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Great America Sued Over Gay Slur in Photograph “Were (sic) Fags!

It is about time we bring back public humiliation as a punishment for heinous and hurtful crimes such as bigotry. Bring back that damn scarlet letter, but a new modern version. “California’s Great America has been sued on charges that include sexual harassment by two men who say a photograph of them was doctored in

S.F. Gay Married Couple Loses Immigration Battle, Every Gay Loses

As gays we are always in the game of 1 step forward two steps backwards. I think it should be made mandatory to look under the ugly masks of republicans to see if they are hiding any devil horns. We all should be sickened by this story. I feel like a good old fashion Harvey

Raymond Johnson Denied Federal Aid For Breast Cancer Because He’s A Man

All breasts not created equal. via Huffington Post A 26-year-old South Carolina man received a surprising diagnosis of breast cancer after he visited an emergency room for throbbing chest pain last month. But what came next surprised Raymond Johnson even more: He discovered he is ineligible for the Medicaid program that covers treatments for breast cancer

Morning Warm-ups: London Riots – Scum steal from injured boy, Skull of Trismegistus, The Ostrich Nest – Epic Meal Time

AWKWARD: The gratitude campaign (full length) Related articles London riots: thugs filmed robbing injured, bleeding boy (

Most Impressive Penis in the Animal World, Man-handled by Scientist

A beached whale is the perfect time for an impromptu anatomy  lesson of a sperm whale’s penis. In a memorable hands-on demonstration, whale expert Joy Reidenberg demonstrates how the whale can manoeuvre a prehensile penis of huge proportions with devastating precision. News to me. If you ask me she handles that thing quite well, kudus.

Hair Ball of the Day: Wet

(via ecossebear)  

Isaia Autumn/Winter 2011 Looks: Flying Fishing Homo-erotica Looks for the Average Joe

Hold on and let me grab my bucket list. Nope, fly fishing in a fine tailored suit isn’t on there, but I am a sucker for theatrics. That is exactly what Italy’s Isaia collection is, well fitted, bum grabbing clothes that will turn a $20- whore from West Hollywood into a gentlemen. Fly fishing poles not

Real Men Don’t Shop, Help for the fashion Phobic Meets Gay Machismo

There is an enormous amount of stigma attached around machismo in the our gay world. Some gay men simply do not want to ‘look gay’. That’s a whole can of worms I just dropped so for this moment we focus on shopping. Shopping is for girls and sissy boy’s has been the message spread in

Feeding the Gays: A Wiggling Pic for you to Feast On this Monday

    You’re welcome!

Southern-fried Christeene’s gender-fucked Prowl Group from Austin Invades Berlin

Our princess, Christeen of the U.S. of A. has jumped the pond and landed in the sexy and pervert Stockholm & Berlin to get her raunch on. Europeans are just getting a taste of Christeen’s plattter. Let’s hope their eye’s aren’t bigger than their stomaches because they will have indigestion after witnessing her performance. via BUTT

Monday Madness, News: Anti-LGBT Literature, PRIDE FLAG OUTSMARTS GOV. BROWNBACK, Watch Ex-Gay Video

Anti-LGBT Literature Widely Distributed At Right-Wing ALEC Conference This past weekend, hundreds of conservative lawmakers and lobbyists gathered in New Orleans for the American Legislative Exchange Council’s (ALEC) annual meeting. The four-day conference was sponsored by a who’s-who of corporations, from BP to Walmart to Altria, that pay upwards of $100,000 for the opportunity to write legislation friendly to

Morning Warm-up videos: Charred Skies Over North London, Disney/Pixar “UP” House, MAJOR ALARM


NEW: Music video for Eric Himan’s single, “Dust”

Our pal Eric Himan is oooing and ahhing us again with his latest video release for his song “Dust”. Official music video for Eric Himan’s single, “Dust”, off his latest release, SUPPOSED UNKNOWN (Thumbcrown Records) out now on iTunes. Words and music by Eric Himan (Thumbcrown Records, ASCAP). Directed by Kelly Kerr.   Get “Dust”

