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Hair Ball of the Day: Apple

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“When You Shoot, Shoot Right!” Music Video by Delalevrette

Visually stimulating. Emilienne of The Greyhound presents the video for her latest hit entitled “When you shoot, shoot right!”(Marquis, please!), Revisiting both the myth and the cult Liaisons Dangereuses Britney Spears. Quand vous tirez, visez juste! by Delalevrette

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New Music Video from AB SOTO for “Fashionz”: Eat it Up!

Dust off your dancing shoes! AB SOTO‘s music will have you moving like you didn’t know your body could move. Unfamiliar with AB SOTO?  Do yourself a favor and download their tunes HERE. They are true high energy banjee realness. Check out their newest music video for the song “Fashionz” below.   Keep up with AB SOTO:

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“How To Kill a Mustache” Thoughtfully When Done With It: Video

Tis the season for awesome mustache videos thanks to Movember. But how does one part with the mustache when all said and done? I learned so many rad new mustache terms from this video: mouth brow, lip rug, flavor savor, soup strainer, caterpillar, cookie duster, booger brush, dirt squirrel… Offing a mustache is more complicated

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RuPaul’s # 1 Girl Ever, Raja Releases Music Video for “Sublime”

We totally love Raja contrast of hard and soft! Raja, real name Sutan Amrull, winner of Season 3 of Logo’s RuPaul’s Drag Race, is delivering the long-awaited follow-up single to “Diamond Crowned Queen.” The new single, released on Citrusonic Flavor Recordings, is called “Sublime.” Raja teamed up with music producer and recording artist Sir Paul for the track,


Hair Ball of the Day: This Guy Let the Dogs Out

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Beard Transformation in 6 Shoots

  From start to finish, amazing! Source mrelbank: Dan here, I met walking out of a shop.. He had this amazing beard and a cool way about him.. I was starting my beard exhibition and asked to take his portrait, for the series.. I then came up with the idea, which lead to these images entitled


“How AIDS Ends”: An Anthology Produced by San Francisco AIDS Foundation

San Francisco AIDS Foundation announced the publication of a unique anthology envisioning the end of AIDS. The press release is excerpted below and available in full at When the final chapter on AIDS is written, what will it look like? This provocative question is posed to 15 authors—political leaders, researchers, activists, and pioneers—in How AIDS Ends, a

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THE BEARD BOOK ~ A Breast and Testicular Cancer Charity Book: Amazing Video

The Beard Book Creator / Photographer: Mary Lou Sandler ~ Text and Editing: Justin Sandler ~ Book Layout Design: Tasso The Beard Book is a collection of black & white, fine art photography of over 100 men, their beards, and their stories.  Proceeds from the sale of the book will go directly to the The Keep-A-Breast

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Warwick Rowers Go Nude: Brokeback Boathouse 2013 Calendar: Video

There are so many joke to be made with the name Brokeback Boathouse, so we are going to leave it alone. This is the trailer for the 2013 video from the hot rowers at the University of Warwick Boat club. Follow the boys as they strip off for two days of shoots in a variety of

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Neti Pot Demo with Mike Enders and Beardy Friend: Video

As the Holiday and flu season emerge at the same time, good health may be on the minds of many. Neti potting has grown in popularity over the years we thought we would give it a go. We put Mike Enders to the task and with the help of hunky friend Derrick they do short

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Terry Richardson Shoots a Haunting Jared Leto as Preparation for Role as Transsexual Woman with AIDS More photos

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Patchy Cake Eater: 2013 spring-summer Tokyo Collection

Spring Summer Collection 2013 Patchy Cake Eater will be announced in the second season. Mr. Morino designer Shigenori, Vocational College men’s fashion. So I learned tailoring has become a backbone. “Those who like, want to be fashionable. Clothes. Want you to wear and enjoy,” says Morino said. The show started quietly from live music of the violin. In the

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Razor Tales Episode 4 — Bolt Barbers in Los Angeles: Video

Okay, so I have watched all 4 episodes of Razor Tales and loved them all except this one. I have no doubt these guys will give a great cut, but they have such attitude about not having an attitude that I’m left with a bad taste in my mouth. In the fourth and final episode

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Umit Benan Men’s Spring/Summer 2013: Beardy Designer at Work Video

“MILAN – FashionTV takes you on a journey to Umit Benan’s bedroom where he displays the most intimate secrets for his S/S 13 Men’s collection. The designer was inspired by his ex-love who loved menswear. He perceives this passion for men’s clothes as an attitude, not just passion for unisex clothes. The show itself included

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Fluff: Tennis Stud Novak Djokovic Strips and Gets Felt Up on the Court: VIDEO

There really isn’t much more to say here. All eyes on tennis player Novak Djokovic as he strips off his shirt and gets felt up by  beautiful Brazilian ball girl at recent exhibition match.


