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BANNED 2011 USAFA vs. Army Spirit Video “I’m Sexy and I Know it”

  Goooood Morning! How YOU doin’? This is what I like to call blowing off steam. This video was called out as “too inappropriate to play for the cadet wing.” No sweat, because the rest of the world is all eyes. “Documentation: This video was made by “Six Star Productions” for the upcoming Army game. Well


Hair Ball of the Day: Off the Shoulder

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Reinvent Beards at WAD BARBERSHOP Contest(Video)

Beardalicious, Beardbanaza, Bearditude, Avant-Beard etc. The resurgence of beards in the last few years have made many happy campers, have kept many of chins warm, given male models an edge, and have put razors on the endangered species list. To promote their partnership with Braun, WAD Magazine created this witty photo/video project in which they are



Striking image and the sound of gold running across your chest hair has me all twittipated and aroused. You must know Sean Johnson, from the internet. Famous for beard rub videos and you could say a hairy man and beard guru ( Check out this party, Fur & Gold,  that he started to host back in


Faggles to Faggles: A Hilarious Party Game For Faggles and Haggles

ABOUT THIS PROJECT A hilarious party game for Faggles and Haggles!  How outrageous are you? No, really. We don’t mean “I liked Van Wilder.” We’re thinking, “I find Shia LeBeouf’s taint fair game for comedy.” If the latter applies to you, you’ll love Faggles to Faggles — an outrageous, queered-up party game for you to enjoy


A Quick Guide to Lumps on the Penis by The Healthy Bear (Video)

Oh no! Oh YES! Real men take care of their health, however ungodly the topic may sound. It’s called being a healthy adult. Taking care of your health, including your penis, will take away the stress of “not knowing” the answers to questions that make you lose sleep at night. This is what our good


10 Yr Old Hangs Herself, Takes Last Breath in Mothers Arm: Bullying

Bullied to death. Devastating does not begin to  scratch the surface. I ask you to take a minute and think back at what you were doing when you were 10 years old. Put yourself in the mind state that you had. Now think about Jasmine McClain, 10 year young girl, that just hung herself after being


Hulk Hogan Sues Ex-Wife For Claiming He Is Gay, Had An Affair With Brutus Beefcake

Best headline EVER! Joking aside, The HULK claims that if he were gay, that he would have no reason not to come out. I believe in the The Hulk (still). via Relations between ex-spouses are often strained, but in the case of Hulk Hogan — aka Terrance Gene “Terry” Bollea — and Linda Bollea,


Bad Bear: Captured In Downtown Vancouver

VANCOUVER – A little bear caused a big reaction when it showed up in downtown Vancouver on Monday. The black bear cub got caught in a garbage truck that had picked up a load in North Vancouver before driving to Vancouver. (WATCH: PHOTOS OF THE BEAR) Police and conservation officers were called when the bear


Hair Balls of the Day: Dudes, Mustaches & Plugs

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Vintage Hair Ball of Day: Straight White Trash “A Woman’s Place is…”

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“Cruising in The USA” Photography by Chad States (Adult Content)

To think of all the dirty, dangerous, muddy, dark, SEXY places photographer  Chad States had to go to, to get such an elaborate variety of photo’s of men looking to get their rocks off. Chad deserves a metal of owner or a facial by the man of his choosing. Hey, it’s the giving season! Photography by Chad


Must Have BUTT: Most Unputdownable Issue of BUTT Magazine Ever (29)

In case you missed that BUTT 29 came out last month. The most unputdownable issue of BUTT ever has just arrived. Diehard fans had to wait two years for it. This extra thick, double issue is spread out over one hundred and forty-four pink pages, and is filled with humpy guys (raises hand).   BUTT 29


Beards of Comedy Release Second Album “Cardio Mix”

The BEARDS OF COMEDY Tour is quickly becoming one of the hottest shows in the U.S, showcasing four of the funniest, freshest – and bearded – faces in comedy. COMEDY CENTRAL Records releases The Beards of Comedy “Cardio Mix” digital album on Tuesday, November 22. You can get it on Itunes here or Amazon here .  Just click on


Aiden James Hits Our Sweet Spot With “BEST SHOT” New Single

Singer song writer Aiden James new single is available now “BEST SHOT.” You may remember remember our interview with Aiden where he gave us a peek in at his soul. The long-awaited single has finally materialized and can be yours. The first track off of his upcoming album, Aiden James has outdone itself, and Aiden hit this one out


