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Handpicked news Briefs: 'News Of The World' Signs Off, Dirty Dancing, Quake Hits Off Japan's Coast, Pot No Medical Use

Hidden Camera Finds Reparative Therapy at Bachmann’s Clinics New evidence has surfaced that Marcus Bachmann’s Christian counseling clinics are actually in the business of reparative therapy for gay people – a claim that he had denied.   Dirty Dancing Abe Sylvia remembers very clearly the first time he saw Dirty Debbie. The handsome 36-year-old Broadway dancer turned screenwriter-director

In His Own Words: How I Went Undercover at Bachmann's Clinic

File this one under ” The Best” and “Fascination”. John Becker finds out the truth always wins. He went undercover equipped with a hidden camera and hiding any evidence that he was a proud, proactive homosexual and turned himself into 007. His findings are astounding and incriminating  for the C]christian counseling center run by Marcus Bachmann.

TOMS Defense : Founder Expresses “regret,” says Focus on the Family misrepresented relationship

What to do now. Live and let live. What will it take for you to forgive TOMS? I may be a total push over, but I fully believe owner Blake Mycoskie. Call naive, but that would be rude. AB (via Blake Mycoskie, founder of TOMS Shoes, has issued an exclusive statement to in

Yes, Polar Bears are from Ireland

IIIIIII knew it! Polar bears are icons of the Arctic, symbolizing the region’s stark beauty as well as its swift decline due toglobal warming. But according to a new study published in the journal Current Biology, all polar bears alive today descend from a single female brown bear that lived 20,000 to 50,000 years ago

4 Your Saturday Viewing Pleasure: Ridiculous Roller Coaster & CAN'T HUG EVERY CAT

Accidental Bear New Contributor from GQ Italy: Stefano Guerrini Part 2

‘A Man For Next Season (Part 2)’ Scritto da Stefano Guerrini alle 09.05 — Strike a pose Photography: Simone Monopoli Art direction and styling: Stefano Guerrini Grooming: Marco Minunno@mks-Milano Styling assistant: Angelica Pianarosa Model: Sasha Marini@Beatrice Location: Annapurna Showroom Special Thanks to: Terry Trincia, Marco Zisa and Massimo Curella Cappotto e sciarpa / coat and scarf Annapurna (female collection), pantaloni militari

Accidental Bear New Contributor from GQ Italy: Stefano Guerrini

‘A Man For Next Season (Part 1)’.  Scritto da Stefano Guerrini alle 06.05 — Strike a pose  

Classic Hair Ball of the Day: Sammy Hagar & Trans Am (enough said)

Trans Hagar

R.I.P. Betty Ford

RIP: Former First Lady Betty Ford, wife of the late former president Gerald Ford, has passed away this afternoon in her Rancho Mirage home. She was 93. Ford, whose personal struggles with alcoholism led her to co-found the Betty Ford Center, a California-based chemical dependency recovery hospital, dedicated her life to public service and social activism. For her work,

TOMS Shoes: Tsk tsk On You, Playing with Homophobes & Anti-Choice Groups?

This is a tough one, like a blow below the belt. We have to pick our battles. I am a big flaming homosexual and do my best to not give my money to groups supporting hate, but I also find it impossible to be a 100% ” gay PC”. It is hard to keep track

Amanda Lepore's "Turn Me Over"

In “Turn Me Over,” Lepore reveals where she goes and what she does when she’s not in the Big Apple. Words bounce off her plump, red licorice colored lips. Listen up girls and boys, you will be gender fucked.    

Hair Ball of the Day: Zoom Lens

(by brad shapiro)

Is Andy Warhol More Alive Now Dead Than When He Was Alive? Interview Mag Talks with Vito Giallo

(via Interview) Each new generation of New Yorkers hungers to shape the city. Andy Warhol’s New York City: Four Walks Uptown to Downtown (The Little Bookroom) reveals how Warhol did just that; the book provides walking directions and information about some of the most important landmarks in his life. Accompanying text by Warhol expert Thomas Kiedrowski provides

Handpicked News: Polygamy Next? Pentagon suspends DADT, Final Shuttle Launches

Santorum, Bachmann, sign Family Leader’s marriage vowFormer U.S. Sen. Rick Santorum and U.S. Rep. Michele Bachmann have made commitments to sign pledges in support of traditional marriage sought by the Family Leader, an Iowa group that backs Christian conservative social values. Man Accused of Killing Boy He Thought Was GayA possible cult leader in North

Feeding the Gays, A Hair Ball Party

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OUTFEST: LOS ANGELES GAY & LESBIAN FILM FESTIVAL 7 – 17 July 2011 Since its founding in 1982, Outfest has been the leading organization showcasing, nurturing and protecting lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender film images and artistry.

PSA: Hugs Keep You Alive

Hugs keep us alive!

