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Beard Porn: Artisanal Beard Oil Promotional Video for Brooklyn Grooming

Feast on this promotional video for Brooklyn Grooming, a company that makes artisanal beard oil. Meet Mckenzie Santiago and Alfredo Catedral, the duo behind Brooklyn Grooming — the borough’s premiere small-batch, hand-made, all-natural, organic, artisanal, very Brooklyn men’s (and women’s) grooming line. Check out product HERE STORYBOARD: Beardwatching in Brooklyn from Tumblr on Vimeo.


Gay Men and Body Image: It’s Time for a Revolution

by Jacob Tobia Last week Lady Gaga made history yet again by “coming out” as someone who has struggled with both bulimia and anorexia for the past 10 years. In doing so, she launched a movement through the Born This Way Foundation and called “Body Revolution 2013.” The premise of the campaign is simple: Gaga fans from across the Internet are

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The Four’s Second of a Four-Part Documentary About the Fate of Same-Sex Marriage in Minnesota: Video

The second of a four-part series made in each of the states that have marriage equality votes this November, this short shares the experiences of same-sex couples who want to get married in Minnesota. They have the same challenges, responsibilities, and aspirations as any other couple–but they are strangers in the eyes of the law.

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NSFW Theater Performance Videos Guaranteed Conversation Starter

Let’s classify this as: What has been seen cannot be unseen. Videos by Jake Dibeler, choreographer from philadelphia who lives and works in Brooklyn. We are loving you Jake because we cannot put a finger on or categorize what we are seeing in any box. L clip (You Da One) from jake dibeler on Vimeo.

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“Size Matters” Music Video by Norwegian Band Kollektivet

This has nothing to do with the penis but the long Norwegian alphabet. Nerds are hot. “Size Matters” by Norwegian band Kollektivet.

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Watch James Franco’s Gay Art Film “40 Minutes” Teaser Video of Some Fine Men

The video is based on the controversial 1980 film Cruising, in which Al Pacino plays a cop gone undercover in New York’s gay leather-bar scene.  His piece reimagines the 40 minutes of the film that were cut and never screened after a battle with the National Board of Review to secure an R rating. Read more: 40 Minutes, which

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Artist Lottie Consalvo Endure Water Torture For Art’s Sake: Video

The artist lay on a bed under a boat dripping black liquid on her forehead for seven hours. Performed at Damien Minton Gallery, Sydney as a part of Lottie Consalvo’s exhibition ‘The Life Exchange’ After her sell out exhibition in our Annex space last year, Melbourne born artist Lottie Consalvo presents her first major solo exhibition at Sydney’s Damien

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John Waters Reads a Sexy Passage From “Lady Chatterley’s Lover” for Banned Books Week Celebration: Video

John Waters was at San Francisco’s City Lights to participate in the bookstore’s Banned Books Week celebration. Waters read a steamy passage from D.H. Lawrence’s Lady Chatterley’s Lover, banned in several countries for its explicit depictions of sexual ecstasy. John Waters is an American filmmaker, actor, writer, stand-up comedian, journalist, visual artist, and art collector, who rose to fame


David Beckham Makes Fan’s Day With a Shirtless Hug: Photos

David Beckham made one female fan’s day when he kindly handed over his football shirt to her following his Los Angeles Galaxy game. And she was even more ecstatic when the topless sports man even lent in to give her a hug at the same time. We can only imagine what she could have whispered into


Camo Canoe Back Pack by Nigel Cabourn for Yuketen

Yuketen is always worth a look, especially being part of a continuing series of collaborations by Nigel Cabourn A Canoe Pack style rucksack, with a soft watercolour style camo,  bright hunting orange back, leather straps and duel branding.

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Snack: French Model Florian Bourdila

Photographer Jorge Morandeira French model Florian Bourdila of Ford Models Europe        

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This Nut Job is Back with Anti Obama Song “Take The ‘R’ Train” : Video

Be sure to check out this dudes videos here. They are so ridiculous that they are hilarious and good entertainment. Better than any Saturday Night skit could ever be made on Obama vs Romney. Thanks to nut jobs like this with outlandish antics that make it clear that Obama is who we want in office.

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Beardy Hunk Serenades Cat with Heavy Metal: Video

It appears this guy named “Shaun got drunk and made a video with his cat Bill Murray. “He doesn’t know we’re posting this,” says his friends. What a soft touch you have Shaun, the ladies must go wild. All that aside, I think I love you (call me).

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Naked Highway Cover Samantha Fox’s “Touch Me” : Video

I am addicted to cover songs, there I said it. Buy song here if it tickles your sweet spot: AND HERE:

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Searching for The Next American Gay = Gross! : Video

This group of men with eyebrows plucked like the fiercest of drag queens will be tested in these categories: hotness, strength, knowledge, leadership and more. But this will be good tv for sure. The Next American Gay Sizzle from Humanity Pride Productions on Vimeo.