Geeze Louise, Check Out These Eco Undies On Stunning Male Model

This post could be an ad for underwear or just a model spread, geeze Louise, check this beautiful specimen out! Dear male model, I love you! The company Gässling started early 2011 with the ambition to create great eco friendly underwear for style conscious men. The overcrowded underwear market has been stuck targeting teenagers for way

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Brilliance: Jonny McGovern “Dickmatized”Video

Oh god Jonny McGovern’s “Dickmatized” video makes me pleased. Move over Cazwell, the real pimp Daddy is in town. “You got the power in your pants…” how many time have you been weak to this principle rule? “Gay Pimp” Jonny McGovern’s latest single, “Dickmatized” from the upcoming CD, “The Gayest Of All Time”. Directed by


LAST DAY: Wuvable Oaf Comic Offering First Ever Oaf Holiday Bundle Deal

Wuvable Oaf comics is offering their first ever Oaf Holiday Bundle Deal: The Oaf Starter Kit includes issues 0, 1, 2 and 3 plus a mini Oaf Xmas card for just 12 bucks (kitty bed not included)!  Offer ends December 12! TODAY Visit and get yours in time for the holidays!

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Toronto: PitBull NYE 2012 Party Promo: Lots of Furry Critters

Listen up, if you are anywhere below 500 miles from Toronto, this is where you NEED to be this NYE 2012. To get a taste of what’s to come on this night of debauchery, check out this super fun party promo video for PitBull NYE 2012. Lot’s of cute furry critters. You’re welcome!     Pitbull has


EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: Tori Amos Speaks Passionately on Gay Fans, Bullying, and Politics

Tori  Amos was asked,” How do you feel about this loyalty that’s stretched so many years between you and your Gay male fans? ” To which see replied, “I think this comes from Gay men who took it upon themselves – when I was a teenager and I was working in the clubs in Washington,

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Philadelphia Opening a New Homeless Shelter for LGBT Youth

via Beginning next week, LGBT young adults will have another resource to help them get on their feet. The Foyer Night Resource Program will launch Dec. 14, providing up to 10 beds for LGBT individuals age 18-24 struggling with homelessness or unstable housing. The program will operate from 7 p.m.-7 a.m. daily through the

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Ke$ha Creates ‘Put Your Beard In My Mouth’ Blog (Video)

  To be quite honest, I do not know a thing about this person called Ke$ha  except that her name holds a $ in it. She has flown into my radar with her creation of a tumblr blog called, Put Your Beard In My Mouth.     via  “I like your beard,” sings Ke$ha —

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FEEDING TIME: Morgan McMichaels, Samuel Colt & Chris Porter (Video)

Hungry? Fill up on this chunk of man meat, Samuel Colt and Chris Porter and a side order of McQueen, Morgan McMichaels. Sorry, but the men upstage the drag queen here. What would Tyra say?  Great work by my pal the super-duper talented Jose A Guzman Colon.


Hair Ball AD of the Day: Aspen Gay Ski Week Jan 15-22 2012

  Aspen Gay Ski Week 2012 is quickly approaching! This year’s event will take place from  January 15-22, 2012. Aspen Gay Ski Week will be celebrating it’s 35th year, and we are going to blow out all the stops for this big anniversary and continue to be the premier GLBT winter travel event. All week we

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Herring Shoes – Process in Making Oak Bark Belt (Video)

This video follows John Hagger creating our English handmade oak bark belts which Herring Shoes proudly sell on-line.


Art-School Ads Brilliantly Parody Anti-Drug PSAs

Brilliant! ‘Talk to your kids about art school’ By Tim Nudd covers the basis of drug ad hysteria. If art is your drug of choice, you’ll appreciate these wonderful print ads from Team Detroit for that city’s College for Creative Studies. Each parodies the kind of overwrought, family-in-crisis anti-drug PSAs that we’re all so familiar with. The spoofs work

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Polar Bear Eats Cub: Cannibalism May Be On The Rise (GRAPHIC PHOTOS)

Ah, nature! Desperate times, desperate measure. I am sure in one way or another we should be blaming this on humans.  View photos of the polar bear eating a cub, courtesy of Jenny E. Ross Cannibalism is not a part of polar bears’ M.O. The animals normally refrain from feasting on their own kind. But


Ear Hat “Hipstörmössan”

  “Hipstörmössan” by Tove Greitz and Minna Magnusson.

