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A Very Bear-y Christmas with Mike Enders, Ian Parks, Gerald McCullouch and the Modern Bears: The Candi & Randy Show

Join us and our ‘bear-y’ special guests for a fun, furry holiday episode of The Candi & Randy Show.: • Mike Enders from • Ian Parks from the web series Where The Bears Are • Travis & Chris from • Gerald McCullouch from the film BearCity 2 Listen in as our guests share their holiday memories and stories

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Damiana Garcia & Tammie Brown Celebrate Navidad: Video

“The Damiana Files” Ep. 29 – Damiana & Tammie Brown Celebrate Navidad


Hair Balls of Day: Truman Capote and Andy Warhol as Santa


A Trippy Merry Christmas from Beams Clothing: Video

Enjoy this Beams Christmas greeting made just for you. Hold on folks, this may feel like an acid flash back for some of you. HAPPY HOLIDAYS by BEAMS from BEAMSBROADCAST on Vimeo.

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“Have You Ever Hooked Up at a Holiday Party?” Asks Jimmy Kimmel: Video

Jimmy Kimmel Live – Pedestrian Question – Have You Ever Hooked Up at a Holiday Party? Watch video to see if any fesses up to being messy.

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To Have or Not to Have Sex at Parents House Over the Holidays: SexPert Conner Habib Tackles Questions

First off, cute hat and no shirt! Fuck, you try NOT to have sex with Conner at your parents house over the holidays is my challenge for you. I love Conner’s analogy of the It Gets Better Campaign and Rudolph’s story. This week  Mr Conner Habib is getting  in the holiday spirit and talking all about sex

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Betty Bowers Skypes with Homophobe Shirley Phelps-Roper of Westboro Baptist Church: Video

  Sometimes the voice in my head sounds like Mrs. Betty Bowers. “America’s Best Christian, Mrs. Betty Bowers, Skypes with notoriously deranged homophobe Shirley Phelps-Roper, spokesnut for Westboro Baptist Church. NOTE TO THE LITERAL MINDED: This is satire.” MrsBettyBowers  


Hair Ball of the Day: Pretty in a Skirt

Source: rarespecimen

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Against Me!’s Transgendered Lead Singer Laura Jane Grace Talks Fashion & Beauty Tips: Video

Against Me!‘s lead singer Laura Jane Grace invites House of Style into her home in St. Augustine to talk fashion, beauty tips and what life is like as a transgender woman. In second video below a bonus clip from Laura Jane Grace’s interview with House of Style. Jane discusses the beauty products she loves and her fitness routine. Her

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Hair Ball of the Day: Bruno Fernandes; You May Have to Sit Down For This One!

  Photos of Bruno Fernandes taken by  Marcio del Nero. More on  Bruno Fernandes here   Fast-food(e) Em primeira mão! Bruno Fernandes | ‘JUNIOR’ #46      

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Stylish Mr Santa Wears Clothing From Mr Porter: Video

“A certain gift bearer takes a few minutes from his hectic holiday schedule to show us which key pieces make up his iconic wardrobe.” The Way I Dress – A Christmas Special – Mr Porter I’d totally tap that! The silver fox in this video is one of my personal favorite men in this world, Aiden Shaw!

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Dreamboat Cheyenne Jackson Releases “Dont Wanna Know”: Official Music Video

Oh  Cheyenne, you’re so dreamy! We are proud to have you as a role model for gay youth growing up today! Oh, and nice song. DONT WANNA KNOW” by Cheyenne Jackson © SONY/ATV Directed by: Nick Everhart iTunes:   Connect with Cheyenne: Website: Facebook: Twitter:

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Studly Tight End Rob Gronkowski Spends the Holidays Smashing Things: Video

A special holiday message from Body Armor superdrink & Rob Gronkowski. Love the sweater rob! Can I smell it after your done with it? Learn more about BODYARMOR SuperDrink at: Follow BODYARMOR SuperDrink at: Like BODYARMOR SuperDrink at:  

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Anderson Cooper Gets Tickled by Paul Rudd’s Pickle: Watch

  My love for Paul Rudd grows and grows (yes, just like an engorged penis). Check out this delightful video of Paul Rudd squirting pickle juice on Anderson Cooper.


