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The Ambiguously Gay Duo, “The Dark Clenched Hole of Evil” Unanimated 5/14 SNL

“Nobody’s bi, that’s just a gay guy that occasionally bangs a lady.” Jon Hamm and Jimmy Fallon embrace the crime fighting “Ambiguously Gay Duo” when Rob Smigel’s hilariously Saturday Night Live cartoon characters morphed into a live action sketch last night. The Ambiguously Gay Duo return to SNL with Steve Carell, Stephen Colbert, Ed

Porn Makeover #22 Cock a doodle doo

Cock a doodle do! What is my dame to do? Till master’s found his fiddlingstick, She’ll dance without her shoe. Cock a doodle do! My dame has found her shoe, And master’s found his fiddlingstick, Sing cock a doodle do! Cock a doodle do! My dame will dance with you, While master fiddles his fiddlingstick,

Hair Ball of the Day: Padmasana

via Marco Migliavacca YOGA TEACHER Pics by Manuel Marcuccio

So True Sign of Day

PSA 5/15/2011 : Keep Things Simple

Free Your Mind Sunday and Your Ass Will follow: You’re Not the Boss of Me

Now that’s what I call Woof!

Tickle your Fancy at the World Beard and Mustache Championships

Just imagine the upkeep and maintenance on these beards. I want to give them a two-snaps-in-circle, via In living Color days for the commitment. How many pretzels or peanut M&M’s have they lost in these beards, only for them to drop out at the most awkward of times.The back stage area must be busier that

Celebrity Hair Ball of the Day Jake Gyllenhaal


London Tattoos: ALEX MACNAUGHTON Wants You for Book


Burberry Acoustic – ‘Alleyway’ by Life in Film

Jesus Christ! I had to do everything possible not to pick up a cow bell or a triangle and start jamming along with these guys. SILENCE (claps hands once)! Listen up, put down the Twinkies, this is some good shit. Life in Film, filmed exclusively for Burberry Acoustic. Discover more at

TONIGHT! Red Meat – A Party for Gay Redheads and the Men Who Love Them

A place where vegetarians and vegans can eat all the red meat they want!

Defendant Dick Tea Bags Man and Now going to Pay For It

I do believe Andy Dick is bi-sexual, in other words will take what he can get, more or less. You will just about fall off the bar stool laughing while reading the article when Andy keeps being referred to as Defendant Dick. That would be an awesome porn name. Is it already taken? Andy is

Pip-squeak Lumber Jack & Wrestling Video (Gratuitous Beard)

Tipped off by

SF Teachers & Students Rally Against a “state of emergency”

Students, teachers, parents, unions and supporters gathered at City Hall in San Francisco this evening to make it clear that any more budget cuts toward education are not OK. At the forefront of their demands, demonstrators hope that state lawmakers will consider extending a sales tax increase, vehicle licensing fees, and other revenue generators set

Hateful ‘gay free zone’ stickers Gets Man Arrested

I love unicorn, rainbow, cotton candy, water melon and kitten stickers but not anti-gay stickers. It seem like a lot of work just to post your hate publicly. Cases like this usually end up with the perpetrator going off his crazy meds or something mental health related. Now, will some get this boy some scratch

Hair Ball of the Day

DANIEL from MKNG FRNDZ (by Amos Mac)

Men’s Fashion: Yes, No or Almost

NO, not quite Martin Margiela Line 10 Slit Neck T-Shirts Almost Second Look | Lou Dalton talks influences, Gypsies and the time Present’s Steve Davies walked for her catwalk NO Patrik Ervell Pocket Sweater YES. It’s all about the attitude Band of Outsiders LeRoy Grannis Polo Shirt

LBGT Seniors Take Over Police Station as Home

Maybe this may clear the karma of some of those wrong doings or discrimination that have occurred in the building. It is also possible that this new LGBT home for Seniors may help some of these old gay buggers fantasize about cops in uniform and prisoner role playing which will increase their sex drive. Hey,

OMG, his AMAZING butt: Jake Shears

VIA OMGBLOG.COM OMG, his AMAZING butt: Jake Shears.


Bid for Warhol Self-Portrait Took 4EVER; $38.45 million

Somethings are worth fighting for.   “Longest” Bid for Warhol Self-Portrait By Editors A Christie’s auction of post-war and contemporary art ended with a bang Wednesday night when a self portrait of pop-art icon Andy Warhol sold for $38.45 million after a 16-minute bidding war. Following the sale of the piece, the auctioneer exclaimed

Screen shot 2012-03-14 at 8.40.22 AM

Artist/Model Benjamin Dukhan Blows My Mind: Dark, Mysterious & Gorgeous. Our Chat was Scrumptious!

