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“Domesticity Isn’t Pretty!” Leonard and Larry A Gay Comic You Should Know by Tim Barela

LGBTQ Comics and Graphic Artists You Should Know Tim Barela’s Leonard and Larry  Tim Barela (born in Temecula, California), is an acclaimed gay cartoonist, best known for his creation of the comic strip, Leonard & Larry. The Leonard & Larry characters first appeared in a 1984 issue of Gay Comix, then were later featured in The Advocate and Frontiers magazines. The comic series is collected in four volumes published by Palliard Press.

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Gay Bear Vampire Pop: “Don’t Even Know You’re A Vampire” by Kendall Kelly: Video

Gay bear vampire pop. Here we have the music video for the song Don’t Even Know You’re a Vampire by Kendall Kelly. It’s hard for not to laugh while watching this. I guess the correct gay thing to say would be, “You go girl.” Love your American Idol head dancing.

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Full Package: Smart, Sexy and Something To Say: “Boy Scouts Discriminate – Do You?” Video

Don’t be distracted by his sexiness and deep macho voice because he has a lot of smart things to say! Accidental Bear is a big fan of this Youtube user  KindaGayBlog. Check out all his goodies. Here we have an informative rundown of Boy Scouts and their policies.

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Kathy Najimy Explains Gay Bears to Chelsea Lately: Video

Kathy Najimy fights for the rights of gay bears! Hear her funny-but-true campaign for gay marriage. Kathy Najimy is in Bear City 2 which just premiered. Here Kathy breaks down bear terms for Chelsea Lately. I actually just learned something new. Women who hang out with bears are called Goldie Locks. New to me.


Preview Dirty Voyeuristic Scenes from a “Gay Marriage” (2012) Trailer

A recently single man (writer/director Matt Riddlehoover) seeks entertainment through the sexual high jinks of his upstairs neighbors. Co-stars Jared Allman (Sundance Channel’s Girls Who Like Boys Who Like Boys) and newcomer Carson Nicely. We are still waiting for a gay film to prove us wrong about thinking that all gay films are horrible. Fingers

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Local Tri-Cities Man Using His Beard to Stop Human Sex Trafficking: Video

Put your money where his beard is! TRI-CITIES, Wash. — It is tragic trend around the world and our area is no different. Each day dozens people are sold into the sex trade. It’s an issue that shows no signs of stopping, but in the Tri-Cities, one man is putting looks on the line to


Photographer Christopher Boffoli Gives Us “Big Appetites” to Feast On: Tasty Photos

Have you ever wanted to eat a piece of artwork or perhaps cut back on portion sizes? Fine art photographer Christopher Boffoli has created this wonderful series of photographs entitled Big Appetites. These incredibly delightful photos feature miniature sized figurines of people in action cleverly placed alongside food. See more examples of Boffoli’s work at his site.

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Jason Biggs Unreleased ‘Magic Mike’ Audition Tape: We Guess He Has a Whopper

So, being a connoisseur  of the penis and doing a life time of hands on research we think that Jason Biggs may have a whopper down there! Shady white boy dance moves, trumped by a whopper down there (wink).

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Golden Glory Hole? Passion Pit’s “I’ll Be Alright” Music Video

Music video by Passion Pit performing I’ll Be Alright. Someone (SoulJayFX ) has described this for us: A heart broken museum security guard sees reality shift after abusing his medication, bringing him back to a glorified vision of his past love. Each piece of art suddenly takes part in illustrating the love cycle surrounding him. From the

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“Bear City 2” Premiers Today: Watch Trailer

Set yourself a beef jerky trap and catch yourself a date to todays premier of  Bear City 2! Andrew Sullivan wraps these words around the flick: If you want an intro to bear culture, you cannot really beat it. But what struck me about the movie – more than its predecessor – is its mainstream romantic

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‘Call Me Maybe’ Spoofed by U.S. Marines: Video

U.S. Marines stationed in Afghanistan dance, lip-sync to Carly Rae Jepsen’s hit song. Our favorite lip-syncs are when our men in uniform let down their hair and take off their bra’s and go ape shit. You really can see them releasing the stress of war before our very eyes.

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4 Minute Film: “Le Miroir” Transformation From Child to Old Man in Bathroom Mirror: Video

Le Miroir tells the story of a man – in the sense of the human being – which passes from childhood to the status of “old man.” Delightful and insightful 4 minutes.   Visit the official website of Le Miroir: Check out the making of: Ramon & Pedro website:


View Approved Design for the Future New York City AIDS Memorial at St. Vincent’s Hospital Park

Ah-mazing! The design for the future New York City AIDS Memorial at St. Vincent’s Hospital Park was approved by Manhattan Community Board 2. The coalition will now work to seek approvals from the Department of City Planning and the Landmarks Preservation Commission. We will continue to develop the design as we also manage the capital

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The National Association of the Deaf Supports Marriage Equality: Video

HRC’s Programs Intern Nicholas Bolger speaks about the National Association of the Deaf supporting marriage equality.