News Flash: São Paulo, Brazil Legalizes Same-Sex Marriage

The state of São Paulo, Brazil, has legalized same-sex marriage, having updated its registration rules in accordance with a decision by the Brazilian Supreme Court. Previously, same-sex couples had to obtain a court order before they could obtain a marriage license. Even foreigners can now obtain a marriage visa, which is much easier to obtain than


Pope Benedict Uses Christmas Speech To Call Same-Sex Marriage A ‘Manipulation Of Nature’

At his annual Christmas speech to the Vatican, Pope Benedict XVI called same-sex marriage a “manipulation of nature” to be deplored and an attack on the “essence of the human creature.” It was the second time this week that Benedict took aim at marriage equality: People dispute the idea that they have a nature, given to

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A Beautifully Artful Bearded Hunk in a Photography Editorial Slide Show in Rome: Watch and Drool

GUAIzine is a fanZINE by male ® | more @ Open publication – Free publishing – More archilista

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Hugh Jackman is Rockin the Body At Bondi Beach: Photos

Hunky actor Hugh Jackman was spotted on Tuesday  at Bondi Beach in Sydney, New South Wales, Australia. Now this is what a dream man looks like. Hugh was seen working out as it has been confirmed for ‘X-Men: Days Of Future Past’. The 44-year-old actor will definitely reprise his role as clawed superhero Wolverine in the sequel to 2011’s

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Benjamin Godfre Launches New Website: Smoking All Nude Photos With Will Wikle from Big Brother 5

Benjamin Godfre is off to a running new start even before the New Years hits. He just today opened up and published brand new website, demolished what he called the Intersanctum and will be inviting everyone to join him in the Diamond Lounge, which will take its place. In the mean time Benjamin says to


Hair Ball of the Day: Stuff Happens

  Source  fuzzygays

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Azealia Banks’ “Peppermint Parody” Preaches, “No More Grindr You Heathen”: Video



Art for Artpocalypse: “This Rapture Will Be Facebooked”

Powerful image! “This Rapture Will Be Facebooked” is included in “Artpocalypse”, a new exhibit at the Dunes Gallery in Washington DC. Organized by Dana Ellyn, over 20 established and undiscovered artists created works of art that predict and parody what might happen to us all on the night of December 21, 2012.   Beginning at 7:00pm on the 21st

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Steam Room Stories Wishes Everyone a Healthy and Happy Holiday: Video

Steam Room Stories wishes everyone everywhere a healthy and happy holiday! Grab the fruit cake and lets go! Go to for more

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Str8 Dude’s “WOOF” Video and Beer Can Dicks

OMG…. “… you’re the one with the beer can dick…” You totally had me sold right at that moment. Mike and Beth take another couple out to let them know that they have gotten engaged. Mike and his buddy Robby are in quite crazy moods, which leaves the girls very confused. Also, there is a

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Performance Artist Nina Arsenault’s “Whore of Babalon Calendar” 2013: Extra Video

Performance artist Nina Arsenault talks to Xtra about her new calendar, The Whore of Babalon. For more read full article at   On Arsenault’s website the calendar is described as “the apocalyptic erotic landscape of a woman who has given herself to a thousand men, a thousand more, and then a thousand times a thousand.” The

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Ben Cohen StandUp Foundation’s Official Merchandise is the PERFECT Gift

    Check out all the goods and shop HERE Only bad news, Ben is not included! Okay, I am going to give you a visual. Imagine Ben Cohen finishing up a two hour work then rolling around naked on the the merchandise. You can finish the story with your dirty, dirty mind.    

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Come Out As Gay During Holidays With George Takei For Only $99.95: Video

Wow, what a deal!

