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(Video) Joel McHale Makes Mundane Chores Like Making Coffee Real Sexy

Joel McHale is one of those quiet sexy guys and I am crushed on him. Perhaps I am just in love with  the inability for me to have him. Here Joel prepares for People magazine’s Sexiest Man Alive issue, by making sexy-sexy coffee in his trailer for  the rest of the Community cast, who just happen to be missing some articles of


Larry Flynt, Hustler Magazine Publisher: ‘I’ve Always Been Pro-Gay Rights’

Hustle Magazine publisher Larry Flynt, if were a cat, sure has lived his 9 lives. Larry who is 69-years-old say,” he mostly conservative on fiscal issues.” via The leader of a heterosexual porn empire might seem like an unlikely lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) rights advocate, but then again, Larry Flynt has never

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Top Chef Hair Ball of Day Ty-lör: Vote For Ty-lör as Fan Favorite Here

Ok, even if your don’t watch the show Top Chef, be shallow and vote for him on his looks alone. Studies prove that attractive people have an easier time at life. I am in the works and talking with NBC to do an interview with Ty-lör really soon! Hold your breath. To vote for Ty-lör as


American Pro Soccer Player, David Testo, Comes Out as Gay

It seem that day by day, the hard work of such organizations as The Trevor Project, It Gets Better and the Ben Cohen StandUp Foundation has made the world of sports a safer place to be openly gay. David Testo, former MLS player with the Columbus Crew, has told the CBC that he is gay. Translated


Accidental Bear Spends a Day with Ben Cohen and His StandUp Foundation Team (Videos)

Meeting up with Ben Cohen and his StandUp FoundationTeam had my brain twirling with excitement. I broke a few laws speeding to San Jose where  The Cisco Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgendered and Advocates (GLBT&A) Employee Resource Group(ERG), came  together with the Cisco Disabilities Awareness Network ERG, and brought Ben to the Cisco San Jose campus

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Bear vs Bear Video


Hair Ball of the Day: Gorgeous With, Gorgeous Without

  Source: burymeinecstasy

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4 Anti-Meth Videos From “Requiem for a Dream” Director Darren Aronofsky: Disturbing Meth Realness

One could argue that Requiem is the ultimate anti-drug PSA. (Some even argue that the director’s most recent hit, Black Swan, could be seen as an anti-ballet PSA, or at least an anti-Natalie Portman PSA.) So, when agency Organic and prodco Wild Plum were looking their next celebrity director to helm the camera for a new series of spots

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Lesbian Miss Long Beach Contestant, Makes History (VIDEO)

Jenelle Hutcherson says she will be wearing a royal purple tux for the evening wear competition which will make it obvious that she is a lesbian. Funny, but true. What about judging a book by its cover? It would be fun to add a lipstick dyke into the mix and have the viewers try to guess

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Sn. DJ Creates a Gang of Characters Wearing Patchwork Kaleidoscopic Knitwear itwear

“For this collection it was about creating a gang of characters” explains Sahzene Nilhan Durmusoglu Johansen (known as Sn. DJ) referring to the eclectic menswear pieces, which earned the St Martins graduate a place at Oslo Fashion Week as part of the Cocoon New Talents project at the beginning of last month. A collection conceived upon

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The Hippie Continuum: What Level Hippie Are You?



Hair Ball of the Day: Natural Born Beauty, Kyle Kupres photographed by Walt Cessna NYC 11

  waltcessna: Kyle Kupres photographed by Walt Cessna NYC 11

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(NSFW) Straight Porn Star Charles Dera Gives Descriptive Visuals on Oral Sex (Video)

Straight men are people too. This is as much comedy as a total chubby enhancement video interview. Straight porn star Charles Dera gives descriptive details on what makes a good blow job. I can’t help but to feel like he is about to crack up in this video. Nonetheless, I love his playful enthusiasm and rugged

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Documentary Exploring LGBT Discrimination in Schools “Breaking the Silence” – Trailer

  Breaking the Silence is a feature-length documentary exploring the issues of LGBT discrimination in schools. Director Shea Alexander Dietz leads us through the film chronicling his journey of coming out in high school and turning into an award winning activist. This is Shea Alexander Dietz’s debut feature film that trying to answer his own


