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I Don’t Think It’s Gay, Do I see a nut? – (Videos)

This ought to wake some of you up and piss the rest of you off. The exact line I like to skate . Explored here, straight guys often get confused about their relationships between their gay friends. This should clear it up for you, or not. steamroomstories    

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Singer Jonny McGovern Wants to Lick Your “Man Areas”- New Video

You want so badly to hate this, I know, I totally understand. Finding amusement in it isn’t all that hard either. Choose the path you want to go with on this video and shut the hell up, no whining about how gay he is, how dumb the song is, how ridiculous his face is. Let me


The Sounds and the Furry, “Come For The Beard, Stay For The Music! (Top Picks)

FEATURING INDIE MUSIC AND THE BEARDY BOYS WHO MAKE IT…It’s the most handsome and hirsute way to discover your new favorite band! COME FOR THE BEARDS, STAY FOR THE MUSIC! thesoundandthefurry. This site is our ‘go to guy’ for beardy music! Mark Daly of Chamberlin Mark Daly of Chamberlin. Their 2011 debut Bitter Blood and last fall’s Cabin Covers EP are both out


Renowned Swiss Artist Olaf Breuning Artistically Disturbing Eroticism and Humor

  Swiss by birth, Breuning is a multidisciplinary artist most well known for his work in photography. His images are insightful and full of many symbols, however, they are all expressed so simply and with such everyday items that seem more like a cakewalk. Eroticism and humor typical of that part of Europe are always present in


The ‘Hidden Crisis’: Kids Put Out ‘Like Trash’ Just For Being Gay (Video)

There are approximately 1.6 million to 2.8 million homeless young people in the United States and a disproportionate number — 20 to 40 percent — are gay, lesbian, bisexual, or transgender. LGBT youth often run away from home because of family conflict and then “face overt discrimination when seeking alternative housing, which is compounded by institutionalized discrimination


Accidental Bear Offers His Body to Science, Chiropractor Actually (Videos)

As part of our new health video series for  our men’s health brother site, Inside First, we sent owner Mike Enders out to find out if chiropractic work is all that it’s cracked up to be. Mike visits chiropractor Brian Rizzo in San Francisco’s Castro, and gets some questions answered: Why should someone seek chiropractic care? Does

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A Moment is Gay Flashback: Half Naked Men and Jane Russell at the Gym (Video)

In this moment of gay in time, a clip from “Gentlemen Prefer Blondes.” Jane Russell sings Ain’t There Anyone Here For Love, relevant to todays gay gathering holes as well. It is interesting to note that in the time this video was made 1953, the men appearing in film were looked at as macho men, today they

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Beard Watch | Canterbury of New Zealand – Spring Summer 2012 Video

Canterbury was founded in 1904 in the New Zealand province of Canterbury. For more than 75 years, Canterbury has produced tricots for the All Blacks and remains one the world’s most prominent manufacturers of Rugby clothing. Now in the fifth season of their lifestyle range, the 2012 Spring Summer collection sees a return to basics

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World’s Longest Kiss: Gay Couple Breaks Record With 50 Hour Valentine’s Day Smooch (VIDEO)

I love my partner more than anything in the world, but a 50 hour kiss makes me feel claustrophobic and smothered! Congratulation to these winner, I guess and here is some complementary Chapstick.     There’s nothing more romantic than embracing your loved one on Valentine’s Day. But for seven Thai couples entering a kissathon in


California Man Charged For Allegedly Cooking And Eating Cats

Girls gotta eat does not apply here! BAKERSFIELD, Calif. — In a case that has shocked even investigators, a California man is in jail for allegedly cooking and eating cats. Jason Louis Wilmert is being held in the Kern County Jail on charges alleging animal cruelty and using a pet or domesticated animal for food.

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Jon Stewart: Glitterbombs Are ‘Less Clever Than Something Actually Clever (Video)

Jon Stewart rips Glitterbombers a new *sshole!  On last night’s The Daily Show, Jon Stewart mocked the glitterbombing of Republican presidential candidates, calling the protests “more clever than a pie in the face, but less clever than something actually clever.” Nonetheless, Stewart also used the opportunity to highlight one of Mitt Romney’s humorous responses to having


Project Runway’s All-Star Mondo Guerra, Accidental HIV Activist, Unscripted

Returning to television with Project Runway All Stars, reality television’s nicest role model spoke to  Neal Broverman from about his transition from fashion hopeful to impassioned activist. Facing down Heidi Klum, Isaac Mizrahi, Michael Kors, and Nina Garcia is one thing, but standing at a podium in front of hundreds of people is quite another, TV star

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Hair Balls of the Day: Couple Photographed by Paul V Specht

by Paul V Specht


“Gay. I’m gay.” Announces Your 7-Year Old Boy to His Mom

A blogger with The Huffington Post tells her story about her 7-year old son’s revealing words, “Gay. I’m gay.” What a refreshing and lovely story.     Considering that my son has a longstanding crush on Glee‘s Blaine and regularly refers to him as “my boyfriend,” I thought there was a fair chance that he would someday

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Two Jasperjohns: “It” Part Four “One More Note and I Will Punch You in Your Dicks!”

