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Cleve Jones

San Francisco Marches to Remember and Re-ignite Harvey Milk’s Message

Memorial held in San Francisco last night in San Francisco for the anniversary of Harvey Milk’s assassination (11/27/1978). Speakers included Cleve Jones with an intro from Harry Britt. Cleve Jones reminded people that there is one movement and that Harvey was for justice for all including African-Americans and immigrants. When Cleve  got to the mic,

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Do You Know What Your Sex Score Is? Take Sexual Survey

The survey talked about below is based out of the UK, so I give you permission to lie on one questions, and that is, if you do not live in the UK, you can click the yes button that says  you do, and carry on. Be honest answering the personal sexual questions asked. There is


UK: New HIV Prevention Campaign Asks Businesses to Help Promote Condom Use

HIV and sexual health charity Terrence Higgins Trust launches a nationwide poster campaign today, urging gay and bisexual men to use condoms during sex. Some might say this is old news, but until the number of people infected through sexual conduct each year is zero, this topic is acute and relevant. World AIDS day 2011

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“How They Felt” – a Short Film by Team Funwolf Including a Puppeteer Love Making Scene

This film, by Team Funwolf, conducted a puppeteer  love making scene in which it won best scene in that newly added category. This is the future, you can have sex with any inanimate object of your choice. via Short Film of the Day: How They Felt, a Mumblecore short film by Team Funwolf for the 48 Hour Film

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Video | Printemps Holiday Windows by Karl Lagerfeld

Karl Lagerfeld in my humble opinion, comes from another world, perhaps Uranus (not mine). His rock star vibe and legend status in the fashion world makes people stop and listen. Sometime when listening, I must admit, I stop listening and just look at him. In this interview he gives a kick ass attitude and claims


Hair Ball of the Day: Harvey Milk


In Memoriam: Nov. 27, 1978 – Harvey Milk Assassinated In San Francisco

Supervisor Harvey Milk recorded a message to be played should he ever be assassinated. Unfortunately the world sat in shock and disbelief, after finding out the news, that indeed, at 11 a.m. on a beautiful Monday morning, on November 27, 1978,  San Francisco Mayor George Moscone and Supervisor Harvey Milk were shot and killed in

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Anderson Cooper Give Advice to Budding Journalists(Video)

An audience member on Anderson Cooper’s day time talk show asked him if he had any tips for a budding Journalists. Anderson’s answer basically boiled down to, hard work and long hours.  He went on to name his favorite journalists and those who have influenced him. Well no, I was never mentioned, so immediately think it was


Salvation Army Red Kettle Campaign Under Fire For LGBT Community Stance

Ring-a-ling-ling! It’s that time of the year where you will be pestered to death to empty your pockets for the sake of charities. Where will you dump your change and pocket lint? Each year the Salvation Army’s Red Kettle bell ringers get the attention of LGBT due to the organization’s conservative view of homosexuality. via The


Hair Ball of the Day: It’s Time

  (via monstertrucker)


Harvey Milk and Moscone Candlelight March and Vigil | Castro

Public display of remembrance and pride from the man who started it all. See you there! Join the city for night of remembrance of the lives and untimely deaths of supervisor Harvey Milk and mayor George Moscone on the anniversary of their assassinations in 1978 and commemorating the spontaneous candlelight march the night of the shootings. Where and When: The


Bad Beard: Man Wears Santa Beard in McDonald’s Robbery

Short and tubby Robber wears a Santa beard during robbery. That seems a little weak to me. What will the real Santa think? He is still on the loose. Tis the season. Lakeland, FL — Lakeland Police are trying to identify the man who robbed a McDonald’s on Nov. 8. According to police, the man,


‘Forceful Beard Cutting’ Now a Hate Crime Case

This takes on a whole other context to , ” I hate your ass-face!” via MILLERSBURG — Local charges against five Amishmen accused of brutally attacking a local bishop and cutting his beard have been dismissed and they, along with two others, their leader included, now face federal hate crimes charges. Previously charged with



This art work contains some of my favorite words and concepts, interpretation and perception. There is so much room for creativity with them. The latest in the series of Mapplethorpe takeovers sees the award winning director Sofia Coppola take the helm and present her own perspective, bringing to light some lesser-known images such as his


Freddie Mercury Movie Underway

20 Years Ago and one day Today, Freddie Mercury Passed Away. He passed away from bronchial pneumonia resulting from AIDS in 1991. He died just one day after he revealed to the world that he had the disease. There has been talk of a movie about Freddie Mercury in the works and it seems as

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Admit it – You Totally Would Have Had Sex With Neanderthals

I have always said that I like my men big and dumb. I visualize rough skin, broad forehead, thick limbs and throw me over their shoulder and drag me back to the cave strength followed by some grunting around the fire. To my surprise: Several new studies demonstrate that Neandertals were anything but macho brutes.


