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Nude and Bloody Dave Navarro 4 PETA: Powerful Stop Testing Cosmetics on Animals Video

Wow, you go with your bad self Dave Navarro. You want to know my idea of a real man? It’s right here on this page a big studly-macho guy standing up and having his voice heard to protect those that do not have a voice. Thanks Dave! PETA reports: Musician Dave Navarro is known for his body art, guitar

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Girl, Guy, Cat & Can of Whipped Cream – Steam Room Stories: Video

The crush, lust or whatever you want to call it that I have for the furry fella in the Steamroom Diaries is almost too much to bare. I must have him, know him, be BFFs with and lick him from head to toe and pole to hole. Too much? Steam Room Stories will remain on

British pop artist David Bowie's hair and outfits have shocked and awed for decades as he hits the stage and red carpet. Pictured, Bowie sports a sort of Prince Valiant do in March 1965, when he was still going by his birth name of Davy Jones. He changed his name to Bowie following the success of the Monkees and their lead singer Davy Jones.

Happy Birthday David Bowie and We’re Super Jazzed About New Single :Where Are We Now?”: Video

(Reuters) – British singer David Bowie released his first new song in nearly a decade on Tuesday in a surprise launch coinciding with his 66th birthday. “Where Are We Now?”, produced by long-term collaborator Tony Visconti, is a melancholic look back to the time Bowie spent in Berlin in the 1970s with an accompanying video

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Neil Patrick Harris & Joe Manganiello Crash David Burtka’s Dream Bump: Neil’s Puppet Dreams Video

Welcome to the brain of one of the sickest puppeteers ever encountered – Neil Patrick Harris. In this episode, Neil is faced with the discovery that some dreams are just better than his.

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New Music: Big Dipper’s EP is Ready for Download (FREE) #THEYAINTRAEDY

  Big Dipper is a Chicago based queer rapper known for his playful style, crazy antics, catchy hooks, and exciting live performances. What else can we say Big Dipper is kinda dope! Listen up ya’ll! Available for FREE download at, the 6 track EP is a collection of original music from Chicago-based queer rapper


Hair Ball of the Day: Musician KOORTWAH is One Big Hunk of Man!

    KOORTWAH Biography: When I was little, I’d wake up when everyone else was asleep, and sneak out of the house. I’d wander through the city on my bike, usually ending up at one of my favourite abandoned factories. I’d climb the crumbling staircases, past the gutted floors, until I was on the roof.

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New Music: The Visually Stunning and Sounding KOORTWAH’S “The Wilderness”: Video

    We have had our eyes glued on musician KOORTWAH for sometime now and please we have some new visuals to feast on. check out his new music video for “The Wilderness” below.   About KOORTWAH: “When I was little, I’d wake up when everyone else was asleep, and sneak out of the house. I’d

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Super Gay Stand Up Comedy Show with Jonny McGovern (Gay Pimp) and Julie Goldman: Proceeds benefit Homeless Queer Youth through The LA LGBT Center

Julie Goldman and Jonny McGovern (Gay Pimp) are two of the funniest people you’ll ever see. Both are former stars of Logo’s The Big Gay Sketch Show, and they’re combining their considerable forces to bring you the gayest stand up comedy show of all time! Proceeds benefit Homeless Queer Youth through The LA LGBT Center.


Men in Underwear Posing with Groovy Cars German 2013 Calendar

  Okay, so I know this is a little late but totally worth a peek! Creator Janet Schurmeyer, from Wuppertal, says she and a photographer pal dreamed up the calender as an antidote to traditional poses of semi-clad women draped over curvy sports cars. “We only use men – most of them are our friends


Hair Ball of the Day: The Magnificent Paintings of Paul Deflorian

Find out more about Paul Deflorian:   FACEBOOK        

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Slow Motion Water Balloons Splashes on Shirtless Stud: Video

No words necessary.

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Swedish Model Henrik Fallenius Photographed by Niklas Hoejlund

Swedish model Henrik Fallenius at Scoop is photographed by Niklas Hoejlund and styled by Barbara Gullstein for Client magazine no. 8, with hair & makeup by Sam Shimoun.  via homotography

Blue Man on the Rocks
Mixed media painting
on magazine pages
11 x 16"; Framed
14.5" x 19.5"

Dutes Miller’s ‘In The Garden’ Exhibition Imagines If Homosexuality Was The Norm

Captain Goo Mixed media painting on magazine pages 16″ x 11″; Framed 19.5″ x 14.5″ I’m not a big fan of the art, but I love the concept. “In his new exhibition “In The Garden,” Dutes Miller creates a mythological place where homosexuality is not only accepted, it’s the norm. Phallic flora dangle from the ceilings while


Neil Patrick Harris’ Super Bowl Ad Slammed For ‘Pushing Gay Agenda’

