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Michael Stipe claimes to be 80% Gay (+ 20%)

Dude 80% gay translates to 100% gay. Stick to singing and stay away from math! ______________________________________________________ Michael Stipe: ‘I’m 80 per cent gay’ REM singer Michael Stipe says he’s 80 per cent gay but “hates” the term bisexual. Speaking to the Observer, the 51-year-old singer said: “On a sliding scale of sexuality I’d place myself around

George Michael Owns being a HOT MESS

Ok, I have been around the block a few times a know that it takes more than a joint to  black out while you’re driving and end up slumped over steering wheel crashed into a store front. Either that was some wack shit George smoked or he was on something much stronger and “they” are

Cyndi Lauper Cheers Up the Stranded at Airport

Wouldn’t it be amazing if anytime you were stuck in a sticky situation like long lines at Safeway or the post office or perhaps stuck in traffic that a super star musical icon would show up. I imagine sitting there at DMV with number 98 in my hand and they are still calling out the

The first performance artist in Space-Make history

Awesome, Amazing out of the box Art ——————————————— Project by Inbred Hybrid Collective   ABOUT THIS PROJECT: Combining the best soundbites from Science Fiction with choreography dictated by the specific experiences of a civilian space voyage, Inbred Hybrid Collective will boldly go where no artist has gone before. Using a lifetime of experiences

Gratuitous Cute Stuff of the Day

photo source : By Brittany Reagan Stationary Travelers  

MRSA, Feces and Skin-borne bacteria on Bart (You)

Ok this is almost as gross as when I found out how much vaginal secretions are on movie theater seat ( No joke. Reports say it was from girls in shorts skirts without underwear). Next Bart ride I will pull a garbage out of my back pack and sit on it. Better yet, don’t sit

Guardian Angels Increase Patrols On SF’s Mission Streets « CBS San Francisco

Guardian Angels Increase Patrols On SF’s Mission Streets « CBS San Francisco.

BREAKING NEWS! Michael Jackson and Muammar Gaddafi Are the Same Person!

Just a theory. Michael Jackson is not dead! He and Muammar Gaddafi are the same person. Michael needed to fake his death to focus  on his INSANE  political career. Insane musician, insane politician. Makes sense ( Allegedly)

Hair Ball of the Day

News to me! Donald Trump Hates Gay People

No and if buts about it. You are either with us or against us. We are not discussing a so-so film we are talking about peoples lives. So, Donald and your fickin’ hilarious comb-over can SUCK IT. When someone FAILS so badly at his own personal relationships, they should be given a muzzle and by


I saw this bouncing around blogs and websites yesterday. Crawling into bed spooned up ( or spork if you like) next to my better half and decided to end my wild friday night at home with this 2 minute clip of what appears to be Santa Clauses brothers sitting on a bench. The story has

Spicy Hot Queer Band Alert – Tayisha Busay

I heart creativity! ____________________________________________________ “WTF you doin in my mouth” – TAYISHA BUSAY 411: Hailing from the glamorous gutters of Brooklyn, NY, Tayisha Busay is the best electro-dance band you can possibly experience. They are known for self-producing unique songs and performances composed of synthesizers, drum beats and synchronized choreography for the indie-rocker and club-goer

From the Inter-web; Better With A Beard

A new Tumblr  

Teddy Boy Autumn/Winter 2011 Looks

  New interpretation on the styles of past with a modern feel. via Selectism Showcased at PROJECT 10 in Las Vegas, the Teddy Boy collection for Autumn 2011 is a new twist on the classics. “The collection is top-heavy focusing on basics with a twist. Button-ups are all cotton with the top button moved from the

Drunk Priest Offer a BJ to Cops to be let Free (watch video)

Can’t hurt to ask, right? Drunk Priest Offers Oral Sex to Cops By Editors An Ohio priest who was arrested for driving under the influence pleaded not guilty in court Friday to DUI charges after he was caught on tape offering the arresting offers oral sex if they’d let him go. It’s the third OVI (operating

The Vampire Diaries Sleep Over May Get Petty Officer Booted

I guess this is the new six pack. It’s been joked that the difference between a gay guy and a straight is merely a six pack of beer. I think we have new “game” men to get straight men to jump sides, a DVD set The Vampire Diaries. ___________________________________________________ Navy to Boot Sailor for Vampire Diaries Sleepover?

"Greatest varsity blazer in the history of varsity blazers"

Dammit! In the early 90s I worked at a vintage boutique in New York and we had stocked hundreds a vintage letterman jackets. What I would do to transport back in time and grab an armful to wear today. They are HOT HOT HOT. I love the idea of wearing your boyfriends lettermen jacket as

“Paintings From the 80s” Guess the 80s Weren't that Hideous Afterll

The 80s have always gotten such a bad rap as a throw away decade. Why is everything “cool” these days dripping with 80’s slime? ______________________________________________________ via Preview | Marilyn Minter “Paintings From the 80s” Curated turns us onto this exhibition preview: “Opening on March 31, Paintings from the 80s shares key works by Marilyn Minter

Mow Down these Hate Mongers; Hate at Home in the OC

Just a thought. This is not an endorsement for violence in the least bit, BUT… why don’t we have any crazy “good people” on our side that go blazing through one of these events mowing all these hate mongrels down? I guess thats what makes them good people, the conscience of knowing better. This video

Gangs Run the Mission Streets; Hipsters Beware the Colors you Wear

Can a innocent honky (white male ), un-gang related be gang banged (ming out of the gutter) for wearing red sneakers in the Mission district ,SF? This was an actual thought I had while walking down Mission and 24th the other day. Caught in cross fire? Details coming out after some recent murders are the

SF Play by Play via B.A.R.