Archie Comics’ Gay Wedding Issue Revealed

Dammit! So, a gay cartoon character can get married before I do. Hopefully this will help pave the way for my future tying of the knot. I am curious though, who reads Archie comics? via Huffington Post  The highly-anticipated gay wedding issue of Archie Comics has finally been revealed. The January issue’s cover illustration shows

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Australia’s Touching Marriage Equality AD (Video)

GetUp! Action for Australia has produced this touching video of a young couple sharing their lives with each other from a day at the beach to personal tragedies, birthdays, and finally the marriage proposal.   (Think Progress)

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India Talent Show – Warriors of Goja: Bearded Bloody Mess (Video)

Some people get a little squeamish at the US’s show Survivor, but take a look at this video of India Talent Show. This group of men go ape shit, bust and chew glass. The female judge looks to be almost going into cardiac arrest with fear or maybe she’s orgasmic with excitement. Tell me what


Adam Levine Stays Fine Tuned With Yoga on Road

Yoga is one if the more popular items that pop up on peoples New Years resolution list. Here is some sweet inspiration from rock babe Adam Levine from his spread from Details. Yoga is one of the ways in which he stays a lean, mean singing machine and says, “At any Maroon 5 concert, you’ll


Hair Balls of the Day: Kennedy Carter & Friend as Ernie & Bert

 “The Sesame St. PR that keeps denying that Bert and Ernie are in a loving relationship together needs to ask them to stop skipping around Urban Outfitters holding hands together.” Kennedy

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Has Barbie Gone Gay For Ellen DeGeneres? “A Fairy Secret” Book Cover (Video)

This image on the cover of the book “A Fairy Secret,” is a spitting image of Ellen DeGeneres with Barbie, but with Bieber hairdont’s going around, many dudes look like Ellen. I say good for Barbie, even if she is just going through a lesbo phase. Let her have her Girls Gone Wild moment. Though the “Earring


Peruvian Mayor, Fears Tap Water’s Minerals Will Turn Town Gay

Well here is one I have never heard before, ” Peruvian mayor is blaming the high mineral levels in the area’s drinking water for a perceived increase in the number of gay men residing in his town. Does he have access to the internet or cable television? Maybe someone should clue him in on the fact that gays


Davey Wavey’s 7 Tips for Stress-Free Holiday Travel

Davey Wavey has grown on me and now I find joy in him. He’s growing into a fine young man and here he offers some tips on how to stay healthy mind and body during the holiday season while traveling which brings as much stress and anxiety as it does pleasure. via By Davey

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Holiday Snack: Austrian Model Patrick Hollenstenier (Video)

A present from me to you. Something to snack on while you brine the turkey. The Austrian model Patrick Hollenstenier @ Stella Models is a modern day Steve Reeves in Sam Scott Schiavo’s tribute to Rome’s Cinecitta’ 1960’s Hercules films. Music by Peter John Ross.      

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Old Spice Videos| Bear Deodorant Protector

Because of the bizarre commercial that features this Bear Deodorant Protector, including crosser dresser and Hugh Heffner like 1970’s surroundings,  Old Spice has had to come out and say it, “This product exists and is available for purchase on November 23rd,” otherwise you may have thought of this as a hilarious spoof. There is some


Michael Fassbender Plays ‘Guess The Celebrity Penis,’ Wins (Video)

Now here is a game I am all about being hands on. Michael Fassbender Plays ‘Guess The Celebrity Penis,’ and wins, which must mean he is a keen observer and good with the penis. How do you think you would measure up? Michael Fassbender is an expert on celebrity penises. Don’t believe me? Check him out as


Bear Sleeping Bag From Artist Eiko Ishizawa

    Sadly, this one of a kind design from artist Eiko Ishizawa is not available for purchase. Outrageous and awesome. The idea of  sleeping in the innards of a big grizzly would keep me safe from the elements and with its realistic jaw, it may keep nightmares at bay as well!


