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Casely-Hayford Fall Winter 2012 Knitwear

“Father and Son label Casely-Hayford introduce their Fall Winter 2012 Knitwear range. Created in Donegal, Ireland by skilled knitters, heavy 5 gauge jumpers take details “from modern patchwork and American sportswear. By streamlining a traditional fair isle knit to take it out of the country and into the city” creating something new from old. Find them at Dover Street


Hair Ball of the Day: Precious Fella with Mustache

Source: bangarangblog

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“Sexual Tension: Volatile”: Many Forms of Erotic Male Bonding: Watch Trailer

Sexual Tension: Volatile, coming to DVD and VOD February 2013, courtesy of TLA Releasing. “Have you ever met someone who made your body heat up, get a little nervous and sweaty, and made your crotch stir a bit? Sexual Tension: Volatile will reignite those lustful feeling s as it weaves six scintillating experiences of men

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NY Prosecutor Admits He Acted in 1970s Porn Films Where He Plays Head of Satanic Cult: Video

All we can say in boob-chica-wah-wah your dirty little hairy devil! A district attorney in upstate New York has admitted that he acted in pornographic movies in the 1970s then lied when questioned about it during his second campaign. Mark Suben, the DA in Cortland County near Syracuse since 2008, held a news conference Friday


The Burger Girl-Benjamin Dukhan is the Future! Production of the 10th and Last video

HELP HERE One of the most unique, creative, artistic, drop dead gorgeous, runway walking, glorious beard wearing creatures, also known as The Burger Girl–Benjamin Dukhan, is in need of a little bump. He has shocked and stimulated our senses right into are little black beating hearts. Let’s give The Burger Girl a little hand, or shall we

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Man Beaten Unconscious at Homeless Camp Because of Sexuality: Video

Someone needs to clean this dude up and make him theirs. Under circumstances it’s totally inappropriate to say, but damn he’s a stud! MURFREESBORO, TN (WSMV) – A homeless man in Murfreesboro said he’s the victim of a hate crime after other homeless men shouted anti-homosexual slurs at him before beating him unconscious. WSMV Channel

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Jesse Tyler Ferguson Ties A Bow Tie, Cute Overload: Video

We posted earlier about the launch of Jesse Tyler Ferguson’s & fiancé Justin Mikita’s Tie the Knot adventure, Advocating for a More Stylish & Equal America. Here in their second video, lay your eyes on Jesse’s cuteness overload and learn how to tie a bow tie in the process. Jesse Tyler Ferguson & Justin Mikita Advocating


Hair Ball of the Day: Honey Boo Boo Portrait Made fromTrash by Fabulous Artist Jason Mecier

The 411 on artist Jason Mecier: Jason has spent over 10 years creating outrageous 3-D mosaic portraits of his favorite pop culture icons. Each portrait is created from objects such as make-up, candy, pills, food and discarded junk donated from the celebrities themselves! Celebrity clients include Phyllis Diller, Rosie O’Donnell, Farrah Fawcett, Pink, Mary-Louise Parker, Amy

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“Das Horn”: The Classic Drinking Horn in a Modern Design by Two Dreamy Men: KICKSTARTER

Brownie points for this two Presidents of Das Horn just for being so damn adorable! Celebrate your favorite beverages with Das Horn. Whether out with friends or at home having a romantic dinner, nothing says “I’m enjoying this drink” like a Das Horn. Hang it around your neck for a hands-free drinking experience or gift

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Stud Does Impressive Impersonations of Al Pacino, Kevin Spacey, Harrison Ford, Matthew McConaughey & More: Video

Impressions of Al Pacino, Kevin Spacey, Harrison Ford, James Gandolfini, Matthew McConaughey and Brad Pitt. My hands down favorite is his Matthew McConaughey, kicked back on that sassy brown couch with shirt propped open. He is just asking for a pearl necklace (If you know what I mean men… wink).


A Glimpse Into The Underground World Of Drag Kings

Drag queens have been serving up “charisma, uniqueness, nerve and talent” for audiences for years but with the debut of the reality television competition “RuPaul’s Drag Race” in 2009, they have become more popular and visible in the mainstream than ever before. But while you may be able to name a half dozen or more drag queens

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Jon Stewart Pokes Fun of Bill O’Reilly Over ‘Traditional America’ Lies: Video

Oh Mr. Stewart when you talk politics and truth and get a woody! The re-election of Barack Obama heralds the death of traditional America… as far as Bill O’Reilly is concerned anyway. Jon Stewart would beg to differ, however. As it turns out, America has a long tradition of a more diverse class displacing the

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Sir Ian Mckellen Narrates Anti-Bullying PSA: Video

