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(Video) Gay Hockey Player Gus Johnston: The Reality of Homophobia in Sport

A beautiful, somewhat confession of a gay athlete, telling his story about being an elite hockey player in Australia and his  unconditional love for his sport. Gus Johnston gives encouraging words from a personal stand point that he hopes help other gay athletes on their journey of coming out and a living a life with less


Translate This “No Fighting A Bear” Japanese Sign Anyone?

WHERE: Mt Fuji, Japan PHOTO: Daniel Peel


UC Berkeley ‘Racist’ Bake Sale Demonstration Sparks Outrage

Dilemma over baked goods. While students argued the validity of having of a satirical, Increase Diversity Bake Sale, selling racially price-adjusted pastries on campus. I ate all the cupcakes. Breaking news. Story at 11. Mike Enders via In protest against an Affirmative Action-like bill awaiting Gov. Jerry Brown’s signature, a UC Berkeley group, Berkeley College

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Jim Henson’s Google Doodle: Happy 75th

Google and The Jim Henson Company joined forces to create a special doodle honoring what would have been Henson’s 75th birthday. (Link to Google.) The Easter Egg-filled interactive doodle allows users to “puppeteer” six original characters created specially for the occasion by Jim Henson’s Creature Shop. Meanwhile, on the official Google blog, Henson’s son Brian remembers his dad.


Tigers Varsity Jacket: Can I Borrow $880 ?

Did I ever tell you the time I bought a car for $800 ? Oh, never mind. This Tiger varsity Jacket by Heritage is just to die for. I will imagine my fake boyfriend Brad gave it to me. Classic 1950’s look and magnificent giant tiger paw . Grrrr Tigers Varsity Jacket Heritage Research Princeton Tigers


Hair Ball of the Day: What to Wear, What to Wear?


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Promo Video: Accidental Bear Gets Healthy: Join Our Team & Be Featured

We want to help you get your mind, body and spirit on the same playing field. Our goal is to help men take a good long deep look on the inside as well as focussing on their outer strength.  Happy mind = better looking biceps. We are searching for other health practitioners and doctors to


Cartoon: What Other Stories Michele Bachmann Could Be Convinced to Repeat?

Cartoon from the Dallas Voice wonders what other stories Michele Bachmann could be convinced to repeat:

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Germans Face Off in Hairy Debate Over Whisker Do’s and Don’ts

Gentleman, don’t go pulling your hair out over your beards. Battles of bragging rights, really? Can’t say that I don’t love it, but it does sound a little catty. Will this side line drama distract from the luscious furry faced? No. via PFORZHEIM, Germany—For an hour a day, Gerhard Knapp wraps his whiskers around


Accidental Celebrity Bear Chris Evans: Hot, Hot, Hot (Video)

Captain America Chris Evnas got scruffy for his upcoming film Puncture. In the trailer for the film he scores a lot of points as well as the homeroom for the beard. He parades around shirtless in suspenders. Well, see for yourself… Mike Weiss (Chris Evans) is a talented young Houston lawyer and a functioning drug addict.


Andrew Jackson Jihad: New Album “Knife Man” Released

The Sound and the Furry does the most excellent job scouting out talented and furry bands. They are my number one music source. See how I was schooled today.Below Andrew Jackson Jihad tears it up. To find out more about them go HERE (photo by Alyssa Marie Burkett) Andrew Jackson Jihad – “Gift of the Magi 2:



The power of pee goes over my head, so I am here to enlighten myself on the subject find some truth. I will let go of my yellow flow, to break some myths for you. You’re welcome! Huffington Post’s weird news shares this with us. Here are some high lights: 1. Moisés Alou Pees On His

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Bronx Zoo Brown Bears Play With Pumpkins (VIDEO)

“To the Bronx Zoo’s brown bears, pumpkins are for eating and batting around, not decorating or carving. Watch them roll, taste, and splash around with their Halloween treats.”


