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Shush With Your Whining About Jake Gyllenhaal’s Full Beard (photos)

Shush With Your Whining About Jake Gyllenhaal’s Full Beard, the man is perfect! Did you know that shade created by the beard is great sun coverage and will keep his skin baby bottom soft for much longer. whines: He’s been sporting unsightly facial hair in recent months as he prepares to film his new movie.

Jordan Burroughs

Male Athletes for the 2012 Olympics Strike a Pose (Photos)

London 2012 Olympics: portraits of Team USA athletes Photographers were invited to the United States Olympic Committee’s media summit in Dallas, Texas, to shoot portraits of Team USA athletes.                     For more pics and the ladies go HERE

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Anderson Cooper Dominated Jeopardy on Friday, Winning $50,000 for The Trevor Project (Video)

2, 4, 6, 8, who do we appreciate …… Anderson Cooper! Watch Anderson at rehearsal and after he competed for the third time on “Jeopardy!” Watch Alex Trebek call out Anderson for not eating his veggies all before Anderson Cooper dominated  Jeopardy on Friday, winning $50,000 for The Trevor Project.  

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Same-Sex Wedding Expos Spreading, Is It Contagious? (Video)

Maryland and Washington are already hosting same-sex wedding expos. SEATTLE – The impending legalization of same-sex marriages in our state – and President Obama’s recent support of the unions – is fueling a new kind of industry. Vendors catering to gay weddings are a part of what could be our state’s next big industry. And it was all


Ukraine Pride Obstructed By Violent Counter-Protest, Disgusting Human Behavior

Totally barbaric! Geography does not apply when we are talking about human behavior, disgusting! Just 30 minutes before LGBT activists were about to embark on Ukraine’s first-ever pride parade, Kiev police advised organizers to abandon the march. They claimed that 500 ultra-conservative counter-protesters with seemingly violent intent were en route to interrupt the celebration. Amnesty International’s


Hair Balls of the Day: Brighton Swimming Club, 1863

Brighton Swimming Club, 1863  


“These Quiet Worlds” A Comic That Realistically Portrays Gay Life Through Photography and Illustration

Dillon Bishop is the Creator/Writer for the graphic novel, “These Quiet Worlds.” It’s the first comic book series that features photography and illustration to tell a story in two separate universes. It’s also the first comic book to openly feature gay life in photography. Dillon will be at San Diego Comic Con and New York Comic

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Freak Dance: The Outlandish Movie Trailer with Our Favorites Drew Droege & Amy Poehler! (Video)

Accidental Bear says, “Drew Droege is the shiniest star in Hollywood!!” A film by the Upright Citizens Brigade: Freak Dance is a musical, dance comedy where the sexy and wealthy Cocolonia (Megan Heyn) must escape her rich mother (Amy Poehler) and learn to dance fight in the streets with the help of Funky Bunch (Michael Cassady),

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“Beard Like Harden”: Parody Of Maroon 5’s “Moves Like Jagger” by OKlahoma City Thunder



Poets Ranked By Beard Weight by Jack Passion

How does one actually weigh a beard? And Would it be cheating to drench it in products or water to increase its weight? The late 1800s marked the height (or length, as the case may be) of beards. Then, in the beginning of the 20th century, facial hair fell out of favor, and for a

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Hysterical Knee-Slapping NHL Studs “Missing The Beards” Funny Or Die Video

The best! “Funny Or Die and Norelco present the Playoff Beard Follies staring pro hockey legends Jeremy Roenick & Mike Modano. For playoff beard humor and the best in shaving and grooming, Go with a Real Pro!” The Playoff Beard Follies: Missing The Beards – watch more funny videos

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Calling All With a Hairy Leg Fetish: Meet 19-Year-Old Surfer, Thomas Bunker (Photos)

Put a bag over the head and give me a good pair of Sasquatch hairy legs and I am good to go. Here is one for those with a hairy leg fetish. Don’t say I never gave you nothin’. 19-year-old Thomas Bunker was scouted by Elo Management last month in São Paulo, and is one of

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Beardy Guys Makes Fun of Tree Huggers in TV Commercial: Brilliant! (Video)

Yeah, pick me up some of those soy flax seeds too, but hold the bag and carry them in your beard to me. Thanks. Weird pickler guys, Birkenstock wearing tree-huggers….there are lots of stereotypes out there about folks who go solar, but we know taking control of your electric bill can be just as important


C IN-2 Underwear Line Hangs Out in Trailer Park for Some Sexy Sleazy Shots (Photos)

What is it about good old American Trailer Parks and male models chilling out in underwear that can drive a man wild? Just a reminder that I’m GAY GAY GAY (Thank you!). Queerty reports:  Our mole at C IN-2  snuck us these exclusive behind-the-scenes photos from a recent underwear shoot at a Miami trailer park for the brand’s new


Extreme Low Hanging Crotch Seamed Bermuda Shorts by Zara

As unattractive as these may be, they look super comfy and your boys can hang LOW. SEAMED BERMUDAS – Man – New this week – ZARA  Available online.  