Sir Ian McKellen has helped produce a new video to combat anti-gay bullying in the UK. Throughout the clip, he highlights how LGBT youth are targeted for harassment and the consequences, such as the high rates at which they engage in self-harm or attempt suicide. The young people share some of their own experiences and

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Just a Casual Jack Off in the Woods Video: Marc Jacobs Gives Us Jack of All Shades

You wish perv! Instead, check out Marc Jacobs square aviator gradient lenses with small Logo detail. Don’t be shady, take a closer look! Visit


Imperial Barber Products Bitchin’ Gift Sets

Imperial Barber Products Manliness is subjective and we here always love to play with stereotypes. But the the essence of the traditional sense of manly lies within the products of   Imperial Barber Products. Imperial’s new campaign features Tyler Wells, co-founder of L.A.’s Handsome Coffee Roasters, also known as the guy with the lighthouse tattoo. Imperial Barber Products have put

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Anderson Cooper and Andy Cohen Chomp on 26 Pound Python: Video

Anderson and co-host Andy Cohen took a bite out of a giant edible gummy Party Python that weighs 26+ pounds and is almost 8-feet long! Dare we say TV’s favorite gays? It is handmade in the USA using 12 pounds of sugar and is available to purchase in two dual-flavor combinations (Red Cherry & Blue Raspberry and

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Watch: Dan O’Connor of Four Year Strong Talks About Cancer – Keep A Breast

Four Year Strong’s lead singer Dan O’Connor, talked to Keep A Breast on the 2012 Vans Warped Tour about his cancer story and his brother. About the Keep A Breast “This is My Story” Campaign: Through written and video testimony, young people impacted by breast cancer get a chance to express their inner feelings, make


No Bully Announces Broadway Against Bullying: December 3rd at the Club Fugazi, San Francisco

One-Night-Only Holiday Cabaret featuring stars of  some of Broadway’s biggest hit musicals!   Proceeds benefit No Bully and their efforts to bring an end to bullying, harassment and violence in schools MONDAY, DECEMBER 3 w 7 P.M. CLUB FUGAZI, SAN FRANCISCO   SAN FRANCISCO  – Stars of some of Broadway’s biggest hit musicals –including Kinky Boots, Wicked, Priscilla, Queen


B.C. Launches Website To Report Bullying: “Erase Bullying”

Vision: Fostering Safe Schools and Preventing Bullying Every child deserves an education free from discrimination, bullying, harassment, intimidation and violence. The ERASE (Expect Respect and A Safe Education) Bullying strategy is part of the Province of British Columbia’s efforts to personalize learning and supports for all students. ERASE Bullying builds on the Province’s Safe, Caring and

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Alan Cumming & Garret Dillahunt Are Gay Couple Fighting to Take Care of Son of Junkie Mom in “Any Day Now”: VIDEO

The official trailer for Any Day Now  starring Alan Cumming, Garret Dillahunt and Isaac Leyva. In the 1970s, a gay couple fights a biased legal system to keep custody of the abandoned mentally handicapped teenager that comes to live under their roof. The viewing of this film will needed to be accompanied with a box


Tom Hardy Becomes Sexier & Scruffier by the Minute: Photos

  Picture this… You are on a crispy cold fall morning walk along the beautiful California Coast. You are bundled up in your union suite long johns, your favorite-well-worn in Levis and layered in two flannel shorts and wool beanie. Ahead on the trail you see Tom Hardy, but you actually do not know of

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The Science of ‘Morning Wood’ Video

  Wow, there is actual science to our morning wood besides just have lots and lots of dirty sex dreams. “The Sex-Ed class you never got in school! Why do men tend to wake up with “morning wood”? We look at the hard facts and some of the biology of an erection, to discover the

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Painfull Full Body Wax, From Scruffy to Shiny Video: Fundraising Page to Support Cancer Research in the UK

To bring awareness to cancer research this Youtuber, MrJonnyEspo, has made a Just Give Page for anyone who wants to donate money for cancer research. Check it out and give HERE   Jonathan Esposito‘s Story: Help to beat cancer. Thank you for visiting my online fundraising page in support of Cancer Research UK. Please dig deep and sponsor

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Rocking the Dirty Hipster In Between Mustache? Nick Offerman is Here to Counsel: Video

Nick Offerman and friends from The Office give advice on growing a moustache for Movember. If you’re stuck at the “Ugly Geraldo” stage, hang in there because…it gets fuller! Made Man is a proud partner of Movember, the month where men grow moustaches to support men’s health. Donate to support Made Man’s Movember team today!

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San Francisco’s Darling Gunsel Release Stunning Music Video for “Straight Girls”

  The eye of the storm landed last night at the night club Beatbox in San Francisco’s SOMA district,  Darling Gunsel, who I am calling America’s new sweet hearts. It was the official album release party for their first record  “Unresolved Heart” and video premier for their addicting song “Straight Girls.” The boys went Grrrrr and the girls went

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Boy George: “Happiness is a Choice” and Some Deep Reflection: Video

Check out this video where BOY GEORGE does some heavy duty reflection of life.