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Sinead O’Connor’s Words,’Can’t. Talk. Cock. In. Mouth’: Wedding

I will forever remeber you as your Lion and Cobra period and that’s it. Sinead O’Connor’s Wildly Inappropriate Wedding Announcement. via Gawker  Not to inundate you with news about Sinead O’Connor’s crazy Vegas wedding last night, but she put up a new post about it on her website just now, and we had to share it’s wonderfully oversharingness in its


Quick Fire Q & A With Ty-Lör Boring From Top Chef Texas

Top Chef  Texas has especially caught our attention this season. As a shameless Pogonophile, there is some mighty fine facial hair going on this season. Ty-Lör Boring, please take a bow. “Ty-Lör works Black Ops for locavore Almond Restaurants in New York. Born in Kansas City and trained in classic French and Asian cuisine, his style


Brian Wilson Picks Nose, Eats Candy, Works Out With New Girlfriend (PHOTOS)

For the love of Brian Wilson! It looks as if he has met his match. Candid photographs caught of him in form-fitting, nut hugging spandex, walking with his gal pal, alleged new girlfriend  Chelsea Lewis. Brian, if you ever need an assistant to hand wash those spandex for you, I volunteer. This week, photographer Westley Hargrave

KLBJ Billboard on August 15, 2011

Goodbye to ‘Gays, Guns & God’

Great read!! By TIMOTHY EGAN How do you praise the sanctity of traditional heterosexual marriage when the best-known nuptials of the year, between a Kardashian and a basketball player, lasted all of 72 days? Or, for that matter, when a possible Republican nominee for president, Newt Gingrich, cares so much about marriage that he’s tried it


Sit on Hercules Face (Stool)

Soft Hercules is a stool cast from foam rubber – the soft squishy stuff that is usually used to make stress balls. The bust of Hercules, usually something solid both in its material and the culture it represents becomes unexpectedly soft, deforming a recognizable object into stranger shapes when it is sat on. It uses


Heritage Research Spring/Summer 2012 Lookbook

Red, white and blue could make a monkey out of you if your go overboard with the layering and pattern mix-matching. Photo  spreads like these could possibly scare away some potential buyers because of the fear that they won’t be able to pull off the looks featured. I say look at each piece individually. Peel


WANT: ISAORA Thermal Base-Layer Program for Winter 2011

Ok, if this happens to arrive at my house for Christmas with your name after the from box, I will give you a kiss anywhere you want. I live for comfort but still want to avoid looking like the wife that gave up on herself after the wedding day that now lives in sweat clothing.

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Inspiring Video For Working Out & A Getting Beard Fix

The Musician in this video, On the road, by Rogcity Fitness starts working out and in return his outlook and overall energy improves through simple routines and exercises that he is able to continue while he is on the road touring with the band. There’s not much better than a sweaty bearded musician working out. This video


Hair Ball of Day: You Only Have to Axe Me Once


SF Art Project “When Life Gives You Sprinkles, Make Cupcakes!” by Eddie Valtierra

It is too easy to grab the morning news paper and get covered in murder, rape, kidnappings and natural disaster, sad face. To add some balance in your life Eddie Valtierra says, “When Life Gives You Sprinkles, Make Cupcakes!” An Art project in San Francisco, CA by Eddie Valtierra   Who I am and why I am doing this… Hello, my name


JbDubs Tells Accidental Bear: “The Virtual World is Ready for Half Drag Queens”

Last week my Facebook wall was wallpapered with long, fit legs, in red pumps. As it turns out they belong to singer/dancer JbDubs. JbDubs is a Principal Ballet Dancer with the Boston Ballet. He writes, produces, and performs all his own music and choreographs his performances. His debut album “Free To Love” is available on iTunes.   JbDubs agreed

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Gavin Creel “NOISE” An Anthem for Equality (Video)

100% of proceeds go to help Broadway Impact ( educate, inspire, and connect communities all across the country with one common goal: EQUALITY NOW. “Gay rights are human rights, and if we want things to change, we all need to take action. We can’t stay frustrated, quiet and complacent. We have to be willing to