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Man Attacked Outside of Salt Lake City Gay Club

A 20-year-old Salt Lake City gay man was attacked and hospitalized last Friday night as he left the downtown club, Club Sound. Dane Hall was in the hospital for four days, lost six teeth and his jawbone was broken in three places. This is a dirty rotten shame on the human race! Mike Enders  


Taishi Nobukuni Autumn/Winter 2011 Collection

Grandpa can I borrow your clothes? You are hip now by the way.     The Relativity points us in the direction of this excellent Autumn/Winter 2011 collection from Japanese designe, Taishi Nobukuni. The former St Martins student spent time working under British tailor Charlie Allen and has used these formal skills to create a traditional


Design from 1945 to the Present at MIA

  I would give my left testicle for this couch, but for now I will hold on to my testicles and head to The Minneapolis Institute of The Arts (MIA) and check out this amazing collection of furniture from 1945 and on. Mike Enders The Minneapolis Institute of The Arts (MIA) is showing an exhibit on modern design

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Video | Oprah interviews Ralph Lauren and Checks Out his Teepees

Does Ralph Lauren‘s family always dress like cowboys, or just for interviews with Oprah? This rare interview is fascinating and odd.      


News: Satanic Panic, Using ‘Sugar Daddies,’ Transgender Children, Bacteria Lurk in doctors’, nurses’ Nniforms

Sex For Tuition: Gay Male College Students Using ‘Sugar Daddies’ To Pay Off Loan Debt NEW YORK — Three years ago, during his junior year at New York University, Kirk met with a financial aid officer to plead a familiar case: his inability to manage the yearly payments on his $50,000 tuition bill. Once again, the

Music: Richard Swift :: Walt Wolfman

It must be the season for new Richard Swift. Last month we shared the troubadour’s ode to a maimed hand, “Broken Finger Blues,” and today Swift offers up “Whitman,” the first taste from his forthcoming release, Walt Wolfman. A fine ode from one American iconoclast to another, “Whitman” — all propulsive chugging drums and keys — finds

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SF CA: Personalities-Recent Photographs by Arturo Cosenza

Hot men in underwear, feeding dogs raw hotdogs. I am so there!   Opening Reception: Friday, September 9th, 8:00 PM – 10:00 PM. Arturo Cosenza is a San Francisco-based photographer whose recent work is a collection of portraits of local ‘personalities’, such as Phatima and Suppository Spelling. This work marks a new approach in his


Four Day Mega Sale on ‘Bear Hug’ Tee Shirt and Prints

Guess who is a fan.  About the design: The design is based on the old notion of a “bear hug,” or a big powerful embrace. Except, you know, from an actual bear. An actual bear who is probably angry because he smells your peanut butter sandwiches but can’t find any. Who’s behind the design?

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Film: QUEENS & COWBOYS: A Straight Year on the Gay Rodeo Has Made It’s Financial Production Goal!

“An honest to God rodeo with just a little more panache.” “QUEENS & COWBOYS: A Straight Year on the Gay Rodeo” will chronicle the 2011 season of the International Gay Rodeo Association through the lens of a straight, city-raised filmmaker. Roping and riding in 15 rodeos across north America this year alone, the IGRA’s courageous

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Video Morning Warm ups: Human Sling Shot, Police Officer Had Sex with Woman on Car Hood & More


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Hair Ball of the Day: Head to Headstand

(via zenfancy)  


Video: The Men of Friday Night Furlosophy are Back with “Things we JUST HATE!”

The men from Friday Night Furlosophy have released a video spot lighting the things that just make their skin crawl, Things we JUST HATE! Watch I am sure you will be able to relate but your hands will be clean while these two do the dirty work. “We could pretend to be all cerebral


Ben Cohen Shares Bed with a Bearded Hunk

Gay-straight alliance Ben Cohen wil do what it takes to make sure bullying stops. He jumps in the sac with his photographer Bret Grafton who is a bit confused as to which side of the camera he is supposed to be on at their morning photo shoot. I will let your dirty mind fill in the

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Video: Billionth Reason to Love the Foo Fighters: Wet Beards & Trucker Ass

Foo Fighters set their sights on their North American tour .