Jay Carroll, Concept Designer, Lives and Breathes Levi’s

Ok, I have had jobs where, at the end of the day it was possible to take home a bag of day old scones or expired eggs, but… Jay Carroll’s job description makes us mad. Real mad. As a concept designer for Levi’s he basically travels the world picking up cool artifacts, hanging out at

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Video | ACE Hotels and Horse Cycles

Another Ace collaboration. I. Must. Have! Canon 60D w/ Zeiss ZF Primes Kessler Pocket Dolly Music Youth Lagoon “Seventeen” Junip “In Every Direction”


Newlyweds Costello Tagliapietra on Their Wedding Bands, Distressed Denim and Embellished Flipflops

Our firnds Jeffrey Costello and Robert Tagliapietra, the power houses behind the uber successful Costello Tagliapietra line of divine, master draped women’s line are hit with a fire storm of questions by What you’re going  find out is that, like all respectable men they like their doughnuts and that they would like to see the


Frank Leder Autumn/Winter 2011 Collection: Holiday Party Time

Holiday parties are knocking at the door. Some of us still in our adult years are refusing to “dress up” for the mandatory holiday parties, but some of us are dressing up to please our other half in hopes of getting some nookie at the end of the night. Frank Leder’s  Autumn/Winter 2011 Collection gives a


Human Made at Bevin Court for Autumn/Winter 2011

My first thought, ” This is exactly how I would dress my little boy if I had one.” Cute clothes. Take a look at there illustrated lookbook HERE     A little exclusive from the guys at Human Made. The label has made its mark since its arrival in the UK, as with all things Nigo

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Vermont High School Organizes Anti-Gay Bullying Sit-In To Honor Bisexual Freshman (VIDEO)

Students at a Vermont high school organized an all-day sit-in last week in support of an openly bisexual teen claims to have been bullied due to his sexual orientation. As Vermont’s WCAX is reporting, roughly 300 Essex High School students participated in workshops addressing bullying, carrying placards and posters to show their support and sharing their own stories

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(Video) Burke Burnett, Hate Crime Victim: I Forgot that there was Still So Much Hatred Towards Gays and Lesbians

Unfortunately this sweet, handsome fella had to find out the hard way that people still hate fags! It is disgusting to hear Burke talk about his attack. He says his life was saved by a few women who stepped in and stopped his attackers. This is where I believe in eye for an eye. via

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(Video) Hockey Scout Speaks Out on the Importance of Gay Role Models in Sports

It is remarkable that it use to be a rare or startling occurrence for a straight athlete to speak out about their support the support of LGBT athletes and now it has become a visible regularity amongst the news. This video stresses the importance of having masculine gay role models, which I agree, but having

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Our Italian GQ Connection Brings Us “LIVE LIKE COMMON PEOPLE… LIKE YOU”

Ten boys who have never thought to pose in front of a camera decide to be our models for a day. Hesitation and embarrassment disappear for this shooting which is a cross between an afternoon raid in other people’s wardrobe and the desire to be like the character of a story. And which stories do


How to Properly Hide Booze in Your Facebook Pictures From

I am a non-drinker, but still find these photos piss your pants amusing, as I AM, a cat lady though. Photos from my new favorite site of the right now: v       MORE


Hair Ball of the Day: Puppy Love

Photographer Mustafa Sabbagh

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Intelligent Design is GAY! Says CREATOR…of New Gaydar Ad Campaign

Gays, skin, drama, crushed video equipment are all in a days work at’s photo shoot for new sci-fi look. It is a competitive world out there for gay dating sites on the internet. More than skin is needed to attract the masses.’s new look for lack of better words, its cool. via


Q & A: Colby Keller’s Play Date with Accidental Bear was a Win-Win

Being the, not so smooth operator the first thing out of my mouth to Colby Keller was, “For some reason whenever I hear your name, I always want to call you Cowboy Keller. Maybe because in our porn, in imaginary land, it will be a cowboy scene.” As I stood there with my foot in

