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Cute Bearded Guy Juggling Rubik’s Cubes While Solving One Simultaneously (Video)

 Color me impressed! I cannot even pat my head and do circle on my stomach at the same time. I also have to stop walking while texting. My evolution gene may be broken. Mike Enders   via Rubik’s Cube Juggler of the Day: Rubik’s Cube master David Calvo is known for solving cubes blindfolded and


PSA: Photo Message, Free Yourself Tattoo

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(New) Simply Plimpton Video : Fitness, Train that Ass Martha

Martha wants to get in shape. But a simple misunderstanding in her quest for a personal trainer lands Martha on all fours getting much more than she bargained for…

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NEW Videos: “Ask the Doctor” Prostate Cancer, Cold Sores and Much More Discussed

Accidental Bear Website teams up again with Dr George Forgan-Smith from The Healthy Bear Website based in Australia to answer some health questions. No question to small. These episodes deal with prostate cancer and its symptoms to watch out for, cold sores, jock itch, hair loss related to stress and myth busting the question, “Does

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Video: Brian Wilson Does Hammer Time !!! [Ed Lee is 2L2Q]

Vote Ed Lee for San Francisco Mayor on November 8. Pledge to Vote: In this video, you’ll see: MCHammer 2Legit2Quit TooLegitToQuit Can’tTouchThis RapParody ParodyMusicVideo EdLee Ashkon Don’tStopBelieving RonnieLott BrianWilson KaiandNate SanFrancisco Mayor WillieBrown BizStone JedYork MarissaMayer HunterWalk HammerPants HammerDancing LadiaYates RonConway Giants

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Fear The Beard Brian Wilson, MC Hammer &, Ashkon Support Ed Lee for SF Mayor: HILARIOUS VIDEO

Ed Lee Is…2 LEGIT 2 QUIT [MC Hammer, Brian Wilson,, Ashkon]


Gareth Thomas Announced His Immediate Retirement From Rugby Today

Gartheth’s legacy on the field may be ending but now it’s time for him to focus off the field. This won’t be the last we see of him. “I have listened and discussed this decision with many of my family and close friends. My mind has told me that the time to retire is now.


Celebrity Accidental Bear Daniel Craig Flaunting White Beard at ‘Tintin’ U.K. Premiere

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Hair Ball of the Day: Fire Crotch

… or should we call him creamsicle ? source: sugaronastick

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Make TONIGHT Count: New Yorkers Rally for LGBT Homeless Youth

The story of a homeless teen is never black and white. Make a difference, tonight if you are in the New York area, rally! New York City’s Ali Forney Center is rallying in Union Square to bring attention to LGBT youth homelessness. Both state and local budgets have cut funding for youth shelters in New York, where 40-50 percent

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Zimbabwe Prime Minister Calls for Legalization of Homosexuality (Video)

This is a complete  180 from lets put gays to death. In my humble opinion someone or some group put a flame under his ass to make this brave decision. This decision to legalize homosexuality in his region is going to meet a lot resistance.  Baby steps, baby steps. Mike Enders via  “Zimbabwe’s Prime Minister


A Low Blow from So-Called ‘Family’ Groups Who Attacked Suicide Helpline

Rage! These are the kind of stories where I have to watch myself so I don’t go totally ape shit. This has the same mentality and smarts as kicking an injured puppy dog. Followers of The American Family Association (AFA) and Florida Family Association (FFA), are now going to boycott “the Teen Nick show Degrassi, which airs

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URSUS BAPE EX05 11SS: Nine Looks I picked for You!

