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Sperm Bank Doesn’t Want Your Sperm, Redheads

Cryos International, the world’s largest sperm bank says that nobody desires ginger donated sperm. According to Ole Schou, the director of the bank, the demand for redheaded babies is “low in relation to demand” and as a result, the bank is now turning away donors. Schou says: I do not think you choose a redhead, unless the

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Jane Lynch Broke the News of “Women Marrying women” to the Mad Men Cast

At last night’s Emmy Awards, host Jane Lynch broke the news of “women marrying women” to the Mad Men cast in her opening bit. Jane cheesed it up because it’s part of the job, and did it well. One step further for gay mainstream.     


News: Jane Lynch, AIDS Funding Crisis, When Do Gay Kids Start “Acting Gay”? DADT Over,

Activists Launch Twitter Campaign To Raise Awareness Of AIDS Funding Crisis The ADAP Advocacy Association has launched a Twitter campaign calling on President Obama to end waiting lists for the AIDS Drug Assistance Program (ADAP), a national initiative funded by the federal and state governments and run by the states that provides prescription drug coverage for low-income people with HIV/AIDS.


Hair Ball of the Day: Horned Up

  Source: theguywithpurpose

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Schizophrenia: A Recovery Story by Jonny Moss (Video)

This will be an exploration into a totally foreign territory for most. Meeting the maker of this short documentary, Jonny, was my introduction to this the idea that a person could actually recover from schizophrenia. Jonny  documented and  detailed  a look at his journey and recovery from schizophrenia. This intimate  story needs to be shared and


Ginger Seal: Lonely Pup Shunned by His Colony

Oh, be still my beating heart. This is not your typical butt of a joke about a red-headed step child, but a rare red furred, blue eyed seal pup photographed  by Anatoly Strakhov, who spotted the seal on Tyuleniy Island, Russia. He stood out from his black brothers and is almost completely blind. His hope

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Foo Fighters Sing to Westboro in Counter Protest

Cover your ears, FUCKING AWESOME! Westboro Baptist Church received a unique counter-protest Friday, a serenade from the Foo fighters in front of the Sprint Center in Kansas City, Mo.


Adam Kleeberger’s Beard Gets Plenty of Play at the Rugby World Cup

Rugby player Adam Kleeberger is one hell of a creature to look at. He has surfaced as competition to Fear the Beard Brian Wilson as the most magnificent beard in sports. We need to have a beard off, preferably naked. In sports I wonder if the beard becomes a distraction to the game. Brian Wilson’s


Inflatable Beards, Mustache Gift Wrap & Macho Tissues

Do you lack the ability to grow a luscious beard? No fear, the inflatable blow up beard is here. It will go great with your blow up sex doll collection. Don’t lie, we know you have them and we are a-okay with it. Be as kinky as you want to be. You can wipe up


Am I the Only One That Has a Wicked Crush on Brad Goreski? Fashion Week Video

Ever since I saw Brad Goreski on tv as Rachel Zoe’s whipping boy, cute as a button in a bow tie, I have had my eyes wide open when hearing his name. To my pleasing, over the last year he has popped up on the wide world web shirtless and playful. This drove home my


Goodhood’s Carhartt Lookbook

A man that looks this good in Carhartt makes my heart swoon. Carhartt and Goodhood combine forces for the first time. This Heritage collection has a blue-collar / I just got out of prison/ old-time chain gang vibe. All fulfill my fantasy and show cases masculinity to its highest level. Standing up out of chair clapping.


Mouth Watering Video for Deviants: Official After Party for Folsom Street Fair 2011

You know it is going to be an amazing weekend when something this HOT lands in your inbox. A video short for the event DEVIANTS: the Official After Party for Folsom Street Fair 2011. After reading the description on this event and watching the video 3 times in a row, I sit in a puddle of


Keith Haring Exhibit Brooklyn Museum April 2012

Well slap my ass and call me Judy, this is going to be outrageous and amazing. A good reason to bop over to the east coast.  This is my time frame to work with: Keith Haring: 1978-1982:  April 13 – August 5, 2012 at the Brooklyn Museum. The exhibit will pull out some never-before-seen pieces and  potpourri