Jock Bear Alert: UFC 133’s Johny Hendricks: “I’m The Happy Bearded Guy”

MMA H.E.A.T.’s Karyn Bryant spends a few minutes with UFC welterweight Johny Hendricks moments after his win over Mike Pierce at UFC 133. Johny lets us know what he thinks he needs to improve upon, what he learned from the loss to Rick Story 3 fights ago and what he needs to look out for

Hair Ball of the Day: Fuzzy Golden Beauty


PSA: How a Bear Loves a Cockatoo Named Babalu

IMPORTANT: Please read how you can help save parrots. The movie “Rio” will have consequences. If we work hard we can turn these into positive consequences. Please check out this article CLICK HERE. The movie will inspire many to purchase these fragile spirited creatures and then abandon them once they discover that they are loud, have powerful

Rag & Bone Men’s Looks for Spring/Summer 2012

  What happens when you mix your pajamas with a suit and put them on hippies? There is so more talk about women’s skirts and dress length but I think more dedication needs to be on men’s pants length. I am not a fan of these capri- ish length pants below.

Tasting the rainbow: Ants Whose Multi-coloured Abdomens Show Exactly What They’ve Been Eating

Although your belly may show case  half eaten Jelly Bellies, chicken strips and pepperoni pizza these ants are attracted to color, sugar drops. The ants seemed to prefer lighter colours such as greens and yellow to darker blues. Read on what has found out about these crunchy critters. The saying ‘you are what you eat’ is

Weekend News Round-up: Sedaris Play Draws Crowds, Dolores Park Renovation, Musical about Gay Rugby, Last Gay Survivor of Nazi Concentration Camps,

New musical about gay rugby team opens in Edinburgh A new musical based on the true story of Northern Ireland’s first gay-friendly rugby team is opening at Edinburgh Festival this week. Scene of the Titans is written by Tim Foley, who based the musical on his experiences as a former player of the Ulster Titans; a gay-friendly


  via thinkProgress Yesterday at Reliant Stadium in Houston, Gov. Rick Perry hosted “The Response,” a prayer rally with evangelical pastors like John Hagee, Jim Garlow, and David Barton. Like Perry, many of the leaders of the rally have espoused a hate ideology, demonizing the LGBT community, programs for the poor, and Muslim Americans. Outside the event, a large

Feeding the Gays: Sweaty Soldiers in Afghanistan Lip Synching to “Don’t Stop Believing”

Video | The Happy Film Titles

Designer Stefan Sagmeister latest film investigates the various strategies of the therapy industry. The Happy Film takes a look at the strategies serious psychologists ‘recommend to improve one’s personal well-being and overall happiness. Questions such as ‘Is it possible to train our mind in the same way’ that we train our bodies?’ and ‘Can we change

Lucille Ball Found Gay Rights “Perfectly All Right”

Of Course she was on our side. There have been a multitude of tributes this week remembering comedy icon Lucille Ball who was born 100 years ago today, but a vintage interview with People magazine reveals the late entertainer was in favor of gay rights. In a candid interview from 1980, Ball was asked her thoughts on a number

Handpicked News: 10 Things NPR Got Wrong, Bert And Ernie Shouldn’t Get Married, Right To Discriminate Against Gays, New Ape Overlords…

Bert And Ernie Shouldn’t Get Married Some folks have gotten together a petition on calling on Sesame Street to have Bert and Ernie get married or for the show to add a transgender character. I’m not sure I have an opinion on the latter, but I’m pretty firmly against the idea that New York’s two most famous

Brian Wilson Doesn’t Fear Cholesterol, Eats 60 Eggs a Week

 Mr. Wilson you better have an obedient lady in your life that will pick these eggs from you beard as gently as I would and feed them back to you like a baby bird. AB San Francisco Giants closer Brian Wilson is a noted fan of “14-star restaurant” Gary Danko, and it turns out he reallylikes eggs. Which makes sense