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Jesse Tyler Ferguson Sings a Cute Jingle at the 2012 HRC Dinner: Video

Jesse Tyler Ferguson sings at the 2012 HRC Dinner. And cute award goes to …..drum roll …Jesse Tyler Ferguson!


Hair Ball of the Day: Graphic Butt Gif

Kind of gross, kind of amazing. Source: escapethedude

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Where The Bears Are – Episode 19 “Bears to the Rescue” : Video

The shit hits the fan and hair flies, or is it hair gets stuck in fan and shit flies? Nelson and Wood enlist the aid of Detective Chad Winters (Chad Sanders) when they set up an exchange in a remote parking lot hoping to get back Reggie (Rick Copp) who is being held hostage by

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“Men in The Sand” Directed by Jake Deckard: Coming Fall 2012: Watch Teaser Video

Men in The Sand directed by Jake Deckard. From Coming Fall 2012  

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Building a Global Visual Language by The Noun Project: Video

The Noun Project is building a global visual language. Learn more by visiting Building a Global Visual Language from The Noun Project on Vimeo.

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Talk About Characters! Check Out Nardwuar vs. Riff Raff Interview: Video

This is my first time hearing about either of these two characters and I won’t soon forget. Nardwuar interviews Riff Raff at Triange Park in Vancouver, BC,  Canada before his gig at Fortune Sound Club. Riff Raff is hardcore and what not, signing dogs and shit. WATCH, I can’t make this shit up. Highlighting Riff Raff’s


Sign the Petition: Boy Scout Denied Eagle Scout Badge When His Scoutmaster Learned He Was Gay

Totally no cool! Sign the petition supporting Ryan, who did all the work to earn his Eagle Scout badge, but was refused it when his Scoutmaster learned he was gay. Ryan needs your help. Sign petition HERE Ryan joined the Boy Scouts when he was just six years old, and since then, he’s dreamed of earning

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James Franco Naked: Actor Strips Down, Painted Gold On ‘Iconoclasts’

“Iconoclasts” (Season 6 premieres Tues., Oct. 9, 8 p.m. ET on Sundance Channel) pairs creative visionaries from every field and captures their takes on artistic influences and the creative process. HuffPost TV has an exclusive first look at the Season 6 premiere episode, featuring actor/musician/professor/author/filmmaker/HuffPost blogger James Franco and performance artist Marina Abramovic. In Franco’s latest


Andy Warhol’s ‘Torsos’ and ‘Sex Parts’ At The Grand Palais in Paris (NSFW Photos)

An upcoming exhibition in Paris entitled “Torsos” and “Sex Parts” shows the Andy Warhol blending the line between art and soft core pornography. While nude figures and homoerotic sexuality has been dominant in art since classical times, Warhol’s artsy crotch-shots evoke the Polaroid porn that was gaining popularity in the ’70s. According to The Warhol Museum, the artist was


Pigboy Tees: A T-Shirt Design Collective

About Pigboy Tees: Tees for geeks. And for you, too. Pigboy tees are a t-shirt design collective that combines the talents of Matthew Parsons  and Chris McVeigh. Curious now aren’t you? Check out their FACEBOOK PAGE


Film Noir Style Shoot with Chris Camplin by Lee Roberts

CleverPrime Retouching & Photography Lee Roberts – Professional retoucher and photographer located in central London. Lee recently shot one of our favorites model Chris Camplin for this visually amazing Film Noir Style Shoot. In case you missed our Bath Tub interview with Chris click HERE 

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Men in the Alps 2013 Calendar Video Shoot: Hallelujah!

MEN IN THE ALPS presents and celebrates the new Edition 2013.   Making of MEN IN THE ALPS 2013 – Shootings Part 1 With our project we support the associations DEBRA, Pro Positiv and Munich AIDS-Help desk, as well as the family Graus from Avens (Pfitsch-Valley) that lost their home by a mudslide during heavy

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“I Love Chicken and I Love Dick” Sings Former Fat Boys featuring Elijah Lucian – “Chick-fil-A Tonight!”

