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Hair Ball of the Day: Can’t Get Out of Bed, Still Naked

boysloveboys: Jay, 2008


Studio Pretzel S/S 2012 Looks (Bearded Models Alert) Studiopretzel is like a warm hug, like Chet Baker’s cool jazz. It’s like a back heel goal, like an excellent red wine, a shirt of soft cotton, a sunset on a sail boat. Studiopretzel is not an agency but a way of life that puts quality and aesthetic value (of objects, actions and people)

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The Vote Against Project: Create a Portrait of North Carolina Unity (Video)

The Vote Against Project began soon after the North Carolina General Assembly passed a state constitutional amendment that would ban legal recognition for all unmarried couples. On May 8, 2012, voters in North Carolina will decide if they want to etch discrimination into our state’s constitution. Raleigh photographer Curtis Brown, outraged at the harm this


Russian Gay Activists Arrested For Spreading ‘Homosexual Propaganda’ To Minors

Ignorance is at an all time high, or is it fear? Russian LGBT equality activists Nikolay Alekseev, Alexey Kiselev, and Kirill Nepomnyaschiy have been “arrested at solitary pickets next to children regional library in Arkhangelsk,” the group reports through Twitter. In 2006, the Russian regions of Ryazan and Arkhangelsk adopted legislation criminalizing the distribution of so-called

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Jimmy Kimmel Keeping it Real and Addresses How Gay Marriage Could End Humanity (Video)

Jimmy Kimmel Live  chimed in on the Pope’s comments “BENEDICT: This is not a simple social convention, but rather the fundamental cell of every society.Consequently, policies which undermine the family threaten human dignity and the future of humanity itself… The family unit is fundamental for the educational process and for the development both of individuals and states;

In one of the print ads in Children's Healthcare of Atlanta's Strong4Life campaign, a young girl says she doesn't like going to school, because "all the other kids pick on me. It hurts my feelings."

Controversy Swirls Around Harsh Anti-Obesity Ads

Scare tactics are a great source to put pressure on those in need of a wake up call. Have these ads gone too far? Who’s to say? They are getting media coverage and have gotten people communicating. Pissing people off is a proactive method in getting people off their asses and taking action and excepting

BLACK or SHIP RAT (Rattus rattus). Image shot 2008. Exact date unknown.

Rats Attack and Eat Face of Paralyzed Hospital Patient In India

Oh hell no! Heaven forbid you ever end up in a hospital to begin with, but you should feel 100% safe and no judgment, even if you got a light bulb accidentally stuck up your bum. And finally, your face should never become a feast for a gang of wild rats. Not the case for

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Extreme, Hairy, Muscle, Burping, Freak of Nature & Erotic Man: THERIPPEDMUSCLE’s Youtube Channel

Somethings come along and they are too good to not share. I have challenged our fans on FACEBOOK to comment without judgement on these videos. This will be quite the exercise in restraint! To me he is a real life cartoon character and I’m kind of obsessed!       Check out a ton more


Penis Tattoo Causes Permanent Erection For Iranian Man

Hey, we can’t always be serious up in here. Let’s talk about penis horror stories. A man who got a tattoo on his penis is now left with a permanent semi-erection, according to an article in the latest issue of the Journal of Sexual Medicine. As MSNBC’s The Body Odd reports, the 21-year-old Iranian man found himself between a rock

(Photo: REUTERS) There was more buzz over Justin Timberlake's hearty beard than the MySpace TV he introduced at CES.

Justin Timberlake’s Beard at CES Overshadows MySpace TV [PHOTOS]

  What can  say, with or without beard, I have always had a wicked man crush (what I call my crushes on straight men) on Justin Timberlake. There beard thought knocks it out of the park for me though. I believe the word is SWOON. via  Although Justin Timberlake went to the 2012 International CES

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It Gets Betterish — Rudy The Party Monster (Video)

“Can you cool it on the Turkish Wrestling videos we need to figure out where we are going!” Great opener and now I am all ears, eyes and little head. Eliot and Brent visit Le Taint, where they run into Eliot’s high school classmate, Rudy. He is a nightmare


“TOKYO FASHION WEEK in ITALY”: Pitti – Versus Tokyo – Habanos

Take your grandmothers blanket, cut it up and sew it on to a plain basic shirt. Sounds easy, right? Not so much, you still need to have the cautious eye of a stylista. While we have preferred to have seen more than a few select looks from the 20 or so brands featured in Versus

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Michael Stipe Produces Gay Korean Film (Trailer)

Although super band R.E.M. as closed it’s doors, front man Michael Stipe put his creativity elsewhere and has an epiphany, ““Now I recognise that to have public figures be very open about their sexuality helps some kid somewhere out there.” via Former REM frontman Michael Stipe is the executive producer behind a new short film of


Hair Ball of the Day: Australian Footballer Ben Ross (Photos)

Ben Ross (born 21 September 1988) is an Australian rules footballer for the North Melbourne Football Club in the Australian Football League. He was a first round draft pick, number 3 overall, in the 2007 AFL Pre-season Draft. His brother, Michael Ross, is a midfielder at Essendon.  