News: Recriminalize Homosexuality, Choi’s Trial, Romney Too Gay Friendly, Bigamist and Pedophiles are ‘Waiting in the Wings’

AFA’S BRYAN FISCHER: RECRIMINALIZE HOMOSEXUALITY Bryan Fischer, spokesman for the American Family Association (which hosted Rick Perry’s prayer rally), called today for the recriminalization of homosexuality. Though laws against “sodomy” were found unconstitutional in 2003 in Lawrence v. Texas, Fischer said there is “no reason why it cannot be a criminal offense once again.” NORTH CAROLINIANS

Men’s Fashion: Today I am Your Personal Shopper, This is What I Found

While you were busy at work answering calls, attending meetings and making trivial decisions I did some window shopping for you (thanks & you’re welcome). This could also be translated as my Christmas wish list, just saying. Cody Vest by Pendleton Classic lightweight puffer vest from Pendleton. Features two outer slant pockets, single inner zip pocket,


4HOME: Albam, Antikmodern Furniture

Tasteful, gorgeous, grown-up furniture will make your home into a sanctuary.   Albam partners up with Antikmodern and now will have showcase space for things your bum to sit on not just to put on. The space will be filled with midcentury furniture including names such as Ercol, Ole Wanscher and Eames. The match seems like it fits


All Eyes on Artist Jonathan Eric Gann

At first glance of artist Jonathan Eric Gann from  Birmingham, Alabama, you can tell that there is depth behind those eyes, substance. Being the beard freak that I am, for a moment,  I got lost in his delicious beard then brought back to to life by his poignant conversation and the description of his art work. Jonathan’s

Let me Introduce The Water Tower Bucket Boys

Step outside of your musical comfort zone and get down and dirty to some blue grass with the Water Tower Bucket Boys. No, you don’t need to be a folk/ hippy to enjoy these sounds, just a craving for good soul moving music. Readers, meet Water Tower Bucket Boys, Water Tower Bucket Boys, meet our readers (knuckle punch).

In Case You Missed it: Cold Star- Acceptance of Your Own and Others Sexual Identity| Video

A boy experiences new desires while watching a man at an indoor swimming pool. Forced up the diving platform by a rowdy gang, he receives unexpected help. Cold Star is a mixture of short and music video. A hybrid, that connects the emotions of a short with beats and lyrics of music. The film is an

Hair Ball of the Day: Something Special

  Source: ilovefacialhair

Interview: Walter Van Beirendonck Invites Everyone to Step into his Head at his Retrospect Exhibition 9/13

We got a hold of Walter Van Beirendonck right at a monumental time in his life. Fans and fashionistas have bowed down to Walter’s genius, corky and colorful collections for decades. On September 13, 2011 the Antwerp Fashion Museum will be displaying a large retrospect exhibition of Walter’s work from 1980 – 2012 called DREAM THE

Beard News: ‘Fake Beard’ Bank Robber Caught, Tom Sturridge Bushy Beard, What it’s like with a beard? …

FBI Arrests Tulsa Man in ‘fake beard’ Bank Robberies A Tulsa man was arrested Friday in connection to bank robberies that include at least four in Oklahoma, two in Arkansas and one in Joplin, Mo. – several of which were done wearing a fake beard, according to official reports. FBI agents arrested Jason Andrew Day, 39,

Video: Half Naked Men Dance to Hurricane Irene

Spirited young men dance in the street for laughs for what was a terrifying time for most.


