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Conner Habib’s Essay on Steve Jobs & Occupy Wall Street, “The center is everywhere, and we occupy it”

Conner Habib, pretty on the outside, smarty pants on the inside. Get a taste of what goes on inside of his head in his new essay, “The Center is everywhere, and we occupy it,” about Steve Jobs and Occupy Wall Street. Conner’s thoughts captured in his writing will make you think and read between the


Interview: All-American Wrestler Hudson Taylor Discusses His Athlete Ally Pledge & His Fascination with Magic

Finding strength and support in the unpredicted is something splendid. Straight alliance, Herbert Hudson Taylor lV (had to say his whole magnificent name), an All-American Wrestler is plowing forward today and making the world a safer, more accepting place for the gay community. Hudson’s main focus for breaking down barriers and squashing stereotypes is within the super


Brutus Relaunches with “Booted and Buttoned”: Think Trainspotting

Think Ska, think mod, and Trainspotting. Now relive it in these sharp looks by London’s Brutus while they relaunch with “Booted and Buttoned.” “Their trim-fit look returns with classic checks ans trademark “three finger pinch collar.”


Garbstore SA Mechanic Shirt, Ugly, But I like

I did some window shopping for you. Are you ever surprised to like something ugly, but do? This is one of those items. Stop the presses, hold the phones, tell your boss to shut up, we’ve got something important to tell you. Drumroll please…..we’ve found a chambray shirt worthy of recommending. Big news, we know.

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Video: Our Fitness Guru Johnny Pearman Shoots iSport Headphone Commercial

Our go to guy for fitness, Johnny Pearman, recently shot a commercial for Monster Cable’s iSport – The Athlete’s Headphone. This is the first of a series of commercials he will be doing with them.

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BOOTY FARM WORKSHOP: Johnny Pearman & Body Equations, San Francisco CA 11/5-11/6

In the process of working with celebrity personal trainer Johnny Pearman (Johnny Pearman Fitness), we have reached out to the public, those on a fitness journey, and asked what they are most wanting to learn or improve with their physical body. An overwhelming, clear winner is, ” How do I get a better butt?” Because

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Cazwell and Peaches – “Unzip Me” (Sneak Preview Video): Watching a Cazwell Dream Come True

This is something to keep your eye on. Cazwell and Peaches – “Unzip Me” (Sneak Preview). During our interview with Cazwell this year we asked: A B: If you could choose to share the stage with anybody, who would it be? Cazwell: (Without hesitation) I would really love to share a stage with Peaches. I think that she is


Must Have Meat T-Shirt: Meat a Vegetarian Can Stuff Down

The meat a vegetarian can stuff themselves with!  A stunning t-shirt from Meat Magazine: Gay Smut Zine. Buy one for you, one for me! HERE


MEAT # 5 is Here: Gay Smut Zine

  Meat meat five is finally here! Order now from Includes a pull-out poster and 6×4 colour print. Limited 100 copies signed and numbered. About   meat is a series of home-made smut ‘zines’ featuring the very personal work of a London based editorial photographer Adrian Lourie ( meat is a hybrid of an idea


A. Bear Chats with Simply Martha Plimpton: Nick at Nite & Bukake Comes Up |Q & A

First thing first, David Craig, the actor behind the  Simply Plimpton web series  is cute as a button and I want to put him on my key chain next to my  day-glow green rabbits foot for good luck. Craig’s video series Simply Plimpton  is nothing close to being simple. Each video tackles daily topics  for those

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Anderson Cooper Steps Up- Bullying It Stops Here: The Bully Project (Videos)

From the campus at Rutgers University, Anderson Cooper talks about bullying with guests Rosalind Wiseman (Bullying Expert), Robert Faris, Kelly Ripa, Dr. Phil McGraw, Sean Feeney (Principal at The Wheatley School), Bullied kids from Anoka-Hennepin School District, Jane Lynch, Sunny Hostin, Lee Hirsch (The Bully Project), Dr. Maurice Elias & Stuart Snyder (Cartoon Network).  