Eastland 1955 Spring/Summer 2012 Footwear: Patience Needed

I have a hard time thinking about next week, but I am asking you to please cash in your patience chips, because these are worth the wait. The wait also gives you time to fill up your piggy bank. “Existing between their Made In Maine collection and their mainline shoes, Eastland 1955 delivers beautiful shoes with


Pinups Issue #15 (jumping with joy)

Issue 15 featuring Micka Printed in New York, NY September 2011 8″ x 10″, 56 pages Comes apart to reveal a 70″ x 32″ poster of Micka Black & white $14.00 (Note: Issue 15 ships separately.) Pre-order Now

Hair Ball of the Day: You Asked for Hairy, You Got it!


Alexander Olch Handkerchiefs: Not for Me, but Maybe You

An item I feel like I may never need in this life time. but we have all learned to never say never. They could be cute coaster if not used at handkerchiefs, no? Japan’s Clstr shines some light on Alexander Olch’s collection of handkerchiefs. Available in multiple flavors, the handkerchiefs features a nice finished edges on plaids

Does the Law Allow Jurors to be Dismissed for Being Gay?

Wow, this would be great, then I could stop playing crazy, unstable and a tear producing fool to get out of my duty. AB A lesbian was allegedly kicked off a jury because of her orientation, and now lawyers are arguing to a federal appeals court that it should never happen again, the Los Angeles Timesreports.


Beard-asm: Trim by Petey Boy (video)

For art, you are aloud to trim your beard. Otherwise, knuckle sandwich!


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Handpicked News: DOMA Red Tape, Legal in Washington, Gavin Newsom 2014, Polygamist Leader…

Same-Sex Marriage Becomes Legal in Washington (at Least One Part) Chief Seattle would be proud. The tribe he led in the late 1700s, the Suquamish, has made a giant leap toward equality by allowing and recognizing same-sex marriage. According to the Kitsap Sun,the Suquamish Tribal Council in Washington State voted Monday to extend marriage rights to same-sex

Beard Intervention on The Daily Motion’s Attack of the Show

There are times when a beard grows out of control. When that happens to an AOTS staff member, we are forced to intervene. Kevin Pereira and Candace Bailey present Beard Shave 2011. For more from Comedy, go here:

Seattle Muslim Man Sues Employer for Beard Firing

SEATTLE (AP) – A Seattle-area Muslim is suing his former employer, claiming he was fired as a security guard for refusing to shave his beard, which he wears for religious reasons. Abdulkadir Omar filed his federal lawsuit July 15 in California. He plans to speak publicly about it Thursday along with representatives from the Seattle chapter

Gay Bachelor Blog Presents: Featured Bachelors Shape up for Pride Season

We at Accidental Bear love our friends at Gay Bachelor Blog. partners up with Fitness Expert Jeremy Foreshew to get two of our Featured Bachelors in shape for Pride Season! It’s the final weight where we learn if the boys have met their targets or not. Congrats to both David and Aaron!      

Hair Ball of the Day: Human, Animal Role Reversal

by Levi Jacobs

NYC: Jeremyville & Buff Monster New Exhibition (Art)

Jeremyville & Buff Monster Show are launching a brand new exhibition at Tara McPherson’s Cotton Candy Machine this Friday, August 5, 2011. Runs to September 4, 2011. Cotton Candy Machine 235 South 1st Street Brooklyn, NYC

YMC Fairisle Raglan Crewneck Sweaters: Preppies with Tattoos are Foxy!

I think when I grow up I’m going to be  preppy. What does that entail, I ask? First I will run and jump into this comfy, classic looking crewneck sweater. I have always found guys covered in tattoos dressed preppy to be foxy. Fetish? YMC delivers some affordable takes on the raglan look. The patter