People don’t understand that when you are gay, that is your agenda. It’s noting intentional or an actual agenda, you are just living your life. And living your life out loud is all the better, paving the way for the next generation of LGBT to have a more comfortable life. Neil Patrick Harris is being slammed for


Pentagon Claims LGBT Sites Are Blocked For ‘Operational Security Reasons’

“AMERICAblog has been raising awareness over the past week about a problematic Internet filtering problem at the Pentagon, and rightfully so. Apparently, a preponderance of LGBT news sites have been blocked by the DOD, including AMERICAblog, Towleroad, Good As You, The Bilerico Project, Pam’s House Blend, The Advocate, and the Human Rights Campaign’s blog. (According sources, ThinkProgress and


“All Hollywood Studios Thought Liberace Flick Was ‘too gay’ ” Says Director Steven Soderbergh

  If this movie is ‘too gay,’ than I cannot wait to se it and all it’s fabulosity! But the fact that director Steven Soderbergh said all Hollywood studios thought Liberace flick was ‘too gay’ to make, shows that us homes must not become complacent. reports:   Oscar winning director Steven Soderbergh said Friday (4

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New Music: AB SOTO’S “Hotboy”: The Video Men Are Hot Hot Hot! : Watch

  Starting off 2013 hot, hot and HOT with AB SOTO’S official music video for  “Hotboy.” This is going be the year for AB SOTO and they will be on the lips of everyone around the world in one way or another. And  a special shot out to AB SOTO’S  muscle leggings showing off his buns


Pixel-Friendly Fashion: Meadham Kirchhoff Men’s Spring/Summer 2013 Sampling

I’m  getting a sort of My Own Private Idaho feel from these samples. Go HERE to be pleasured by an amazing video aka Meadham Kirchhoff’s website:  a short film titled “A Cautionary Tale,” featuring the house’s Spring/Summer 2013 womenswear collection Meadham Kirchoff will show their second men’s collection at London’s upcoming Collections: Men weekend on January 7.

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The Modern Bears (“Beartha Stewart”) Have Big Plans! World of Modern Design, Bears, & Beefcake: Watch Video Tease

Our good friends Chris Bale and Travis Smith at  Modern Bear our on their way to the top (or bottom depending on how they swing …wink). Have you pawed your way through their  book yet? Modern Design + Bears + Retro + Beefcake = Modern Bear! Watch fun video below that lets us in on some future


Hair Ball of the Day: Wealthy Indian Guy in a Shirt Made of Gold and Killer Mustache

Want to know about this fella CLICK Shirt took a team of 15 goldsmiths two weeks to construct Has matching cuffs and a set of rings crafted from left-over gold Read more:

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‘Sexual Harrasment Orientation’ Video Involves a Big Black Dildo

A new hire at the company watches a love sexual harassment presentation. So wrong yet so right. Watch video below for inappropriate office etiquette. Funny or Die? Source: Brian Guest Sexual Harassment Orientation – watch more funny videos


Apartamento Magazine # 10 – Homes, Living Spaces and Design Solutions as Opposed to Houses

DESCRIPTION SHIPPING BUY Apartamento first issue was released in April 2008 as a magazine interested in homes, living spaces and design solutions as opposed to houses, photo ops and design dictatorships. The magazine is a logical result of the post-materialist mind shift. People are bored with the ostentatious and über-marketing. There is a real quest


Steven Alan Men’s Spring-Summer 2013 – LOOKBOOK

    East, breezy cover guy. “Pulling inspiration from Eric Rohmer’s 1971 film Claire’s Knee, Steven Alan delivers a Spring Summer 2013 collection which blends lightweight fabrics with casualness of day wear with suiting that does not disappoint. Check for patterns of khaki leaf  ”pink lemonade stand” and much more from Steven Alan.” Selectism 

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San Francisco Real Talk: Open Relationships: January 30, 2013 Open Forum

San Francisco AIDS Foundation and STOP AIDS Project are excited to host the next anticipated Real Talk, our public forum series. The goal of this series is to host timely, interactive dialogs and exchange knowledge and resources around topics at the forefront of discussions in our community. Our first Real Talk forum focused on gay

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Meet Punk Barbarella Rapper Brooke Candy: “Everybody Does” Music Video

  Brooke Candy’s official video for “Everybody Does” produced by and exclusive to Dazed & Confused. Brooke is one spic meatball! Read more about Brooke Candy HERE

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Will Wikle is a Nasty Pig: Video

  Shop Nasty Pig products online HERE Who is Nasty Pig Clothing? INTEGRITY IS THE COMMON THREAD RUNNING THROUGHOUT NASTY PIG Nasty Pig designs, manufactures and retails innovative clothing and edgy products for the masculine, sexually self-assured man who wears his confidence on his sleeve. Our customers love the progressive attitude expressed by our functional,

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Street Style and the Modern British Man: Video

  The arrival last year of the first devoted men’s fashion week in London emphasised the importance of the risk-taking British man to the fashion industry. In anticipation of London Collections: Men AW13 we talk to some of London’s most celebrated young designers, Katie Eary and Agi & Sam. Capturing the spirit of their idealised

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Levi’s Spring-Summer 2013 London Preview Film —> Fashion Boner

Together mainline alongside Levi’s Vintage Clothing and Made & Crafted, Liberty collaborations and sustainable Waste<Less denim, the whole shebang can be revisited over here. Click play and enjoy the short journey.


