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The Supreme Fabulettes – “You Ruined My Xmas”: Cameo by Johnny Hazzard: Video Directed by Boy George and Dean Stockings

Smorgasbord  of drag and porn starts.


Man Will Run Across Brooklyn Bridge in High Heels to Support LGBTQ Youth: Ali Forney Center: Video

ABOUT THE CAMPAIGN Everyone knows that Hurricane Sandy devastated the City of New York, but what many people don’t know is that it was particularly devastating for the Ali Forney Center and NYC’s 3800 homeless LGBT youth. Located in Chelsea, the Ali Forney Center is NYC’s leading service provider and shelter service for homeless LGBT


Testicular Cancer Organization Offers Christmas Ballsack Ornaments

Testicular cancer organization Orchid and the London office of ad agency Fallon have teamed up to offer “Bauballs.” Buy HERE From the Check Your Balls website: Decorate your tree with some festive bravado and help a good cause by grabbing or sharing some Bauballs. We’ve teamed up with Orchid to create some Christmas tree ornaments that raise money


Meet Japan’s Only Male Geisha

I have a sick fascination with all things Geisha. This story of male Geisha put a nice twist on traction. Male geisha actually predate female geisha in Japan, but as the popularity of the art form declined in post-World War II Japan, the male geisha — or taikomochi — began to disappear. Today, men drum alongside geisha, but

American Cub Scout salutes as he holds an American flag

Merck Foundation Ends Relationship with Boy Scouts Funding Over Anti-Gay Policy

The Boy Scouts of America (BSA) have lost yet another corporate sponsor angered by the organization’s stance on the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender community. Following in the footsteps of Intel and UPS, the Merck Foundation announced it would suspend all funding to the Boy Scouts until the ban on gay scouts and scout leaders is lifted. The Merck Foundation’s

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Jake Gyllenhaal Talks About His Beard with Graham Norton: Video

Graham Norton is not pleased with Jake Gyllenhaal’s beard that his has quite large at the moment for a play he is doing. We say get out of the way Norton, your opinion is not valid here (although we do love you).


Tonight! Accidental Bear Website 2 Year Anniversary Party: Big Dipper, Rica Shay, MC Crumbsnatcher & Tim Carr

Come celebrate Accidental Bear Website’s 2 Year Anniversary! 4 power house special performances! We are titillated to be flying in Big Dipper for his first West Coast performance. It’s going to be hot, hairy and naughty!!! December 8, 2012 @ 9:00 pm – December 9, 2012 @ 2:00 am Truck 1900 Folsom St San Francisco,CA 94103 USA $3 cover   EVENT FACEBOOK PAGE Performances by:

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Hot Shirtless Guy Talks About Benefits of Cold Showers, Listen or Not: Video

Cold showers just aren’t just for taming the libido anymore. Listen to this cute guy discuss how it enhances his mood and betters his skin.

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The Killers Release Some Redneck Hotness: ‘I Feel It In My Bones’ Annual Xmas Single: Video

  For the past 7 years The Killers have released an original Christmas single (including last year’s The Cowboys’ Christmas Ball) and this year they bring us I Feel It In My Bones. So bad ass, including some redneck hotness!

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Andrew Christian Models Give Us X-mas Cuteness in “The Holiday Card” Video

Are you naughty or nice? Regardless, all of these young men need to be spanked! There is no better way to celebrate the holiday than with the sexy models from Andrew Christian! Music By: “Hey Santa!” by Mr. Vegas Man/ Getty Images Hunky Santas: The Holiday Card (Uncensored) from Andrew Christian on Vimeo.   STARRING:

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Big Burly Pro Wrestlers Awkwardly Sing “Jingle Bells”: Video

WWE Superstars and Divas express their holiday cheer by joining together for a group sing-along. Is anyone else uncomfortable?

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Santa Never Looked So Hot and Lick-able: Father Tiger’s “On Christmas Day” Video

Holy smokes young Santa has my toes curling in  Father Tiger’s “On Christmas Day” new music video. I want to comb this guys beard all X-mas day long and drink coffee that has been filtered through it. “We did a synthpop Christmas song!”  FatherTiger Free Download of “On Christmas Day” here: Thanks for the tip


Folk Spring/Summer 2013 loobook is a Winner

I want one of everything please, minus the white coat with blue polka dots. I’m just not ready for that. From England comes a look through the Folk Clothing collection for Spring Summer 2013. The casual wear looks run the gamut in styles and looks. Keep an eye out for unique hits on shirting pockets as well

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New Episode: Neil Patrick Harris’ Puppet Dreams: “Doctor’s Office” Video

Welcome to the brain of one of the sickest puppeteers ever encountered – Neil Patrick Harris. In this episode, Neil’s unique physiology causes a stir in the puppet medical community. Curiosity has got me wondering what’s under Neil’s hospital gown as well! Stay tuned for the next episode premiering on December 11th.   Check out


Arousing Behind the Scene Pics from Cub Camp 2013 Calendar: Hot Damn!