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Video| Fear the Beard Brian Wilson Stirs up a Debate in Short-Shorts: Wilson vs. Wilson

Wilson stirs up a debate in short shorts! Brian Wilson sits down and explains why the Boston Celtics are the greatest team of all time. Think he’s wrong? Prove it: Submit a video at and join the #NBA2KDebate on Twitter. It’ll allow you to End the Debate. NBA 2K12 is available in stores everywhere 10/4/2011


Hair Ball of the Day: Ginger Has Kitty Love

(via thehirsutechest)

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Video: Sexy, Hot Men Rubbing on Each Other Will Help You Rethink Breast Cancer

TLC is a great way to help detect breast cancer early. TOUCH your breasts. Feel anything unusual? LOOK for changes. Be aware of their shape or texture. CHECK anything unusual with your doctor. Let this hot guy show you how to give your breasts some TLC. Download the app for free today. For more info,

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Hola Chicos: It Gets Better: Sergio Martinez (HBO)

Join HBO’s World Championship boxer Sergio Martinez as he takes the “It Gets Better” pledge: The Trevor Project offers help to any young person who is struggling. Watch HBO Sports series and events online at HBO GO® With HBO GO, you can watch your favorite HBO Sports series and events on your iPad® (, iPhone®

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Karl Rove and Erik Paulsen Glitter Bombed at Anti-Gay Conference (Video)

Oh, how I love a good glittering of scumbags! BLOOMINGTON, MN — At the Minnesota Faith and Freedom Coalition strategy session about the upcoming ballot measure seeking to re-write the state constitution to ban marriages for same-sex couples, Republican Party hit-man Karl Rove, and congressman Erik Paulsen were showered with glitter by a group of

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Three Chances to Catch Local Hunky Musician Steve Taylor this Weekend A quick note from Steve Taylor himself: “Hello friends and family! We can’t sit still! We’ve got three shows this weekend in the Bay Area! First, tonight Friday the 7th is a solo show in SF with my friend Brian Belknap, one of the best old time folk/country singers around, as well as The


Hair Ball Photo Spread of the Day: RJ Rogenski & Justin Passmore

Brace yourself, these photographs are gorgeous!  RJ Rogenski and Justin Passmore photographed by Kai Z Feng and styled by Andres Damm for the debut issue of Horst, the new gay magazine. via RJ Rogenski & Justin Passmore by Kai Z Feng


The New Rave Generation?

Rave on? What floods through you memory bank when you hear the term rave? I see ridiculous floppy gesture hats, lots of colorful stripes, supper baggy pants, grown up sucking on pacifiers, and tiny, tiny pupils. Just when I finally felt safe that the ravers had run themselves into the ground and were now extinct,

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Band Introduction: The Younger Lovers, “Danny”

While you all are waiting for some Beyonce new album to drop, that’s flooding my news feeds this morning,  I am already dancing like there’s no tomorrow to The Younger Lovers, “Danny.” This band came to me in an unfortunate manner. On August 10, Brontez Purnell, frontman for garage-punk band the Younger Lovers, and his bandmate


Corbin Fisher Scooped up Internet Address For $500,000

It really brings up the saying, ‘ What’s in a name?” What value does an internet address have, that is so easy to remember that a monkey could login? I  we have the answer, $500,000. Proud owner of this domain, porn company Corbin Fisher, should be getting a lot more play soon. Possibly monkeys. Mike


Our Hero, MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow: Marriage Threatens Gay Culture

As we try to figure out how to get our hero Rachel Maddow into the presidents seat, it is always fun to read clips of Rachel’s interviews and see how they are interpreted. People have a hard time not reading between the lines and miss what is actualy being said. This larger than life comment

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Celebrity Accidental Bear Henry Cavill Shoots ‘Man Of Steel’

A bearded Henry Cavill shoots scenes for ‘Man Of Steel’ in Vancouver, Canada. He looks absolutely grizzly and delicious! photos via


Occupy Sesame Street Gets Violent & Resonate with Kids: AWESOME!

Just awesome, that’s all I can get out after seeing this hilarious piece! via  Occupy Wall Street is a major movement both on the streets and on the web, but it isn’t getting the media attention it deserves. Why? Because it doesn’t resonate with kids. Kids drive the market and therefore the media, but


Hair Ball of the Day: Ginger Horse Head

Source: Flickr / laserbread

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Davey Wavey Puts on a Shirt & Makes a Beautiful Video: LGBT Fallen & Lost

Davey Wavey found a middle ground for his obnoxious, yet cute rants, put on a shirt and made a thoughtful, artistic and soul filled video in memory of those who lost their lives to bullying and/or discrimination. All joking aside (for a minute) this is a wonderful tribute. Thanks Davey Wavey for showing us your kind

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MargieJPhelps Tweets That Westboro Church Will Picket Steve Jobs Funeral From iphone

I cannot wait to see how this plays out.