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Videos: Accidental Bear Talks Acupuncture with Practitioner Eric Kerr

Here at Accidental Bear Website we are stomping forward in our quest for health. Gay men have a heavily unbalanced focus of health and whether they should be looking on the inside or out.   For this segment we have teamed up with local San Francisco acupuncturist, Eric Kerr, to gain some basic knowledge of


Hair Ball of the Day: Beard, Tattoos, Heels, Cupcake and a Tea Pot


Photo Source: waltcessna

Study Finds One in Five Men Admit to Never Using a Deodorant (Thankfully)

This article is very hetero-focussed but interesting no less. I guess I don’t know of any females that have an arm pit fetish, do you? Smell is UBER important for queers. You have the stinky pigs who love a good man smell to an extreme and then you have perfume queens. Let’s just say that


9/16/2011: Bisexuality-Erasing, Al Franken, NYC Smoking Decrease, What Happened To Borders?

Cocaine Mule Busted In Sao Paulo. A man arrested at Congonhas Airport in Sao Paulo, Brazil, had quite a bit of undeclared carry-on baggage: 72 bags containing almost a kilogram of cocaine inside his body. Anti-Gay Groups Seize On Bisexuality-Erasing ‘Queer By Choice’ Column In a piece at The Atlantic, Lindsay Miller suggests this week that


Editorial Cartoon from the Dallas Voice Takes the “Gay Panic” Defense to a New Level

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Refueled Interviews Matt Eddmenson Brand Creator of Imogene+Willie: Denim

I love a good intimate talk about hard denim. Matt Eddmenson has a great vision of where denim came from and where it’s going (he’s taking it). Great interview and video of Matt’s glorious beard and dreamy eyes by his pals at Refueled. “Matt Eddmenson opened Imogene+Willie with wife Carrie in the retrofitted former gas station

Vincent Gallo Looking Stunning in G-Star’s RAW Campaign A/W 2011

Vincent Gallo is stunningly silent in his photo spread for G-Star’s  current RAW campaign. His unusual bone structure and dark demeanor makes him a perfect candidate for a baby-daddy or featured in the ever so popular True Blood. Gallo throughout his career has been woven into the hipster-art-fashion-scene and was once BFF with Michel Basquiat. I


Hair Balls of the Day: 8 Amish Men

Via Mug Shots of the Day: Eight Amish men were arrested and booked into the Graves Country (KY) jail for refusing to pay fines issued for failure to attach orange safety triangles to their horse-drawn buggies. The Swartzentruber Amish sect members said they could not display the triangles as it would violate a religious decree prohibiting bright


News:, Country Singer Chely Wright, Anderson Cooper, 13 Facts To Think About While Flying The site continues to keep track of straight youth who have committed suicide because of how they’ve been bullied by gays and lesbians. Country singer Chely Wright talking with MSNBC’s Thomas Roberts about fighting for equality in North Carolina: EQCA Ends ‘Most Successful Legislative Session’ in Its History-No Mention of Kors Equality California issued a


Queer News: Kristin Chenoweth, Herman Cain’s Gay Treasurer, LGBT Student Bullying On The Rise

KRISTIN CHENOWETH ON BEING A PRO-GAY CHRISTIAN   Actress Kristin Chenoweth joined Joy Behar last night to talk about bullying, Chaz Bono, and supporting LGBT equality as a Christian. She shared her grandmother’s motto: “I read the Bible like I eat fish — I take the meat that serves me well, but I don’t choke on a

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Hairy Video Blog “Introduction” & “Hold” A 9:23 Minute Bear Hold By Sean M. Johnson

Beard Love: Videos By Sean M. Johnson By Sean M. Johnson        


Vintage Hair Ball of the Day: Bearded Walk Along a Creek

Source  hardwoodream  


Hair Ball of the Day: Sweet Squint

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Female Rock Super-Group WILD FLAG: Girl Power 2011

This is a total musical wet dream. Taking bits and pieces of Sleater-Kinney’s Carrie Brownstein’s and drummer Janet Weiss, Rebecca Cole from the Minders on keyboards, and Helium mastermind Mary Timony as guitarist and singer blending together in one mixing bowl. This collaboration of musical talents and beauties will finally bring due attention to these


