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Givenchy Men’s Fall 2012 ~ Riccardo Tisci Presents

      PARIS–Underneath a rain soaked plastic tent on the grounds of the historical Hôtel des Invalides (Napoleon’s tomb), Riccardo Tiscipresented his seventh menswear collection forGivenchy. He left behind the wild prints of the past two seasons–like spring’s ubiquitous bird of paradise–to showcase his signatures silhouettes: sharp slim fitted single-breasted suits and the sportswear elements, like

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Thom Browne Fall/Winter 2012-2013 Menswear Paris Runway

Thom Browne Fall/Winter 2012-2013 menswear runway show, exposed faux pubes, watermelon colors, football shoulder pads, safety-pin prints, mid-drift, androgynous walkers. Thom Browne‘s explanations for his warped spectacles are always so even-toned and reasonable that they can make an interrogator feel like he’s the one who has plunged down the rabbit hole into a topsy-turvy world where logic and

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Disneyland Lifts Beard Ban for Their Employees

First, they could grow a mustache, just like Walt Disney. Now, they can grow a little more facial hair but not quite enough to be like most of the Seven Dwarfs. Disneyland announced that it’s loosened up its legendary dress code — known as the Disney Look — to allow employees to grow more facial hair. But

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South Carolina WE DO Campaign – Campaign for Southern Equality VIDEO

Six LGBT couples in South Carolina requested marriage licenses from January 17 to 19, 2012 through the WE DO Campaign. They knew they would be denied, but they took this action to call for full federal equality for LGBT people. Join the Campaign for Southern Equality as this new movement grows across the South. Please

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Video: Elementary School Kids Discuss What “Gay” and “Lesbian” Mean

Times are much complex for elementary children these days. Here kids talk about what they know about “gay’ and “lesbians.” Back in my day we were using Booger Face to insult our peers which had much less politics involved. “What Do You Know” is a new short film from the Welcoming Schools initiative that shows children ages


Hair Ball of the Day: Mustache & Pizzazz

pizzazz |pəˈzaz|  Noun. An attractive combination of vitality and glamour. Source: thenewkidonthesquad

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All Eyes On Bucharest Born Singer-Songwriter Paul Ballo, Stage Name Hot Casandra

Meet Hot Casandra! Hot Casandra is the stage name of Bucharest-born singer, songwriter and producer Paul Ballo. Paul got into music at an early age, whilst being home trained by his own mother, Bianca Ionescu, an internationally known Romanian operetta singer.   He played as a drummer for bands like Go To Berlin, The Amsterdams and Kumm and

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Outserve BAF: It Gets Better Video (Deployed U.S. Military)

Showing kids, from deployed military in Bagram, Afghanistan, that it gets better! We kept it short and to the point, just the way our U.S. Military wishes everything could be! Featuring (in order of appearance): SSGT Steven Procter, SSGT Shelise Harmon, AT2 Erin Jones, SPC James Velazquez, SPC Curtis Robinson. Music used: Born This Way,


Fifteen-Year-Old Zac Shares a Letter of Love to His Two Gay Dads

On his eighth birthday, Zac found himself surrounded by police. The woman whom he now refers to as his “birthmom” was arrested because, as Zac states, she had “many boyfriends and she did a lot of drugs and partying.” During the next three years Zac lived in 12 different foster homes before he was given


New BBC Documentary Will Cover Issues of Homosexuality and Football

A new documentary which will air later this month on BBC Three will cover the issue of homosexuality and football and why, at the present time, there are no openly gay professional footballers in the UK. It has often been said that having openly gay professional footballers would provide good role models for young teens who themselves

Blue Springs South senior Bailee Webb (foreground) who is gay, has the full support of her mom, Monique Scritchfield (background).

Vendor Refuses to Print LGBT EQUALITY T-Shirts For High School Club

In this moment of LAME:  A private vendor in Kansas is refusing to print a T-shirts for a local high school’s Gay Student Alliance (GSA) because of his personal opposition to same-sex marriage, the Kansas City Star reports. “Marriage is ordained between a man and a woman,” the owner, Rod Lindemann wrote. “I am a man

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American Idol Contestant Wolf Causes Virtual Earthquake with the Bears (Video)

Jason “Wolf” Hamlin, 24, has charm, the looks, and what American Idol loves, a sad story, his dad’s passing in 2010. He has potential to go the distance. Now, let’s talk about those, eyes, that beard, that smile, the fact that he’s a mechanic and his tattoos. Easy Tiger!  


