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Men Did Invent the Internet (and That’s a Huge Problem)

Hmmmm, fascinating. Boing Boing’s Xeni Jardin recently unleashed some righteous fury on the “steaming turd of an opening line in David Streitfeld’s otherwise serviceable New York Timespiece about […] gender discrimination in Silicon Valley.” The offending line: “Men invented the Internet.” The thing is—and hold the rotten fruit, I’m going somewhere with this—that’s actually pretty accurate. The putative counterexamples Jardin

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Odd But Cute Toast Art: Photos

“These cute little toast pieces of art by an unknown Japanese artist (or artists) are almost too adorable to eat.” This has Japanese written all over it! Source: Source: Source: Source: Source: Source: Source: Source: Source:  / via: BUZZFEED

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In Love With…The Damiana Garcia Files Ep. 25 – “Gay Pride Parade” Video

Damiana Garcia, oh how we love every breath you take! “Damiana Garcia and her gal pal Barbara Cathy emcee the “Steppin’ Out” Gay Pride parade, and bear witness to all of the delights on display. From motorcycle-riding butch ladies to leather queens and nimble-footed dancing cowboys, Dam and Barb take in the sights while offering

Gary Winograd, Easter Sunday, Central Park, New York, 1971  Photo: The Estate of Garry Winograd

‘Naked Before The Camera’ Explores Nude Photography At The Metropolitan Museum Of Art (PHOTOS, NSFW)

A new exhibition at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, titled, “Naked Before the Camera” explores the erotic relationship between the camera and the body. The tryst spans from 1850 to modern day in Europe and the United States, with appearances by photography all-stars including Félix Nadar (aka Gaspard-Félix Tournachon), Eadweard Muybridge, Man Ray, Irving Penn and Robert Mapplethorpe. The exhibition, comprised of

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PAPA – Tel Aviv Pride Opening Event Salty Video 7.6

Well put together event video for Tel Aviv Pride opener Papa. Another use for Eliad Cohen, Dori Kabel and Nadav Shachmon Starring in video would be to use them as a salt lick! ★★★ PAPA: The Opening Event of TLV Pride 2012 ★★★ Thursday, 7/6/2012 Comfort 13 Club (13 Comfort Street, Tel Aviv) Purchase Tickets at:

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Warriors of Radness GLSA Swim Trunks & Cottaging Video!

It’s summertime and not only is it time to enjoy the beach, but when the weather warms up so does the cruising scene at popular California surf spots. A pumping summer swell at Malibu Surfrider Beach makes some surfers eager to continue that pump on land. And there’s quite a bit different pecking order out

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Chloe Sevigny Goes Transgender “Hit & Miss” This July: Video

Watch Chloë Sevigny as a killer with a unique secret in “Hit & Miss” this July only on DIRECTV. There are secrets and then there are secrets! Premieres July 11th after an all-new “Damages.” Wednesdays at 10pm on AUDIENCE Network — Ch 239. This is the same film that landed Chloe in hot water when

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Men Wrestling in Denim: “Basic Instinct” Photographed by Cedric Buchet

  Jail yard homoerotic wrestling in expensive denim. The Spring/Summer 2012 ‘Obsession’ issue of Vogue Hommes International features the aggressive denim story ‘Basic Instinct’, photographed by Cedric Buchet and styled byDarcy Backlar. The featured models include Tucker Des Lauriers and Matt Raimo. Via                    

The Orvillecopter by Dutch artist Jansen flies in central Amsterdam as part as the KunstRAI art festival

Artist Turns His Dead Cat Into Flying Helicopter After it is Killed By Car: Video

Many animal lovers find it hard to part with their pets when they die. So when cat Orville, named after the famous aviator Orville Wright, was run over by a car, his artist owner decided to turn him into a permanent piece of artwork as the ultimate tribute by transforming him into a flying helicopter.

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Australian Celebrities Launch a High-Profile Campaign for Equal Marriage “I Do”: Video

As the Out4Marriage campaign gathers momentum in the UK, celebrities in Australia have lent their voices to a high-profile equal marriage campaign, launched today. The campaign, called ‘I do,’ is the brainchild of Marie Claire magazine, in association with the Seven Network, and the GetUp! pro-equality advocacy group. MORE In the UK, those who support the Out4Marriage campaign include

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Why Homophobic Doctors Are Dangerous by The Healthy Bear Dr George: Video

The Healthy Bear reports: I was only two weeks ago I reported of the homophobic band of doctors “Doctors For The Family” in my report “Doctors In The Dark” with their submission that included Victoria’s Deputy Chief Of Psychiatry Dr Kuruvilla George against changes to allow equity to gay and lesbian people. Sadly I know that homophobia

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Joe Manganiello as Fake Shirtless Fake Stripper Was The Absolute Best Part Of The MTV Movie Awards: Photos/ Video

In the spectacle known as the MTV Music Awards, 2012 did not disappoint. Joe Manganiello is about to appear on the silver screen as a cheeky male stripper in Magic Mike. He brought the movie to life when he appeared on stage as a naughty fireman at  MTV Movie Awards 2012. The True Blood star sauntered on