I have to say that I have had a break through, change of heart if you will after viewing the film We Were Here. I feel as if a majority of the gay men in the “scene” or part of our gay community in San Francisco act in ways or have attitudes ( bad attitude)

Cutting through all the crap in the media…

Cutting through all the crap in the media like butter.

O'Reilly Cheerleads Against the Westboro Baptist Church

For once O’Reilly and I are on the same side. How do you say,  “SHUT THE F**K UP BITCH nicely? ” O’Reilly does his best. But I wish he had ended with a bitch slap! IGNORANCE IS AT AN ALL TIME HIGH ___________________________________________________ O’Reilly Slams Westboro Baptist Church By Editors Bill O’Reilly and Fox News

Bruce Cohen Pulled out the "gay kiss"

This seems a little fishy to me. A shot of his wife clapping and tearing up is more exciting than watching Josh Brolin and Javier Bardem dancing and their kissing? I don’t think so. Cohen may be in charge but Im sure there is a team up big wigs making every decision on who turns

Yes I Can't; Tell Kids the truth.

Telling a child that he/she can do anything they set they’re mind to is a flat out lie and setting children up for life long frustration and sense of not living up to your expectations or their abilities. Have we forgotten about genetics? This is a simple factor that plays into what you can and

Radiohead and PJ Harvey – a study in awkwardness

PJ, a special thanks to you for putting out a new album to get me through the year. There’s nothing like long train rides in the rain with PJ in your ear to help your  thoughts and self reflection leap forward and out. GREAT READ ————————————————————————— via   PJ Harvey in Athens. Photograph: ‘Adamantios’ (via

Art Watch: Hine [hee-neh] Mizushima

Japanese Illustrator, Crafter, Puppet stop-motion animation video artist who lives in Vancouver, Canada. *********************************************************** [ NEWS ] EXHIBITION! Opening March 3rd: A four-ring Needle Felting Extravaganza! 4 artists, 4 themes, 1 show! at gallery hanahou in NYC! 611 Broadway, Suite 730, NYC 7th Floor of the Cable Building ************************************************************ Watch my newest music video

Cruising or Ordering a Burger, You need to be Specific

Personal preference and offensive. Or is this just our insecurities about wanting everyone to like you. I’ve have had interest in men before and they have expressed that they ONLY LIKE ( attracted to) Asians , but I did’nt cry or scream racism. Also back in my dating days I would read profiles stating that they ”

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Barney Frank, You're Cute and I Trust you. Are we in a Relationship?

I can only take politics in small doses or by Twitter feeds. I am obsessed with Barney Frank and the messages that come out of his mouth breaking through his adorable lisp ( yes, I said adorable. Welcome to Daddy Hunt) In Barney , I believe! __________________________ Frank sees gay equality “in my lifetime” via


After viewing the film We Were Here at the Castro Theater in the San Francisco last evening I have more love for my queer community than ever. It made me want to march out the theater, protest down market street, volunteer every spare minute I have and give long heart felt hugs to everyone in

News to Me; Half of Men Have HPV

Another concern on the check list or least be aware of. ———————————————————– Half of Men Have HPV By Editors Half of all men may be infected with human papillomavirus, or HPV, researchers in Tampa, Fla., said Monday. Because HPV causes anal, penile, and head and neck cancers in men, in addition to cervical cancer

Is Charlie Rambling Fool or Genius? Take Poll

Charlie you so crazy! ____________________________________________________ Contributed by Monkeypuzzle via Charlie Sheen v Muammar Gaddafi: whose line is it anyway? The US actor and the Libyan leader have produced some choice lines recently. Can you distinguish between them?   Muammar Gaddafi and Charlie Sheen – ravers in arms? Photographs: Getty 1.I have defeated this earthworm


I am shaking in my boots over here with anticipation. I am in love with this full figured power house. You rock me on my gym head phones, Beth you rock me on my walk to work, my train to school. You Beth Ditto are the wind beneath my wings. And im heading toward 200lbs

An Athlete’s Story of Coming Out; Be an athlete or athletic supporter ( wink)

Via The following is from Brian Sims.  Sims is the President of Equality Pennsylvania and a former college athelete.  He was the first openly gay captain of an NCAA football team.  He played at Bloomsburg University in Pennsylvania. Just over 10 years ago, I had the honor of coming out to my college football

American Idols Bearded Talent

Is it a surprise to you that my 2 favorite male performers of the night on American Idol tonight sported beards. All beards aside Paul McDonald rocked my world the way he slid around stage and belted in a whisper his song. Casey Abrams has a street performer vibe and looking forward to what he’ll be


Light up a Room with Style

I am neurotic about lighting. I enter every room with a suggestion of dimming, switching or flat out turning off of lights. I think I have found my lighting utopia. Design and light quality made to perfection. via Lighting from Monocomplex Monocomplex, a design firm located in Seoul, Korea, has unveiled two new lighting fixtures.

Review | MEN (via the girls are)

    Talk About Body, MEN, IAMSound, 14 Feb.   It's been less than a week since its release, but MEN's Talk About Body has already got tongues wagging, as would any album that combines discussion of gender, sexual politics and activism with electro-funk beats. But perhaps it's a little tokenistic – even patronising – to praise an

Hair Ball of the Day Dave Salmoni

source Related Articles Chelsea Handler Walks on the Wild Side With Her New Man, Animal Planet’s Dave Salmoni (