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Sit on Hercules Face (Stool)

Soft Hercules is a stool cast from foam rubber – the soft squishy stuff that is usually used to make stress balls. The bust of Hercules, usually something solid both in its material and the culture it represents becomes unexpectedly soft, deforming a recognizable object into stranger shapes when it is sat on. It uses


Heritage Research Spring/Summer 2012 Lookbook

Red, white and blue could make a monkey out of you if your go overboard with the layering and pattern mix-matching. Photo  spreads like these could possibly scare away some potential buyers because of the fear that they won’t be able to pull off the looks featured. I say look at each piece individually. Peel


WANT: ISAORA Thermal Base-Layer Program for Winter 2011

Ok, if this happens to arrive at my house for Christmas with your name after the from box, I will give you a kiss anywhere you want. I live for comfort but still want to avoid looking like the wife that gave up on herself after the wedding day that now lives in sweat clothing.

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Inspiring Video For Working Out & A Getting Beard Fix

The Musician in this video, On the road, by Rogcity Fitness starts working out and in return his outlook and overall energy improves through simple routines and exercises that he is able to continue while he is on the road touring with the band. There’s not much better than a sweaty bearded musician working out. This video


Hair Ball of Day: You Only Have to Axe Me Once


SF Art Project “When Life Gives You Sprinkles, Make Cupcakes!” by Eddie Valtierra

It is too easy to grab the morning news paper and get covered in murder, rape, kidnappings and natural disaster, sad face. To add some balance in your life Eddie Valtierra says, “When Life Gives You Sprinkles, Make Cupcakes!” An Art project in San Francisco, CA by Eddie Valtierra   Who I am and why I am doing this… Hello, my name


JbDubs Tells Accidental Bear: “The Virtual World is Ready for Half Drag Queens”

Last week my Facebook wall was wallpapered with long, fit legs, in red pumps. As it turns out they belong to singer/dancer JbDubs. JbDubs is a Principal Ballet Dancer with the Boston Ballet. He writes, produces, and performs all his own music and choreographs his performances. His debut album “Free To Love” is available on iTunes.   JbDubs agreed

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Gavin Creel “NOISE” An Anthem for Equality (Video)

100% of proceeds go to help Broadway Impact ( educate, inspire, and connect communities all across the country with one common goal: EQUALITY NOW. “Gay rights are human rights, and if we want things to change, we all need to take action. We can’t stay frustrated, quiet and complacent. We have to be willing to

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Teen Killed Himself After Torment at School Was Too Much

Same story, different face, but still hurts like the first time. Jacob Rogers at Cheatham County Central High School had been bullied from freshman year on and hoped his senior year would be different. It wasn’t . He took his own life because he couldn’t take it anymore and all the teachers and adults at his


Hair Ball of the Day: JD Samson by Xevi Muntané (Photo Spread)

    The fantastic JD Samson is photographed by by Xevi Muntané in a Lanvin Homme special for the third issue of Candy. JD Samson by Xevi Muntané via homotography


SF: Trevor Project Benefit feat. Mia Dyson, Hotels & Highways, and Eric Himan

Lets go on a group date! Please join us for the 2nd Annual Night of Live Music featuring: Mia Dyson • Hotels & Highways, Eric Himan + Bandmates. This evening of great music will be benefiting The Trevor Project . Lets call this group date Friends with Benefits, and the benefit will be helping raise money and awareness to The

Benand dad

Rare Photo of Young Ben Cohen & Father Who Was Killed Standing Up to Bullies (2000)

An amazing and  joyful picture of Ben Cohen and his father Peter before his untimely passing. The father of the England international rugby player, Ben Cohen, died of serious head injuries from a nightclub attack when he stepped in to confront a group of bullies. This is no doubt the wind beneath Ben’s wings and a

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Soapbox: Rugby Star Ben Cohen on Bullying and Homophobia (Video)

Standing up to bullies is not a trend, but a life style needed to be adopted by everyone. StandUp with Ben Cohen! Watch video HERE Former England rugby international Ben Cohen tells the BBC’s Daily Politics why he is campaigning against bullying and homophobia. Each year stories of bullying and the long term damaging effects


Tangled in an After DADT Dilemma, Soldiers Choose to Stay in Closet

by Mike Enders The official United States policy on homosexuals serving in the military, Don’t Ask Don’t Tell, from December 21, 1993 to September 20, 2011 has crumbled. The event was monumental for LGBT military members serving in the US and has created whole new platform for discussion an obstacles for some. One evil door

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Educational Infographic Taking a Close Look at STDs on College Campuses

If you are like me, a visual person, these electric, bright and informative infographs are the perfect learning tool. If all my books could have pop-outs and scratch-n-sniff pages I would be a happy camper. Minus the scratch and sniff for this close look at STDs on college campuses.  