ANOTHER Gay Teen Took His Life Because of Bullying

We are living in a time where there is plenty of information out there on bullying, homophobia and tolerance, but it is still not enough. Imperfect world, another special young man took his life because of bullying. This information on how to spot and stop bullying needs to be implemented into the raising of our


Hair Ball of the Day: Rub-a-Dub Dub


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Fashion Genius: Walter Van Beirendonck’s Fall 2012 Looks Are Out of this World Exciting

In a world of seen-it-all-before, Walter Van Beirendonck is able to send down the runway provocative, insanely creative, never seen anything-like-it, men’s wear. His color, pattern and fabric combinations are out of this world exciting. I dare say he is re-inventing fashion. The collection was based around a literal face-off between masks: the kind that warriors


Hair Ball of the Day: Do You Work Hard For Your Money?

Source: spitorswallowit

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Suicide Survivor: It’s Gotten Better Video

An emotional confessional of a young mans struggle with coming out which lead to a suicide attempt in his dorm room. After the acceptance of himself as gay,  and getting the much-needed attention of family and professionals, he is doing remarkably better and has moved on with his life. Share your coming out story HERE For


Sexy Karl Pilkington’s ‘An Idiot Abroad,’ Endangered Animals & Ricky Gervais

Are you familiar with ‘An Idiot Abroad’ ?   Karl Pilkington is the star of “An Idiot Abroad,” but to be fair, the show’s title is a bit of a stretch. To be more accurate, Sky and Science Channel, where it debuts in America on Saturday, could call it “An Honest Guy Who Gets Sent On


San Francisco Based: Shape Field Bike by Nicholas Riddle

Hey hipsters, I’m going to swing this bike in front of you like a raw steak at feeding time at the Zoo! Headed up by husband and wife design team Karson and Mary Shadley, Shape Field Office are a design firm based in San Francisco. Taking on the skills of Nicholas Riddle, an expert in bike design, the


Horse Cycles’ Fleet of Bicycles for ACE Hotel New York (Video)

Saying with each and every breath I have left to give, “I. MUST. HAVE. THIS. BIKE!” Brooklyn’s Horse Cycles supplies ACE Hotel New York with a fleet of bicycles available on loan for guests as well as purchase. The steel bicycles are made for those looking to pound through New York streets – handy if

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KickStart “The Joneses” – Documentary: 70 year Old Transgender and Her Two Adult Sons, Living in a Bible Belt Trailer Park

WATCH VIDEO TRAILER HERE WHAT’S THE PROJECT ABOUT? The feature documentary follows The Joneses family along their courageous pursuit of love.  Trevor is a 34 year old virgin, Brad was born with brain damage, and Jheri Rae Jones was formerly their father. Now, as three single adults living under one trailer park roof in small


Hair Ball of the Day: The Judds?

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A Soliloquy on the San Francisco Shopping Experience by British Bear, Daniel Fryer

As we enter our second year of stirring up shit, exposing underground artists, highlighting remarkable acts of kindness, spreading the awareness of LGBTQ issues and hurdles, we will be adding a bunch of new and exciting contributors who will be given their expertise on fashion, art, gay culture, health and much more! Needless to say


100,000 Australian Grindr Users Exposed in Hack Attack= Buzz Kill

There goes your woody, unless of course this sort of thing turns you on.   A popular “meat-market” smartphone app that spawned a sexual revolution in Australia’s gay community has been compromised by a Sydney hacker, potentially exposing intimate personal chats, explicit photos and private information of users. The location-aware Grindr app enables gay men to meet

Arrested: Russell Christopher Hofstad allegedly skinned and ate a cat while camping inside a Phoenix rave venue

Homeless Man Who ‘Skinned and Ate Cat Found Camping in Rave Venue Wearing its Tail and Intestines as a Necklace’

Lesson of story, Don’t let your cat go to a rave! Wait, people still go to raves? A homeless man has been arrested after he allegedly skinned and ate a cat while camping inside a warehouse. The building’s owners called police after they opened the warehouse in Phoenix, Arizona, which doubles as a music venue,

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Porn Stars Walking Through the Castro Naked and Singing – Jessy, Hunter and Aymeric “Porn Star” Video NSFW

Well good morning to you! This video is like a bowl of gay candy, you shouldn’t have too much, but you keep going back for more. After watching video again, you may actually consider this a big bag of cheese!  Gay porn stars strutting around the gay mecca of the world San Francisco, recording a


Flamboyant Johnny Weir Will Return to the Ice, Tweets His Announcement

Not that I was holding my breath or anything, but I encouraging folks to do what they love, and do what they do well. Johnny Weir has been spread all over the media for every reason but being an olympic hopeful lately. He needs to channel those outfits and sass into his skates and I believe