Hair Ball of the Day: Bear Cub Snuggles With Stuffed Bear Cub

A quarantined black bear cub plays with his stuffed toy at The Oregon Zoo in Portland. (AP / Oregon Zoo, Carli D

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“A Gentleman’s Call” with Adam Garone, Co-Founder and CEO of Movember (Video) Adama Garone, Co-Founder and CEO of Momember talks about ideas, starting a non-profit and what it means to be a Gentleman. #GentlemansCall

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Rufskin’s Gemini Underwear Collection Campaign: Supreme Model Choice reports: Southern California based underwear, denim, swimwear, sportswear and accessories brand Rufskin was launched with an aim to be simultaneously “vintage, sexy, masculine, athletic and futuristic.” The brand hits all of the above on the head with their just released Gemini underwear collection campaign. Speaking more to those qualities than the underwear itself,

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Bath Tub Interview with Buck Angel: Porn Star, Motivational Speaker, Trans Man & Awesome Dude!

We were thrilled when Buck Angel agreed to jump in the tub and do an interview with us. “As an icon of popular culture, Buck Angel’s message of empowerment through self-acceptance and being sexually comfortable in your own skin has struck a passionate chord with folks all over the world.” Buck Angel was born a


“IDAHO” International Day Against Homophobia & Transphobia May 17th

Following other initiatives such as the National Day Against Homophobia created in 2003 in the Quebec province of Canada by the Fondation Emergence and celebrated in June, Louis-Georges Tin, a French university lecturer, campaigner for Black and LGBT Rights and chief editor of the «Dictionary of Homophobia», launched in August 2004 an initiative to create an

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Jane Lynch Fills In For Rachel Maddow: Television Magic (VIDEO)

Television Magic. Thank You to My Higher Power For This! Don’t adjust your set! That is the fabulous Jane Lynch filling in for Rachel Maddow. The “Glee” star appeared on Maddow’s Wednesday show for an interview, but the first thing viewers saw was her sitting in Maddow’s chair, anchoring her nightly “Best New Thing In The

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Hysterical Video Promo for Novel “Pride Before a Fall”: Top – Versatile – Str8 Acting – Homo-Sexuals!

Video promos seem to be the thing of our times. They are the  new flyer for are technology filled world we live in. Short video clips of amazing, creative and big productions for bar events, clubs and now book novels are becoming the norm. I’m not complaining because from what I have come across, some

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Ben Cohen and Ginger Prince Harry Stand Proud with StandUp Against Bullying Jersey (Photo)

We made have just died and gone to supposed heaven! Ben Cohen says on his FACEBOOK PAGE, Ben Cohen StandUp Foundation, The world’s first foundation dedicated to anti-bullying “Played against Prince Harry at football. Harry is a great supporter of StandUp. Ben” The individual love we have for each of these men and that combined is hard to

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Trans Women of Color-Stop the Violence PSA Video

Listen and learn. Buck Angel’s (Buck is not in this video) Public Service Announcement on the violence towards trans women of color. Trans people of color are at higher risk for unemployment, underemployment, discrimination, harassment and abuse in most settings. Learn more at


Guys I Wanted To Fuck in High School, Part 2 “Hall Pass” by Conner Habib

“Guys I Wanted To Fuck in High School is a series of short essays about growing up  frustrated in small-town Pennsylvania.” ~Conner Habib. Find Guys I Wanted To Fuck in High School, Part 1 (Gym Class) HERE. Spend some time bopping around Conner Habib’s blog and delve into the depths of his mind while think about the depth


Hair Ball of the Day: Not Sure Whats Going On, But We Love It

Source: Flickr / frankcorrea

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“Punch That Booty” with the Andrew Christian Models (Video)

If smooth, pretty muscle boys is your thang (yes that was on purpose) than this video is for you and you will must likely get a chubby. For all you hair lovers out there don’t have cow and enjoy the absurdity of the video. Shop for The Underwear Shown Now at Andrew Christian Facebook: Andrew

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Rica-Shay – “Spooky Bitch” (Sharon Needles Rap) Video

Good times! Rica-Shay says, “Rap song I wrote about Sharon Needles. Instrumental was pulled off of a Caspa/Rusko Mixtape. Hurray She Won!” I know this is hardcore spooky rap but does anyone find this adorable? Rica-Shay call us if you ever need a baby sitter. Sponge bath mandatory! Keep up the great work and titillating the