Scooter LaForge Mistaken for Moby Gets VIP Treatment

This is an interesting look at the diversity of the art community. There are art people with money, and then there are broke ass artists. High-brow meets low-brow, an intersection of class. Here it seems like a case where the high-brow doesn’t know one artist for another and Scooter LaForge banks on it. High five


How Sex Magazines Made The World A Better Place

I just want to say that  I love the tag Gentlemens-Magazines. This makes jack off rags seem refined and sophisticated. by Author Mike Edison The first copy of Playboy I ever saw belonged to my grandfather, Hyman Drubner, who kept a stack of them not so well hidden behind the awful yellow couch he used to spend his Sunday’s on

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Homo Sex Clubs in Ontario Schools (Video)

“Bad catholic” accused of hiding a radical sex education programs within a plan to combat bullying. People please, he’s not that smart. Talk about picking on someone your own size. The government here are going after Gay Straight Alliance clubs in High Schools because they see them as a threat. TORONTO — Ontario’s Liberal government


BELGIUM: Gay Prime Minister Sworn In

Elio Di Rupo, the openly gay head of Belgium’s Socialist Party, took the oath of office yesterday before King Albert II. Di Rupo becomes the world’s second openly gay head of government after Iceland’s Johanna Sigurdardottir. (Joe.My.God.) Prime Minister Elio Di Rupo, left, takes the oath of office in front of Belgian King Albert II, right, during


Hair Ball of the Day: Winter Vacation on the Mind?



Eric Himan’s “You’re Gonna Need Me” Perfect Holiday Song For That Special Someone

Eric Himan has released the perfect holiday song for that special someone in your life, “You’re Gonna Need Me” and is now on iTunes.  This is the full version you haven’t heard yet. Get it now HERE . Don’t say I never got you anything! Another song by Mr Himan where he hits a feeling with his

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Occupy Melbourne Tent Monsters (Video)

Have Occupy protesters finally out smarted the police? It’s illegal to camp out in the parks in Melbourne, Australia, so protesters decided to wear their tents as clothing. This plays out like a comical art piece. source:


“Kiss me, you fool!” BRUTUS w/ Holiday Cruise Director Chloë | THE FAULTLINE, LA

Your Holiday Cruise Director: CHLOE SEVIGNY aka DREW DROEGE CHRIS BOWEN (Bears in Space, Cub Scout) & MARIO DIAZ (Full Frontal Disco, B.F.D.) present… BRUTUS “Kiss me, you fool!” MACHO MUSIC & VISUALS First Mate: CODY BAYNE Captain Video: MARK CUADRADO Resident Sea Hag: FADE-DRA PHEY Deck Hand: CHAD SANDERS SATURDAY, DECEMBER 10TH THE FAULTLINE

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HMS OCEAN Crew: “All I Want For Christmas” Video

How about wrapping this video around yourself to keep you all warm and fuzzy for this holiday season. This playful video from HMS Ocean was made after learning they would be home for the holidays (tears up). Their Youtube page states that on  9 Dec after 7½ months away – 225 days with 176 at

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Teacher Takes “Gay” Out of From ‘DECK THE HALLS’ Christmas Carol

Wait, isn’t anti-american to change a song with such history, a classic? It should be. This Michigan took it upon himself to change the word “gay” to “bright” in the classic Christmas song, Deck the Halls. Slog tip by Nicole writes: Cherry Knoll Elementary School, of which I am an alumna, is removing the word ‘gay’

Rick Santorum

Santorum Is Outraged That Gay ‘Sexual Activity’ Is ‘Being Seen As Equal’ To Heterosexual Sex

“Santorum then said that if same sex marriage was legalized then “their sexual activity” would be seen as “equal” to heterosexual relationships and it would be taught in schools.” This statement although puzzling is somewhat interesting.  Would anal sex be taught in sex-ed classes?   via GOP presidential contender Rick Santorum engaged in a contentious

