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The Strongest Beard in the World Pulls a Car (Video)


Which Celebrities Work Their Facial Scruff, Beard? Ryan Reynolds, Joaquin Phoenix, Tobey Maguire & More

Doing a hot or not page seems sort of stooping low or played out, but hey, it’s what the people want. So, we will pick our number one topic, beards, and put them on celebrities and ask the question, Hot or Not? Simple enough?   Ben Affleck: Beard Hot or Not? David Beckham: Beard Hot


‘I want Muscle’ a film by Elisha Smith-Leverock : Muscle Boobs , Masculine or Feminine ? (Video)

‘I want Muscle’ a film by Elisha Smith-Leverock that plays on the line between masculinity and femininity. It explores the body of a female bodybuilder on display like the little ballerina that spins out of a music box. “I Want Muscle, takes the fashion film genre and adds a level of social narrative to sharp effect (”

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Having ‘The Talk’ With Kids is Not Easy, But Can be Hilarious (Video)

Planned Parenthood Video Helps Parents Have ‘The Talk’ With Their Kids and provides entertainment for the rest of us.   Talking to our kids about sex and sexuality may not be easy, but parents really can make a difference. Planned Parenthood is here to help you get the conversation started.   Visit:


Mark Driscoll, Pastor Says Masturbation Can Be Form Of Homosexuality

Wow,  I am a SUPER GAY then. This young whipper-snapper that’s full of ideas founded the church, Mars Hill Church in Seattle,  in 1996 at the age of 25. Now get a load of this. They rail against premarital sex, feminism, modern interpretations of the Bible, and viewing Jesus as “a Richard Simmons, hippie, queer Christ… a neutered and limp-wristed

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Rachel Maddow Tears Into Mitt Romney, Does Epic Segment From ‘Man Cave’ (VIDEO)

Rachel for president. “I know it’s awkward to talk about these things sometimes,” Maddow concluded. She also said that she knew this was “very upsetting” but felt it was warranted to talk sense into men. “Criticize away,” she told her viewers. Rachel gets heated talking about lady parts and so she should. Mike Enders   via

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Nut Job Video: Homosexuality in High School is Being Promoted (Puke)

  “Why can’t we love the homosexual and tell them the truth about their sin?” Wait, what? This is your baggage and vivid imagination. This video starring gay teenager, acting to be straight (IMHO). I am having a hard time believing that this in’t a really twisted Saturday Night Live skit. Watch video and I

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Gay Porn, Gay Gyms, and Underwear Ads Inspire Straight Men to Be Body Conscious

What a funny idea. Beauty is beauty. Gay men (IMHO) are obsessed on the outside in unhealthy amounts, so this makes sense that all men including our straight “brothers” would look to these men idolized in underwear ads and at the gym to sit back and take notice, take notes. How many time have you

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Former ‘Ex-Gay’ Leader, Says He Is Gay And Changing Sexual Orientation Is Impossible (VIDEO)

Crazy is as crazy does. It would be priceless to see the faces of  Christian ministry ,Love in Action while watching this video. Jaws to the floor. This is proof that, with all this bullshit and homophobia that exists in the world, it may take someone 22 years of marriage and lies to be able to


Swoon: Steelers DE Keisel Getting Notice For His Play And Not Just ‘Da Beard’

I don’t know man, we’re here for the beard. via PITTSBURGH — If things had worked out a little differently a decade ago, Brett Keisel never would have needed “Da Beard” to get noticed. Taken in the seventh round of the 2002 draft out of BYU, Keisel at the time wondered if the Pittsburgh Steelers


Electric Duo: Photographer Gabriel Gastelum Shoots Singer Aiden James

Lets just call this, For Your Eyes Only, and whoever is looking over your shoulder. This photo shoot has stumbled into my vision and caught my attention. Photographer Gabriel Gastelum shoots singer/song writer  Aiden James. Turn off your thoughts and enjoy the visual playground these photographs will take you on. Keep your eye on both Gabriel Gastelum


Our Italian Fashion Contributor Stefano Guerrini Brings Us ‘SEE-THROUGH’ Part 1 & 2

A proper introduction is due for our Italian fashion contributor Stefano Guerrini. Starting off as a fan of Accidental Bear website and then offering us his exquisite expertise and fashion knowledge. Stefano  resides in Lugo, Italy and considers himself:  After six years as fashion director of the three-monthly lifestyle-magazine Label, he became fashion editor of Made05, now has

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Rachel Maddow Tells Ellen That She Wants More Original Hate Mail (Video)

It’s quite a sight seeing these two powerful out lesbians on the same stage. Discussed is the way our culture represents women and gives girls tunnel vision about what are okay ways to be. Rachel has quite the comic timing as well.