  Jude tries to hide It’s disappearance from his brother Joel, who’s brought along a very special bro-friend. Plus, impending violence.


Sandra Bernhard: Republicans Are So Antiwomen, It’s Unprecedented

Sandra deserves a damn award or a cookie. She has been fighting this same fight for women since I was a wee young man in high school. Damn, you have some endurance Ms Bernhard! Actress and comedian Sandra Bernhard, who is never shy about her political views, says the antiwomen rhetoric now being pushed by

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It Gets Betterish New Video “Pregnant,” Dude, You Hid Your Cooch from Me!

This will MOST DEFINITELY OFFEND a lot of people, which will most likely make it very popular. That’s the way those things work.  Eliot reveals to Brent that he is both transgendered and pregnant. Brent responds accordingly.

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3 Topless Men, 18 Pounds of Cake (Video)

Two trainers in Germany challenged me to a contest. 18 pounds of cheese cake divided into 3. First one to finish wins. In Germany this cheese cake is known as a Käsekuchen.  Furious Pete has some entertaining videos HERE, not many with his shirt on.  


Lee Steele fined £200 for his “#padlockeda**ehole” Anti-Gay Tweet about Gareth Thomas

How many times does this lesson have to be taught before in sinks in? When you put something out in the world it has the potential to come back and bite you in the ass, HARD in the case of Lee Steele of Oxford City FC. The sacked footballer apologised for his January comment but was


Singer Brandon Anderson Has a Message “Wake Up” A Rallying Cry Against Apathy and a Call for Change

We are thrilled to announce the release of the new album, Guitars & Grievances, by ASCAP award-winning singer/songwriter Brandon Anderson. ( “As “Wake Up,” the lead single from his new album Guitars & Grievances, demonstrates, the urgent wail of talented out singer-songwriter Brandon Anderson should make him a hit with fans of other folk-alt musicians such


Meet Roger & Bryce, Two Scruffy Bear Puppets Out on a Venture and Holding a Mirror up to the LGBT Community

Here is where the welcomed madness all began,  “A parody on the Sh*t people say videos Roger & Bryce take cliches to the next level…and they’re puppets so it’s funnier.”  Roger & Bryce rain on us from  Melbourne, Victoria, Australia, and  say, “now we’re developing it (their act) into a bit of a satirical series with a

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Gay Bar Rejection Tutorial Video

A day late and a dollar short but still a gem. This video was made for “Happy Fucking Valentines Day,” but may be applied to all you bar flies out there, all year long!   “Just in time for Valentine’s Day. Learn how be optimistic about certain rejection at the bar. ” Twitter Facebook

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OUTSERVE Announces 2012 International Leadership Conference Will Take Place on Various Walt Disney World Properties

“OutServe, the association of actively-serving LGBT U.S. military personnel and one of the largest LGBT employee resource groups in the world, announced that its Second Annual OutServe International Leadership Conference will take place October 25-28, 2012 at the military’s Shades of Green Resort in Orlando, FL.” This truly will be the happiest place on earth!

Ann Foster, a former Patriot-News photographer, started what might be the first gay and lesbian support group officially sanctioned on a U.S. military base.

The Great Lakes Area Gay, Lesbian and Supportive Sailors (GLASS), Possible the First Official Gay Support Group on a Military Base

We sometimes forget how slow things can happen. DADT crumbled on September 20, 2011, and things are slowly changing and improving. A disco ball did not drop and tanks were not painted rainbow colors when DADT disappeared, but some progress is being made like this group GLASS, Great Lakes Area Gay, Lesbian and Supportive Sailors. Baby steps.


Featured: UV/Glow in the Dark Drippy Bear Paw T-shirt by Ruff Shirts

Who knew that such a thing existed. Whether this was a brain storm or brain fart of owner Shane, it’s pretty RAD! Click here to go to website Design is © RUFF STUDIO & RUFFSHIRT.COM 2012  – CONTACT FOR RIGHTS AND USAGE INFORMATION. We design and print all of our shirts ourself in our workshop


ACLU to Obama: ‘Our Right to Love Doesn’t Evolve’

Today, the ACLU is inviting LGBT advocates to send President Obama a simple Valentine’s Day message: “Our right to love doesn’t evolve, We’re born with it.” It has been 476 days since President Obama first said that he was “evolving” on the question of marriage equality. via

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Gay Man Announces Via Valentines Video That He’s Moving to Tel Aviv to Be with His Deported Husband (Video)

“Matthew and Yoav were legally married in the U.S. but are now separated because of the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA). In a Valentine’s Day video, Matthew announces he’s leaving the U.S. to be with Yoav in Tel Aviv and not coming back until DOMA is repealed. Find out more about the struggles faced by


Hair Ball of the Day: Valentines, Bears, Paws and Meat!

