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Gay Mormons? | Book

Blog Entry by  MY BLAHG I just wanted to let people know about this book. About a year and a half ago, my brother-in-law, Brent, realized he is gay. He’s an active LDS guy, so for a long time he didn’t even consider that he might be gay. (He just wasn’t interested in girls because, you know, he

Mitt Romney On Gay Rights, Mormonism & Homosexuality

Piers Morgan confronts Romney on his flip-flopping on issues.    

Accidental Bear is Bringing Sin to Salt Lake City Today, Mormons Beware There Will be Kissing in Front of Temple

Rapper Says Gay Fans Don’t Mind His Homophobic Language

 By Editors Rapper Tyler, the Creator, has responded to claims of homophobia, saying that his gay fans aren’t offended by his frequent use of the word “faggot,” reports MTV. The rapper, who leads a Los Angeles–based hip hop collective called Odd Future, uses the word “faggot” 204 times on his recent albumGoblin. Other musicians, including

Joan Rivers Says Tracy Morgan Should Not Have Apologized

Joan SHOULD be apologizing for that coat she’s wearing in the picture.  —————————————— Comedian Joan Rivers simultaneously took swipes at Tracy Morgan and knocked any notion that he should have apologized for making an antigay tirade from the stage. “He shouldn’t apologize,” Rivers told The Daily Beast,claiming she would have to apologize after every show if

Hair Ball of the Day: Sumer Love

Savaged has Words for Tracy Morgan at Webby Awards

Remind me why anybody cares what Tracy Morgan says. I say the world as a whole ignore him, forever. via Advocate Writer and activist Dan Savage won the 2011 Special Achievement Award at the Webby Awards on Sunday in New York and he had a message for Tracy Morgan. This American Life host Ira Glass introduced

BEARIZONA : I Don’t Make this Shit Up

When in Rome… When in Arizona… MISSION AND VISION What is Bearizona? Bearizona is a North American wildlife park that allows visitors to drive into the wilderness and witness herd and pack life from the safety and comfort of a private vehicle. Bearizona is an adventure! Our Mission Bearizona’s Mission is to promote conservation

Vintage Indigo Shorts, YMC Footwear & Pitti Uniforms: Mens Fashion Cravings

Gitman Vintage Indigo Shorts Some like it hot hot hot, but these decadent blue shorts are way cool. (South Willard) Pitti | YMC Footwear for Spring 2012 A quick look at the YMC footwear collection for men coming Spring 2012. A few carry over models remain in the collection (for good reason), but the bulk are fresh

Gay-Friendly Sedona | Summer Travel

Gay-Friendly Sedona Not every popular gay resort destination out there has a pulsing nightlife and a wide selection of gay-exclusive guest houses.Sedona, Arizona – about two hours north of Phoenix and two hours south of the Grand Canyon – has developed an ardent LGBT following in recent years as much for its spiritual, New Age-y energy as for its increasingly

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Bearded Cat Tamer

Bearded man Kris Olmon steps in front of my camera again this time herding cats with no hair and sharp claws. It took a little finesse in photoshop to make all the red scratch marks on his skin disappear. Traditionally not a cat person, Kris stepped up for an awesome photo shoot in my Scottsdale

In Honor of Sedona AZ, We Celebrate the Color Turquoise

Today Accidental Bear’s Big Gay Summer Road Trip brings us to Sedona, AZ. We are rained on by soft pastels. We choose to celebrate Turquoise .

PSA: The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy (1981)

The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy (1981)

Hair Ball of the Day: Hitchhiker

In honor of road trip week!

Disabled Gay People Can’t Swim in Kentucky Public Pools

Kentucky: Disabled Gay Couple Ejected From Pool By Michelle Garcia A gay couple in Hazard, Ky., was ejected from a public recreation facility, sparking outrage from local LGBT organizations and allies. The two men, who are reported to be developmentally and intellectually disabled, went to the pool at the Pavilion in Hazard, a city-owned facility.

Sia, J.D. Samson Confirm Split

I go out of town and this happens, golly!  By Editors Musicians and longtime couple J.D. Samson and Sia have confirmed via Twitter that they have broken up. Sia tweeted a message to her fans that read, “A lot of you have been asking, yes, Mr. Boop and I broke up four months ago.

Watch “Willie Nelson / On The Road Again” ; Petro fuel fills my road trip soul.

  Classic beardy goodness. Willie fills the soul and petrol fuel fills the tank.                                        

A. B’s Big Gay Road Trip Stop # 1 Vegas Baby

A flashy, glitzy, decadent mirage in the middle of the desert, Las Vegas is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world.  Whether you’re coming to catch a show, gamble or just lounge by the pool at one of the world-class hotels, ‘Sin City’ is the perfect LGBT getaway.  With a number of

Hair Ball of the Day: Nap Time

Gay Beardy David Norris Has Eyes Set as Ireland’s First Gay President

James Joyce railed against family, religion and nationalism as the nets that Ireland casts around its artists and free-thinkers. As the annual celebration of his greatest work, Ulysses, begins those same traditional values have come back to haunt the leading Irish authority on the country’s most famous novelist. While senator David Norris prepares for the annual Bloomsday festivities – when

Chaz Bono to be Grand Marshal of Gay Pride Parade

As always, the roar of the Dykes on Bikes will usher in the San Francisco Pride Parade on the last Sunday in June. This year’s celebration, the city’s 41st, will feature more than 200 parade contingents, 19 stages and celebrity grand marshal Chaz Bono, the author-activist child of Sonny and Cher who wrote of his

You’re Not the Boss of Me: Ambiguous Sunday Kind of Love

“QUEER FROM ZERO TO A HUNDRED” will be a full-throttle glimpse into his highly charged world. Scooter Laforge pic & art by Scooter Laforge       


Hair Ball of the Day: Dirty Hair Ball

(via artbear)

A. Bear Readers Meet Two Jasperjohns, Two Jasperjohns Meet A. Bear Readers

I will be talking with these two delightful, white pants wearing, bear talk lovin’, intellectual buckets of love juice soon for a full interview, so hold your breath because your cerebral cortex will be overly stimulated. Thanks and you’re welcome. Check these guys out on Tumblr in the mean time. ABOUT: Hello friends! I’m a

AnOther Art Book

  Via In the final of a series of art books, AnOther retraces the most ambitious art projects commissioned for the magazine. There’s work by Jake & Dinos Chapman, Yayoi Kusama, Hans Peter Feldmann, Yoshitomo Nara, Ernesto Caivano, Keith Tyson, Urs Fischer and Damien Hirst (above). There’s also images of George Condo and graphic design by

Scooter Laforge Releases First Published Survey; “QUEER FROM ZERO TO A HUNDRED”

For the first day of summer in New York, Scooter LaForge is offering the FIRST PUBLISHED SURVEY of his work.  This book of images will feature all of the sexy trash and trashy sex that has quickly made this artist a legend.  Highlights include celebrity collaborations, paintings and some of his iconic fashions, and it will

Ever Thought How Odd Your Online Life Is? Rib-tickling Funny Video

Making fun of ourselves is fun, especially when it’s clever. This Is Funny, You Should Watch It of the Day: To promote Nico Muhly’sTwo Boys — “a new opera that lifts the lid on the dangers of living our lives online” — the English National Opera sent out an actor to perform familiar Facebook and Twitter actions IRL. Unfriendilarity

Gay Bachelor Blog asks: What was your worst date ever like?

A fun site to keep your eyes out for if you are single and wanting to mingle. What is this site all about? Good question. This is just a simple site where guys can tell the world a little bit about themselves. Show some pics, and maybe meet someone along the way. Who knows? There

2 Hair Balls Friday: Hairy Art

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Duke, Belinda Carlisle’s Son Joined the Go-Go’s on stage: Adorable!

Ok, ok, I’ve seen you kids saying, Adorbz lately on the interweb. I will steal that word because it describes to a T these videos of Belinda Carlisle’s gay son Duke, who started the Trailblazer Campaign, joined the Go-Go’s on stage at Westbury as the sixth Go-Go, singing on the group’s 1994 song “The Whole World Lost

Madonna Vs Britney “Burning Up”

One of the many ways to be a bad gay is not being a fan of Madonna’s music. I fall into this category. I enjoy Madonna’s song from 1985 and before. I just caught wind of a cover (gulp) Britney Spears did a cover of Madonna’s “Burning Up.” What are the thoughts in your head?

Smorgasbord of News Headlines

  Bill Maher and Jane Lynch Give Dramatic Reading of Weiner’s Dirty Facebook Messages   Apology Falls Flat — Like Morgan’s Jokes The Human Rights Campaign issued a statement saying the 30 Rock star “did the right thing by apologizing,” but “that’s just not enough.” On its blog, Truth Wins Out said, “We are glad that he recognizes


Why we published “Dawn of a new gay” BY: THE GRID

We Homosexuals and friends of homosexuals are all ears. BY: THE GRID About two months ago, Paul Aguirre-Livingston, a 24-year-old writer and blogger, approached The Grid with an idea for a personal essay about what it’s like to be part of the first group of gay men to come of age in Toronto in the era of

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Say Hello to the Post-modern Homo; The post-mo, if You Will

What happens to your gay identity when you venture outside of the safety net of your gayborhood or village and you iphone’s ring tone is not a Beyonce song? This article is inevitably going to ruffle some feathers, lift some skirts and smoke some dogs. Wait, what!?! I encourage passionate, heart-felt dialogue with words like,

All Eyes on David Quantic Photography: Hell On Wheels Roller Skating

 David Quantic recently caught worlds colliding, leather meets disco at the roller rink. This once every billionth galaxy event was called the Hell On Wheels Roller Skating Party at Moonlight Roller Rink in Glendale, Wed 3/24. It was part of LA’s leather week. Hell On Wheels Roller Skating Party              

Ben Cohen Sells the Shirt Off His Back For Charity| Video

Ben Cohen’s Acceptance Tour – 2 Brewers, Clapham Beautiful man, beautiful sentiment.

1991, Vogue, Where Were You? I Was Right Here

Not me, but it might have well been! More Friday shits and giggles! (Fed to me by Facebook)

I am Here to Entertain; Dancing Bear & Chaser