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The Art of Manliness Holiday Gift Guide 2011

The idea of manly or manliness is intriguing to me. It has different meaning to each particular context. Manliness or the acting out of over the top macho behavior in gay culture can be misread as internalized homophobia. Manliness in lesbian culture could identified as butch. The term can also be turned around and used

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Chloë Sevigny Discusses NYC’s Film Scene & Street Style (Interview)

We have forgotten what the real Chloë Sevigny looks like after being enamored by the wonderful Drew Droege’s version of Chloë that has taken the world by storm. Since starring in Kids in 1995, the real Chloë Sevigny has blown up all over Hollywood, been nominated for an Academy Award, on the tongue of fashions cutting edge


New Solo LP from Hunx, Hairdresser Blues, Out 2/28

 New solo LP from Hunx, Hairdresser Blues, out 2/28! We are pleased to announce the first solo record from the one and only Hunx. Hairdresser Blues was written and performed entirely by Hunx (see Seth Bogart), with the exception of drums, played by Daniel Pitout of Nu Sensae. Recorded in NY by Ivan Julian (Richard Hell & the Voidoids), Hairdresser


Sexiest Man Alive Bradley Cooper Thinks Ryan Gosling Is Sexier

There is only one way to settle this, naked mud wrestling! These two may be a little too aryan for some peoples taste, but that’s the way the cookie crumbles this year Bradley Cooper concedes his title of “Sexiest Man Alive” to fellow actor-heartthrob Ryan Gosling, during an interview with Graham Norton. (Video Below)  

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Calgary Hitmen Teddy Bear Toss 2011 (Video)

This past Sunday, Dec 4th, was the  17th annual Petro Canada Teddy Bear Toss Game played between the Calgary Hitmen host the Medicine Hat Tigers. This year 25,303 teddy bears rained down on the Saddledome ice as Calder Brooks scored the “Teddy Bear Goal” against Tyler Bunz of the Medicine Hat Tiger. Fans were asked to bring

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California Transgender Woman, Allegedly Tased In The Crotch By Imperial County Desert Rangers (VIDEO)

There has got to be an awful bottom surgery joke in here somewhere, but I am not going to touch it. It appears that officers got outraged after seeing on the driver’s license of Brooke Fantelli, that she use to be a male and thing escalated from there.   A California transgender woman is reportedly planning

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Jake Gyllenhaal is Real Comfortable in That Beard | LA, 12.03 &12.05

  yellowasian: Jake Gyllenhaal | LA, 12.05

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Skittles Boom Box Get Your Booty Moving Video

If you were blessed with a Skittle covered boom box,what would you do with it? Skittles sent Nathan Barnatt a Skittles-covered boom box, so, to show his gratitude, he made the greatest Skittles commercial ever made.

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Troy High Gay-Straight Alliance Calls Out Mayor For Using Word “Queers”

Another case of the ignorant and uneducated being in public office. Mayor Janice Daniels’ should save her rants for her tea parties with other hateful, bigoted ladies. I am sure there is a club for that. Dear Janice Daniels, get a clue. The internet is a powerful place, most utilized by our youth who are not


Nicolosi Retracts Claim of Gay Cure through Antidepressants

Darn haters, you are going to have to take another shot in the dark and take antidepressants off your list as a gay cure. WTF. Gays won’t be gotten rid of so easily. I suggest to the founder Joseph Nicolosi, father of modern reparative therapy, to take some basic science classes at a local community college


Puerto Rican Lawmakers May Eliminate LGBT Categories In Hate Crimes Law

Why are they taking leaps backwards? The Puerto Rican Senate recently approved a bill that “could eliminate LGBT-specific categories from the island’s hate crimes law” and now the House is expected to take up the measure, the blog Boy In Bushwick is reporting: The Puerto Rico Senate late last month approved a provision that would eliminate sexual

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Misery Bear Orders Happiness But Gets The Teddynator (Video)

  Misery Bear is the saddest, loneliest, most suicidal teddy bear in the whole world. A borderline alcoholic with anger management issues, the furry little critter is the star of a series of BBC short films. In 2011, Misery Bear appeared in a Comic Relief video with Kate Moss which was broadcast on BBC1 for Red Nose Day.


Hair Ball of the Day: Beautiful Creature, Man

 This what happens when a beautiful creature meets a talented photographer, beauty. Mustafa Sabbagh matteo by mustafa sabbagh