Hey Tough Guy: Adam Amengual’s Gang Portraits

  Adam Amengual’s portraits of current and former gang members bear a striking resemblance to the 17th century Flemish portraiture the artist deeply admires. Each image commands our attention, and Amengual has removed all sense of shame we can only imagine that several of the subjects may grapple with. Instead he offers a way to honor

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Kinetic Art: The Page Turner by Joseph Herscher

An incredible Rude Goldberg inspired piece of machinery, Brooklyn based Joseph Herscher has created an incredibly complex and convoluted  page turning system. A ‘kinetic artist’, this is one of many wildly pointless but brilliant inventions from the part time app designer. “Machines that use complex chain reactions to complete mundane tasks. Some of Herscher’s effects here are


Anderson Cooper’s Two-Millionth Twitter Follower NYC Trip Giveaway

Oh Me Me Me, hand raised to the sky. Anderson is about to hit a big milestone on Twitter — his 2 millionth follower! To celebrate, the “Anderson” team is giving one of Anderson’s (@AndersonCooper) Twitter followers a trip to New York to see the show, plus, an opportunity to make an appearance on “Anderson.” View complete


Elton John to publish AIDS book, ‘Love is the Cure’

Why am I imagining a pop up book with pop out feather boas and scratch and sniff Elton John signature glasses? Known for his wacky doodle choice of clothing, Elton keeps it real, real serious with his “stories of close encounters with people like Ryan White, Freddie Mercury, and many others, he will convey the personal

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Queers 4 Gears Interview with Openly Gay Pro Motorcycle Racer Luke Huff

See, we have been telling you, homosexuals are everywhere! We find one in the macho arena  of Pro Motorcycle Racer, Luke Lucky Huff . There has to be a billion ‘something between his legs’ jokes, so I won’t touch  that one. Check out this thorough interview from Let’s also give a shot out for Queers 4 Gears: NASCAR

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MTV’s ‘True Life’ To Feature Gay Bears And ‘Chubby Chasers’

GET.OUT.OF.TOWN. This has the same feeling to me as the first time as as I saw a preppie guy sporting a mohawk, worlds colliding, MTV and Chubby Chasers, nothing sacred! Is there no “alternative” anymore? One thing that is clear, is that the more exposure these sub-groups get to the mainstream world, the more acceptance

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True LGBTQ Stories: One Gay Man’s Struggle with Meth (VIDEO)

Riveting, real and raw! This is a wonderful learning tool and an inspiration that things can change and/or improve even when you are scratching on the bottom. I’m From Driftwood is a 501(c)(3) non-profit forum for true lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer stories. Earlier this year, founder and Executive Director Nathan Manske and two companions


FAB.COM SALE: Alexander Guerra Provocative Bunny-Masked Portraits Jan 10-12  SALE: Alexander Guerra Provocative Bunny-Masked Portraits Jan 10-12 only! Big news! Artist Alexander Guerra has told us that he has something special for our readers here at Accidental Bear. If you email  Alexander: or Facebook  message him along with making a purchase you will get an added surprise. Oh, geez I LOVE SURPRISES! Everything that Alexander Guerra touches


“Gay Men Don’t Get Fat” by Simon Doonan Served Me Some Humble Pie

Forgetting one of the fundamental rules of living life as an enlightened and open-minded person, “Don’t judge a book by its cover (or its title)!” I was served some humble pie this weekend. We published a negative review and cast a a dark cloud over Simon Doonan’s new book, Gay Men Don’t Get Fat. The

Two men help an injured person after he was attacked by a leopard (Panthera pardus) in a residential neighbourhood of Silphukhuri area in Guwahati on January 7, 2012. Three people were seriously injured in the leopard attack before the feline was tranquilized and taken to Assam state zoo. AFP PHOTO/STR (Photo credit should read STRDEL/AFP/Getty Images)

India: Leopard Kills Man, Scalps Another (GRAPHIC INSANE PHOTOS)

As any modern human living on plant earth would do in an emergency, grab your camera! In this particular brutal mauling by a leopard in Gauhati, India a civilian captures the moment this wild leopard rips the scalp off a victim after killing a man. INTENSE! WARNING: Includes extremely graphic photos. GAUHATI, India — A leopard that


Straight Alliance Hudson Taylor in Tighty Whities on a NYC Train

No Pants Subway Ride hits New York City for 11th year Straphangers throughout New York City nonchalantly stripped to their underwear from the waist down Sunday afternoon as part of a global practical joke Straphangers throughout New York City nonchalantly stripped to their underwear from the waist down Sunday afternoon as part of a global