Census: Nearly 650,000 Same-Sex Couples Identify as Spouses in U.S.

  Via The Williams Institute has processed new estimates for the number of same-sex couples living throughout the United States using preferred estimates from the Census Bureau. There are nearly 650,000 same-sex couples, about 132,000 (20 percent) of whom identify as spouses. Here are the new state-by-state snapshots:

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Hauntingly Beautiful, Beautifully Bearded: The Burger Girl “Bizarre” (Music Video)

You want something new? You got it! The plate of the world these days is filled with murder, crime, death and crappy politicians. Divert yourself with some refreshing music/artistry from one of the world’s top male models, Jean Paul Gaultier’s favorite muse, the Burger Girl. Find out all you can about The Burger Girl, he’s coming

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Video: Thomas Roberts at MSNBC Chats with Bevan Dufty, SF Gay Mayoral Candidate

San Francisco’s Bevan Dufty, who is openly gay and running for mayor of San Francisco talks with Thomas Roberts regarding his AD campaign video featuring his daughter Sidney. He also defends his “modern family’ against some critics of years past. He comes across confident and prepared for whatever is coming his way. You really do

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It Gets Better Video: Denver Gay and Lesbian Flag Football League

This is amazing, but I think now we must start asking,  how does it get better? We’re off to a great start though.


Hair Ball of the Day: Jock Meat Dane Swan

  Source: actionrigger


Bjork’s Biophilia Was Create as an Interactive Musical Experience

I listen to Bjork usually when I am in a mood, either violently happy or dreadfully dreary. Her music covers all demographics of emotions. Bjork’s Biophilia is high concept, with song being focussed on nature, science and humanity’s relationships to both. Sounds like my thoughts while I day dream and stare at my ceiling avoiding life,


News: Dick Head Santorum , Buy Gay, Student Assaulted by Principal ,Gay Men Unhireable? Condoms Rush to Thailand

Santorum Doesn’t Care: ‘I Still Haven’t Listened’ To Debate Tape Of Audience Booing Gay Soldier Rick Santorum has come under criticism from conservatives within his own party for failing to condemn the jeering of a gay soldier at last month’s GOP presidential debate in Florida. The former Pennsylvania senator claimed to have missed the booing, but appeared

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LGBT Video Campaign for Homeless Youth: Ali Forney Center NYC

LGBT Homeless Youth, NYC, Campaign for Youth Shelter, Ali Forney Center

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Video: Time-Lapse Video Of Transgender Artist’s Incredible Transformation Over 23 Weeks

Powerful video full of images of a FTM (female to male) going through a metamorphosis. The everyday transgendered person would most likely have a far less extreme exercise regimen. In thos video “Antin photographed herself while dieting as a take on how Greek sculptors found their ideal form by discarding unnecessary material from their marble

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American Apparel Has Sprung a Men’s Denim Line Into the Mix

  Known for their massive selection of t-shirts in any shape, color or wash, American Apparel is entering into the world of denim. Let me introduce you to its first men’s only jeans, the Regular Fit 100 which is offered in Resin Dark Wash Indigo and made to meet your ankle. A 50’s look. This is


OUTSTANDING Magazine Issue #1

One day you’re in, and the next day you’re out (thanks Klum). Out Standing magazine with be a great addition to your incoming mail. Debuting this week is “OUTSTANDING,” the latest men’s fashion magazine. Their first issue includes a closer look at the White Mountaineering 2011 fall/winter collection, producer and designer Hiroshi Fujiwara’s outerwear choices for this

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Super Hero Straight-Alliance Ben Cohen Gives Interview to Philly Gay Calendar (Video)

Sincere, calm, cool and collected as always, Ben Cohen in this interview explains his StandUp Foundation – an anti-bullying group and what his father taught him. A lot of other sports teams have jumped on the band wagon to make videos about stop bullying, because it’s now cool, but Ben was ahead of the game


Hair Ball of the Day: Happy Feet

  Source: rebornbear