Openly Gay Former Pro Rugby Player Gareth Thomas Purchased Popular Drink Company Turbo Drinks

Let us wish  openly gay former pro rugby player Gareth Thomas, good luck on his purchase of the  popular drink company Turbo Drinks. He is now co-owner with his new business partner Sean Smith. Alfie, that’s what they call Gareth, is cooped up in the Celebrity Big Brother UK house now where I am pretty sure he doesn’t have


South Carolina and Indiana Both Now Offer Pro-LGBT Equality License Plates

If you live in  South Carolina or Indiana you can put  some gay paraphernalia on your rear. That is LGBT license plates you perv. Following in the footsteps of Maryland and, recently, Indiana, South Carolina will offer pro–LGBT equality license plates. South Carolina’s subtle plates cost $25, with half of that money going to the


Gillette Goes After Bearded Guys: Adrian Brody, Gael Garcia Bernal and Benjamin of Outkast as “Masters of Style”

“Over the past few years, facial hair styling has become less of a trend and more of a staying style,” said spokeswoman Kristen Gugliotta. You can say that again Sister! After years of focusing on the clean-shaven look, Gillette is paying full attention to men with scruff. The Boston-based grooming brand will launch the Fusion Pro-Glide

Matt Chrystal, founder of the Garden State Beard and Mustache Society. / Matt Chrystal ~

Garden State Beard & Mustache Society to Party Saturday at Asbury Lanes

Why is it that Jersey beards sounds extra sleazy and hot? Well, there is one way to find out. Be on the lookout for the results and photographs from this event. There will no doubt be a Pogonophile or two in the audience snapping some seedy stalker shots(thank you)! Beards received a bum rap for much


SF: Boys With Balls Bowling Benefit Jan 21, 2012

About this Event: Boys with Balls started in 2005 with a group of fun guys with the intent of doing something different and having a good time. While doing this, we raise much needed money for different organizations within our community. Why not give back and support our community while having a great time! I hope you


Hair Ball of the Day: Male Model Calle Strand 16 Photo Spread

  Check out Calle Strand’s Tumblr site HERE. Thanks for the tip            

Pure Evil

“Pure Evil Goes Pop!” Corey Helford Gallery |Culver City, CA

  Opening Reception Saturday, January 21, 2012 from 7‑10pm On View January 21 – February 8, 2012 On Saturday, January 21, Corey Helford Gallery is pleased to present “Pure Evil Goes Pop!” The exhibition features new works by UK artist Pure Evil in the upstairs gallery, alongside Eric Joyner’s “It’s a Jungle Out There” on the gallery’s main floor. Inspired by Warhol, Rosenquist and

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GLAAD Media Award Nominations Announced (Video) – Congratulations to the GLAAD Media Awards nominees for 2012! The GLAAD Media Awards recognize and honor media for their fair, accurate and inclusive representations of the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender community and the issues that affect their lives. Learn more at

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I demand to be put on a plane ASAP.  COCKETTE PARTY BACK TO LONDON! The most famous italian gay alternative night, which is based in the best club for alternative music (the plastic, in milan), a party that in few years has managed to involve gay, bears, straight, club kids and fashionistas people, is ready


Bullying Claims Another Victim, 14 Yr Old Inspired Leader of Other Families

A letter written to Marlo Thomas, Award-winning actress, author, and activist: Hi Marlo – Our son Kameron was bullied relentlessly and committed suicide on January 18th. He was 14 years old. In lieu of flowers we asked for donations be made to St Jude’s, my mom’s favorite for decades. I know you’re busy, but just wondering of you

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Liberty Middle School Creates Moving ‘I’m Human’ video

Liberty Middle School’s broadcasting team has created a look at what makes us different as students, citizens, and humans.       MADISON, AL (WAFF) – A video posted by Liberty Middle School students and teachers is getting a lot of positive attention online. Liberty Middle School’s broadcasting team created a look at what makes us


Baltimore Ravens’ Brendon Ayanbadejo Flexes His Muscles for Gay Rights

With this ferocious photograph of Baltimore Ravens’ Brendon Ayanbadejo, I am glad to have him in our corner. Our gay allies grow each and everyday, and I believe this is possible because of the spread of knowledge and the increase of world wide visibility of LGBT people in all spectrums, including sports. One of the coolest


Aussie Bears Deliver Safe Sex Message “Go Bear, Not Bare”

This Bear Essentials & Mardi Gras season, the Harbour City Bears want you to ‘Go Bear, Not Bare’. The Bears’ message is simple: roll on a condom and use water-based lube to protect yourself and your friends from sexually transmitted infections. Also important is regular testing for STIs with the frequency of tests dependent on