WOR Collection by Warriors of Radness: Soldier Realness, “You either surf or fight”

I am slightly paralyzed by the gorgeous male model. The photo shoot for this collection gives us a hard themed pictured: military and surf. You don’t necessarily need need to wear a helmet while surfing. Can I classify this as a “regular guys” wardrobe, no frills. The WOR Collection reflects a military ideal that includes

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God Makes “It Getteth Better” Video Before Running Off to 4pm Supernova

God squeezes in a “It Getteth Better” video before he has to run off for a 4pm supernova. I mean, this is a more believable sign of god than I have ever seen. Prove me wrong please. On November 1, Simon & Schuster is publishing THE LAST TESTAMENT: A Memoir by God, co-written with David


Photo Remakes of Classic Works of Art: Too Cool for School

Canadian art blog BOOOOOOOM! and Adobe are holding a photo contest that challenges photographers to remake classic works of art. Many of the submissions are quite brilliant (test your art history knowledge with the photos below). The contest ends Friday, October 21. via photos by Seth Johnson, Kiran McCandless, Nienke Zondervan, & Jesse John Hunniford

SUSAN MIKULA  American Breakbulk #13, 2011  pigment print from Polaroid original  mounted on aluminum panel

Artist Susan Mikula: ” American Bond, Selections from the Cycle” Hits L.A.

SUSAN MIKULA  American Bond, Selections from the Cycle Recent Photographs October 19 – November 19, 2011 reception Saturday, Oct 22, 5:30 to 7:30 PM Huffington Post says: Polaroid Exhibition Captures Beauty of Industrial America We are pleased to be giving our third show (and the first in our new Los Angeles space) to New York-based photographer Susan

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Calling All Gamers: A Griefer’s Guide to Saints Row: The Third (PC, PS3, Xbox 360)

For all you gamers, or gamer chasers, this Griefer’s Guide to Saints Row, is extremely detailed and hilarious. Deciding your players race, sex, build or the size of his bulge has never been more important to your strategy.  This handy video preview acts as a guide on how to get the most laughs out of your


News: Guy Fieri Homophobia? NYC’s First LGBT Senior Center, ‘MORNING JOE’ Slams Herman Cain, Gay ‘Washes Off,’ Iowans Unite,

‘MORNING JOE’ SLAMS HERMAN CAIN FOR CLAIMING THAT BEING GAY IS A ‘CHOICE’ | MSNBC’s Morning Joe crew slammed at Herman Cain for claiming that being gay is a choice. Joe Scarborough said, “I think there might be a lot of gay and lesbian people that would take offense at the suggestion that it was a choice.” “And

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“Bullying is Violence” Public Service Announcement Campaign (Video)

Anti-Bullying Public Service Announcements for the Anti-Violence Project produced by Underdog Entertainment. visit for more information


Hair Ball of the Day: Happy Birthday Harris Glenn Milstead, You Were Divine

Divine (October 19, 1945 – March 7, 1988), born Harris Glenn Milstead, was an American actor, singer and drag queen. Described by People magazine as the “Drag Queen of the Century”,[1] Divine often performed female roles in both cinema and theater and also appeared in women’s clothing in musical performances. Even so, he considered himself to be a character actor and performed male roles in a number

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It Gets Better Ms Jay, Snap! (Video)

Hey, hey, we got spirit yes we do… we got spirit how about you? Ms Jay from America’s Next Top Model has a plethora of spirit in his, It Gets Better Video.


Gay Guise: When Straight Men Have Sex With Other Men

No six-pack of beer needed. Study shows that, “There’s growing evidence that many men who have sex with men aren’t all gay or bisexual. According to the Centers for Disease Control, more than 3 million men who self-identify as straight secretly have sex with other men-putting their wives or girlfriends at risk for HIV infection

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Music Video by Undercover – “You’re Turning Me On” Inspired by Controversial 1980 Film “Cruising”

“When thinking about concepts for the video, I knew it had to be shot in a club,” says Undercover frontman Greg Scarnici. “But there are like nine million videos shot in a club, so I thought, why not pay homage to Cruising? “It references the era of disco we’re paying homage to, and the bar scenes

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This Ginger Nailed It: How to Carve a Pumpkin for Halloween “Grotesquely Gynecological “

“Grotesquely gynecological ” Love it, frighteningly realistic and a common outcome of an over ambitious pumpkin carver. Visit Follow us on Twitter: Like us on Facebook: For more, go to Slacktory’s new how-to show “Nailed It” teaches you how to everything. Today we’ll teach you how to carve a jack-o’-lantern! Written by Nick Douglas Directed

Photo: Spencer Heyfron

Why Does God Love Beards? Many Religions Encourage or Require their Men to Keep Beards

