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Keep A Breast “I Love Boobies!” Slap Bracelets Video

I’m a boob, you’re a boob, wouldn’t you like to be a boob… catchy no?   Here at Keep A Breast we know that no matter who you are: young, old, a cyclist, surfer or even an astronaut everyone is impacted by breast cancer. We also know that sharing is caring and Keep A Breast

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Masterpiece Classics: A Straight Guy Pissing All Over A Toilet Seat (Video)

My life is now complete. Off to practice my aim. Directed by Daniel Rampulla and conceived by New York City-based actress, Cole Escola, “A Straight Guy Pissing All Over A Toilet Seat” is a timely exploration into sexual poverty and poetic deformation. This work has been seen throughout Europe and won every award.


RITES XXXIII: THE BLACK PARTY NYC :: Super Star DJ Line :: Up P-Play, Mark Louque, Ryan Smith, David Picard

I am not usually one to toot the horn of big dance parties, but when one comes together packed with so much talent as  RITES XXXIII: THE BLACK PARTY, it’s worth some respect! Can I get a AMEN up in here? On Saturday March 24TH, 2012 at Roseland Ballroom in NYC,  four of the hottest underground DJs

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Plant Nerds: Corpse Flower Blooms At Cornell University, Causing Stink And Spectacle (VIDEO)

First off plants nerds out totally hot! And this is amaze-balls as you kids say. Watch and learn. By: OurAmazingPlanet Staff Published: 03/19/2012 12:25 PM EDT on OurAmazingPlanet A rare — and stinky — corpse flower is blooming now at Cornell University, and those who are curious can watch, though sadly (or maybe happily) not

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Rugby Stars, Sam Tomkins, Jon Wilkin Love to Get Naked for a Cause:: Sport Relief

Why is that Rugby players seem to be more comfortable naked? Not complaining…   Rugby stars including Sam Tomkins and Jon Wilkin have stripped off – adding their support to Sport Relief. With famous faces from Prince Harry to John Bishop and Olly Murs to The Saturdays getting involved in the upcoming charity weekend, members of the public are being encouraged to join in with their local

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It Gets Better – Parents of Transgender Children (Video)

The first “It Gets Better” video of its kind: Featuring parents from PFLAG’s support group for families of transgender children sharing their personal struggles to understand their child’s needs and find support for both themselves and their families.


Manly Mechanic Ads: The Wran­gler Blue Bell Spring/Summer 2012 Campaign is Biker Chic

Starring bearded model Paraskevas, the Wran­gler Blue Bell Spring/Summer 2012 campaign is captured by the lens of photographer Boo George. George photographs the manly man in a portrait series that is predominantly denim-clad. Depicting a working mechanic, Paraskevas’s role pays tribute to sculptor and motorcycle col­lec­tor Jeff Decker, an inspiration behind this season’s collection. Captured

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Photographer Captures The Darker Side Of Barbie, E.P.T. and All (PHOTOS)

When Mattel launched “Day to Night Barbie” in 1984 under the slogan “We Girls Can Do Anything,” drunk driving and sleeping around with married men probably weren’t what they had in mind. But that’s the jaded fairy tale photographer Sarah Haney presents in her new photo series. SCROLL DOWN FOR PHOTOS Casting a dark shadow over Barbie, some of the photos

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Designed to Catalyze Curiosity, Questions No One Knows the Answers to (Video)

In the first of a new TED-Ed series designed to catalyze curiosity, TED Curator Chris Anderson shares his boyhood obsession with quirky questions that seem to have no answers. (Introducing the series “Questions no one knows the answers to”) “Questions No One Knows the Answers to” was animated by Andrew Park (


Hair Ball of the Day: Wounded

source : Man+Sex=Fashion

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Portlandia’s Fred Armisen Spends ‘7 Minutes In Heaven’ With Mike O’Brien (VIDEO)

These just kill me. “Was my body language okay?” This video falls down the funny tree and hits every branch on the way! That doesn’t make sense, I know. Watch! Following in the footsteps of fellow “Saturday Night Live” cast members Jason Sudeikis, Kristen Wiigand Seth Meyers, Fred Armisen stepped into the makeout den of the show’s polyamorous


Photographer Cross Dresses His Subject = Amazing Photos!

