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Bernhard Willhelm Menswear S/S13: Interesting But Not Fetching

Ten year anniversaries and transition, Bernhard Willhelm talks to Dazed Digital. Read Interview HERE.    


FDA Approves OraSure, First-Ever In-Home HIV Testing Kit

In my humble opinion with so many errors still being made with false testing, going public seems premature. The FDA has approved OraSure, the first-ever at-home HIV testing kit. It allows individuals to swab their gums and obtain test results in less than an hour. Still, the FDA notes that regardless of the outcome, the test’s

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Watch Red Wing Video on Proper Shoe Care

Proper cleaning and conditioning helps preserve the finish and life of your leather footwear. Simple and straight forward. Don’t be a lazy ass, just do it! See all our shoe care products here More information on


STARRFUCKER MAGAZINE Issue 6 is Major and Available for Pre-Order!

  Starrfucker Magazine is a self-printed quarterly homo/foto/art-zine with penis. Created by Los Angeles based Photographer, Jeremy Lucido as an evolution in his Starrfucker brand. The magazine is an photographic illustration of porn to art and art to porn. Check out all the goods HERE Rubs big manly calloused hands with hairy knuckles together in anticipation! STARRFUCKER

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Taiwan’s NMA Animates Anderson Cooper comes out: Brilliantly Odd, Freakishly Entertaining Video

Brilliantly odd, freakishly entertaining. Animated News, made in Taiwan animates Mr Coopers coming out by making fun of the fact everybody already knew. Give the silver fox a break folks. Shame on you! Anderson Cooper revealed he was gay in an email published by Andrew Sullivan in the Daily Beast on Monday. “The fact is,


Facebook Adds New Timeline Icons for Married Same-Sex Couples

Welcome to 2012 Facebook. Facebook has rolled out a new feature providing additional recognition for its users who are married to a person of the same sex. Now these users who have indicated on their Facebook timeline that they are married will be recognized by new same-sex marriage icons, rather than the marriage icon used


Artist Transforms Valencia Street Into Guerilla Museum

Oh San Francisco you so crazy (in a good way). Banksy famously scrawled “this’ll look nice when it’s framed” on a Mission District wall in 2010–a nod to his frustrations at graffiti’s role as vandalism in society. This weekend, local artist _g (Gretchen Andrus) will attempt to call society out on its bluff. _g will turn Valencia

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Damiana Garcia and Gal Pal Barbara Cathy – “Patriotic Panoply Julybilation & Fireworks Specialtacular”: Video

Damiana Garcia and her gal pal Barbara Cathy have a marvelous time at the “Patriotic Panoply Julybilation & Fireworks Specialtacular” parade, which features Grand Marshall Danny Trejo from the feature film “Machete.” They even have a run-in with a rogue Shriner! Thank you Damiana and Barbara for making me wet my pants (again). “Like” Damiana on


Anderson Cooper’s Message to Andrew Sullivan: “The Fact Is, I’m Gay.”

Read below and intense and honest email sent to Andrew Sullivan of The Dish from one of our faves, the silver fox himself, Anderson Cooper. Andrew says “as a friend for more than two decades. I asked him (Cooper) for his feedback on this subject ( emerging trend: gay people in public life who come out in a much

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Bath Tub Interview With Artist Damon McLay: From Baptist Music Teacher to X-tube Fame: Video

Our furriest bath tub interview yet! Accidental Bear’s Mike Enders jumps into the tub with photographer Damon McLay to discuss his upcoming solo show at San Francisco’s Magnet. Watch video interview to find out how Damon goes from Baptist Music Teacher to X-tube Fame (hairyalaskanartist) An exhibition of Damon McLay’s photography will be at Magnet

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Stunning Aiden Shaw Photographed by Marcos Domingo Sancez

Iconic role model for the aging gracefully, Aiden Shaw. Featured Photographer Model: Aiden Shaw Photos: Marcos Domingo Sancez

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NSFW: Sex Education on the Penis on British TV (Don’t Watch Unless you Like Penises)

British TV Channel 4 offers up Sex Education sessions. Presented by Anna Richardson, the UK’s The Sex Education Show to educate and get  teenagers comfortable to their sexuality. These proud young men drop their pants to their ankles to display their penises for lecture directed toward teens to talk about puberty and reassure teenagers about their changing bodies. Released in France on Vivolta (cable and satellite), The

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Jake Gyllenhaal and His Beard Takes a Walk in NYC (Breaking News!)

Jake, once you are all done with the ladies give me a call. My number still on speed dial? He was recently linked to Minka Kelly but if these pictures of Jake Gyllenhaal are anything to go by, it didn’t take him long to move on. The hunky actor was spotted going to have lunch

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“Craigslist Joe” Documentary Trailer: What the F**k Were You Thinking Joe?