New Kids On The Block Reunited In The Shower With Mustaches: Photo

The picture that Donnie Wahlberg posted on Twitter really says it all. New Kids on the Block are reunited after almost twenty years. In solidarity to get Donnie Wahlberg’s mustache to be part of yesterdays news, all the men sport a stache for the shaving event. I would say that there was a dirty-dirty gay shower

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You’re So F***ing Hot: Chris Mintz-Plasse Wants to Smoke Dave Franco’s Stinky Little Butt Nuggets: Video

This may be just the thing to restore my faith in the human race. And this gives me hope to one day smoke Dave Franco’s stinky little butt nuggets. What is up with Dave Franco? How did he become so awesome? Don’t ever stop! You’re So Hot: Part Deux with Dave Franco & Chris Mintz-Plasse

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Bob Mould Performs “Hoover Dam”: New Album “Silver Age” Out Sept 4 on Merge

Bob Mould will release Silver Age, his first album of all new studio material since 2009’s Life And Times, September 4 on Merge. This makes us all fuzzy down there! If I appear blue in color it’s because I am holding my breath until this release.   TOUR DATES: September 7, 2012 – New York, NY @ Webster Hall SILVER

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New Legalize Love Campaign: Election 2012 Show Your Love: Video

The Campaign We’re sticking up for equality in 2012 with tens of thousands of free “Legalize Love” bumper stickers! Together we will show voters across the country that 2012 is the time to “Legalize Love”.  The presidential election is our best, most visible chance to build support for equal marriage rights in the United


Hairless Balls of the Day: Some Men have Vaginas…


A Telenovela Web Series Starring Drew Droege aka Chlöe Called Stallions de Amor: Video

A Mexican soap opera in English starring Drew Droege! Hilarious Telenovela with plenty of drama you will get addicted to. On my recent trip to Los Angeles I caught the first ever live show of Stallions de Amor at the  Akbar. On a stage no bigger than a ping pong table I saw the show of a life time. Drew Droege


Gay Guido Nelly Bear on Jersey Show Spin Off Show: Video

Who knew? We are not usually ones that report about the Jersey Shore but…. there seems to be some scruffy beef on the show coming this Thursday. On the opposing side  he turns out to be a typical and embarrassing drunk gay character. Towleroad reports: This Thursday, the two gay best friends of Snooki and


Photographer and Hairy Delight David Colin Onze Gets Our Engines Hot: Photo Spread

We featured photographer David Colin Onze awhile back as a hairball of the day and today Manhunt Daily flung back into our vision, the hairy masterful  David Colin Onze and his self portraits. We are still picking virtual hairballs out of our mouths from licking the screen from the last time we pawned over David Colin Onze‘s photos. David‘s photo’s are not just

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CDC’s “Let’s Stop HIV Together” Campaign Video

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s (CDC) Let’s Stop HIV Together national HIV awareness and anti-stigma campaign features the stories of 22 individuals living with HIV and the steps they are taking to encourage others in the fight against HIV. Learn more at Get the Facts. Get Tested. Get Involved. This video can


Hair Ball of the Day: Faggots Are Fantastic

Source: mramorphous

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Colby Keller and Sidekick Dale Cooper Answer, “How To Get Started In Porn?”: Video

Manhunt’s resident “sexpert” Colby Keller along with special guest Dale Cooper give some tips on breaking into the gay porn business! I wasn’t sure which way this would go at first, but the two of them give some good solid advice that will give you some longevity in your porn career if that is the

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Benjamin Dukhan by Armin Morbach: Amazing Photo Spread of this Glorious Bearded Wonders

Benjamin Dukhan is photographed by Armin Morbach and styled by René Gloor in ‘The Bartist’ for the second issue of HORST magazine, with grooming by Patrick Gorra. Our love for Benjamin grows like a wild fire! If you missed our interview with Benjamin check it out HERE.

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New Music: Kazaky: These Men Have Dance-Ready Beats and Fashion Feats in Razor-Sharp Stilettos: Video

Kazaky is the modern phenomenon in music industry, outstanding nature of which comes not only from spectacular choreography and original sound but from unique stage performance. Within a short period of time Kazaky made a great stir throughout the world owing to their showmanship. First of all, Kazaky is the syndicate of 4 individuals: Oleg,

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Jesse Ferguson Comes Out as a Redheaded Republican: Rib-tickling Satire Video

Comic actor Jesse Tyler Ferguson explores the possibility by running for Congress as Frank Jenkowski, a Republican candidate who has finally decided to come out and publicly admit his hair color that he has been hiding under wigs, is actually red. This satire pokes fun at the GOP and the “God Hates Fags” protests (inbreds).

