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Team Thrasher Raise Money for the Japanese Relief Effort.

Totally Tubular and RAD! ________________________________________________________ Thrasher x Magical Mosh Misfits | ‘Never Give Up’ T-Shirt via In efforts to raise money for the relief of the Japan after the recent devastation, Thrasher has teamed up with Japanese-based skate/design crew Magical Mosh Misfits to bring you this limited-edition t-shirt. All proceeds from this shirt will be donated to

Opening Ceremony men’s collection for Spring/Summer 2011

Not quite sure I feel about these looks, I am left feel nostalgic. These clothes bring back  bad memories of being a poor white kid growing up in Upstate NY with excruciating awkward fashion sense which consisted mostly of hand me downs. This collection could work wonders on the runway. If I were the designer

Gandhi, Bi-sexual? Versatile?

The Male German Bodybuilder That Got Gandhi All Hot And Bothered Oh, Mahatma! It turns out India’s early 20th century spiritual leader and civil disobedience champion, Ghandi was interested in more than the ladies (including his own niece, whom he hosted nightly cuddle parties with), but also Hermann Kallenbach, a German bodybuilder who biographer Joseph

The Bullied Now Masturbate for Revenge

Wow, that is revenge but Im not quite sure what the message is he is trying to send. I prefer stories of kids that were bullied in high school growing up and getting all super sized buff then going and kicking the crap out of the bullies. Thats message is clear. Although the idea of

JD Samson may be The Weapon Of Mass Destruction: MEN Blew the Roof Off the Rickshaw

  MEN got on a stage that was already on fire from the 2 opening acts , Katastrophe and Lady Tragik. Politically powered lyrics and sporting a onesy, JD Samson is hands down my new crush. Though there wasn’t a hand in the place not waving in  in the air. The air had a vibe of ,

Hair Balls of the Day: Four Year Strong


Celebrity Accidental Bear Zach Galiianakis

PINUPS Mag Issue 14

This is called excitement. PRE_ ORDER NOW! Pinups is a triannual publication that features one male nude pictorial per issue. There are no words—just an exaggeration of the classic centerfold. Each magazine exists in book form but can be taken apart and tiled to reveal a 32” x 70” image. The magazine is printed in

Japanese brand White Mountaineering Brings It

I have decided that some one needs to fund my wardrobe. Look what I trapped in my radar. This collection is accidentally all my fetishes in one, including tall, lanky bearded nerd model. I want mine to go please. I am soaking in the complex patterns and the hiker gear sensibility. I see myself wearing

Lacoste, You're going to make a Preppy out of Me

This has a classic Leave it Beaver , boy next door feel to it. Like most things, just add beard and it will be all that and a bag of chips. This jacket is one of the items thats a little clean cut for my taste so I would have to rough it up with

Duran Duran and David Lynch had a Baby (video)

Simon Lebon, I forgot all about you. You once covered my bedroom walls, placed between Cyndi Lauper and the Thompson Twins. You look and sound fab old friend. Nice to have you back with the living. I have high expectations of you. Duran Duran performing the song “The Man Who Stole A Leopard” featuring Kelis.

Bel & Bel Vespa Seats= WANT

Totally Rad! ________________________________________________________ Bel & Bel Vespa Seats Via We’ll assume that these Vespa Seats from Bel & Bel are made from dead Vespas rather than old frames that could be restored (I just feel better thinking that). These limited edition seats use old frames to form something new from the classic Piaggio forms. The

A Splash of Good News: HIV continues retreat in SF

The only good news to ever hear about HIV infection would be that there is a cure. But the encouraging news about the steady decline in new infections, i’ll take. Wrap it up men, don’t share needles and all the other stuff you know your not suppose. AIDS isn’t funny. There’s no other way to say

Hair Ball of the Day: Yoga Dude

All Eyes On: Mario Testino ( Photographer)

These photographs have all the right ingredients for brilliance. You can have the most amazing crew of stylists, camera men, lighting folks, but if you don’t have the vision you don’t have crap. Mario Testino does it all right. I stand up out of my chair and applaud you. For me adding Chloë Sevigny into any mix

" It Gets Better" Book Launch NYC; And the Fans Go Wild

This is one of the many books I will be pushing in the near future. I fee old-school buying books. This digital world in which we live leaves me somewhat empty. I want to be able to hold the weight of a book in my hands, smell the fresh pressed paper. I want to be

Left Field Produces Some of the Strongest Chinos on the Market

I am always looking for a cure for my white-boy-butt-syndrome. Could these Chinos be the answer? Will baby one day have back? Left Field Chino Collection for Spring 2011 Via Selectism Left Field produces some of the strongest chinos on the market. What makes them tops is their twills. For Spring 2011, they deliver four

Chronicling The History Of Seamen's Body Art

If you have one tattoo or more you are most likely mapping out your next one. For awhile now i have bee obsessing on old school American Sailor tattoos. As soon as my piggy bank get full i’ll finally be able to get my big ship on my chest I have been dreaming  about with

Dufty for SF Mayor!

Bevan Dufty has what it takes to run our beloved city, and run it well. Of course he has my gay vote but that alone doesn’t get my final vote. He is very accessible , a good guy in front of and out of the eye of the media. Best of all he makes decisions

Things I Want; A Hairy Sofa

I am in now way encouraging drug use, BUT I have an idea. Find a foxy fuzzy friend, drop a bunch of acid, get naked and roll around on this couch. Video tape it, and put in on the internet. Instant fame. I want 20% of profit. Thank you and you’re welcome. Cipria sofa by

All Eyes On: Barriobajero (ART)

It’s like a psychedelic desert. I feel like I am looking at a modern day, grown up Candy Land. Back in my drug experimental days I might even think this was a beautiful pile of blow. Do you ever get a phrase stuck in your head that you can’t stand. Well, here is one of

Straight, Not Narrow

I may be the only one on earth who did not care for The Kids Are All Right , but this kid is all right by me. Straights for gays, sweeeet! Josh Hutcherson: Straight, Not Narrow By Editors Actor Josh Hutcherson stars in a video for the “Straight But Not Narrow” campaign aimed specifically at

Hair Ball of the Day: Hitchhiker


RIP Lovely Liz Taylor 2/27/1932 – 3/23/2011

Elizabeth Taylor dies; screen legend was 79: Elizabeth Taylor, a voluptuous, violet-eyed actress who lived a life of luster and anguish and spent more than six decades as one of the world’s most visible women, was known for her two Academy Awards, eight marriages, ravaging illnesses and work in AIDS philanthropy. Related Articles RIP Elizabeth Taylor: