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British Sensation Mika Tells Instinct Mag, “Yeah, I’m gay.”

This another one of those, I thought we all already knew. But I guess it was just assumed that  British singer  Mika was a homosexual (love that word). Mika, the much celebrated British singer, has come out as a gay man. Though in previous interviews the 28-year-old had stated he was was bisexual, he has never said he

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Oh Yes They Did: “Here Comes Honey Boo Boo” Extended Promo Video

Hi world, meet America. Glorying the worst aspect of mankind, “Here Comes Honey Boo Boo.” Good fun but what’s the message really? They know the world is making fun of them right? And tv people are raking in cash and using them, right? Please don’t stop though, because I just pissed why pants laughing so hard.

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Boat Crew Rescues Drowning Bear Cub in Alaska: Video

Daily Awwwwwe! Momentary return of faith in mankind. Key word momentary.


Legendary New York City Gay Bath House ‘The Continental Baths’ Documentary

Accidental Bear approved! Kickstart this project HERE Principle photography has wrapped on CONTINENTAL. It is your help that got us here. Now..we need to finish it and get it ready for submitting to festivals. After the generous outpouring from people all over the world I was able to head to Australia and get the key

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Nut Job Torches Box of Cheerios in Protest of General Mills Support for Same-Sex Unions: Video

What!? Man torches box of Cheerios in protest of General Mills strong support for same-sex unions.  He gets more FIRE then bargained for.

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Where The Bears Are – Episode 2 “Bear in Mind”: Video

“Way to crack the case Sherlock Homo!” Blessed thee a new Where the Bears Are! Many of you will be waking up this morning feeling rough after a wild weekend of bear soup, waking up with strangers and not knowing why your ass is sore. Wipe your naughty pallet clean with this juicy episode number


Hair Ball of the Day: Naked Squat

Source: eanbaptistehuong

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Watch This Sexy, Dirty, Hairy Video: “Simulation” by Roisin Murphy Featuring San Francisco’s Ambrosia Salad

After watching this new video Simulation from Roisin Murphy featuring San Franciscan’s Ambrosia Salad my first thought was, “What the hell just happened?” and my second thought was,”Why is there a sticky spot on my shorts!?” Song by Roisin Murphy Featuring Ambrosia Salad Directed by Aron Kantor

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Diesel Clothing’s 3D Virtual Underwear Coloring Workshop

Diesel Clothing may have dropped a little LSD in order to promote their new underwear collection Fresh & Bright. The Italian brand has set up a three virtual workshops coloring on its website that can change the color of the underwear worn by a fresh young thing. You can create your own unique pair of underwear via


Ukraine Boy Band Kazaky in High Heels Closing the DSquared2 Menswear Show in Milan

Since we first mentioned Kazaky in mid July, that have most definitely picked up steam. On a Friday afternoon in June, inside XL, the gay club in the heart of Hell’s Kitchen, the four members of Kazaky, a male dance-pop act from Ukraine, were apathetically rehearsing for a performance in celebration of New York’s gay pride

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Artful Shaving Short Film, The Bears Run Screaming: Video

  Star fashion image-maker Bart Hess creates an artful homage to swimmers in his shaving foam-covered short. The Art of the Close Shave Demonstrated in Fashion Filmmaker Bart Hess’ Sexy Short The seductive curves of a toned figure are slowly unveiled by the ultimate seamless shave in designer, animator and photographer Bart Hess’s sleek new


Model Matthieu Charneau by Exterface for MUTO # 7

There are exactly two things we shy away from posting. Men smoking and gun exposure. Here we make the exception for Matthieu Charneau to prove our love. Call me! Matthieu Charneau by Exterface for MUTO no. 7, Commando ‘Some says life is a game. A lifetime adventure. You’re been given a body to play with, a misterious world full of levels,


Big Burley Men Covered in Millions of Dollars of Jewelry Photographed by Rick Castro

Rick Castro, owner of the only fetish art gallery in the America, Antebellum Gallery  has shared his series Talk to me Hairy Winston with us and we are thrilled. TALK TO ME HAIRY WINSTON was produced & photographed by Rick Castro is an independent filmmaker & photographer living in Los Angeles. Rick’s work explores the world of fetish and

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Tub Interview with Captivating Chicago Based Queer Rapper Big Dipper: Video & Soapy Photo Spread