Photographer  Hana Pesut currently casting for this project for the following locations/dates. Please e-mail your availability, location and a photo to if you are interested in participating. *LA/Palm Springs April 10-20 *Vancouver (on-going) : rosemary & liban : pete & brylee : mish & colin : michelle & trevor : michelle & jesse :


Eastpak Artist Studio: Designers Against AIDS Backpacks

Some leftfield interpretations of the humble backpack. 130 artists and creative types were given the chance to produce impractical, highly individual versions of Eastpak’s simple carrier. Contributors such as Johnny Marr, Tiefschwarz, Tom Deacon and Julie Verhoeven have all taken part, with proceeds going to the Designers Against AIDScharity. Available from today, grab yourself a collectors piece

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Gay Rapper MAN CHYNA “Brokeback That Ass Up” (Music Video)

“MANCHYNA burst from a Smoky Mountain-womb, just like his personal (s)hero, Dolly Parton. Part burlesque and part faggotronic rap, Man Chyna strip hops around Canada like a sissy M.I.A (Sissy Elliot?). Won’t you be the Boy-oncé to his Gay-Z? Mo Homo.” Toronto’s own MAN CHYNA ( bursts onto the scene with Brokeback that Ass Up,

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Adorable Lesbian Wedding Proposal Caught on Ice During Intermission at NHL Game (Video)

  On Saturday night at Scotiabank Place, a Toronto Maple Leafs fan named Alicia stood on the ice during the second intermission wearing a blindfold. When it was removed, she looked up at the video scoreboard and read a message from her girlfriend, an Ottawa Senators fan named Christina. Schmaltzy music played. Out walked Christina.


San Francisco’s Soiree 10: A Decadent Celebration of Avant-Garde Culture :: March 24, 2012

The Center 10 year anniversary celebration Free to be Fabulous. Saturday, March 24, 2012.  7:00pm until 11:00pm The San Francisco LGBT Community Center will hold its 10th Anniversary celebration—Soiree 10— à la mode française on Saturday, March 24, 2012, when the San Francisco Design Center Galleria becomes a decadent turn-of-the-last-century Parisian salon. Paris’s “Belle Époque” or “beautiful era” pre-World War

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More On Jason Russell of Kony 2012 Campaign Visible Naked Meltdown (Video)

He was giving some major hand sass! A second clip of Invisible Children co-founder Jason Russell cracking from “exhaustion, dehydration, and malnutrition” surfaced this morning on TMZ, and it offers a better look at what exactly went down. What the video lacks in public masturbation, it more than makes up for in buck-naked devil-cursing and furious

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Jackie Beat’s “Gimme All Your Blood” Official Trailer

Here is a bloody tease of Jackie Beat’s Gimme All Your Blood  official trailer. The Queen of Pop vs. The Queen of Parody. It’s going to get bloody. Video filmed by the amazing Austin Young starring Jackie Beat, Detox Icunt, and Vicki Vox Icunt.


Week in Beard: Amish, Ashton Kutcher, Facial Hair Competition-Art Show, Dirtiest Beards in the NBA

Ashton Kutcher on why he finally shaved his beard and cut his long hair: ‘Jesus wanted his look back’ Though Ashton Kutcher’s shaggy hair and unkempt beard didn’t win over many fans last fall, the actor said he enjoyed “looking homeless.” “Jesus wanted (his look) back so I gave it to him,” Kutcher, 34, joked at a

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Unlikely Guest Tom Hardy Poses with Toy Beefeater at Legoland

