, PAG is a club night in Tel Aviv, Israel. It’s got it


Coming Out Stories as Cultural Capital: Anderson Cooper Out Due to Peer Pressure?

Is Anderson Cooper going to fold to peer pressure to swing through the closet doors and come out? Now he is being accused that he will come out to improve the ratings of his television show that is getting so-so ratings. Why not? It’s his project, his decision. Hey, stay out of my uterus and

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Israel’s Racy Safe Sex AD With Hints of Freddie Mercury “Going All The Way” (Video)

The IATF is the only Non-Governmental Organization at the national level, the oldest and most weight with AIDS in Israel. The IATF was established as a non-profit organizations in 1985 by a group of social activists to promote the health of the general public regarding AIDS. This video brings in strong hints of the late Freddie

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Bear Pop: Kendall Kelly “Truth Changes” Video Promo

This is what happens when a boy band member grows up, they become bear pop. Kendall Kelly, now using his full name professionally, gives us a rundown of the story behind the re-release of this album and some very personal hurdles he plowed through in the process. You may know Kendall from his song, “Do


Tactical Beard Owners Club: Facebook Group For Guns and Facial Hair?

By NO means am I an advocate for guns, but I find this way to bizarre not to point out. I personally would be afraid to own a gun because I would use it; On the guy who cuts in front  of me on the sidewalk, on the rude barista , on the late pizza delivery


The Dictator Trailer: Sacha Baron Cohen And His Giant Beard Take Manhattan

Sacha Cohen is like the comedic version of Michael Moore. Touching on hot world topics and hitting you below the belt with humor and  A LOT more sex appeal than Moore. Sacha Baron Cohen has had two feature films reviving characters he originated onDa Ali G Show, but for his first lead role since Bruno, he’s


Reggae Star Matisyahu Shaves Beard, No Longer Needs Lots of Religious Rules

“Hasidic reggae star Matisyahu shaves beard, says he no longer needs lots of religious rules.” I can TOTALLY respect that! Matisyahu announced via Twitter yesterday that he was shaving his beard, to the dismay and confusion of many of his fans. The reggae star who made waves in 2006 with his album, “Youth,” is a