Hair Balls of the Day: Daniel Smith and Christophe Doloire; Powerhouse Musical Coupling

Daniel Smith and Christophe Doloire are a powerhouse musical coupling born out of the dirty alleyways and dark clubs of New York City. Over the last decade these dead-sexy song makers have released three full-length albums and earned well-deserved praise as one of the most titillating gay acts around. With a mix of brooding electro-rock

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First Music Video Shot Entirely With Instagram

  “This is the very first music video done entirely on Instagram without any third party alterations. Every single frame of this music video is an actual picture that we ran through Instagram. We never shot any video. We only shot still photography. All 1905 pictures went through the normal Instagram process on an iPhone.


BrutusWear is Clothing and Gear for Big Beefy Men: Beef of All Shapes, Sizes, Colors and Girth

BrutusWear is clothing and gear for big guys, beefy dudes, muscle men, bears, bubbas, cubs, chubs, hosses, rednecks, jocks, powerlifters, bodybuilders and beef of all shapes, sizes, colors and girth (Oh lord how we love girth!). WWW.BRUTUS-WEAR.COM BRUTUS-WEAR doesn’t discriminate on any men of size. We’re all about masculine men, and cater to all of them,

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“Defriendtion” Defined in Video by Bearded Fella

We all have those little things that drive us nuts on social media sites: over sharing, annoying food pics, teenager language LOL OMG LMFAO TOTES. This video breaks it all down for us.

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Trophy Pony: Designed and Made in NYC Including “I F*CKED GRACE JONES TANK”

Want more CLICK Want more CLICK

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Hilarious ‘P.S. Gay Car’ Music Video Is A Sweet Ode To A Rude Note

What happens when someone is a rude-dick to you? You have thoughts of retaliation most likely; evil, violent retaliation! The band Fortress Of Attitude found a rude note left on their car and took the higher road and wrote this highly entertainment song. Fortress Of Attitude found this real note on their car and turned it into

"Act up, Fight Back, Fight AIDS," chant naked protesters and supporters in Speaker Boehner's office.

Naked Protesters Storm Boehner’s Office: Act up, Fight Back, Fight AIDS!

Nude protesters stormed House Speaker John Boehner’s (R-Ohio) office in the Longworth House Office Building on Tuesday, according to reports from Sahil Kapur of Talking Points Memo and others who were there. The group was protesting cuts to HIV/AIDS funding that is possible as part of the fiscal cliff negotiations. MORE  


Rick Warren: Being Gay Is Like ‘Punching A Guy In The Nose’ Or Consuming Arsenic

Megachurch (disgusting) pastor Rick Warren remains as ill-informed on gay identity as ever. Unfazed by the notion that there may be a biological cause for homosexuality, Warren told Piers Morgan (dumb ass) on CNN this week that acting on same-sex attractions is no different from “punching a guy in the nose” or consuming arsenic: WARREN: Here’s what we

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Yoko Ono Designed New Fashions For Men & Balls Poster: Yikes!

“FASHIONS FOR MEN: 1969-2012,” YOKO ONO’s much-anticipated collection with Opening Ceremony, launches today! When we first saw the 1969 drawings made by ONO for John Lennon as a wedding present, their energy jumped right off the page. Super-kinetic body parts and clothing designs, drawn with a sense of humour and wonder, were the perfect elements


Accidental Bear Picks #1 Holiday Gift for 2012: “Born This Way: Real Stories of Growing Up Gay” by Paul V. Vitagliano

  With a full year of consuming, browsing, gazing and absorbing art, fashion, music and culture under our belts, it’s that time to pick our #1 gift for this year’s holiday season. We are strong believers in less and more and not going into debt trying impress and/or show the size of your love in

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Neil Patrick Harris Dreams “The Lullabye” – Neil’s Puppet Dreams = Wacky Good Times

Neil Patrick Harris, you are winning so many points in my book for these Puppet Dreams of yours! I know this might sound totally inappropriate, but that’s why you love me, but I think that I really want to make sweet, sweet love to Neil. Welcome to the brain of one of the sickest puppeteers ever

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How to Save Your Phone When You Drop it in the Toilet: Video

So you dropped your phone in the toilet? First, don’t feel bad — you’re in good company. 19% of people drop their phone down the toilet. But as soon as you hear the telltale splash of phone in toilet, fast action will save your phone. Watch and learn. Read the full post HERE  

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New Music: Derek Bishop’s “JACKPOT” Official Music Video