News: Boos Of Gay Soldier, White House New LGBT Liaison, Bullied Teen Remembered, CHAZ BONO…

PARENTS OF BULLIED TEEN REMEMBER HIM A YEAR AFTER HIS DEATH  This week marks one year since we learned of the suicide deaths of several teenagers as a result of anti-gay bullying. One of them was 13-year-old Asher Brown from the Houston area, who took his own life a year ago today. His parents have recorded


Hair Balls of the Day: Men of Bearracuda Folsom Friday



First thing to pop into my head when browsing this spread of this two male models, end of summer love. by Mike Enders via © by Fashion156 / Photography Kin Chan / Styling & Creative Direction Guy Hipwell / Hair & Makeup Steph Lai / Models Beau Alamond at Nevs, Ben Warbis atPremier, James Ross at Premier / Fashion Assistance Tom Bloomfield & Lauren Whitehead / Assistance Hannah Russell & Damilola Akinnaike / Venue Studio Minot at Lionworks / Production Jasmin Watts / All fabrics


Beams Collection for Autumn/Winter 2011

Do ever look at old pics of your dad from when he was in his 20’s and say to yourself, ” I’d totally sleep with him?” Oh, god, gross me neither. How could you think of such things perv? Japanese label Beam’s autumn/winter 2011 collection’s stand out look, the classic varsity jacket, makes me think of


James Small Spring/Summer 2012 Catwalk: Oh, hair no!

Oh hair no! James Small sends down purposefully proportionate wacky items on the catwalk. Piece by piece I can see some logic to daily function. All the garments have a sort of, let me slip into something more comfortable women’s nighty, mens version or a Boogie Nights fell. Am I wrong?  The fabrics do look rich


Local SF: Cops Prey on Market Street Cyclists and Hand Out Citations

photo credit: Bhautik Joshi So, this morning in San Francisco police officers in San Francisco were stalking bicyclist who were running red lights and giving them citations for $123. Our local rags seem to give an enormous amount of sympathy  to the cyclists and lots of ooing and ahhing about $123  fine being a lot. “Police


Local SF: Castro Nudists Plan Saturday Nude-In

This saturday would be a great day to be telepathic, then you could hear all the gathered people’s dirty, honest thoughts. Castro nudists are planning a nude-in on Castro Commons Plaza, at 17th street and Castro. It might also be a great time to be blind folded. All this just in time to kick of Folsom


News: “HIV-tainted blood,” Priests Removed Over Anti-Gay Remarks, Officer X

Officer X: Behind the Mask What a fascinating time to be a gay man in the U.S. military. This time last year, I was sure the “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” (DADT) policy was here to stay for the next 2 to 3 years. These initial words from my first post on Battleland are as true today as they


The QUEEN Extravaganza Live Tour (Auditions)

A sample audition video below of an amazing talented cute with a dirty stach’. This will be a super entertaining time for QUEEN fans and worshippers. The delusional and multi talented will be exposed during the audition process. Hopefully the talent will be spotlighted and not the freak-attenetion-seekers like on American Idol. Don’t give me


Legendary Rock Band R.E.M. Calls it Quits After 31 Years and 15 Studio Albums

A shocking 24 hours for me. After seeing Michael Stipe’s penis on his Tumblr blog yesterday, and today seeing, screaming from all over the headlines, the legendary rock band R.E.M. has called it quits. After 31 years and 15 studio albums, R.E.M. will not be forgotten. I sign off with Everybody Hurts echoing through my heart. Peace

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A Machine That Converts Words Into Cocktails

This is a machine that converts words into cocktails. Does this mean we are steps closer to having Star Trek’s food replicator in our very own home? If a machine could convert my words into food someday, in verse from food to words, it  would say, “Lazy, fat ass!.” If you want to know  how


The Rugby World Cup: Top 10 Bearded Wonders

After watching the  2011 Rugby World Cup, there is something apparent going on, beard love. Instead of hand shakes, I vote that the teams offer beard rubs out of respect for one another’s game. Or back rub in the steam room, or…. you get where I am going. These are full on beards, none of this


All Eyes On Mitchell Callaway on X-Factor Australia

Mitchell Callaway, from the X Factor Australia,  just made country music a whole lot sexier. Cute as a puppy dog and recovering from a near death neck injury, he auditioned for the show with some good old country, Keith Urban. I was hoping for some Social Distortion or some hard rock, but once I heard his


Former Gay Porn Actor Ryan Idol Convicted of Attempted Murder with a Toilet Lid

(via So, our jerk off buddy/ porn star of the 80’s, Ryan Idol has been convicted of attempted murder. Say, it ain’t so! “A Sacramento Superior Court jury convicted a one-time gay porn star Tuesday of attempted murder for smashing his girlfriend over the head with a toilet tank lid. (” Shit, what a


PINUPS Issue 15 to Launch 9/23/2011: The Monster, New York

Pinups is pleased to announce the latest issue, No.15, featuring Micka . Please join us to celebrate at The Monster in New York, NY, with DJ Shannon Michael Cane. $4.25 drink special. Launch for Issue 15 Friday, September 23, 2011 10:00pm–4:00am The Monster 80 Grove Street New York, NY 10014 Free with RSVP to or RSVP to Facebook event page.