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“To Catch a Puppeteer”: Neil Patrick Harris’ Twisted Puppet Dreams: Video

Neil Patrick Harris has just unleashed episode 4 of his rib-tickling web series called Neil’s Puppet Dreams. In this episode he pokes fun at  the awful and awfully addictive To Catch A Predator hosted by Chris Hansen. Episode 4 appropriatley called “To Catch A Puppeteer.” The Nerdist adds, “Welcome to the brain of one of the sickest puppeteers ever encountered – Neil Patrick

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James Franco’s “Interior. Leather Bar” Will Premiere At Sundance In January: Video

We were hip to the making of this film awhile back, but not elated to know when it will be showing. “Interior. Leather Bar,” will premiere at Sundance New Frontiers programin January. Originally titled, “James Franco’s 40 Minutes,” the “homo-sex-art-film” is an homage to William Friedkin’s 1980 thriller, “Cruising,” starring a young Al Pacino. In order to avoid an X rating, 40

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Posing Naked With Received Christmas Gifts is the New Thank You Card! Big Boy Vintage Excitement: Photos

I’m sorry but posing naked with received Christmas gifts is the politest way to say thank you. Everyone’s doing it! So exited to have received my 2013 Big Boy Vintage Calendar and tote, I lost all my inhibitions, morals and self respect and got naked with the new additions to my life. Sorry I’m so

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Rewind YouTube: Mash-Up of Culturally Defining Moments of 2012: Video

YouTube  invited some YouTubers to star in a mash-up of culturally defining moments of 2012. Can you spot all the references? Fun!


Sexism-Free Easy Bake Oven On The Way

By Annie-Rose Strasser Over the past few weeks, tens of thousands of people — including big-name chefs — called on Hasboro, producer of the Easy Bake Oven, to advertise to end their sexist advertising and market to both boys and girls equally. Today, the advocates, and the little girl who launched the big petition, got their answer: Hasboro will launch a new

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Keo Nozari’s “Christmas Came Early”: Official Music Video

  Does Christmas sneak up on you, crash your party? Piss your pool? When enthusiastic Christmas revelers crash Keo Nozari‘s day of sunbathing in the California sun, the holidays and wild festivities—including a bathtub full of Christmas balls, a leg humping dog, and a naughty Santa’s list—have arrived way ahead of schedule in the new

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Host Spars With the Inhumane Westboro Baptist Church Over Picketing Of Newtown Shooting Funerals

Pure disgust with the Westboro Baptist Church! Radio and television host David Pakman offered the Westboro Baptist Church 30 uninterrupted minutes of air time on his program if the controversial group agreed to call off picketing the funerals of the victims of the Sandy Hook Elementary School shootings. In a segment on Pakman’s program, The David Pakman Show, that was published to

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‘The Voice’s’ Emotional Opening Covers “Hallelujah” in Respect to Sandy Hook Shooting Victims: Video


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The xx Covers Wham’s ‘Last Christmas’ on Radio 1’s Live Lounge : Video

London’s The xx dropped into Radio 1’s Live Lounge and performed a special mystery cover – full of seasonal cheer – Wham’s ‘Last Christmas’. Scroll down to see the infamous Wham! video.  


One of Our Favorite Hunky Male Models Jordan, Graces Cover of Canadian Magazine

We featured model Jordan in the past (SEE HERE) and our server almost blew up with the amount of hits we received that day. Christmas came early for us this morning and in our inbox we found this series of new photos of Jordan from a from a canadian magazine in which he blessed the cover with


Billy Huxley Photographed by Maciek, Hot Damn!

Maciek shares with homotography his portraits of Oxygen model Billy Huxley, and we are glad to spread the magic that lies in these photos. Billy Huxley how YOU doin’?


“Goldie Hawn”: A Social Commentary On Current Affairs in Greece Expressed Through Fashion, Music, Culture and Dance: Video

Goldie Hawn is a short film, a metaphor which comments on the current alarming political and economical situation that Greece is in, the intrusion of extreme political and ideological forces and its subsequent cultural disintegration. Traditional themes and conventions that represent Greek free spirit and culture, such as traditional Greek music, plate breaking and zeimpekiko


MUTO VOL.8 -Tedd Moher: Tribute to the Iconic COLT Studios of the 70’s

      About Extra Face Magazine  MUTO founders: Both born in 1984, stéphane and julien live in paris (france). They are photographers as well as graphic designers for more than 10 years and collaborate with many different clients, magazines, fashion brands or musical artists. They have run several exhibitions, released two acclaimed books and their