We featured this calendar awhile back, as long as their mentionable Cum Rag towel,  but they are on our minds everyday! First step after receiving my Cub Camp 2013 Calendar in the mail and am going to run and get it laminated so it doesn’t get sticky (wink). Cub Camp 2013 Calendar is the perfect amount

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Adult Actor Troy Daniels Gives Accidental Bear a Facial, Talks of Fave Body Part and Berlin: Tub Interview

Is Mike dreaming or did Troy Daniels, adult film actor just give him a homemade facial? Just another day in the life of Mike Accidental Bear Enders, napping, bathing and asking hard hitting questions to porn stars. In the newest bath tub interview Mike jumps in the tub with Troy Daniels to catch up on


George Takei and Hubby Beam Into the Archie Comics Universe!

  USA Today reports: The former Star Trek star and pop-culture fan favorite is coming to Riverdale in the pages of Archie Comics’Kevin Keller No. 6, out today. Kevin Keller, the company’s popular gay character, is a Takei fan and the catalyst that brings the actor and his husband, Brad, into the comic. As an advocate for LGBT

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You Can’t Be Gay Unless You Have A Job Illustrated: Video

“A tale about my desperate longing to be a homosexual as a young person. Lucky for me, it all worked out in the end.” by grahamgremore

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Simply Plimpton Needs “THERAPY”; Rage Towards Sofas Build: Episode 14

Martha’s rage towards sofas builds. We are biting are nails to little stubbs. What will she do with all this rage? Watch Simply Plimpton‘s newest rib tickling video: “THERAPY”   Directed: Brian Crano Written: Brian Crano and David Joseph Craig Director of Photography: Max Hurwitz, Mike Klein, Jason Filmore

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“Merry Effin’ Christmas” by Miss Guy, Someone is Going to Lose Their Head: Video

Uh-oh, someone is being naughty! Merry Effin’ Christmas” is a satirical take on traditional Christmas music with a rock twist. The video features Miss Guy, Matt Katz-Bohen, and Monkey (the King Charles Cavalier Spaniel) in all of their holiday garb and glory. With winter scenes of excess and holiday decorations galore, “Merry Effin’ Christmas” even

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Zachary Quinto Has Serial Killer Eyebrows and We Want to Lick Them: Video

Zachary Quinto is a babe, hands down! As one who thinks a good unibrow in sexy, Quinto awes me with his thick, might I say perfect eyebrows. In this clip of him on the Conan Show it is revealed that it is just those eyebrow that keep getting him cast as a serial killer. More CONAN

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Watch: “Together FURever” Short Film: Are You A Cat Person?

Are you a cat person? Watch this totally adorable short film by Steve Cutler called Together FURever to find out what the hell I’m talking about. Together Furever from Steve Cutler on Vimeo.

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Hair Ball of the Day: It’s a Stretch

Source: aemmenne

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NEW: Chloe Gives Us “The 12 Days of Christmas” Realness: Video

Ho, Ho, Ho! Chloe really rakes it in this Holiday season. See what she received on each of these 12 days. “The 12 Days of Christmas,” the modern version.


Big Boy Vintage 2013 Calendar Coming Soon!

About Big Boy Vintage: Big Boy Vintage clothing and accessories for Big Boys.  Nothing under size large or 38 waist. Available at various random happenings in Los Angeles and hope to be in a city near you soon. Join our email list at Looking for big boys to collaborate with. We want you to model for

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Holiday Eticat (Etiquette) Lessons with Cutie Pie Derek Blasberg and 2 Cats: Video

File this under Cat lady diaries: With the help of some pussies, the cutie Derek Blasberg gives us some helpful tips on manners and etiquette for the holiday season. Presented by Juicy Couture, the video goes through the dos and don’ts of the holiday season. Helping him out are Classy Cat  with sleep lines and zen like traits

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Ricardo Figueiredo For Givenchy Fall 2013: “Doberman is the New Rottweiler”

“Doberman is the new Rottweiler.”  Feast on these looks. Ricardo Figueiredo in the new Givenchy fall 2013 men’s lookbook.