I don’t have the answer to the questions, Why does God love beards? I have never met the “person.” does justice with the topic in lieu of all this Amish beard cutting drama in the news. Is God really a dirty hippy like all the depictions I see of him. Mike Enders   via

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Don’t F*#%k with Our Anderson Cooper: Rick Perry Booed For Going After Cooper At Republican Debate

As the circus continues, the GOP presidential debates, nothing is surprising. Expect the unexpected. Rick Perry cuts Anderson Cooper off with a “bitch slap of words,” which arouses the audience and stirs up a few boos. I am sure Rick Perry was afraid that Cooper was going to out wit him and make him look like

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Pink Light Doesn’t Actually Exist, Seriously (VIDEO)

So, this video proves that the color pink actually doesn’t exist and should be called minus green instead. Don’t believe me? Then watch and learn. Mike Enders via Huffington Post Prepare to have your mind blown. It seems all of our eyes are deceiving us. Sort of. Pink, it turns out, is actually just the combination of

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Bear Cub Goes Produce Shopping in Alaskan Grocery Store (Video)

This black bear cub wandered away from his mama and found himself in the produce department of a local Ketchikan, Alaska grocery store.

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Feeding the Gays: Stunning Men & Music by Eartha Kitt (Video)

You’re Welcome! Film by Bell Soto Starring : Cody @ wilhelmina, Maximilian @ Vision and Andrew Gabriel @ Next Music : Eartha Kitt Produced by No-Name Productions  


Hair Ball of the Day: Sparkle-Rainbow Crotch Throwing Dancer

Source: whosreading  


Ben Cohen 2012 Calendar Now Available for Pre-order: Benefit The Ben Cohen StandUp Foundation

If you can’t have Mr Ben Cohen in your house 365 days a year, this is the next best thing (besides maybe some old gym shorts). Ben Cohen 2012 Calendar now available for Pre-order. Take some time bopping around Ben’s website , it is full of great stuff to distract you from all your responsibilities. Mike


Study Says There is a lot Less Anal Sex Going on Than Thought: Power Bottoms Hard to Find?

This is an interesting study on the sexual behavior of gay and bi men. Study proves that gay men don’t just have sex with countless strangers but engage sex with someone they were dating or committed to was more common than expected. Also, San Francisco supposedly being a city roaming with power bottoms, amongst friends, I

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Beard Alert: Kumi Naidoo Discusses The Importance Of Civil Disobedience (VIDEO)

MORNING SMARTS. While we protest and occupy the streets, lets not forget the world, in other aspects are still fighting for this space and rights, but now have less of an audience. So, I suggest you spend 99% on occupy wall street, but let’s not forget everything else. watch video HERE via Greenpeace International Executive

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Jon Stewart: Occupy Wall Street ‘The Hard Rock Cafe Of Leftist Movements’ Shitting on Cop Cars is Radical (VIDEO)

Thank you Jon Stewart for keeping it real. Shitting on cop cars is radical. via It’s only been a week since “The Daily Show” last aired, but the Occupy Wall Street movement has come a long way since Jon Stewart first compared it to the Tea Party. Now in over 60 cities, the protests calling


Statement from Councillor Hubley on his son James’ Suicide

Yesterday I had posted the tear jerking story of 15-year-old Ottawa teen Jamie Hubley, who took his own life after being bullied one to many times, but  that wasn’t the only reason he did it.. Released today by his father, Kanata South Councillor Allan Hubley, is a touching statment, remembering the too short life of a


Wear Purple On October 20 For #SpiritDay

  2, 4, 6, 8, who do we appreciate? YOU! Millions of Americans wear purple on Spirit Day as a sign of support for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) youth and to speak out against bullying. Spirit Day was started in 2010 by teenager Brittany McMillan as a response to the young people who


Bearded Art History: The life and death of Vincent van Gogh (60 Minutes)

You think you know everything about artist Vincent Van Gogh and the tragedy of his ear, but think again. In this shocking news, Van Gogh’s death may be changed in the history books from suicide to homicide. This is mind-blowing. Throughout my dark teenage years, I held onto Van Gogh’s story, as if my muse,


Music Tips from The Sound and the Furry Site: “Come for the Beards, Stay for the Music”

If I were to to remove my brain and hand it over to someone to fill with music and stunning visuals, that would be the mastermind behind the phenomenal site The Sound and the Furry. Oodles and oodles of pages of rare music being performed by the furriest bunch of  bearded bastard you have ever


4HOME: Kristýna Pojerová | Greenhouse Lamp

  Very cool, but I can see it becoming a muddy mess. via Nothing like gorgeous design that serves a utilitarian purpose. Kristýna Pojerová of the Czech republic came up with, and executed the idea for a hanging lamp that doubles as a greenhouse,  in an attempt to create a more aesthetic method for growing herb