Rap music never looked so good. Accidental Bear’s newest tub interview with Chicago based queer rapper Big Dipper is magic. Big Dipper is  known for his playful style, crazy antics, catchy hooks, exciting live performances and let us add his dope chest and  baby blues. We first locked eyes onto Big Dipper in his music video Drip Drop which

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A “Brief” Love Affair by Andrew Christian, So Sick We Love It: Video

This is twisted and sick and that’s what makes it awesome! Without the humor it would just be twinky, but Andrew Christian has this bear by the balls with his video series! Buy the Color Vibe and Vivid Fuse styles now at: Models: Pablo Hernandez (, Cameron Marshall ( Colby Melvin (        

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Contest: Kathy Griffin’s “Pants Off and Tired Hooker”: 5 DVDs to Give Away!

We are excited to team up with The Karpal group (lgbt marketing/publicity) for some exciting contests and some amazing giveaways! To start this all off we are throwing out the big guns, Kathy Griffin: Pants Off and Tired Hooker. The Acclaimed Comedy Specials Comes to DVD! Uncensored Double Feature Available August 7th from Shout! Factory. We have 5 copies siting in our hands



For those who are obsessed with the mustache, or how I like to call it, taint tickler, this new book exploring the history and style of the mustache is right up your ally. 1000 Mustaches: A Cultural History of the Mo is an in-depth look and style manual to the upper lip fascial hair phenomena. “Thanks to

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GAZE- Dublin’s International LGBT Film Festival – August 2nd to 6th 2012: Video

Coming Out, Being Seen, Making History: Watch this reel that catches up to date with the history of homosexuality in Ireland. Powerful


David Beckham Dominates The Cover Of Esquire UK September Issue

  David Beckham make the men swoon. There is never enough Beckham. See here he dominates the covers the September issue of British Esquire. A digital version is available here. Photography by Josh Olins. The cover plus an exclsuive video here. Read the full interview appears in the September issue of Esquire UK, out now. Also available as a digital edition

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In bed with Colby Keller: Don’t Cock Block Yourself with Your Your Online Sex Profile: Video

Is your online sex profile cock blocking you from getting your freak on? Manhunt’s resident “sexpert” Colby Keller would like to talk to you about naming your online profile.   Last week episode below : In Bed With Colby Keller: Ten Tips For Throwing A Successful Orgy   Want more Colby Keller? check out his blog and

Jeana Terry shows the facial injuries she received last week after she said she was beaten by three siblings who live in her neighborhood. Terry and her partner believe the incident should be regarded as a hate crime because they say the alleged beating was motivated by the sibling’s discrimination of their sexual orientation. (Submitted photo)

Siblings kick, Stomp and Beat the Hell Out of Lesbian in Missouri

By Erin Ragan ~ Southeast Missourian  Neighbors of Jeana Terry and Lisa Lange described life at home for the Cape Girardeau couple as a “peaceful existence” until the past several months. Mima B. Poole has lived a few houses away from Lange for nine years. “Now I am afraid to come down here and visit,” Poole said

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Married But Not Equal: Full Episode

There are 1,138 benefits, rights and protections that married heterosexual couples get from the Federal Government. But because of the Defense of Marriage Act, gays and lesbians are denied every single one of them — even if they are legally married in the state they live in. IN THE LIFE sits down with five married,

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Greg Louganis Documentary Back on Board: KICKSTARTER

A feature-length documentary-in-progress about the life and legacy of Olympic champion diver Greg Louganis. When Greg Louganis hit his head on the diving board at the 1988 Seoul Games, it was an unforgettable moment of the Olympics.  But when, despite his injury, he earned the highest single score for his next dive and went on

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Is Dubstep Avant Garde Musical Genius? | Idea Channel | PBS Video

pbsideachannel breaks this down for you simple folk: Dubstep. Is. Awesome. While some people may hear noise, we hear amazing musical genius. The aural creativity of Dubstep, and its embrace of inharmonic sounds, makes it the most recent member of the long-established Avant Garde community. There is a long history of avant garde musicians and thinkers

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KFC’s Colonel Sanders Loves All Gay People Always in this Funny or Die Video

KFC Loves Gays with John Goodman “Our old pal, Colonel Sanders (John Goodman) is back with a message for Chick-Fil-A and chicken lovers that is totally honest and not at all panderous.” What we should be preaching is the evil of eating at any of these places. Maybe, fingers crossed, that will be the message to

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Hair Ball of the Day: Australian Swimmer and Otter James Magnussen: Photos