We know these fellas, Former Fat Boys, from their popular video  “Shake Yo Dicks” which is added below for your viewing pleasure. Today these wild and crazy fools dropped on the worlds head “Chick-fil-A Tonight! (The I Love Chikin Anthem)” which sticks a skewer right through Chick-fil-A’s nonsense. Member Ben tells me that the “video is poking a

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Mustache Wearing Redneck Tests Out Knives For the Zombie Apocalypse on Animal Carcass’: Video

First off, to my vegan friends, I’m sorry. Meat is Murder (Because that is what The Smiths told us)! This mustache wearing redneck tests out a list of blades: Gator Machete Pro, Bear Grylls Parang, Gator Machete Jr, Camp Axe, Prodigy Serrated, Drop Point Serrated Fixed Knife (with bottle opener), and the DMF Folder (All the blades are from Gerber) on meat and


Hair Balls of the Day: Terry Richardson Loving Lady Gaga Sucking Donatella Versace’s Thumb

This may be our first Hair Balls including lady folks, but this is too good to pass up. Photos from the naughty-naughty (spank)

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Seattle’s Burlesque and Boylesque Community Video on the Approval of Referendum 74 (Same-Sex Marriage )

The fanciest members of the vibrant burlesque and boylesque community in Seattle and Washington State, say a few words about the Approval of Referendum 74. Referendum 74 (R-74) is a Washington state referendum to approve or reject the February 2012 bill that would legalize same-sex marriage in the state. On June 12, 2012, state officials announced that enough signatures in favor

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Competition to Become the Next WVU Mountaineer Mascot: Mountains of Beard

  West Virginia University senior Jonathan Kimble had a chance to wear the Mountaineer Mascot buckskins this school year as the alternate to Brock Burwell. Now, Kimble, a sport management major from Franklin, will don those, a coonskin cap and carry around a rifle more often, as he has been named the University’s 62nd official Mountaineer Mascot for the 2012-13 school year.


Chloë Officiates the Wedding of Two Grooms – “Nuptials” Video

Our little Chloë Sevigny (Drew Droege) may have out down herself with reading the “Nuptials” for the wedding of David Hawe & John Paul Kane. I am crying from laughter, not the wedding. Congrats to you two fetching men and may Chloë guide you through life. Am I crazy if I often use the voice of Chloë in my


Handmade knitted Underwear For Your Junk

  SEXY SHORTS Soft and warm. Ideal for cold weather; Not itchy. Yarn: 100 % acrylic; Colours: multicolour Size: Waist: flexible from (85 cm / 33 inches) to (95 cm / 37 inches) Thighs: 50 cm / 20 inches Note: sizes can varie (shorts are flexible and have a string if you want to make

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Navy SEAL Attempts 24 Hours Of Pull-Ups To Raise Money For Fallen Soldiers’ Kids (VIDEO)

Wow, I’m tired just watching. In the late 1990s, Goggins used to weigh 297lbs. Now, reports the Today Show, he’s a US Navy SEAL turned ultra-marathon runner, with aspirations to break the world record for the most pull-ups ever in a day. He attempted to break the current pull-up record — 4,020 in one day — in late


Yarn Sculptures Caught in a Sex Act: Wet Dream Weavers

Now on display at the new Benetton pop-up store in NYC’s SoHo ’hood, Lana Sutra, an art installation of frisky yarn mannequins commissioned by Benetton, is causing quite a stir among concerned parents. But are any of these human-shaped sweater sets supposed to be gay? “I like to think that Lana Sutra talks about universal love which cancels diversity,” says Cuban-born artist


2013 Cub Camp Calendar and Um…. Beardy Cum Rag Called “Big Shooter”

Turn away grandma, this may not be your cup of tea but these products are dirty-cute and the models from the Cub Camp 2013 Calendar are delightful. Cub Camp 2013 Calendar PRE-SALES are open. This is limited edition so don’t delay on securing your copy. To buy and more info CLICK Cub Camp FACEBOOK PAGE

Men with gay pride message stencilled on their bare chests at the Christopher Street Day Parade in Berlin Germany 2011

‘Being Gay Is Not A Mental Disorder And Cannot Be Cured’ UK Psychotherapists Warn

Somebody remind me what year it it. The largest association of psychotherapists in the UK has sent a letter to all of its 30,000 members, telling them that being gay is not a mental disorder and cannot be “cured.” Pointing to a report by the World Health Organisation “Cures For An Illness Which Does Not

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Expedia ‘Find Your Understanding’ Video Highlights Travel Site’s Gay Marriage Support

Expedia is doubling down on its proclaimed support of same-sex marriage with a poignant wedding-themed video. Titled “Find Your Understanding,” the clip — which was produced as part of the online travel company’s ongoing “Find Yours” campaign — tells the story of Artie Goldstein, a retired business owner who admits to feeling apprehensive before attending his daughter

This is what Jeremy and Joshua said was painted on their front porch.

“Leave or Die Fags”: Gay Clarendon Couple Scared for their Lives After Hate Crime

Sounds like a good old fashion with hunt. reports: CLARENDON, TEXAS — Police in the small Panhandle town of Clarendon are investigating a hate crime. Joshua Harrison and Jeremy Jeffers said they woke up on Monday morning to their front porch painted with a gay slur along with a death threat. “It was a nice