Your first thought might be, “WTF are you thinking!?!” Not sure what this documentary “Craigslist Joe” proves but will no doubt be an entertaining flick. The situations in which Joe finds himself in will most likely be awkward, hysterical and make your skin crawl.Very predictable, yet I am drawn this flick like a magnet. In a time when

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Chris Pine (Captain Kirk) Chased by Man with Sock on His Junk at NY Gay Pride: Video

Chris Pine (Captain Kirk) told Conan while meeting friend, not knowing it was gay pride, in New York City’s West Side this past (pride) weekend that a Trekkie chased him down, yelling “Captain Kirk!” Trekkies are everywhere (FYI) and this one happened to be wearing nothing but a sock around his junk. Rumors are out


Hair Ball of the Day: Pug Face

Source: No Hope For the Human Race

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Music Video “ARROW” by The Irrepressibles Gives Lots of Skin and Wrestling

“ARROW” performance video featuring models Theo Stacey and Jordan Hunt. Youtube says this video has been age-restricted based on their Community Guidelines. Makes it all the more alluring, no? Download ARROW HERE Track taken from THE IRREPRESSIBLES forthcoming album “NUDE” released on the 1st October 2012. Directed & choreographed by Jamie McDermott Camera Person: Kate Perring Filmed


Hair Ball of the Day: Lasagna Del Rey

Source: gingerandloud


Tom Hardy’s Cover of July Edition of the Mexican Magazine Deep is What Furry Dreams Are Made Of

Tom Hardy the hunky British actor who does not have to pretend to be the bad boy of Hollywood graces the cover of Mexican magazine Deep! “Deep is a men’s lifestyle magazine  that combines topics of general interest with black humor and an irreverent attitude. Far from sober or easy joke that characterize this type of publication


Extravagant Grooming Isn’t New To The NBA Draft: Comic

Thanks Buzzfeed for keeping things always hairy: Giant Foam Hand is BuzzFeed Sports’ weekly cartoon series. J. O. Applegate likes drawing about sports even more than he likes dancing about architecture. He writes and draws the webcomic Bouncex3. Follow him onTwitter why don’t you?


Conner Habib Flexes His Brain Muscle on The Duncan Trussell Family Hour Podcast: Listen!

The Duncan Trussell Family Hour is a weekly audio podcast by comedian and writer Duncan Trussell. Designed as a 21st century salon, each episode features Duncan and a special guest exploring a diverse range of topics, including art, society, politics, religion, and more.  On episode 26 Duncan is joined by philosopher, author, and gay porn star


Beard Coozie: A Beard for Your Beer Can

Give your favorite brew a manly mane of (facial?) hair with the Beard Coozie ($7). Made from crafting fur that’s mounted to a stretchy band for maximum beer container compatibility, they feature a “mouth” opening to let a portion of the label shine through, and will instantly make you the coolest drunk at the party. BUY HERE (PRE-ORDER)

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Melbourne’s Men Only Dance Party,TRØUGH X Gives You Yummy-Hairy Photo Spread of Manliness

The amount of artistry that goes into club promotions these day blow my mind. Melbourne’s Men Only Dance Party,TRØUGH X Gives us here an outstanding display of photography for up coming dance part on July 28th. Hairy Yum-Yums with an exquisite taste of the worlds finest men displayed in photographs below by JOHN TSIAVIS + NIK DIMOPOULOS. Enjoy

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“Where the Bears Are”: Comedy, Mystery Web Series to Premiere Online August 1st

Oh lord, this is right up our hairy alley. There has been a buzz in the air for quite some time about this project and the wait is almost over. Chew on the trailer for Where the Bears Are below as if it were some prime rib and side a chicken wings. The count down begins until

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Are Mashups the End of Music Genres As We Know Them? Video

Fascinating! And also enjoyable on mute thanks to the beard that you imagining running your fingers through, chewing on and  eventually some man and man, beard on beard rubbing on a blue gingham blanket in a grassy field on a hot summer day. “Some of the best things to be found on the internet are

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Big Freedia Talks to Xtra About How She Put the “Sissy” in Bounce Music: Video

Big Freedia is the stage name of Freddie Ross, an American musician known for work in bounce music. In 2011 Freedia was named Best Emerging Artist and Best Hip-Hop/Rap Artist in January’s Best of the Beat Awards. New Orleans’ Big Freedia talks to xtra about how she put the “Sissy” in bounce music. Big Freedia’s

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Marina & The Diamonds “Primadonna” Gets Some Help From the Yapping Lips Cazwell, Amanda Lepore and More: Video

Marina & the Diamonds song Primadonna  gets some help with these yapping lips of Cazwell Amanda Lepore, Roxy Cottontail, Cherie Lily, Epiphany Get Paid and more!!!   DIRECTED BY MARCO OVANDO Buy link:

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National HIV Testing Day (NHTD), June 27

National HIV Testing Day (NHTD) is an annual campaign coordinated by the National Association of People with AIDS to encourage people of all ages to “Take the Test, Take Control.” Too many people don’t know they have HIV. In the United States, nearly 1.2 million people are living with HIV, and almost one in five don’t know

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Online Color Challenge: You Be Color Blind and Not Know It: Take Test!