Hair Ball of the Day: Sunday’s Best

Source: tapestryofmen  

I Art You: All Eyes on Artist Patrick Shot

Patrick Short Photography & Art Work  HERE  

Sunday Fluff: Anderson Cooper Visits Google, Grizzly Attack, Double-Amputee Sprinter, Hudson Taylor…

Anderson Cooper visits Google’s NYC office to discuss his new daytime talk show and answer questions from YouTube fans around the world moderated by Steve Grove. This event took place on August 24, 2011, as part of the @Google Talks series. Hudson Taylor Wants To Make It Better Straight ally Hudson Taylor, an All-American wrestler known

Smoking Gun’s Mug Shots of the Week

“Every Week, Some Perps Raise A Few Eyebrows”     MORE… (via Smoking Gun)


WoofTease: 119 Days Until Christmas

  Greetings bears, cubs, chasers, daddies, chubs, grizzlies, and any other forest creatures we failed to mention. We are WoofTEASE. It all began with an idea, we thought the bear world was ready for something new as opposed to the classical bear designs and slogans. After the first shirt was made and people began to

I Want a Non-ironic Fanny Pack but Will Call it a Waist Bag

“Cyclope the Parisian fixed gear store teamed with Manhattan Portage on a Waist bag. The reinterpretation of the logo was created by Parisian designer Tristan Bagot with the famous monuments of the capital.” ( via

Celebrity Accidental Bear Paul Rudd Has a Shiny Penis

We are weak to Paul Rudd‘s charisma and naturally manly vibe. So, when we saw an interview of him talking about his man part, his tool, his long john silver we had to re-post. Well Paul, if your nob is as shiny as you say, you will need that thing regularly polished (hand raised in

News: Lower Income LGBT, Cyndi Lauper, Pro-Bullying Campaign, Deputy’s groin grab…

Cyndi Lauper Opens Housing for LGBT Youth Next month, Cyndi Lauper‘s 1986 hit “True Colors” takes on new meaning when the True Colors Residencefor homeless lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (L.G.B.T.) youth opens in Harlem on September 1. In New York City, a very disproportionate number (up to 40 percent), of homeless youth identify as L.G.B.T. Even

Hair Ball of the Day: Beard & Lace

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Pssst Sweatshirt Addicts, Over Here: Warehouse Loopwheel Sweatshirt

You will most likely see me next on the Dr Phil show talking about my horrible addiction to sweatshirts. I must have at least 25. One for when I’m cold, I’m sad, I’m happy, I feel pretty, for the gym, to sleep in, I’m horny in…. you get my drift. It look like I’ll have

Portrait Of United Arrows: Fall/Winter 2011

Japanese retailer United Arrows presents ‘Portrait of United Arrows: Fall/Winter 2011′, a lookbook showcasing the collections that will be available in store in the coming months. These looks have a European-world traveller-literary-writer-poet-bbisexual and I don’t brush y teeth everyday  feel to them, but when put together well I am a huge fan. The presentation of these clothes

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Accidental Bear Teams up with Celebrity Personal Trainer Johnny Pearman for a Series of Fitness Videos

The night before my meeting with personal trainer Johnny Pearman was a restless night of sleep. Fitness for most can be that pink elephant in the room that you just do not want to acknowledge. You know you should pet it more and take better care of it, but chose to ignore it. So, meeting

News: Trevor Project Honored, Gadhafi had Gay Porn, Gay Men in the Military, Video of Bachman’s Glitter Baptism

Update Video Flashmob Converts “Marcus Bachmann” in Glitter Baptism at Clinic New Jersey School Bans Book With Lesbian, Gay Scenes Turns out high school students in one New Jersey district won’t be reading Norwegian Wood this fall. Japanese author Haruki Murakami’s celebrated novel about Tokyo college life in the 1960s was banned by the Monroe Township

Hair Ball of the Day: Sweet Eyes

  Source: Flickr / malcstonephotography

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URSA Skin Care For Men, Live Major

As a pretty typical gay-homosexual I like to have good skin. Even coming from the beardy point of view, your cheeks and neck are still out there for the world to see and judge. As boy I would lather my mothers flowery, brightly colored products all over my face and practice french kissing my hand.


Melbourne, AZ: The Beards & Gay Paris

(Via These two bands go together like a pot and a parma, but more importantly you’re unlikely to spot finer chin topiary anywhere in this city Head down to Northcote Social Club on Friday, to catch Adelaide’s The Beards pulling tunes from their third fuzz-promoting album – which spawned the smash hit ‘You Should Consider Having Sex With a