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American Civil War Re-enactors and Facial Hair Galore: Video

In this episode of Subculture Club  from  thethrashlab they take you to the front lines in El Dorado Park, CA on 400 acres of land where a Civil War Reenactment group presented the NORTH vs SOUTH. Get to know the presenters, the men at battle and the man behind Abraham Lincoln. There are more than 50,000

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“Limousines, Bikini Queens, and Swelling Dreams” Warrior of Radness Fall Winter 2012: Video

The latest installment of the great Warrior of Radness campaign films; this time we’re met with “Limousines, Bikini Queens, and Swelling Dreams.” As they state, “now it’s all designed to blow our minds, but our minds already been blown…” Very fucking true. Check for the latest in anit-surf wear from the Cali-based surf brand.  

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Beardy Hunky Model Christopher Camplin Photographed by Greg Bailey

The Musings and Arousings of Photographer Greg Bailey.  Special thanks to American Apparel


New Contest: Enter to Win a Diamond Rings “I’m Just Me” Prize Pack!

The Diamond Rings “I’m Just Me” prize pack includes an “I’m Just Me” t-shirt, sticker, button and remix CD!  Astralwerks Records presents “I’m Just Me” the brand new single from electro-pop maestro DIAMOND RINGS Available NOW on iTunes Catch Diamond Rings on his upcoming tour with Stars this fall! Details for contest: Ok, since the prizes for this contest

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Bob Mould Premieres Video for “The Descent”

Raise your hand if you to are in love with Bob Mould. Bob Mould premiered his new video for “The Descent” from his upcoming album Silver Age at Pitchfork TV.  Watch as Bob escapes the city for a life more wild while listening to the song Stereogum described as “everything you want from a Bob Mould song: fast, heavy, sweeping, tight; all glide

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Dan Savage vs. NOM’s President Brian Brown: The Debate at the Dinner Table: Video

Brian Brown, President of the National Organization for Marriage, and Dan Savage, writer of the Savage Love column, met at Savage’s home in Seattle for dinner and a debate over same-sex marriage and the Bible. The setting of the debate is fascinating and adds an ‘in Dan Savages home turf’ sort of vibe which most


Hair Ball of the Day: Cute Beard Critter

source bear-princess

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In Bed with Colby Keller: How to Have a Three-Way: Video

MANHUNTnet‘s sexpert Colby Keller says this about threeways. “You don’t want to have an orgy, but you DO want to invite someone into your play.” Colby’s here to walk you through it! Colby introduces some threeway taxonomy: 3 unknowns, fuckbuds, LTR tag team, 2 tops 1bottom, 1 top 2 bottoms and open season. Watch video to


‘James Franco’s Cruising’: A Sexy Salute to the Controversial 1980 Film

We applaud James Franco for taking the roles he wants to play. Read here about James’ newest move where he teamed up with Travis Mathews, whose I Want Your Love is still making the festival circuit, to work on a homo-art-sex film. The film will be a tribute to the Friedkin’s flick and is titled James Franco’s Cruising.


An Australian Rules Football Team in Speedos and Cold Water: Photos

The Richmond Tigers, an Australian Rules Football team, had a training session in the cold water. That might be all the information you need to know to enjoy this post besides maybe a magnifying glass. Cute is cute! Image by Scott Barbour / Getty Images Image by Scott Barbour / Getty Images Image by Scott Barbour / Getty Images Image by Scott Barbour


Seth Green Shaves Beard Bit by Bit for Some Macho New looks: Photos

See how important Twitter is dammit! How else would we have been able to see this progression of Seth Green’s facial hair go from full beard after finishing his latest movie, Sexy Evil Genius, to burly pork chop side burns and handle bar mustache to the regent mustache, to tweaker crazed facial hair to baby face.  reported: As he

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Totally NSFW Enjoyment: GayPimp Jonny McGovern Gives Us Pecker Dance to Celebrate Twitter Milestone

Hollywood singer Jonny McGovern also known as GayPimp  thanks and celebrates fans for reaching 10,000 followers on  Twitter by making sexy young thing give us the pecker dance of a life time in some of the tiniest white shorts you have ever seen. So, who ever that 10,000th follower is, thank you from the bottom of our groin.