Amazing Art: Cold Cuts Coaster Set

Perfect art, disturbing and functional. Before you take a bite out of this drum stick, take a close look. These cold cut coasters are made from various materials made into log form, unique cross sections. Collaborative project with  designers Chen Chen and Kai Tsien Williams. Available for retail at Phillips de Pury and The Future Perfect. Please inquire in store or


Hair Ball of the Day: In the Weeds

  Source: laura-hodges


NYC’s First Big Gay Hotel OUT: 49 Year Lease

Free popper’s and lube on your pillow. Ok I made that up. I am not sure why they are calling this “the first gay hotel, perhaps, the only gay urban resort in the country.” I can list plenty of others. I love the decor from what I see, thank you gay gene, but I am a

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News: Gay Vet Mike Almy, 101 Faces of Courage, Dad I’m Gay Video, ANTI-GAY PASTOR PLAYS VICTIM

GAY VET MIKE ALMY CONTINUES TO PURSUE SUIT FOR REINSTATEMENT While the repeal of Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell means that the 14,346 dischargedunder the policy can reapply to the military, some veterans are still suing to be reinstated. Air Force Maj. Mike Almy is part of one suit, and he points out that with military retention


Video| Angst Has No Age: Suicidal Tendencies Played a Private Show at The House of Vans in Brooklyn

Sitting in my dark teenager bedroom, I remember both middle fingers pressed firmly to the world as I blasted the music of Suicidal Tendencies in what I call the ‘angst years.’ Living through the decades the Suicidal Tendencies have once again come into my life. “To celebrate the opening of the Vans DQM General Store, Suicidal


Hair Ball of the Day: Ian Cook of Larry & His Flask

Ian Cook of Larry & His Flask. Their new album  All That We Know is out now on Silver Sprocket! (by Amber Wade)


Cheer The Beard New Era From Artist Jeremy Fish

Last month I was lucky enough to be one of the judges to crown Jeremy Fish as having “The Best Beard in the Barbary Coast” at the Comstock Saloon in San Francisco. and to celebrate Upper Playground is releasing the “Cheer the Beard” 59/50 New Era complete with detachable felt beard. via San Francisco’s Jeremy

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8 Second Video with Andy Warhol: What Do You Think of Jasper Johns?


West Hollywood Ban on Fur and Wool Clothing Nears Adoption

Just as  logical argument, isn’t it too hot in Los Angeles to wear fur? These fur buyers in LA should by humans and wrap them around them. Is that any less of a moral crime? says: West Hollywood moved a step closer to being fur-free Tuesday when the City Council tentatively approved an ordinance that


Morning Wood-en Bike Made by Jan Gunneweg

I am not sure about riding it, but I would love to hang it on my wall and cover it with air plants. Don’t get me wrong, this bike is fully functional and 95% wood. Design beyound my little pea brain can grasp. Good work Jan Gunneweg. Find out more about Jan Gunneweg here


Graffiti Artist Tags the Sky to Protest L.A.’s ‘Street Art Ban’

There has to be some witty analogy here about  touching the sky. L.A. graffiti artist ‘paints’ the sky in protest to the lock down and censorship of street art. “Saber said in a blog post that he decided to tag the sky to “bring awareness to how ridiculous a moratorium on public art is.(” LOS ANGELES (KTLA) — Graffiti

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Book Sale: “Otto” by Tomi Ungerer| Introducing Children to the Holocaust

Otto the bear lives a fun, carefree life in Germany, playing games with his owner David, and David’s best friend Oskar. But one day, soon after David starts wearing a mysterious yellow star on his clothes, he disappears. Otto is left with Oskar—but is soon snatched away from him, too. This deeply moving, semi-autobiographical story ends on a