Happy Socks Shot By Terry Richardson

On September 23rd, Terry Richardson gathered a crew of New York’s coolest to shoot under some very Happy conditions! Stylist/fashion editor Mel Ottenberg and designer Adam Selman created an impressive series of looks based on Happy Socks’ Chapter #FOUR collection, turning Happy Socks into pants, sweaters, tops, even bunny ears and a bow tie to


Hair Ball of the Day: Time to Cook

  redtramp: self portrait

Tom Varndell signs the Charter

London Wasps Sign Government Charter Against Homophobia

Ben Cohen says, “Great to see London Wasps signing the Charter. First Rugby Club to do so. Who will be next?” Ben London Wasps have become the first professional rugby union club to sign the Government Charter for Action to rid sport of homophobic and transphobic abuse. The Charter was launched by Equalities Minister Lynne

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Stunning LGBT Campaign Ads From Argentina: Can You Believe This? (Videos)

Amazing LGBT rights campaign ad from Obs.Salta in Salta, Argentina. A year ago, Argentina became the first country in Latin America to grant same-sex couples full marriage rights. Before this year is over, the Argentinean congress might very well pass a groundbreaking transgender-rights law extending health care protections to transgender individuals and making it easier

Judas Priest’s Rob Halford: Hall of Fame Induction Would Be ‘Tremendous’ for LGBT Community

If there is a petition or protest I will sign or walk in, it might the one trying to get Rob Halford, gay rock legend,  singer for Judas Priest into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. In a recent interview his sexuality is brought up as a possible reason that  it hasn’t happened thus far. via Rob


Martha Stewart Schooled Jesse Tyler Ferguson on How to Cook a Turkey Dinner

Ginger dreaming with cute and cuddly Jesse Tyler Ferguson. Jesse oozes with excitement from having the one and only, beast of the kitchen Martha Stewart, teach him how to prepare a turkey dinner. His cooking skills have grown leaps and bounds from years past spent with his “siblings Kelly and Ben in Kelly’s shoebox-sized (I’m


Gay Couple Marries at Occupy Wall Street: My Prediction

Here is a healthy does of cynicism.  I hate to break up the photo shoot opportunities and your interviews with high profile newspapers. “Activists” Jonathan Lopez, 19, and Ivan Cabrera, 18, two gay males had an “unofficial”  wedding at the occupy Wall Street protest . When I furiously rub my crystal ball, it tells me that these two

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Mishka & Rapper Action Bronson’s “Respect the Mustache” T-shirt

Action Bronson and Statik Selektah have released the above music video for ‘Not Enough Words’ directed by Tom Gould and Alexander Richter. The new Action Bronson album “Well Done,” produced entirely by Statik Selektah will be released tomorrow (November 22, 2011) on DCide Records. Enjoy.. Action Bronson has also released a ‘Respect the Mustache’ tee with Mishka NYC,

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Touching Moment: Oskar the Blind Kitten and His First Toys (Video)

Being a cat lady and all, of course this video made me go gaga (no, not that Gaga!). Warning this video has the potential to make you burst out into happy tears! Some of you asked for more Oskar videos, so here we go….. I took this video the day after we adopted him. Since


Hair Ball of the Day Art: “Beard” The Naughty Bits

About artist: CRIS , artist Here I share what I like to draw, FanArts of my favorite serials, ilustrations, sketches and stupid things I do. Most of the times, my drawings are yaoi (male x male) from a tender Kiss to explicit sex. by now I’m superheroe fan, specially Young Avengers, RedRobin, Superboy and Young justice


Man Attacked by Seagulls Attracted to His Mustache

Mr Chris Wells has been sporting a mustache for Movember, in aid of prostate and testicular cancer charities, when it was attacked by a seagull. Men, it is a risk you have to take for such beauty. The 57-year-old’s wing-some ‘tache sent the large bird crazy, pecking a chunk out his lip that needed three

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An Introduction to Nasty Pig Jeans, Dominant, Which Causes Some Whining

Hello world, there are gay dudes that skateboard and tear it up in the streets. Some gays are all in a flurry because the male model doesn’t specify a gender in the texts message he sends out, “I did me. Now I want to do you.” These whiners also state that no straight man would ever