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Let Me Introduce: ALIEN ALIEN “SAMBACA” Disco Voodoo: Dark Tropical: Urban Primitivism (Music Video)

This is some hot shit! ALIEN ALIEN is the shadowy side project of Hugo Sanchez and Rodion (Gomma, Eskimo, Bang Gang) who have distilled for us two stone cold cuts of percussive, rolling disco for the dance-floor backed up with remixes from Horse Meat Disco’s Severino and The Heels of Love. Black Guru is all

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k.d. lang Thinks Justin Bieber Looks ‘Just Like A Lesbian’ And Is ‘Hot As Sh*t’

Oh gawd! I just got visuals of k.d. Lang bumping tacos with Justin Bieber! It’s often been said that Justin Bieber resembles a lesbian. There’s even an entire website dedicated to showcasing photos of women loving women who are the spitting image of the teen heartthrob. Still, it isn’t every day that one of the most famous


Talk Nerdy To Me: Richard Dawkins And The Evolution Of Homosexuality (VIDEO)

This is an extremely fascinating talk. Talk nerdy to me is refreshing because it is a civil conversation. The topic of bisexuality come up and the ‘gay gene.’ Ricahard Dawkins, “…homosexuality has a strong genetic basis, based on multiple studies that point to heritability of LGBT identification and behavior.” Breast feeding leads to homosexuality? via

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Adam Lambert, Queen Perform At MTV European Music Awards (VIDEO)

Justice or butcher job? I need a vote. Adam may have been under contract while a contestant on American Idol, allegedly, but here singing with Queen, he was living in the moment. Adam can sing, bottom line, so eat dirt nay-sayers. via Adam Lambert may be facing legal challenges from a record company that claims he


Hair Ball to End Weekend With: For the Love of Basketball!

via muchomucho:

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I have a hard time bumping into things, especially late at night.  Strange enough given their size, my feet usually take a little longer to wake up than my bladder.  An apartment full of invisible furniture probably wouldn’t help.  That doesn’t mean I wouldn’t give an arm and a leg for one of these beautiful


Portlanders Meet Ben Cohen & Support The Ben Cohen StandUp Foundation 11.13.2011

  Ben Cohen   Special edition shirts have just arrived! Looking forward to seeing you at Nike Stores in Phoenix, LA, San Francisco and Portland. COME AND MEET BEN! We are delighted to announce that Ben will be appearing at Nike Portland to launch the brand new, special edition StandUp T Shirt.This is our very first


‘The Normal Heart” Author Larry Kramer Talks About What’s Missing From Gay Activism

“Since the publication of Faggots in 1978, Larry Kramer has been speaking truth – as he sees it – to power.” Wow, can you imagine the impact a publication called Faggots would have had in 1978? To get that impact today, in 2011, that punch must be much harder. Larry Kramer says the feeling of “being uncomfortable


Hair Ball of the Day: I See Paris, I see France, I See Mikael’s Underpants

Mikael (by mikaelgfoto)

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Triumph the Insult Comic Dog Visits Occupy Wall Street (Hilarious Video)

Triumph the Insult Comic Dog gives it to bankers, protestors and a bull. Keeping it real and calling out people on their knowledge of Occupy Wall Street. Who doesn’t like a dog smoking a cigar spewing insults?


15 Kind of Funny Signs From Occupy Wall Street

   \ photos via

"I like dancing and sometimes I get tips which helps pay the bills. Sometimes I get tired but it is a very good job," said Doudou.

7 Yr Old Girl, Forced to Work as Nightclub Dancer to Support Her Disabled Parents

I am only the messenger who brings you this tragic story, don’t shoot me. Times are rough, and I think I am going to go vomit now. This 7 year old beauty says, ‘I like dancing and sometimes I get tips which helps pay the bills. Sometimes I get tired but it is a very

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Same-Sex Penguin Pair Will be Broken Up to Save Their Species

Nooo! they are going to force Buddy and Pedro, two gay penguin lovers, to be straight. It is a terrible conundrum, save their species or a life of butt sex. I guess this will be the ultimate taking one for the team. but sad. via Are Buddy and Pedro, two African penguins at the