  We may be through spring/summer 2011, but that doesn’t mean we can’t be inspired by it. Unless, you are so high-fashion that you think wearing 2011 spring looks are so over, then you may be too cool for us. This collection by URSUS BAPE is ready to wear casuals with no irony. It’s another case


URSUS Bape Fall/Winter 2011 Lookbook

More than half way into the season, we present the lookbook of URSUS Bape for Fall/Winter 2011, designed by Tet from WTAPS. We like the boots in the new collection, some of the outerwear and the overalls are also looking really nice, but are of course not easy to wear. (selectism)  

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(Video) Matthew Herbert Makes a Record Completely from a Pig (from birth to plate)

ok, this is some crazy shit (said in ghetto fabulous accent)! I want to say this is creative, but I have fear that PETA might sucker punch me. “You can always count on Matthew Herbert. The counter-cultural electronic music icon has done a lot with his talent, uncompromising ear, and dedication to using found sounds in his

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Transgender Performer Born With Caudal Regression Syndrome (no Legs), Talks About Making Videos, Lady Gaga

Time to call off your pity party and meet Piyah. Piyah Martell — aka Honey B Diva — has become an Internet sensation with her YouTube cover videos of songs by artists like Lady Gaga and Mariah Carey. The singer and performer, who born with a rare condition called Caudal Regression Syndrome which kept her


Are Open Mouth Kisses the New Pat on the Bum in Sports? Tim Tebow’s Victory Kiss

It appears that these athletes are just going with intuition. If a congratulatory open mouthed wet kiss feel right, go for it. All for one and all for one, I say. Via Denver Bronco and Focus on the Family spokesman Tim Tebow planted a wet one on Demaryius Thomas during his late game rescue yesterday against the dolphins.

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(Super Cute Video) Bearded Baseball Players Reveal Who Would Portray Them in a Movie

Rangers and Cardinals players reveal who would portray them in a movie. Check it out.      

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Vanity Fair’s Official 2010–11 Republican Beefcake Calendar

In case you missed these: via In December 2008, a widely disseminated photograph of President-Elect Barack Obama emerging from the Hawaii surf in a bathing suit aroused convulsions of enthusiasm across the land. Even the New York Post joined in, catcalling, “Fit for Office … Buff Bam Is Hawaii Hunk!” But a mere two years later—two


Gratuitous Pic for Sunday: Bearded Cutie & Kittens, Just Cuz’

  Source: meua-migo


Hair Ball of the Day: Scott Cousins Giants Catcher

Five months after his collision with Giants catcher Buster Posey, Scott Cousins also continues to heal. Scott is rehabbing in his off-season at the University of San Francisco.      

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Music Video: АЗИС – Хоп / AZIS “Hop” Cross Dressing Bulgarian Homoerotic Pop?

  Not quite sure what this is, but I got scared and wanted to share it with you. music and arrangement: Martin Biolchev; lyrics: Azis; director: Lyudmil Ilarionov – Lyusi; produced by DIAPASON RECORDS


The Prettiest Boy in the World, ‘Male Model’ Andrej Pejic, “Gender Role-Defying Behavior”

Channeling some rednecks who I once worked with many moons ago, “I wouldn’t mind poking her where she pees!” Coming from the same shelf as not judging a book from its cover, the rednecks who would have said that to this beauty might be surprised what “she” pees out of, a penis. Mike Enders  via


Penile Fracture: Study Links Broken Penises To Infidelity

Penile fractures do exist! And to add a side order of shame to the mix, “half the patients admitted to fracturing their penises during an extramarital affair,”  According to the study, which was published last month, penile fracture occurs when the “tunica albuginea” — the fibrous membrane surrounding the tissue in the center of the


STARRFUCKER ISSUE 4 is Available or Pre-Order Now: Queer Art Issue

StarrFucker Magazine is a printed homo/foto/art zine with penis. Created by Jeremy Lucido in 2005 Starrfucker started out primarily as an adult industry blog and resource. Now the brand also prints an erotic art magazine. StarrFucker Magazine is a printed homo/foto/art zine with penis. It is a branch of the Starrfucker brand, originally a gay


Regulating Public Nudity in San Francisco, Policy Code Word for Word

In this heated, San Francisco debate over public nudity, opinions fly. Opinions are opinions, but law is the law. Put all personal beliefs and scare the idea of bare naked asses sitting on cold metal public seats out of your head and lets look at what the policy code says, word for word:   via:


Fist-Fest: New York Brings Back The Gay Men’s Arm Wrestling Club 10:23:2011

The Fight Club of today because we all know sharing blood is not the  smartest. Out goes the window is the good old game of bloody knuckles as well. But now we have Fist-Fest. “The tournaments and arm wrestling meets ran sporadically through the 70’s and but came to an end in the mid 80’s