Could you be color blind and not know it? Take this online test and see how well you see. FACT: 1 out of 255 women and 1 out of 12 men have some form of color vision deficiency. Take the online color challenge, based on the official FM100 Hue Test by X-Rite. This is just

Give the suit off your back

Today: Undress for Success: Give the Suit Off Your Back to Fight Unemployment

  Hats off, or should we say suits off, to Men’s Wearhouse for putting their 5thAnnual National Suit Drive into action starting June 27th, going through July. As the country’s largest collection of business attire for men and women to help the unemployed, the drive will be taking place in 11 different cities nationwide in

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The Always Scruffy Stephen Dorff is the Face of the Italian Brand Hogan’s A/W12 Campaign: Video

” Milan menswear, Hogan announced Stephen Dorff as the face of its Autumn/Winter 12 campaign. Photographed by Alexei Hay at Rome’s iconic Cinecitta’ Studios (as preferred by Federico Fellini) and art directed by Alex Wiederin, Dorff is captured in his most familiar surroundings, a movie set, for the Italian house. ” “What I like about Hogan


DSquared2′s Spring / Summer 2013 Runway Show: Photos / Video

Do your balls hang low, do they swing from side to side…. is all I kept thinking while watching the elaborate necklaces on the models as the walked the runway. DSquared2′s spring / summer 2013 runway show was unveiled on one of the many catwalks of Milan fashion week (MFW). It is interesting to see the tattoos on arms

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Local San Francisco Singer Tim Carr Goes 3-D in New Music Video “Give Me The Light”

This is local San Francisco singer song writer Tim Carr’s second single from his album The Shadows. Abundance of energy, thoughtful lyrics and endless cuteness. From viewing Tim’s past videos for his songs Fame Whore and  Shake Your Caboose we sometimes want to ask Tim,” What the fuck? Brilliant!” This newest video released just today is another pleasurable journey. You

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Mama Bear Rescues Cub from Garage! Intense Video

This was totally intense for me. Smart mama bear to the rescue!

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Chloë Toasts Outfest on It’s Thirtieth Birthday: “Thirty” Video

  We have been desperately waiting, banging our heads against a cement wall waiting for some new Chloë and today we got it! Chloë is thrilled to be part of Outfest again this year. Check out the Exclusive video to commemorate Outfest’s thirtieth birthday. You might die because she uses all of our favorite word to leave

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Futuristic Lumberjack Menswear: The Asher Levine Fall/Winter 2012

The Asher Levine Fall/Winter 2012 lookbook features futuristic menswear selects. Captured in utilitarian styles, bearded model Kyle Bretz sports fashion-forward pieces that are both versatile and wearable. From edgy jumpsuits to impeccably tailored outerwear, this stunning collection shines a spotlight on uniform-inspired ensembles. An eccentric and contemporary take on a classic military inspiration, this effortlessly


New Music: “Fight Fight Fight” by The History of Panic: Video

The History of Pan!c is the nom de plume of Gerald Roesser, a Detroit-based multi-instrumentalist, vocalist and songwriter. In his youth, Pan!c grew up with a steady diet of techno and Morrissey, later championing Britpop at a series of local DJ gigs, spending late nights at Detroit parties, and witnessing the city’s garage rock revival.


Diamond Rings New Single & Video for “I’m Just Me” Out Now: Thumbs Up!

  Well slap my ass and call me Judy, this song rocks! (New York, NY – June 26th, 2012) – Astralwerks is proud to announce the release of Diamond Rings’ first single and video “I’m Just Me” taken from his forthcoming album co-produced with Grammy-nominated Damian Taylor (Bjork, The Killers, Prodigy, UNKLE, Robyn).  The track is available now to download on iTunes. Exploring lyrical themes of self-empowerment and desire “I’m Just

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Texas Teen Lesbian Couple Shot in the Head, One Fatally

Don’t become too complacent that the world is ok with homos just yet! Some sad news this morning: a teenage lesbian couple was found in a public park near Corpus Christi, Texas this weekend. Both had been shot in the head. Mollie Judith Olgin, 19, died of her wounds, while Mary Christine Chapa remains in serious but

Image: Grand Marshall Cyndi  Lauper rides down

Cyndi Lauper Hopes To Reduce LGBT Homelessness From ‘Forty To None’: New Campaign

Today, Cyndi Lauper launched the Forty To None Project to address the inordinately high rate of homelessness among LGBT youth. Studies estimate that there are more than 1.6 million homeless kidsbetween the ages of 12 and 17, and as many as 40 percent of that group identify as LGBT. This is largely due to the family rejection or abuse they