Work. It. Out. Derrick! Gay quirky-pop-rocker, Derek Bishop is back with a new single & video, “Jackpot.” The video was filmed at Derek’s apartment in NYC, while being stuck inside during Hurricane Sandy.  “Jackpot” is from Derek’s debut album, RESISTANCE IS BEAUTIFUL. The full-length CD melds vintage keyboards, 80s-synth pop, a touch of Broadway-meets-70s-rock, and


Robbie Williams Poses with Hairy Ass Tattoo “I Love Robbie Williams”

Robbie Williams  gets up close and personal with a tribute tattoo a fan has had inked on his butt. The photo was taken by comedian Jack Whitehall, one of Robbie’s celebrity pals at his 02 Arena gig in London last night, part of a three date gig at the venue to promote his latest album Take

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H&M Menswear Spring and Summer 2013 Video Lookbook

H&M Menswear Lookbook Spring and Summer collection 2013. The new H&M Spring/Summer 2013 Menswear Collection Lookbook has been unveiled. Just before the official release of the upcoming Maison Martin Margiela with H&M Collection, the Swedish fast fashion retailer gives us a glimpse into the future. Model: Jarrod Scott Music: Underton / Stockholm

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Be Part of Accidental Bear’s 2 New Video Projects: “Naughty or Nice” and “New Years Resolution and Apologies”

With the enormous success of our first collaboration video project, Men Answer the question: What is Your Definition of a ‘Real Man’?  (see below) that spread through the internet like a wild-fire in August 2012, we thought it would be fun to make some more, with the help of the readers and some of our favorite  featured

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Conner Habib Talks Comic Book Sex with Studmuffin Artist Justin Hall: Ask The Sexpert Video

Hooray! Here we get a double whammy of hotness with this weeks sexpert video with Conner Habib on the bodacious website NewNowNext.  This week Conner rallies in Justin Hall, a comic book writer and illustrator who recently compiled and edited No Straight Lines: Four Decades of Queer Comics, the most definitive collection to date of LGBT comics, answer

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Hi Tops, San Francisco’s First Gay Sports Bar Opens This Week

If you aren’t an athlete you can be an athletic supporter! “The Castro readies this week for its first new bar opening in a couple of years, and that bar would be Hi Tops (2247 Market Street). It’s the city’s first gay bar fully dedicated to sports, in the former Lime space, and the decor includes reclaimed

Photograph: Suki Dhanda for the Observer

Interview with Out Retired Rugby Player Gareth Thomas: Mickey Rourke, Drinking and Lying

  Check out the interview by The Observer with Gareth Thomas,  retired gay rugby player, 38, on Mickey Rourke, drinking and lying. Rugby is like a sleeping giant that’s starting to wake up and players are becoming public figures. But at the heart of it, they are good, honest people. Their mentality is hard work. They don’t give up. The


Libyan Militia Plans to Execute 12 Gay Men

Think Progress reports:  An extremist militia in Libya has captured twelve men and promised to mutilate and execute them for being gay. The group posted pictures of them on Facebook, describing them as the “third sex,” a regional derogatory term comparable to “queers.” Human rights Watch Libya identified the group as Al-Nawasi militia, know for championing Salafist jihad. Al-Nawasi

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Sequel to the World Famous “Food Olympics”: Food Olympics 2.0 Video

Warning: Puke for days! Bless these young men for competing in tiny shorts and shirtless. The sequel to the world famous “Food Olympics”.. Food Olympics 2.0 is a series of eating/running events combined for an epic production. Food Olympics Trailer Below:

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“The Big Feminist BUT”: A Comics Anthology About Modern Women’s & Men’s Attitudes Towards Feminism: KICKSTART

The Big Feminist BUT is a comics anthology about modern women’s–and men’s–attitudes towards feminism. BACK IT UP! KICKSTART HERE What’s The Big Feminist BUT? The Big Feminist BUT is a comics anthology about women, men and feminism! It’s about the state of equality between the sexes today and features stories from the likes of Jeffrey


Paint the San Francisco’s Castro Red on World AIDS Day: Dec 1, 2012

San Francisco’s leading HIV/AIDS service organizations have come together to host a World AIDS Day event, Paint the Castro Red, on Saturday, December 1st. Presented by Mollie Stone’s and the Richmond/Ermet AIDS Foundation’s Help Is On The Way For The Holidays XI, and supported by San Francisco Supervisor Scott Weiner and the Merchants of Upper Market and Castro (MUMC), Paint

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New Music: Hot Chip’s “Don’t Deny Your Heart” Official Music Video

2,4,6,8, who do we appreciate… Hot Chip, Hot Chip…. Hoo-ray! Don’t Deny Your Heart is the latest single to be released from Hot Chip’s much acclaimed In Our Heads album. The track is available digitally now here – and on 12″ here – The 12″ features a remix of the track from Justus Köhncke b/w a