Oh Tom! He nearly came to fisticuffs with Jonathon Ross last month after embarrassing footage from his modelling days on The Big Breakfast was broadcast without his permission on the ITV1 talk show. So you’d think Tom Hardy may have a slight wobbly about doing publicity outside his thespian realm. However, the Inception actor posed

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MUSIC VIDEO: Hunx and His Punx Seth Bogart’s Solo Project “Hairdresser Blue”

Each and every time I listen to Seth Bogart sing, lead singer and founder of Hunx and His Punx, all I can think is, “God I love the Romones!” This is not a knock on Seth in the least bit, I adore him. I want to hang out with Seth in his bedroom and try on

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Child Safety PSA Spoof with a Dave Franco Full Frontal (Video)

Today we have a double dose of Dave Franco, brother of James. Hot off the success of his Funny Or Die videos  we mentioned earlier, “Go F*ck Yourself You’re So Hot”  and an upcoming role in 21 Jump Street, Dave Franco sat down with Complex Magazine to break down the rules for keeping your young ones

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Graphic Anti-Smoking Ad Feature Hideously Scarred Cancer Victims

There are two things that blow my mind that any educated well adjusted adult will do with there free will, tan in tanning beds and smoke cigarettes. No sympathy for their consequences. A hard-hitting publicity campaign will show the American public the horrific effects of smoking when disturbing footage of cancer victims is aired across


‘Keith Haring: 1978-1982,’ Brooklyn Museum Exhibition, Examines Pop Artist’s Early Works And Socio-Political Relevance

To be quite honest I was never a big Keith Haring fan until I become a tad older and was able to absorb the complex political messages behind his work. Now you could call me a super fan from this day forth. It seems like each passing year more information about Haring’s life and work

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Drew Droege and Weird Al’s Broadway Style Cabaret Review (Video)

When worlds collide. Comedians and musicians audition to honor 30 years of Weird Al in a Broadway style cabaret review. Things get weird. Aimee Mann fans? Hold on until the end, you may get wet in the pants! To see more art work featuring Weird Al, please go to   Weird Al’s Broadway Style Cabaret Review

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Brother of James “Go F*ck Yourself Dave Franco”, And That He Does (Video)

Actor Dave Franco (James’ brother) is a professor of how to love yourself before you can love others. The Franco family has great bone structure. Now you make your own bone reference (wink).   Go F*ck Yourself with Dave Franco from Dave Franco

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100 Shocking Tweets From People Who Say They Will Murder Their Gay Child #ToMyUnbornChild

 Speechless. Feel like making yourself sick? MORE TWEETS Here are 100+ real tweets from real people who used Twitter to tell the world that if their child turned out to be gay or lesbian they would murder them. Yes, there actually is a hashtag, #ToMyUnbornChild, which, among other things, has been encouraging people to tweet they will

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‘BULLY’ Filmmaker: MPAA Rating Silences Bullying Victims’ Experiences

Priorities people! Will someone please site MPAA down and explain to them eye to eye the importance of such films. Use kindergarden language if necessary, just don’t swear!   Filmmaker Lee Hirsch talked with MSNBC’s Thomas Roberts yesterday about his new documentary Bully, which has been given an “R” rating by the MPAA for the language it

"No More Words, We Want Action"; Closing Session of the Sixth  International Conference on AIDS, San Francisco, June 24, 1990. Photograph by Patrick Clifton (reproduced with permission)

Photography Exhibition at SF’s GLBT Museum Focuses on AIDS Activism

San Francisco, CA – A new exhibition at The GLBT History Museum, “Life and Death in Black and White: AIDS Direct Action in San Francisco, 1985-1990,” focuses on the work of five queer photographers who documented the emergence of militant AIDS activism in San Francisco through the medium of black-and-white film. With sharp focus and