Matt Damon as Liberace’s Alleged Gay Lover in a Beautifully Feathered Wig

It’s Michael Douglas and Matt Damon like you’ve never seen them before. Douglas got into character as legendary pianist Liberace on the set of “Behind the Candelabra” on July 30. Damon plays his alleged gay lover. (Miguel Aguilar/ Wait, Liberace was gay? Just yanking your chain, yes he allegedly was. Douglas wore a dark red wig, while


Chick-Fil-A’s Hate is Full of Sh*t Says FCKH.COM

Go Cluck Yourself! A Bad Word for a Good Cause! FCKH8 on FACEBOOK

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Where the Bears Are Episode 1 is Up and Ready: Eat it Men “Bear Down” Video

Gentlemen start your engines! We know the world has been waiting for this moment and we are excited to tell you that …Where the Bears Are Episode 1 – “BEAR DOWN”  is here. Eat it up men! Please do us a favor and “like” “comment” and “share.” And, please check out their awesome new website at THIS

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Bear Circuit Party? Biggest European Gay & Lesbian Festival: Barcelona August 2-12: Video



Coverboy for Starfucker Magazine Issue Six Revealed… Hot Damn!

New Coverboy for Starrfucker Magazine Issue 6 has been handed over to our hungry paws, David Laflamme . David Laflamme has been in our humble opinion the tastiest highly visible man on the internet for the last year first catching our attention in the Scruff Ads. Available for pre-sale now at Starrfucker Magazine is a self-printed quarterly


Lebanon Police Conduct Anal Probes on Men From Gay Porn Cinema Providing ‘Proof’ of Who is Gay

At first glance we weren’t sure if this was a good or bad thing (joke). Vice police in Lebanon have conducted anal exams on the 36 men who were arrested in a sting operation on a gay porn cinema. The men were arrested in a police raid on the gay porn cinema in Beirut on Saturday


Amtrak Jumps on Pro-Gay Train And Unveils Ads Featuring Same-Sex Families

Amtrak has unveiled two new ads featuring same-sex families traveling together. Advertising that children age 2-15 ride 50 percent off when traveling with an adult, the headlines read, “Priceless Family Moments Are Now Affordable.” Two version of the ad, one with a picture of a male couple and another with a female couple, were distributed.  Both versions include

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Conan O’brien Introduces ‘Chaz, the Intolerant Chick-Fil-A Chicken’

This week, Conan O’Brien introduced a new mascot for Chick-fil-A: Chaz, the Intolerant Chicken. Preaching the company’s anti-gay beliefs, Chaz encourages gay men and lesbians to give up their abominable attractions and enjoy Chick-fil-A’s food as substitute, with hilarious results. Chaz always signs off with his trademark tagline, “Eat up, You Godless Sodomites!” Watch the clips:


Hair Ball of the Day: Super Sexy Silver Medal Winner Nick Thoman with Daddy Voice

With or without the beard Olympic swimmer Nick Thoman is one scrumptious hair ball. Just imagine that low rumbling voice whispering sweet nothings into your ear and your ear drum vibrating back and forth, back and forth (just go with it). Nicholas Thoman is now an Olympic silver medalist, who specializes in the backstroke and has won, in

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Otters, Cubs and Bears, Oh My! – Steam Room Video

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Chick-Fil-Atio: Chick-Fil-A’s New Anti-Gay Commercial Spoof: Video

CultOfDusty says: Who knows, as crazy as Chick-Fil-A is, something like this may actually be their next national Ad Campaign. Comedian Dusty Smith takes over his role as the new “Southern Spokesperson” for Chick-Fil-A and explains why you should fear the homosexual chicken agenda! On a serious note, I really thing Chick-Fil-A has made a huge

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A Chat with Benjamin Godfre about Leaping from Modeling to Porn and Working with Falcon Studios: Video

Model Benjamin Godfre made the official announcement that he was partnering up with notable Falcon Studios and making the leap to porn. Since then there has been a shit storm of accusations , rumors and a loud buzz in the air. Mike Enders from Accidental Bear sits down with Benjamin and go over, for the


For the Hell of It! Male Model Mateus Verdelho Gif

GIF’s make us giddy!


The Berenstain Bears Also Break Up with Chick-Fil-A: Read Letter

Breaking up is never easy to do (unless you are dealing with ignorant homophobe haters hiding behind religion because they cannot think for themselves).