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Teamm8 Australian Men’s Underwear, Swimwear and Sportswear Gives Us Frisky One Minute Video

teamm8 Australian Men’s Underwear, Swimwear and Sportswear – FOR EVERYDAY CHAMPIONS. Get In The League! Is that internet 8? I couldn’t help myself. Sexy guy strutting his white boys moves in this cute  teamm8 video. Words of advice: Anyone over the age of 14 years old should NEVER wear their baseball cap like this fox in


The Science of ‘Gaydar’

What’s the difference between “GAYDAR”  and intuition? “GAYDAR” colloquially refers to the ability to accurately glean others’ sexual orientation from mere observation. But does gaydar really exist? If so, how does it work? Our research, published recently in the peer-reviewed journal PLoS ONE, shows that gaydar is indeed real and that its accuracy is driven by sensitivity


Nike Hosts First Ever LGBT Sports Summit, June 14-16

Homophobia and transphobia are persistent problems in sport that have silenced gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender athletes and coaches for much of the last century. Thanks to pioneers like former NFL player Dave Kopay, tennis great Martina Navratilova, and transgender professional tennis player Renee Richards, the climate for LGBT athletes and coaches began to shift

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North Carolina Activist Plans 80-mile Walk to Protest Amendment One: Video

On June 9, 2012 Randy Gillis will strike out on foot from his home in Sophia NC and walk to Raleigh to the State House to deliver a handwritten letter to Senator Peter S. Brunstetter. Randy hopes to talk to as many people as possible along his walk, to listen to their stories, and serve

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Guys Going Down on Corn: GuySpy New All-Male Location-Based Mobile Social Networking App: Videos

  “Looking to meet hot guys? GuySpy is the most sophisticated, all-male, location-based mobile social networking app for iPhone, Android, web and mobile web. Users who download the free mobile gay dating app are able to find, meet and chat with men seeking men, faster, easier and with more features than any other gay dating

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Jake Shears Tweets Pic of Butt and What a Mighty Juicy One It Is

Jakes Shears writes on his twitter account attached with a lovely bum pic with peach fuzz on his thighs (Bites bottom lip!),” Magic Hour is 11 US itunes. Let’s get it top 10. And we can tell the world to kiss our…” Thanks Jake, call me! source: Jake’s Twitter Account 


Mucho Full Frontal Going on Here: Spartacus – A Starz Original Series (NSFW Video)

With programs being watched on all sorts of devices these days, cable, internet and beyond, it is hard to keep track of what standards apply to which in regards to swearing and nudity. I recently viewed the last season of RuPaul’s Drag Race from itunes and was amazed and pleased at how much more cussing

5 Presents Made In Brazil Magazine #5: Sexy Sample Photos

After six months in the making, it is finally here. Head over to for an exclusive preview of Made In Brazil #5! Starting June 1, you can already pre-order a copy of the issue through the magazine link on the blog. Please use the Buy Now button for orders from Brazil and the Paypal button for all international orders.

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Porn Star Chris Porter Known As Stose in the Rap Music World, Check It Out

ABOUT THIS PROJECT Twitter: @StoseOPM Facebook: StoseOPM Stose is hitting the scene hard. Be a part of the movement.  KICKSTART I just finished recording my first official single and during that time I realized how much it was going to cost me to finish the album, not to mention if I wanted to shoot a music video


The Ska Parade Photo Essay: Watch Video

Was just listening to the Specials this morning… Matthew Murray’s Ska portrait series looks at a group of people who are so fully immersed in a subculture that music and fashion colour every second of their day. Taking inspiration from his surroundings, Murray talks to Dazed about his experience and inspiration for ‘photographing themes, situations


An Exclusive Break Down of Casely-Hayford’s A/W12 Lookbook

Joe and Charlie Casely-Hayford give a break down of their winter collection, ‘Cultures in Between.’ Having recently discussed the history and future of east London on Dazed Digital, the father-and-son duo return with an exclusive preview of their A/W12 collection. Entitled ‘Cultures in Between’, it continuesCasely-Hayford’s foray into classic British menswear with a twist. Combining Joe’s extensive experience


National Donut Day of the Day

FYI: Today only, Dunkin’ Donuts is offering a free donut of your choice with the purchase of any drink. Ever wondered who to thank for bringing the delicious doughnut to America? National Donut Day is on the first Friday of June each year, succeeding the Donut Day event created by the Salvation Army in 1938 to honor the


Madly in Love with PINK! Tweets Photo from Hospital Bed, IV Hooked Up in All

There is nothing news worthy going on here or sexy hairy men, or beards. We just are madly in love with PINK!  Pink tweeted along with an Instagram photo from hospital bed where she was hospitalized for stomach flu. “Maybe it’s cause my mom was an ER nurse all my life- but throw me in a gown


Illinois School Board Bans Family Diversity Book

Will someone get these inbreds a time travel machine and bring them to 2012 with the rest of us!  The Erie, Illinois School Board has banned Todd Parr’s “The Family Book” from being used in its elementary school after parents complained that on one page, it mentions that “some families have two moms or two dads.” They argued that