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Hi Fashion’s Newest Single “Special Delivery Love”: Eat it Up! (Official Music Video)

Our love for Hi Fashion grows like magical flowers in an imaginary garden (what?!). Just out, Hi Fashion’s newest single and music video for, “Special Delivery Love.” Eat it up. Their music is a shoe in for the dance floor but we have found it to be the BEST workout beats as well. Eat it up! Purchase

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Conner Habib Talks Porn Addiction: Ask The SEXpert

Porn is not the problem, porn is your best friend (sarcasm). Unless your fingers are blisters from google searching fisting videos then… Conner Habib, NewNowNext’s man with the answers to all of your sex questions, is back and taking on a subject he knows very much about, porn addiction. See Mr. Habib and Salon sex reporter Tracy Clark-Fory (follow

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San Francisco’s Queer Electro-Hop Duo Double Duchess’ Second Single “Bucket Betch”: Video

Here is one spicy meatball for you. A Brand spanking new music video for “Bucket Betch”  by  San Francisco’s queer electro-hop duo Double Duchess. This is the second single from their debut EP “Hey Girl!” Check out our interview with Double Duchess below as well! Debut EP “Hey Girl!” can be purchased HERE More info:      

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VIDEO PREMIERE: Nils Bech & Benjamin Alexander Huseby Collaborate in ‘A Sudden Sickness’: Video

The two Norwegians collaborate on the video for Bech’s latest music project, ‘A Sudden Sickness’ Norwegian musician and performance artist Nils Bech and fashion photographer Benjamin Alexander Huseby today premiere the video for Bech’s latest single, ‘A Sudden Sickness’, on Dazed. Bech, who explores the tensions between art and dance, contemporary music and pop music in his work, enlisted

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Sarah Silverman Offers Sheldon Adelman Lesbian Sex, $100 Million Proposal (Video)

Casino magnate Sheldon Adelson has committed $100 million to defeat Barack Obama. Sarah Silverman has a proposal for him… produced by Barnacle Studios. Amy Rubin – director/producer.

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Accidental Bear Goes into Richard Simmons’s Lions Den: Slimmons Studio Visit: Video

While planning my recent trip to LA, at the very tip-top of the agenda for the week was: Meet and attend Richard Simmons workout class Sweat! at Slimmons Studio. There was a chance that Richard may not be in town because of travel. As luck had it, Richard WAS in town and my dream came


Shaw Time: Aiden Shaw Photographed for Schön! Magazine by Philipp Mueller

Laurent Dombrowicz styles model Aiden Shaw in rugged clothing to accentuate masculinity and brawn. Shot by photographer Philipp Mueller, elegant black and white photographs are sandwiched between only two photographs containing color. The contrasting black and white shots, along with classic garments by Rick Owens, Maison Martin Margiela, and Jitrois– to name a few– make

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AdBuster: Super Sexy Polish Guy Puts Condoms to the Test. We Have No Idea What He’s Saying and Don’t Care: Video

  No language barrier will prevent me from reading these luscious lips of this Polish dude. He puts the condom to the test in response to ridiculous claims of condom packaging and ads. Check out other AdBusters by him HERE. Let you mind run wild here.


Gay Cupcakes Sold in Seattle to Support Marriage Equality

Gay cupcakes? As in they like int in the ass?   A Seattle cupcake shop, Cupcake Royale, has been raising money in support of R-74, a ballot initiative in Washington to ratify the state legislature’s decision to legalize same-sex marriage. Jody Hall, the owner of Cupcake Royale, designed a special cupcake, called “The Gay,” for the campaign, and raised

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Rapper Murs Lip-Locks with Another Man to Call Out Hip Hop Homophobes: Video

A new video has California rapper Murs wearing a “Legalize Gay” shirt and kissing another man, but ending in a murder-suicide intended to call out homophobia. In a video for “Animal Style,” Murs takes on the role of Roderick, a closeted high school student who hangs with a homophobic crowd. He’s in a secret relationship

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Backstage with the Guys at Vivienne Westwood Spring/Summer 2013 | Milan Men Fashion Week

MILAN – FashionTV goes behind the scenes with British fashion designer Vivienne Westwood’s Spring/Summer 2013 collection during Milan Men’s Fashion Week. Westwood talks to us about her inspiration behind the creation and how it all began with the title “picnic” referring to the start of the creation. “That was very easy for me because it

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Lucas Entertainment Launches Their Own Social Network

Friendster —–> Myspace—–> Facebook ——>Lucas Entertainment? Why not! Welcome to the Lucas Community: the latest, cutting-edge feature available only to Lucas Entertainment subscribers! The Lucas Community takes porn one step further, allowing you to connect with other members of the site in online chat, share content, and make friends! And, as a special bonus, our