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Watch 21,000 Bears Fly at Teddy Bear Toss: Canadian Hockey League

I would say the Teddy Bear’s smell much better than the normal large fish that regularly get tossed onto the ice during hockey matches. In carrying on the North American tradition of Teddy Bear Toss in December, the fans of the Canadian major junior ice hockey team Calgary Hitmen threw more than 21,000 teddy bears onto the


Chicago’s Santa Speedo Run Nets $7,000 For HIV/AIDS Charity: Photos

Santa Speedo Run participants Saturday in Chicago braved the cold and risk of public penis shrinkage. About 200 runners in skimpy briefs ran through the heart of Chicago’s Boystown district on Saturday as part of the city’s second annual Most Fabulous Santa Speedo Run. The event, which began in Boston in 2000, raised more than $7,000 for Vital

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NYPD Says, ‘It Gets Better’: Video

“New York Police Department is the latest police department to record an “It Gets Better” video. The clip opens with Police Commissioner Ray Kelly reaffirming the bureau’s commitment to working with the LGBT community to protect its members from illegal harassment, abuse, and assault. School safety, anti-bullying, and hate crimes also remain priorities. Numerous police

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New Music: Conquistador – “With A Love Like That”: Official Music Video

Conquistador is electric and pushes all of my sensation buttons. We want scruffy-sassy pants lead singer Alexander Antebi  in and out of that snazzy pink jump suit. “Conquistador slays the stage…mad lights…Love Boat disco beats, Zappa-flaired psychedelia and Bowie glam rock… Let Conquistador conquer your heart.” –Los Angeles Weekly Download this track for FREE here: Buy the

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New Menswear Line Blade and Blue Dresses Up Accidental Bear from Jock to Hot Teacher: Exclusive Fashion Editorial

Accidental Bear’s Mike Enders got schooled in how to look sharp 101. We had an amazing play date with new menswear line Blade and Blue based out of San Francisco and photographer  Ariel Lin. The outcome was magic. Owner and Founder of Blade and Blue, Peter Papas says, “Blade + Blue began When I found the baseball mitt that I used

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“Five Dances”: Extraordinarily Talented 18 Year Old Corn Fed Dancer (Hunk) from Kansas Lands in NYC: Watch Trailer

The classic tale of finding success and romance in the big city is given a contemporary, and unconventional, spin in Alan Brown’s new film, FIVE DANCES. Collaborating with internationally renowned choreographer Jonah Bokaer, writer-director Brown has taken five gifted New York dancers, and fashioned a story about Chip (Ryan Steele in his first film role),

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Bruce LaBruce’s “Gerontophilia,” A Sexual Preference for the Elderly: Indiegogo Project

A love affair between an 80 year old man and an 18 year old boy who, had they met elsewhere along the space/time continuum, might have been the perfect couple. Louder Bruce Indiegogo project from leonard farlinger on Vimeo.   Lake is an unusual boy: he is a young man with an old soul who

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New From Pandora Boxx – “I Wanna Have Some Fun” Official Music Video

I wonder if Pandora Boxx’s career would be different if her name was Pandora Snatch. Just a thought. Feast on hew newest video released today Pandora I Wanna Have Some Fun featuring Tim Permanent. “What’s quirky, fun and loaded with gratuitous “package” shots? Why it’s the official music video of Pandora Boxx’s cover of Samantha Fox’s 80’s hit “I

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Tegan and Sara Go Pop for New Song “Closer”: Official Music Video

Tegan and Sara’s song “Closer” is more pop than we are use to, but still loving it. It’s been too long since we have heard new beats from these cute little biscuits! Preorder ‘Heartthrob’ – Download “Closer” – Links: Facebook: Website: Twitter:

Tammie Brown! portrait by Austin Young

Austin Young’s Counterculture Portraits Outrageous Fab Sale on Only One More Day!

Austin Young documents pop and trans culture via intimate playful portraits that make you happily reconsider the question of what’s beautiful. Using striking colors and props to reveal his subjects’ inner natures in vivid pop art style, Young’s work is found at museums such as LACMA and in magazines like Interview. “Fab makes my work accessible à la Warhol and pop culture in


He-Man & She-Ra Christmas Faux Sweater, Must Have!

You’ve heard of pleather, well grab yourself this Faux Masters Of The Universe Sweater! It’s made of sweatshirt material, so really it’s a sweater wannabe. Though it only officially aired once in 1985, many people remember the He-Man/She-Ra Christmas Special fondly. Where else would you see He-Man, She-Ra and even Skeletor getting into the spirit

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Out4Marriage: Sir Ian McKellen – “Marry Me In Middle-Earth” Video

Equal Marriage supporter, X-man and mighty Gandalf of Middle-earth comes to Out4Marriage, and hints when marriage is legal in New Zealand he may use the new law himself! Sir Ian recorded this video for the New Zealand Green Party. by Out4Marriage


The International Banana Museum at the Salton Sea, For Real! Watch Video

I smell a road trip coming!  There are many interesting and odd things to be found on the shores of the dying Salton Sea in southern California but maybe one of the most unique is the International Banana Museum. Recently transplanted from Culver City, the museum occupies a squat building on the side of the