Self-portrait, "Wearing My Mother's Silver" August 20th 2012

Hair Ball of the Day: The Beauty That is Photographer John Arsenault

Check out all of John’s work      

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Watch: Testicular Exams with Your Pals in the Steam Room Video

Steamroom Diaries playfully touch on a serious subject, testicular examines. The steamroom actually is the perfect location for such an exam. Don’t be surprised though if you get some unwanted attention. Thanks to this episode these  guys share jerk off tips and health advice.   Facebook: Twitter:

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Supreme 2012 Fall/Winter Lookbook

We love a man with some scruff and some big ole ears! Supreme has just released its 2012 fall/winter lookbook and it looks to contain some very covetable pieces. Featuring a variety of outerwear options from a leather pea coat produced in collaboration with Schott to a technical shell coat, the lookbook promises something for every

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Shut Your Pie Hole, Back to School Boot Camp Video with Glove and Boots

Watch only if you have a sense of humor. If you are out of school, just substitute school with work, stretch your imagination. Here Boots and Glove give us tips to use throughout life including, “Do not take your pants off in front of other students.” √ Visit us on facebook, jerkies!


Neither Man Nor Woman: You May Be Agender or Gender Neutrois

  BY RACHEL R. WHITE “I didn’t really want nipples,” Cory said, running a hand through a mop of bleached blond hair. Born female, 23-year-old Cory uses the pronoun co—and asked that we refer to co that way, too—and got elective surgery to remove co’s breasts last year. But co is not transgender in the traditional sense,

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A Full Frontal Freedom Production: Wrong Direction’s “Disclosure” Video

Full Frontal Freedom  give us a mouthful; a parody based on One Direction’s hit song, “What Makes You Beautiful.”  Lets play spot the Andrew Christian model/models. OK, we’ll go first, our hands down favorite  Quinn Christopher Jaxon grabs all of our attention. Your turn. Full Frontal Freedom’s website identifies them as follows: FULL FRONTAL FREEDOM. THE ANTI-PAC. Full

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Grindr for the GOP Convention: Video

Hooking Up at the GOP Convention this year is going to be so easy with their new Grindr app.   Grindr for the GOP Convention from Joshua Malina


Charleze’s Angels: A Male Parody of Charlies Angeles Starring Ronnie Kerr, Ian Roberts, Samuel Colt and Pandora Boxx

It is make it work happen for these guys. Got any spare change? A male parody of Charlies Angeles starring Ronnie Kerr, Ian Roberts, Samuel Colt and Pandora Boxx directed by Carlie Vaughn Short Summary We are going to make a high camp, high action, big laughs version of Charlie’s Angeles but with role reversal. Our

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Watch: Where The Bears Are – “Bears of Interest” Episode 6

Feast on Wood (Joe Dietl) reliving some glory times and basking in the glory of being a possible suspect for murder.Also find out whose Growlr check list includes: BDSM, kink, ranch, leather , jock straps, cock, rings, tip clamps and both dom and submissive. Hmm The bears work hard to clear their names before they’re arrested

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‘Real Men’ Give Their Definition of What it is to be a ‘Real Man’ :Video

Accidental Bear Website and a few friends answer the question, What is a ‘Real Man’ for Manhunt Daily’s ‘Real Man Project’.  “What is a real man? ” is an incredibly debatable question and an important topic of conversation. Does masculinity make you a real man or  the other way around? The overwhelming response we got


Rapper Rick Ross Shot by Terry Richardson

William Leonard Roberts II, better known by his stage name Rick Ross, is an American rapper. Ross founded the record label Maybach Music Group, on which he released his studio albums Deeper Than Rap and Teflon Don. Wikipedia Rick Ross is one big bar of chocolate and he and Terry Richardson have a moment. All photos from

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Denver Balloon Fetishist, Gets Sexually Excited By Popping Balloons (VIDEO)

Are you excited for the pop? Balloon fetishist gets sexually excited by popping balloons. See there you go, you learn something new everyday. A popping balloon can be startling, but what’s more shocking is that others find that sound sexually arousing. People like Elle, a Denver-based dominatrix who admits to being a “looner,” a term used by balloon

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Cheap Thrills: “The Amazing Newbie” Underwear Ad by Andrew Christian: Video

We are partial to these videos but do enjoy some cheap thrills now and again. Remember these are ads to sell underwear and damn cute. Actually though, we don’t personally think the guys packages look good in these. Abnormal shaped wieners make us think of stuffing. Anyhow, bravo for another fun video Andrew Christian. Buy


NSFW: Russian DJ and Internet Sensation Pavel Petel is Not Afraid of Absurd Slinky Clothing or Women’s High Heels

Pavel Petel is a DJ and internet sensation from Russia with a fancy Lil Kim type  fashion sense. You may have seen him in your Facebook feed recently or in your nightmares. You got to love his sense of humor and his whimsy.  Follow his next move on FACEBOOK and even hire him. For good adult fun

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Hair Ball of the Day: 60 Minute Beard Stare Down Video