A Serious Saphir Shoe Care Case

Is there anything more heritage than a shoe shine? Alright, killing your own Thanksgiving turkey is slightly more heritage, but the act of a shoe shine, whether bought or done yourself while sitting on the corner of your bed, is such an old-timey, step-laden process that your mustache practically waxes itself as you buff. Now


Swedish Styled – Mark McNairy New Amsterdam – Spring/Summer 2012

c-store put together this special styled lookbook for Mark McNairy’s Spring Summer 2012 offers, shot on location in Stockholm, Sweden. We cannot choose which we prefer: McNairy’s New Amsterdam looks of the city of Stockholm itself. Dig through the looks and let us know your favorites. The lookbook is shot by Swedish photographer ErikByErik & styled

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Davey Wavey’s 3 Day NO Grindr Challenge (Video)

Can YOU give up Grindr for three days? Take the three-day Grindr challenge! This video challenge of Wavey Daveys  is oozing we gay stereotypes and assumptions of gay men. What makes it funny is that it applies to large population of gay men and absolutely true. Gay men our obsessed with gadgets and apps like

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Sassy Gay Friend: The Odyssey (Video)

We will file this under things we missed. HELLO, we have to sleep. Although Odysseus couldn’t control the obstacles on his journey, he can control his beverage with MiO. Just like Odysseus, you can add a little or a lot to make it your own. MiO comes in six delicious flavors: berry pomegranate, fruit punch,

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Katie Goodman and Company Share a ‘Fun’ New “Homophobia Song” (Video)

Katie Goodman and Company sing a song containing facts on homosexual studies like, “A whopping 80% of homophobic men were turned on by gay porn.” Written and directed by Katie Goodman and Soren Kisiel. Featuring, left to right, Erin Roberg, Katie Goodman, and Maggie Garver. Filmed by Ryan Stumpe and AVERIngenuity. Edited by Soren Kisiel and

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Gay Men’s Chorus of Los Angeles Joins with the It Gets Better Project for a Nationwide Tour

Sing your hearts out men, make us proud (we already are!). For several years, the Gay Men’s Chorus of Los Angeles has used music to share with high school students the importance of fairness and equality through their educational anti-bullying Alive Music Project. Now Executive Director Thom Lynch has announced a new collaboration with the It Gets Better Project and

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Atlanta Film Festival Screening “The Men’s Room”: An Exploration of Gay Sex and Public Cruising

Filmmaker Jane Pickett explores sex cruising at the Atlanta Film Festival There has always dwelt a gray area between the realms of public versus private and gay versus straight. It is where secrets happen in the open and where right wing senators go to “widen their stance.” It is the men’s room. And there is


Macho Tom Hardy Shows Off His Bushy Beard in the Company Prince Charles at Celebrate Success Awards

Tom Baby cakes, you cannot do wrong. Some day we will lie around together as I comb your beard with my fingers and feed you grapes! Enders Promoting his latest film This Means War recently, Tom Hardy has been showing off rather a lot of facial hair. But as he attended The Prince’s Trust and


Robbie Williams Flips the Birds to Weight Gain Rumors by Posting Picture of His Washboard Stomach

I have to say, I do not know one song that Robbie Williams sings. He’s a singer right? I only know him from the tabloids. So, all I can say based on the photo below, looking good Robbie. I see 4 birds.   Robbie Williams isn’t about to take speculation that he is piling on

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Hair Ball of the Day: “Picture An Arab Man” By Tamara Abdul Hadi (Video)

Picture An Arab Man By Tamara Abdul Hadi ‘Started in 2009, this portrait series is part of a large body of work capturing semi-nude Arab men of diverse backgrounds.”   Untitled from on Vimeo.


Rescue Pets and the Gays: A Natural Match

Well, I can only read this from a cat ladies point of view, my own. Enders Nine years ago, on my 40th birthday, I rescued a homeless dog named Tiny Tim, who ended up rescuing me right back. Tiny Tim was a voracious and scrappy German Shepherd/Labrador/Pit Bull mix who was struck by a car