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Homosexuality is a “Disease,” Says Top Iran Human Rights Official

Wake up call. Outside of some of ours safe gay bubbles, this is happening. “The West says that the marriage of homosexuals should be allowed under the human rights charter, however, we think it is sexual immorality and a disease.” CAIRO: The head of Iran’s High Council for Human Rights says gay marriage is “immoral” and


Does the Rise of Manscaping Mark the End of the Beard Craze? Boyzilians Hit the Mainstream

You all know how I feel about manscaping, if I can’t run my fingers through your natural pubes there’s a problem. TMI? Here’s what others are saying about the popularity of beards and manscaping. BEARDOS VS. BOYZILIANS   via As the beard reigns supreme in male grooming habits, one would think the “natural look” was making


Hair Ball of the Day: Artist and His Pens

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Bears Revamp SF Winter Weekend; Good Bye IBR, Hello SF Bear Weekend

( The bears will be returning to San Francisco this winter after all, but for more of a DIY event than an officially organized weekend. For years the city played host each February to the International Bear Rendezvous, a three-day-long gathering for hirsute gay and bisexual men and their admirers. But after 17 years, organizers

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Pittsburgh Steelers Video: Watch Brett Keisel Sing ‘Fear the Beard’

Brett Keisel from the Pittsburgh Steelers helps Randy Baumann sing the hit song “Fear the Beard” at DVE’s Christmas party at Diesel on the south side. Brett’s beard has reached legendary status in the past couple of years, and may be the reason the Steelers make it to the SB most years. Let’s see if


Reel Sex: The Many Shapes of Cinematic Beards

Great read! It’s rad that someone took the time to breakdown and analyze facial hair in films.  Gwen Reyes writes, ” For anyone who is not a pogonophile, let’s start light with the hair choice made most famous by Burt Reynolds and Tom Selleck: the mustache,” as if lubbing us up for the hairy goodness that is about to


I Beard SF Giants T-shirt at Etsy

2012 must have. If I had one of these fine looking designs it would never see the inside of a ball park, but I would wear it proud on the streets of yes. FEAR THE BEARD. Black screen printed I [ BEARD ] SF illustration on a vintage gray or orange tri-blend ( 50% Polyester

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All Things Jake Gyllenhaal & His Luscious Beard

Forget put a bird on it, put a beard on it ya’ll.  Huffington Post is reporting on Jake Gyllenhaal’s NEW facial hair, but I have to say, he has been sporting this luscious- I-wanna-eat-my-breakfast-off-your-beard beard for some time now. Grrrr, as they say Jake.                        


Creston Ohio: Beard Club, Simple Mission to Promote Facial Hair

I smell testosterone as if you could tap it out of a tree like maple syrup. Promoting beards, ok in my book. Promoting beards shirtless, even better. By AMANDA ROLIK via CRESTON — A new club has one simple and finite mission, and that is to promote facial hair. The Wayne County Beard Association is


First Openly Gay Women Compete for Miss California Title

For the first time in its 60-year history, openly lesbian contestants are competing to become Miss California. Mollie Thomas, 19, will be representing the West Hollywood area in the beauty pageant, while Jenelle Hutcherson, 26, is competing on behalf of Long Beach. The women, who were approached by pageant recruiters to take part, are battling nearly 400


FEDS Include Men in Description of Rape Victims

For over 85 years the U.S. officially defined rape as the “carnal knowledge of a female forcibly and against her will,” but thanks to some very persistent calls from victims advocates – some of them women themselves – the FBI has changed its stance to include rape as a sexual assault on a male as


Hair Balls of the Day: Double Trouble

  Source: bomb-hills-not-countries


Gay Indian Artist, Attacked During Exhibition Of Erotic Works (VIDEO)

Despite the viscous attack on artist Balbir Krishan, the show still remains up. Krishan also claims that he had been receiving threatening phone calls prior to the attack. “I have not portrayed homosexuality before, but I have painted male figures,” he told Indian Express. “Since I support homosexuality, this work was personal for me. However, I never expected such a reaction.”


Gay Men’s Body Image: Near 50 Percent Would Sacrifice 1 Year Of Their Lives For The Perfect Body, Survey Finds

One part me says, “Are you kidding me?” This is exactly what I think is wrong  with the minds of a majority of gay me, willing to die for their physical appearance and putting their bodies as their number one priority. The other part of thinks, “One year, I’d only loose one year?” via Exactly


David Beckham Bodywear for H&M, WIN

H&M this season feature both David Beckham and Tony Ward. In the words of one of the great minds of our time (NOT), Charlie Sheen, WIN!! H&M has recently debuted their new bodywear collection with footballer, David Beckham. On first look, the undergarments look to be a step in the right direction. David Beckham Bodywear for H&M features nine