60 Second Self Portrait by Youtuber  coreywilliamphotos who says the video was unspired by Chase Jarvis.


Spongebob Squarepants & Other Popular Kids Shows May Be to Gay and Outlawed Soon in the Ukraine

  How can a sponge be gay? But even a better question is,  how can a cartoon sponge threaten the moral fiber of the Ukraine? Think Progress reports: The Ukrainian National Commission for the Protection of Morality is set to propose a ban on several popular kids programs, alleging they masquerade as “projects aimed at the

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Gay Salt Lake City Night Club Jam Bombarded by Fire Early Thursday Morning

SALT LAKE CITY ABC 4 News reports – A crowd at a popular Salt Lake City gay club is attacked by flaming projectiles. Fernando Noriega explains to ABC 4 what happened early Thursday morning at Club JAM at 751 North 300 West. “So we had at least 30 to 40 people here,” said Noriega. “Everybody’s congregated to

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Watch: Awkward Video Called “Awkward White Guys In Shorts”

It’s a train wreck that you cannot look away from. On the other hand, let’s play that game where we count home many guys in this video we would fudge pack. You’re welcome.

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Man Couture Corsets Styled Banjee Realness by Designer Gabriel Moginot

  What can one say. Couture corsets for men with lady lace sewn onto the bottom of cut off sweat pants. It’s a look. I don’t know about you but this makes me want to have a hot dog real bad! Couture corsets designer Gabriel Moginot is photographed by Armin Morbach and styled by Ingo Nahrwold in the story ’55cm’ for the second


23 Yr Old Playwright’s “Our Lady” Sells Out Opening Night at the Fringe NYC: Aims to Inspire Gay Youth

   On Monday night at the Living Theatre, James Fluhr and Company premiered Our Lady to a standing ovation from a sold-out house. Jason Jacobs of described the show as “a theatrical experience that holds [the audience] enthralled” and “the splashiest production [he’s] ever seen at FringeNYC.” In a personal essay written for the Huffington Post

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Pussy Riot Release New Single “Putin Lights Up the Fires”: Watch Video

These girls have some big balls! “(The Guardian) Pussy Riot, the feminist Russian punk band from which three members were found guilty of hooliganism driven by religious hatred and sentenced to two years in jail, have released a new single called Putin Lights Up the Fires. The Guardian has edited the new song to a


Ginger Hair Ball of the Day: Crossfit Champion, Lucas Parker: Photos & Video


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French Model Matthieu Charneau Photographed by Lea Colombo

23-year-old French model Matthieu Charneau is cute as an English Muffin! He appears to be struggling with his clothes in the shoot with photographer Lea Colombo Adorable GIF of Matthieu Charneau via | Twitter

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Watch: Where The Bears Are – Episode 5 “Bear on a Couch”

“You always thought with your penis, which made you smart in my mind.” Brilliance! We know many of you will want to change the title to Bear on My Face after seeing this hunk. Keep it together men. In episode 5, the world newest gift from Where the Bear Are, titled Bear on a Couch,


Gay Marines May Be America’s Next Great Political Prop: Gut-Busting Video

Every so often you wake up with gold in your inbox and this morning was just that. Founder of the Facebook Page Gay Marines,  Brett Edward Stout came into our radar this morning for several reasons. 1- the amazing scruff he is sporting and 2- his scrumptious work out partner is picked as America’s next great political prop on

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Tranarchy Presents the Second Annual Vogue Brawl “Pride is Burning” – Manchester

Does this not have Sharon Needles written all over it! Unfortunately our queen is not involved. Its a state of mind, Manchester, United Kingdom VOGUE BRAWL IS BACK!  After the success of last year’s inaugural VOGUE BRAWL, we are delighted to announce the return of Manchester’s first ever vogue ball! This year it will be taking

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First Look at Aimee Mann’s Eighth Studio Record ‘Charmer’: Are We Seeing Double?

First off, about time. Secondly, freaking amazing. Aimee Mann’s eighth studio record, Charmer, comes out in a month. Charmer is also the title — and subject — of the album’s first video, which features a robot double of Mann played by three-time Academy Award-nominated actress Laura Linney of The Truman Show, The Squid and the Whale and The Big C. The video,

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Amanda Lepore Poses the Shit Out of Marilyn Monroe & Dorothy Stratten’s Graves: Video

Of course this seems appropriate being filmed for the awesome  dailyfreakshow, because frankly this might be called just that. What is that saying dancing on somebodies grave? Amanda Lepore does even better and poses the shit out her leopard dress on Marilyn Monroe’s & Dorothy Stratten’s Graves. Even the pick up truck and tourist in the background don’t