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“Super Sloppy Valentines Sundae” – Epic Meal Time For the Not So Romantic, Bacon Included

Our favorite meat heads, the men of Epic Meal Time, say, “Happy Valentines Lovers!” I can’t help but to think they include me in there. It’s Valentine’s Day and EpicMealTime creates a 35 gallon ice cream sundae as the Sauce Boss becomes cupid for a day and collects a whole bunch of nice ladies.


Google Includes Same-sex Couple In Valentine’s Day Doodle (Video)

If you let this morning’s Google Doodle play all the way through  – after the jumping rope part, which is adorable –  you will see several images of happy couples celebrating Valentine’s Day.  One of those couples happens to be two men, in what appear to be tuxes, holding hands on what looks like their wedding day. And

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“The Wedding Dance” Film: A Beautiful Twist on Gay Parenting and Its Success (Video)

An amazing and unique short film by Elliot London called The Wedding Dance. I can’t give you too much without giving away the twist. Be sure to watch to the end. “Thank you so much for helping us make this amazing short film… Elliot London & Team.” The objective with this project is to raise money


Valenties Day Pillow Fight 2012 | San Francisco

Feathers will fly at this fun, flash-mob type event which takes place on Valentine’s Day 2012 just as the Ferry Building clock tower strikes 6pm. photo by Bill Taylor Nearly 1,000 San Franciscans descend on Justin Herman Plaza with feather-stuffed pillows to run Braveheart-like at full speed at one another to lovingly beat the crap out of each other until

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Tom Hardy with Full-On Scruff on The Jonathan Ross Show, What a Babe! (Video)

  The basic 411 on actor Tom Hardy brought to you by the lovely and free Wikipedia, ” Edward Thomas “Tom” Hardy (born 15 September 1977) is an English actor. He is known for his roles in Bronson, Inception, Black Hawk Down, Warrior, RocknRolla and Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy. He will portray the primary villain Bane in the upcoming film The Dark Knight Rises. He also played


Hair Ball of the Day: Butt, Man’s Best Friend (NSFW)


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Smart & Basic Rain Coat: Mackintosh for Epaulet – Dowanhill

Mackintosh is one of those ‘traditional’ British labels that fell out of favour, found love in Japan and arrived back in the United Kingdom with a style stamp of approval and a new air of cool. Funny how these things happen. We’re not quite sure why the Scottish brand would ever suffer from a lack of

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PROJECT: Wooster Project Preview 2 (Video)

PROJECT is the world’s preeminent advanced contemporary fashion event, held bi-annually in New York and Las Vegas. Using Tokyo as a pivotal source of inspiration, PROJECT Wooster highlights Japanese designers and exposes their mastery in crafting product that transcends culture and time. Based on the successful partnerships of the inaugural Project Wooster, look for the launch


N. Hoolywood Autumn/Winter 2012 – Runway (Bearded Models Alert)

Elmer Fudd meets grandpa, gone fishing kind of feel. With inspiration coming from Hemingway’s “The Old Man and the Sea,” designer, Daisuke Obana presents the N. Hoolywood Autumn/Winter 2012 collection. The touches to ports of call are apparent and done well: short pants with seafaring knit tops and striped numbers. No arguing that the collection

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Asian Safer Sex PSA Targets US and Japan “You Can Still Cum, On My Tum Tum”

This safe sex PSA does not contain any new information, but the lyrics to the song are rib-ticking hilarious! American director Bryan Jackson collaborated with a group of Japanese artists to create a safer sex PSA. CalledLittle Taiko Boy, this short film is intended to be used in both the United States and Japan and

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‘Former Homosexual’ Calls for Dan Savage’s Arrest For Giving LGBT Kids False Promise

DL Foster, an anti-gay activist and professed “former homosexual,” called for the arrest of author Dan Savage for his role in founding the It Gets Better Project, which has consistently been in the crosshairsof Religious Right activists over its inspirational message geared to LGBT youth. Foster, who made the comments last week on Americans For Truth About Homosexuality Radio Hour with Peter


Checking in with Drew Droege, Future Plans for Chloe, and a Quick Game of Mad Lib

Keeping up with the fast paced entertainment world is like jumping onto a treadmill that is going full speed. We have an elite list of celebrities that we consider ‘our VIPs,’ that we like to keep a close eye on. Some of them we inject with a micro-chip, via blow dart while they walk the