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LGBT Groups Launch New Campaign for Same-Sex Military Families (Video)

Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell is no longer law, same-sex military couples are still detrimentally impacted by the Defense of Marriage Act and in some unique ways. Same-sex military spouses are not entitled to survivor benefits, and would not even be contacted if their partner was harmed or killed in combat. Freedom to Marry and the

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Researchers Publish ‘Best Practices’ For LGBT Youth Suicide Prevention

Researchers at the Family Acceptance Project have produced a new series of resources aimed at identifying best practices for preventing LGBT young people from committing suicide. The first of the multi-lingual guides, “Supportive Families, Healthy Children,” helps families understand how reactions to their children’s LGBT identity can have a big impact on increasing or minimizing suicide risk

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Woman Works Through Unnatural Phobia of Store Mannequins on Anderson Cooper Show

Today’s “Anderson” takes a look at people’s phobias, including Jasmine and her fear of store mannequins and large statues. Shopping must be a bitch! Poor thing.

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Broadway Cast and Crew of “Anything Goes” Give Us Sassy Lip Dub Version of “What Makes You Beautiful”

Starring the Broadway cast and crew of Roundabout Theater Company’s ANYTHING GOES Choreographed By: Brandon Bieber & Brandon Rubendall Directed/Edited By: Raymond J. Lee “What Makes You Beautiful” sung by One Direction (created with a Panasonic Lumix GH2, iMovie, an iPhone, and one awesome group of people)


Owl & Tiger Launches Photography book by Michael Jang called “Summer Weather”: SF

Join us May 18th, 2012 from 6-9pm for the book launch of Michael Jang’s SUMMER WEATHER. Owl & Tiger  is launching an incredible photography book by Michael Jang this week called Summer Weather In Jang’s words: “In 1983, a local TV station held a contest for anyone who wanted a chance at reporting the weather. My role was to


Nancy Pansy Hairy Mary- A New Queer Australian Film (Video)

In the lead up to the International Day Against Homophobia, we are pleased to show our support for a new and upcoming Queer Australian Film, Nancy Pansy Hairy Mary. Directed by Christoph Scheermann and written by Bartholomew Sammut & Kelly West, the film is about two gay serial killers who have a taste for killing homophobes


Club Monaco Autumn 2012 – Looks: Dressing Your Bad Boy Up

Clean and age appropriate for those not 20 something any longer (yeah I’m talking about you!). Also, I love when you take a bad boy or a possible homeless Haight and Ashbury guy and put him in nice clothing. My rocks, off. Club Monaco Autumn 2012 collection. In their words: “This season’s menswear collection takes a cue


Left Field Are Bringing You Flavorful Shorts This Season Men

Start doing squats men so your ass can fill these out. Left Field  are putting some flavor into your shorts this season. The length differs from a lot of men’s shorts offerings this season—going down a bit closer to the knee—but the tighter fit makes for a cohesive look for your lower half. A wise move

Brian Wilson

Sorry Guys, You Get Read (Snap!) On Your Facial Hair

This is definitely biased to the heterosexual world. Gay guys still look at a guy with a beard and think top of bottom? reports: Last January, in the journal Behavioral Ecology, two researchers, Barnaby Dixson of Victoria University in Wellington, New Zealand, and Paul Vasey, of the University of Lethbridge in Alberta, Canada, released


Artist Was Accused Of Raping His Daughters Because Of This Photo

A powerful story with a happy ending. Watch video to see why the motive behind this awful allegation was homophobia and hate driven. Paul Rusconi you have our full support! After being cleared Friday of allegations that he raped his 20-month-old twin daughters, famed Malibu photographer Paul Rusconi cried. It’s been almost a year since distant

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New Music by Cheyenne Jackson – “DRIVE” Official Music Video: Face Not Included

“DRIVE” by Cheyenne Jackson, from the upcoming 2012 EP “DRIVE” iTunes: Amazon: © 2012 SONY/ATV Music Video Directed by: Christian Hörlesberger Music & Lyrics by: Cheyenne Jackson & Stevie Aiello Connect with Cheyenne: Website: Facebook: Twitter:


‘Is East London Dead?’ Menswear Designer William Richard Green’s View on Topic (Video)

We could just gaze at designer and musician William Richard Green for days as he whispers sweet nothing into our ear with that accent! As the ‘Is East London Dead?’ debate continues on Storify and our ‘A Secret History of East London’ map, we’ve ventured out to meet some of the people who’ve helped to shape the different scenes in the area over