Calling All SF Homocore: Queercore Bands @ El Rio

Morning Warm-up Videos: "What's 2 + 2? Gonorrhea," Cupcake Ice Cream Cones & Rosanne's Nuts

Boy Contestant Joins Toddlers and Tiaras

On Wednesday night a male child named Brock made his big debut on the TLC series Toddlers and Tiaras — and he’s just as flashy, talented, and outrageous as the little girls on the show. Seven-year-old Brock, who has already won half a dozen trophies for his dancing and gymnastics, is a self-described diva who travels to

Sen. Mark Leno: Excluding LGBT Americans From Textbooks Is Censoring History

California lawmakers ok bill to add LGBT figures to history textbooks. Thomas Roberts talks with state senator Mark Leno who introduced the bill. Not teaching our children about LGBT members in history who have fought for civil rights for all would be given them a handicap in life. Half- truths about history is never a

Bachmann Jumps to Sign New Antigay Pledge and Believes Gay is Choice

The best political choice for Bachman’s campaign would be a muzzle. Come to think of it, that would be the best choice for America as a whole. Hey Michele, now that I have decided to be gay and take that hard road, I think now I’m going to choose to have cancer. That sounds like

22 Ben Sherman Looks, 1 Bearded Hunk of a Model: Ben Sherman Plectrum A/W 11


BBB | Viberg Service and Chukka Boot for Spring/Summer 2012

I want to dress you like a doll. Rather than preview the clean unworn takes, we take Mr. Cabourn’s advice and showcase the service and chukka boots coming from Viberg this Spring/Summer 2012. Might as well show you how they wear. You’ll be giving them the same work over. Photography:  

BBB | Manhattan Portage for Cyclope Waist Pack: Fanny pack?

Um, you mean fanny pack? Technicality, I love and want it, you win. Paris meets N.Y.C. in the form of this hip/waist bag from Manhattan Portage for Paris’ “fixed” shop, Cyclope. A bit of camo on the bag. It features a co-lab logo and is paced to be worked over season to season. Something small.

Handpicked News: No Longer Required To Teach Cursive, 'Heartbeat Bill' , 3 Antigay Amendments, Monogamish

A Parody about the Great Recession:Wantmore, Tweakmore, Totalscum, and the Tragedy of Boneheadia In the country of Boneheadia there was a man, Wantmore, who earned his income as a home mortgage loan originator. Wantmore operated conservatively. All his home loans bore interest rates of 6 percent or less, and he demanded of all borrowers large down


Catching Up with the Decorated Artist/ Actor/ Model Trevor Wayne| Q&A

You may recognize Trevor Wayne from when he first landed in LA from Chicago and quickly got swiped up by hot-shot networks wanting him for TV pilots including “a role on “ER”. After that TV pilots seemed to be the thing. He has acted along side Fran Drescher and Roseanna Arquette on shows. Enrique Iglesias,

Hair Ball of the Day: A Fistful

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My Neighborhood Park is a Urinal: A Creative Solution P-tree by Aandeboom

I live just one block from the best park in San Francisco which has a long list of benefits. Unfortunately along with the summer weather brings large amounts of people gathering to partake in wine, cheese, catching up with new and old friends and on wilder days just a little crack (just a little). Blankets

Morning Warm-up Videos: Candy Pizza, Beards, Zonkey & Dolphin Flops (shirtless beardy)

Burger Girl "Slut Machine" New Single Coming Soon

Adult Actor Conner Habib Writes a Powerful Story: Want to See What's Behind His Eyes?

I think I may be alone here, but even as a view porn I day-dream. I dissect the actors awkward dialogue and fore play scenes. I wonder if they are into “it” or desperate for money. I wonder what their family life might be like or if they have a partner. I wonder what their

Grizzly Bear Kills Man In Yellowstone National Park; First Fatal Mauling Since 1986

YELLOWSTONE NATIONAL PARK, Wyo. — Yellowstone National Park officials say a grizzly bear has killed a hiker in the park’s backcountry – the first fatal bear mauling in the park since 1986.

Handpicked Daily News: End to DADT, 'Shank' King, Rude Racist Truths, President Obama In 140 Characters

Court Orders End to DADT A three-judge panel of the Ninth U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals ruled Wednesday that the U.S. military can no longer enforce the “don’t ask, don’t tell” policy.Though President Barack Obama asserted in a news conference last week that certification of DADT repeal passed by Congress will be completed in “weeks, not

Scooter LaForge Releases EXCLUSIVE line for PATRICIA FIELD

If you are going to do it , do it right, Scooter LaForge has the passion and drive throughout his work that I long for it when I am in its absence. Scooter has coupled up with the dynamic Patricia Field and team to create  unique wearable art and will be available exclusively at the

Hair Ball of the Day: Astronomical Cuteness

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Marianne Faithfull's 'Horses and High Heels': New Album

Oh lord, I want to lather on Marianne Faithfull’s new album ‘Horses and High Heels’ on my skin like a coating of protection. This album is as strong as all her previous work and she keeps true to herself and her dark, honest and somewhat haunting vibe. She growls through the album, exposes personal hurdles of her

Two Jasperjohns: White Pants Episode Finale: Is Blood Really Thicker than water?

Is blood really thicker than water and what about Mega- Syphilis? In this final episode of White Pants, the  Two Jasperjohns put “bear love” and “brother love” to the ultimate test.   More

Master-Piece Tote Bag

We’ve all gotten over whatever stigma’s we had about tote bags right? We’re sure people forgot all about those stigma’s when they realised how useful they were. And, more importantly, due to them being slightly less popular than backpacks, you won’t look like every heritage lover you see on the streets. Instead, you’ll look like

Bear Shop: Bear Evolution T's