Women’s Wear Daily Gives “Man of The Week” O.W.S. Protester an A-

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Police Pepper Spray Hunky Haka Dancers At Football (Rugby) Game In Utah

Another case of diversity not being respected. These cops in Utah who pepper sprayed these fine tuned jocks, probably were unfamiliar with danced called  Haka that “has been popularized by rugby players in New Zealand who chant, beat their chests and gesture aggressively before matches. The Maori tradition also can include fierce facial expressions. Haka is

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Meanwhile in Amish Country, Beard-Cutting Case to Felony Court

This has got to be made into a movie. Fill the screen when hunky, scruffy men and it will be a box office hit, well, at least in some circles. Besides the beards, I have trouble with the dumb and dumber bowl cuts. Mike Enders via MILLERSBURG, Ohio — The case against five members


Hair Ball of the Day: Beard & Black Rose

  Source: kuchenbaeckerin


Hair Balls of the Days: Valley of the Bears by Modern Bear

Sparkle, Modern Bears, Sparkle! Enjoy our special tribute to “Valley of the Dolls” by Modern Bear


Sign Up: Booty Farm Workshop at Body Equations SF CA 11/5 & 6

BOOTY FARM WORKSHOP Hosted by Body Equations and Pearman Fitness TO ATTEND FOLLOW 2 STEPS: STEP 1: PAY HERE TO SIGN UP STEP 2: Respond via email your Name and Day of Attendance JOHNNY PEARMAN FITNESS San Francisco’s #1 Celebrity Trainer BLOG FACEBOOK PAGE

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The Strongest Beard in the World Pulls a Car (Video)


Which Celebrities Work Their Facial Scruff, Beard? Ryan Reynolds, Joaquin Phoenix, Tobey Maguire & More

Doing a hot or not page seems sort of stooping low or played out, but hey, it’s what the people want. So, we will pick our number one topic, beards, and put them on celebrities and ask the question, Hot or Not? Simple enough?   Ben Affleck: Beard Hot or Not? David Beckham: Beard Hot


‘I want Muscle’ a film by Elisha Smith-Leverock : Muscle Boobs , Masculine or Feminine ? (Video)

‘I want Muscle’ a film by Elisha Smith-Leverock that plays on the line between masculinity and femininity. It explores the body of a female bodybuilder on display like the little ballerina that spins out of a music box. “I Want Muscle, takes the fashion film genre and adds a level of social narrative to sharp effect (”

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Having ‘The Talk’ With Kids is Not Easy, But Can be Hilarious (Video)

Planned Parenthood Video Helps Parents Have ‘The Talk’ With Their Kids and provides entertainment for the rest of us.   Talking to our kids about sex and sexuality may not be easy, but parents really can make a difference. Planned Parenthood is here to help you get the conversation started.   Visit:


Mark Driscoll, Pastor Says Masturbation Can Be Form Of Homosexuality

Wow,  I am a SUPER GAY then. This young whipper-snapper that’s full of ideas founded the church, Mars Hill Church in Seattle,  in 1996 at the age of 25. Now get a load of this. They rail against premarital sex, feminism, modern interpretations of the Bible, and viewing Jesus as “a Richard Simmons, hippie, queer Christ… a neutered and limp-wristed

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Rachel Maddow Tears Into Mitt Romney, Does Epic Segment From ‘Man Cave’ (VIDEO)

Rachel for president. “I know it’s awkward to talk about these things sometimes,” Maddow concluded. She also said that she knew this was “very upsetting” but felt it was warranted to talk sense into men. “Criticize away,” she told her viewers. Rachel gets heated talking about lady parts and so she should. Mike Enders   via

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Nut Job Video: Homosexuality in High School is Being Promoted (Puke)

  “Why can’t we love the homosexual and tell them the truth about their sin?” Wait, what? This is your baggage and vivid imagination. This video starring gay teenager, acting to be straight (IMHO). I am having a hard time believing that this in’t a really twisted Saturday Night Live skit. Watch video and I