The first time I laid eyes on Benjamin Dukhan was a photo taking when he walked the runway for Jean Paul Gaultier. His glorious beard was not the usual for such a place. At that moment I was under some sort of spell. I needed to know more about this character. To my pleasure what

Vanishing Elephant Autumn/Winter 2011

Tattooed model red-alert! Selectism say’s “Before we saw this collection, we pegged Vanishing Elephant as a casually classic authentically made honestly sewn label. But, clearly, we’ve been wrong. This time, they’ve showcased a dip into the pattern pool with a paisley blazer and some floral numbers. Elsewhere there’s all the well done stuff we’ve known

Bernhard to Headline SF Pride -Hooray!

Yes!  I was hoping that, with the reoccurring favorite phrase of the past year, “budget cuts,” that our SF  pride committee wasn’t going to have to scrape the bottom of the pond to come up acts for this year. They went fishing and came up with our favorite lesbian actress, singer, and comedienne Sandra Bernhard. 

SF is Preparing for its Next King or Queen (Mayor)

Running for the mayoral seat in San Francisco is one spicy meatball! We are no ordinary city and have extraordinary population to please. The rest of the world watches SF under a microscope to see what boundaries we are pushing and history we are re-writing. Good luck to you all in the race. On your

Ride Your Bike to Work Hair Balls of the Day


Levi Johnston, A Deer in the Headlights Spews Venom

I only have one thing to say. Levi those are some great D**k sucking lips. Levi Johnston releases the cover for his upcoming memoir Deer in the Headlights: My Life in Sarah Palin’s Crosshairs. Let’s hope it’s as dumb, vengeful and cute as he is.

Chaz Had Letterman Squirming (watch interview)

In general gender reassignment surgery can be a graphic and brutally honest conversation some may not be ready to hear. That’s why it was fantastic for Chaz lay it all out for David Letterman without trying to sugar coat his words or terminology to make it “easier” for the audience to hear. I think Chaz


SOLD OUT Clothing is comprised of David Kahauolopua & Keith Webb, and is part of David and Keith Company, LLC. We are creating limited editions of screen printed t-shirts and leather accessories that we make. We have launched SOLD OUT Clothing with customized shirts incorporating the artwork of Tom of Finland. We have licensed the

Sex Chart Revealed; The word Top Appears More Frequently than Bottom in Sex Ads

I love graphs! Who really has time to count the number of sex ads posted, bj’s given or which cities gay sex ads most commonly use the words “top” or “top”? The answer is Zamin Dharsi, who claims that ” he is a hybrid strategic thinker and visual designer who places a strong emphasis on

Florida Finally Got Around to Banning Bestiality & Sex Altogether

Words and wording does matter. For instance when participating in some good old fashion S&M you are giving a “safe word” to call out when enough is enough. For example when your titties are being twisted too hard, you yell out, “PEACH BLOSSOM” and then your mate will/should stop. Florida has finally made it official,

Hair Ball of the Day; Furtastic

For more of this beautiful creature with less clothes CLICK Gavins forests, San Francisco.

George Michael Wants His Next Album to be SUPER GAY

George Michael Wants To Work With A “Gay Collective” On His Next Album via Today George Michael announced his first tour since he “retired’ in 2008, the Symphonica tour, which will see the pop star backed by European chamber orchestras. The tour will begin at the State Opera House in Prague on August 22,

Manly Moment; How to Chop Wood Without Messing Around (video)

Uh- huh- huh, wood!

Good People Show up in the Darndest of Places; Adele on Dancing with “Stars”

I run to the dance floor whenever Adele – ‘Rolling In The Deep‘ comes on. Well, maybe not the dance floor, but the kitchen floor actually. Adele showed up on Dancing with the Stars last night. Related articles Goddess Adele Blesses Dancing With The Stars With Her Greatness (

Furlesque’s Debut Performance; Move Over Show Girls

Show girls move over, Furlesque, the men from down under are  here to take over. This was Furlesque’s debut performance and they put on moves that might make the delicate blush. I have my eye on these hair balls and will document their every move. You’ve been warned. You have my word on that! The

College Conservatives Need a Stick up Their Ass to Relax

My first though is, “Pull that stick out of their Ass!” , but then my second thought wins, “If they had a good stick up their ass every now and again they would probably be a lot more relaxed and not so concerned about the morals of everyone else in the world!”~ AB College Conservatives

Levi’s Sculpture by Ian Mcchesney

With my love for Levis and my separate closet just for blue jeans, who would have thunk to build a sculpture? Jeans usually last about 3 weeks of wearing before getting washed (shush!) and basically stand up on their own in a sculpture like formation. British architect Ian Mcchesney takes us to a whole new level

Mozart Guerra Uses Nylon Rope to Create His Intricate Work

Selectism turns us onto the work of Brazilian sculptor Mozart Guerra, who uses nylon rope to create his intricate work.I want to ask Mozart are you for realz? The concepts and the use of materials blow my little pea brain.

Mark McNairy for Bass Weejuns for Spring/Summer 2011

I have flirted with these shoes for the last year on men on the metro here in SF. I have flashbacks of junior high because every school year we would get a new pair of Dock Siders to ONLY to be worn to school and “dress up” days; Picture day for example. I again find

Hair Ball of the Day