BUTT’S 2012 Calendar is on its Way

The countdown is on for the 2012 BUTT calendar. In this hectic world that we live in, it’s all about the small things. “Fans of the printed edition of the 2010 BUTT calendar will be thrilled to know that the 2012 edition is on its way. Like the previous edition this one has been lovingly


City Arts & Lectures Present Bob Mould and Shepard Fairey: 9/20

Not to be missed. The two names, Bob Mould and Shepard Fairey, in one sentence stimulate all my senses and put my mind in overdrive. This will be a powerful conversation and more time to swoon over ‘our’ very own Bob Mould.   Bob Mould In conversation with Shepard Fairey Presented in Association with Noise Pop TUESDAY,


I went Window Shopping for You with Fall in Mind: Wool Delights

Harding Cardigan   Pendleton   Retro 1970s revival chunky knit cardigan from Pendleton. Features classic chunky cable knit mixed with Aztec printed design, large shawl collar, button front closure, two welt pockets, and ribbed hem and cuffs. 100% Lambswool Find HERE           Arrow Pendleton Classic V neck long sleeve cardigan with


Dennis Hopper Lives on Through Garment Collaboration with Vans

While Dennis Hopper was best known for his work in film, if you hang with us regularly, you already know that he was also an accomplished photographer as well. Before the legendary actor’s death, he initiated a collaboration with Vans that included a collection of footwear and apparel featuring some of his favorite photographs. Vans x Dennis Hopper

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Video: Shirtless Anderson Cooper Turns into a Juice Head for Snooki & Gets a Spray Tan

“Jersey Shore” cast member Snooki takes Anderson Cooper spray tanning on an episode of his new talk show, “Anderson.” Cooper takes it all off and Snooki comments on his peanuts. He’s quite adorable, even though he’s hairless and all.    


Hair Ball of the Day: Cute Little Biscuit


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Video: Zoochosis Presents “Bears”

A nice and decent appearing white family meets a pack of bear rummaging through garbage bags. A precious little girl feeds a hungry bear honey from the safety of a car. Have you ever been to a bear bar? There are frightening similarities to this hilarious short film by Zoochosis. Thanks Drew B. for the tip!


Gay Advocate Cyndi Lauper Fluffs Line in American National Anthem: Video

So what! Her track record still shows that she is a way far better person than you and her contributions alone to the gay community should give her a life time a free passes. Team Lauper!


Tom Hardy, ‘Earthquakes are caused by homosexuality,’ “Cannibalizing Her Psychologically Disturbed Soul For Ratings”

Tom Hardy Has Never Put It in a Man Rising star Tom Hardy says he has never put his penis in a man and he was quoted out of context in a 2008 interview withAttitude magazine that started the rumor, according to a candid new profile in Marie Claire. Last year The Daily Mail reported that Hardy said he’s had


Henry Rollins’s Photo Realism in his first Photo Book “Occupants”

It’s real simple, Henry Rollin is a smart man with an enraged passion for justice for all, and has been very out spoken as a straight alliance for us gays. “I almost felt like I was suffocating while taking the photo. It screams out at you in a very weird way.” Equally offensive to him

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Beard Alert: Alex Clare’s New Video “Up All Night 2011″

Brand new 2011 version of Up All Night — Skream and Nadastrom remixes available 10th September New album out now on iTunes:


Pierrepont Hicks Autumn/Winter 2011 “Mugshots”: Collection of Neckwear

These wonderful illustrations of the neckwear collection, will also be on sale themselves on Bartlett, the artist’s site in October. I want you to hold your breath until then. Via Selectism  “Jonathan Bartlett illustrates the Autumn/Winter 2011 collection of neckwear from Pierrepont Hicks using animal and insect mugshots to promote the looks. The line-ups are very well done and


N. Hoolywood Spring/Summer 2012 Runway: Geek Love Flow-eth Over

Flipping through the lookbook of N. Hollywood’s Spring/Summer 20102 collection, my nerd love flow-eth over. I think they were channeling Anthony Michael Hall from the 80’s Bop magazine days. “This season evokes the essence of Bass’ representative title backs by combining solid styles like those often seen in films of the Sixties with pop textiles and