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Conner Habib Talks No Sex With His Ex, Singer Jeb Havens: “Don’t Have Ex Sex!”

Conner Habib is back giving you the sex and relationship advice you cannot live without, and this week he has a very close friend helping him out — his ex Jeb Havens. “Well friends, Conner is talking about maintaining a relationship with your ex after you have both gone your separate ways, and confirming what we

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New Music: Bjӧrk – “Mutual Core” Official Music Video

Ah-mazing! Gag on this: Bjӧrk – “Mutual Core” Official Music Video


“Hello Mr.”: A Magazine About Men Who Date Men: Watch Kickstarter Video

More than just a magazine, it’s the introduction to a new generation of men who date men. KICKSTART HERE Hello Mr. is a magazine about men who date men. It’s the overdue response to the unending clichés that surround current gay lifestyle publications. Rather than pushing agendas or perfecting appearances, it’s about relevant material for a

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Andrew Garfield is a Dancing Machine For Charity on Ellen: Video

Andrew Garfield showed off his skilled dance moves on Ellen to help raise $10,000 for the Worldwide Orphans Foundation.


“In the Tub” Coffee Table Book with Liam Mcintyre from Spartacus

Liam Mcintyre who plays SPARTACUS on the tv series – from the ‘IN THE TUB’ Coffee Table Book shoot. Profits to go to Breast Cancer Research. Photographs by TJ Scott. Check out heaps of more pictures HERE ‘Spartacus’ is scheduled to air January 2013.  


S.F. Nudists Attract Documentary Filmmakers

The San Francisco nudist rights crowd may not be the largest in town, but it could be one of the most vocal. And if the latest scheme works, their protest may soon take to the global stage. Filmmaker Jan Dalchow and photographer founder Kenneth Sortland Myklebust will be coming to San Francisco to capture some


Male Model Newcomer Tiago Bariqueli: Check Out his ‘Soft Baby Beard’: Photos

Newcomer Tiago Bariqueli at Elian Gallardo Model photographed by Cristiano Madureira for Made In Brazil. And here comes a NAMBLA moment… he’s so young and fresh his baby beard so soft. photographs by Cristiano Madureira    

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Yuri Ugliano at Erik Camargo Models: He Will Blossom Into Quite the Hunk!

With each year this hunky model Yuri Ugliano at Erik Camargo Models will will become hunkier and hunkier, I’ll bet good money on it! Photographs by Cristiano Madureira.


“The Virtues of Being an Object” by Conner Habib

Conner Habib writes: Below are excerpts from my essay in the book Exploring the Edge Realms of Consciousness (Evolver Editions/North Atlantic Books), “The Virtues of Being an Object”.  The essay is about all sorts of things; but all relate to the charge that porn “objectifies” people.  We’ve all heard that argument, but I wasn’t so sure

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Gay Men Will Marry Your Girlfriends, Go Ahead Keep Marriage Between a Man and Woman: Video

Oh, loving this threat to those who are determined to hold on the dark ages and ignorance of marriage equality! For those states still states out there doing their best to keep gay couples from getting married. The men of College Humor will cock block your women and look better doing it. CollegeHumor’s Favorite Funny Videos

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Adorable Russian Guy Explains His Top 3 Weapons to Survive the Apocalypse: Video

I don’t know about you but when the Apocalypse comes I will most like fight zombies with random sneakers, laps and perhaps the back of the toilet tank cover. But, if you are so lucky to be better equipped this video might help. Follow this fine fello here:

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Fuel Shortage Spurs Sex For Gas Ads On Craigslist

Hey, don’t judge! You want to keep our job right? No one said anything about dignity. With gas shortages plaguing the East Coast in Hurricane Sandy’s aftermath, some are hoping gas-thirsty residents will go to extreme lengths to get their hands on some fuel. If you need proof, look no further than the Craigslist’s Casual Encounters

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New Music: Amanda Palmer & The Grand Theft Orchestra “Do It With a Rockstar”: Full Uncensored Video

Hot damn! Amanda Palmer works it out in her latest music video for “Do It With a Rockstar.” Watch full length uncensored video below and eat it! Amanda Palmer & The Grand Theft Orchestra’s NEW album, THEATRE IS EVIL now at!


Studly Artist & Surfer Chris Gentile Speaks to the Scout Magazine: Video

The ocean is serene as it is unsettling. There’s no better example of its power than the super storm that came through New York City last week, unleashing havoc that left a wake of destruction along its path. The beaches at Rockaway that we New Yorkers were so familiar with over the summer is no