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Gay Military Marriage Proposal in AD Encouraging LGBT Community to Live Smoke Free: Video

“CRUSH is a group of lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) people that want to help our community members live longer and healthier by encouraging them to live smokefree. On average, non-smokers live 10 years longer than smokers. While only 20% of American adults smoke tobacco, over 40% of LGBT adults smoke. Smoking leads to

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Top Reasons Homophobes Are Full of Shit: FCKH8 New Video

Plain and simple message. Just the way we like it! FCKH8 FACEBOOK PAGE

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Funny or Die: Tom Brady’s Wicked Accent Video

Tom, we love the way you look and play ball, but unfortunately, you’re not so funny. But the funny thing that comes along free with good looks, is privilege. Since you are so hot, it doesn’t make a difference that your not funny so we decided to post video anyway. Hey Tom Brady, you’re hot.

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Accidental Bear Celebrity of the Day Michael Fassbender at ‘Prometheus’ Premiere: Face Covered in Red Fur

Michael Fassbender keeps popping up naked this year, so what could make him possible more delicious? Yep, growing out his beard would do just fine like he did in photos below for the ‘Prometheus’ Premiere. “The story, which involves a space mission investigating the origins of human life going predictably awry, has met with mixed reviews, but

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Sate of Style: London Punks Permeate into Society on All Sort of Levels: Video

This is what you would call a very polished version of a conversation about punk. Nothing raw or gritty here that I think of when punk pops up in my mind. Is this what modern punk is? “Is it possible to describe what London punk is? Listen to Ken Downing, Fashion Director Neiman Marcus; Portia Freeman,

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KOORTWAH is Headed Back to Studio with Matt Thornley (LCD Soundsystem) to Make Some Music Magic

KICKSTARTER KOORTWAH who recently did an amazingly fun and sexy bath tub interview with us has got his hand wrapped around his next project and it’s going to be huge (ok, that all sounded dirty!). KOORTWAH is excited to be going back into the studio this summer to record a five-song EP called Second Wind with Matt Thornley (LCD

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LISTEN UP: Dubplate Dionysus’s ‘Upcoming Legendary’ an Inspiration From Balls and Voguing

The force behind Dubplate Dionysus are Frederick Royster [music] & Matt Keppel [voice] Dubplate Dionysus was an idea formed in 2012 by friends Fred Royster, a graphic designer by day, remixer/producer by night and Matt Keppel, lyricist/vocalist of electronic pop act Microfilm.  ‘Upcoming Legendary’ is the first in a series of singles coming out throughout the next year. A debut album, due in 2013,

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Q & A With Lovely Ginger Logan Lynn Back From Two Year Hiatus: New Single “Turn Me Out” Out June 5th!

After taking a two year hiatus from the music industry (2 years well worth waiting for!), Portland Indie Pop musician (and longtime MTV/Logo darling) Logan Lynn has returned with a filthy, pounding, epic dance anthem in “Turn Me Out” – just in time for summer!  This track is the first single off Lynn’s long-awaited follow

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Watch: Gay Bear Puppets Roger & Bryce’s Newest Episode- “Drag’ed Away”

Tricks and stones will break your bones…… but what the fuck is happening to Bryce while Roger is enjoying his three-way? “Bryce is having nightmares and Roger’s ‘hooked up’! With more action, more drama and more bare chests than ever before this episode will take you far far away… to Albury-Wadonga!”

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HBO’s “Hung” Star Thomas Jane Has a Huge Pecker: Is it Real or Fake? Photo NSFW

The only way to know for sure if this thing is real or not is a taste test ( I heard). Showtime’s Hung star Thomas Jane, unpublished for V-Man’s “Risk” issue. A khaki suit was sent for the shoot, but having no interest in doing a straight fashion image, an homage to Robert Mapplethorpe’s Man in


Gay Rugby Player Gareth Thomas Cover Star of Attitude’s Annual ‘Naked Issue’: Now Available!

Title has many lovely components: gay, rugby, naked and Gareth Thomas. Sales will most likely be record breaking. Attitude’s ‘naked’ June issue is on sale now. Gay former professional rugby star Gareth Thomas will appear on the cover of June’s Attitude magazine, its annual ‘naked issue’, which is to focus on sexual health. Attitude magazine is helping

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Tel-Aviv: Middle Eastern Night ★ARISA – SPECIAL YEMENITE PARTY 31.5 ★ Video

There is something raging going on in this golden shower of a dream beverage these men gulp down. Based in Tel-Aviv, Arisa is the world’s first and finest gay Middle-Eastern party! Do middle eastern men make your loins ache as well?


Hair Balls of the Day: We’re Popeye the Quaker Men!

Source: beardedpassion

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Chicago IRL (In Real Life): An Arts and Literary Digest Cataloging Contemporary Queer Creative Culture in Chicago: Video

Chicago IRL #4: ABOUT THIS PROJECT Chicago IRL (In Real Life) is an arts and literary digest cataloging contemporary queer creative culture in Chicago. We document not only existing queer talent but also create new collaborations and explorations.Chicago IRL launched in June 2011 and is a co-production of graphic designer Topher McCulloch, a South Dakota native who blew into