Watch Warp and Weft: A Raw Denim Documentary

Finally complete, we catch up with this fascinating documentary on Raw Denim, made, worn and obsessed over in the U.S.A. A Kickstarter funded project, the film features interview with the likes of Levi’s archivist Lynn Downey, Kiya Babzani from Self Edge, Roy Slaper of ROY jeans and Gordon Heffner, owner of Blue in Green. Devin Leisher, one of the producers

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Porn Stud, Conner Habib Talks Women & Gay Porn With Mr. Pam: Ask The Sexpert

Porn stud, talented write and all around nice guy (damn you!) say, “Happy 2013 folks!” Conner Habib, your NewNowNext sexpert, is back this new year, and today he is talking all about gay porn, a topic he knows everything about. Watch above as Conner, and special guest Mr. Pam, help answer one anonymous lady’s question

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A Gay Agenda’s LGBTQ Weeks Re-Cap Video: Brian Sims, Pat Brady, Lady Gaga, Anderson Cooper, Kathy Griffin and Calendar Giveaway

New Youtube Channel, A Gay Agenda’s week recap of the first week of January. Jay and Mike claim that this project is a work in progress, but it’s looking pretty damn great so far we think! Folks featured in this weeks episode. Brian Sims, Pat Brady, Lady Gaga, Anderson Cooper, Kathy Griffin and more. Get one

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Close Encounter with a Polar Bear and G.I.L.F: Video

Call me crazy or is this guy kind of a G.I.L.F. (Grandfather I’d Like to Fuck)? “After leaving the ‘Ice Cube’ near a seal’s breathing hole, Gordon gets shaken up by a hungry polar bear.” The Polar Bear Family & Me


Terry Richardson: “Today is my Dad’s birthday… he would have been 85”: Photos

Well, you all know I’m obsessed with photographer Terry Richardson, and today his dad as well. You cannot help but to feel sentiment when seeing these photos Terry posted today on of his dad. Terry wrote, “Today is my Dad’s birthday… he would have been 85.”  

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Celebrity Hair Ball of the Day: Sean Penn Struts His Stuff at Beach in Maui

Sean Penn, 52 year old actor was spotted on Maui beach strutting his stuff.   Sean recently got ripped for his new movie Gangster Squad.


Chicago Sports Fans Pose Naked in Hopes for a Better 2013: Photos

Enjoy this photo essay from ChicagoSide Sports. I call dips on the naked man in chains below. In honor of the New Year, which promises, as always, to bring more pain than fortune for you the ever-dedicated Chicago Sports Fan, ChicagoSide and crackerjack photographer Kim Malkowski (, give you: Naked New Year 2013!   

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This Quadruple Amputee is an Inspiring Stud! Check Out His New Car Drifting Video

I am so in love (lust) and awe with this guy! From Taylor’s Youtube Page: This is a video of Taylor Morris, the 5th surviving Quad Amputee who served over in Afghanistan as a Navy EOD petty officer. Taylor was injured almost 8 months ago and this was his first time driving an unmodified vehicle

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Straight Up Thanks: Straight Allies for Gay Rights | Dan Savage: American Savage

Dan Savage talks about the phenomenal increase in gay rights legislation in 2012 and the Straight Up Thanks tumblr, where straight allies can be thanked in a public forum. Visit Straight Up Thanks: Watch More American Savage: About American Savage Author, columnist, TV personality, and co-founder of the It Gets Better Project, Dan Savage brings

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We Do: A Southern Perspective on Marriage Discrimination Video

“The Campaign for Southern Equality is staging a series of protests this month to raise awareness about marriage inequality in southern states, including Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia, Tennessee, South Carolina, North Carolina, and Virginia. Today, for example, same-sex couples will be applying for marriage certificates in Mobile, Alabama, knowing full well they will be denied. This “We Do”

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New Music: Sky Ferreira’s “Lost In My Bedroom” Official Music Video

  Singer Sky Ferreira releases another triply video off her Ghost EP. The visual for “Lost In My Bedroom” kicks off with a nice warning for those who suffer from epilepsy, due to the video’s flashing lights and strobing pictures. Obviously the video features Sky Ferreira in her bedroom, but it also features the “Everything Is Embarrassing” singer


Obese Women In The Nude, Amazing Photography (NSFW)

Outstanding photography by Yossi Loloi Artist Statement: In my work I portray what larger women represent to me. I focus on their fullness and femininity, as a form of protest against discrimination set by media and by today’s society. What larger women embody to me is simply a different form of beauty. I believe we own