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A Scruffy Gerard Butler Visits Doctor & Possibly Signed on for Manhunt

You wish it were the Manhunt that you all were thinking, then we would lose all of you right now as you login into Manhunt and activate your profile that you turned off after a disgruntled trick. The Manhunt that Gerard Butler has possibly signed on to is a movie thriller titled Manhunt.   Just Jared

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Robbie Williams Gets Some Daddy Tips as He Bonds with Children on UNICEF Mexico Trip

Practice makes perfect! Robbie Williams bonds with children in Mexico City as part of a UNICEF trip ahead of the birth of his baby later this year. We know how badly for him to be gay, but he just isn’t men. He only announced he is to be a first time father three weeks ago. But


Hair Ball of the Day: Ginger Carpet Matches the Drapes

  Empty Music | Remixer | T-Toe  


Chris Evans ‘Embarrassed and Heartbroken’ By Marriage Inequality

  Just one more reason to make Chris Evans your favorite screen savor. Evans has been a consistent supporter of gay equality and inconceivable beauty! Actor Chris Evans has said he finds the inequality in marriage rights between gay and straight couples ‘embarrassing’, and predicted that in ten years society will look back ‘ashamed’. He was

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New Music: Meet NYC’s Electronic/Alt-Pop Musician KOORTWAH “Candy in the Sun” (Video)

  Meet KOORTWAH! We are excited to be interviewing him soon , but now feast on his new music video below for his song Candy in the Sun: Jake was born somewhere far to the North, under the soft guidance of Aurora Borealis, and swiftly blanketed in snow. Many moons later, after a daring escape from


Hunger Games’ Josh Hutcherson Opens Up on Gay Rights: “I Had Two Uncles Die From AIDS”

Straight But Not Narrow Josh Hutcherson will be become the youngest recipient of the Vanguard Award at the GLAAD Media Awards in Los Angeles. Talk about a role model! Hunger Games star Josh Hutcherson had two uncles he never got to know. Both men were gay and died from AIDS during the height of the epidemic… “They were in their early thirties,

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Today is the Day of Silence, When Young People Silently Protest the Mistreatment and Stigmatization of LGBT Youth in Schools

Today is the Day of Silence, when young people silently protest the mistreatment and stigmatization of LGBT youth in schools across the country.


Interview: “Pushing The Illusion” The Art of Jose A Guzman Colon: Opening in LA at Pop tART Gallery 4/26

A glamour meteor is about to hit Los Angeles! If you are familiar with the art and beauty that photographer Jose A Guzman Colon creates, you know he doesn’t  do anything small. Just one week away at POP tART GALLERY in Los Angeles, Jose A Guzman Colon is so thrilled to announce his first solo show called “Pushing The Illusion: The

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Accidental Bear Visits Esthetician Brandon Doyle at 360 Skin, Gets Back Facial & Leaves with Less Nose and Ear Hair (Videos)

As part of our Men’s Health Series ( Accidental Bear’s Mike Enders visits with Medical Esthetician Brandon Doyle at 360 Skin in San Francisco. Overall skin care needs and Brandon’s specialties. Brandon’s passion and knowledge for men’s skin clear is in abundance. Check out our fun videos below  where we chat about general skin care needs,

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New Music: Scissor Sisters “Only The Horses” Music Video

We have chewed off all of our finger nails in anticipation of Scissors’ brand new album ‘Magic Hour’ out 28th May. It will no doubt be horse powered after viewing new video released today for son “Only the Horses.” Scissors’ brand new album ‘Magic Hour’  is also available for pre-order now: Pre-order the ‘Only The Horses’

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Internet-Released Chinese Transgender in Hong Kong Film Gets 2 Million Views in a Week (Video)

A new short film about a mainland Chinese transgender woman having surgery in Hong Kong has gotten millions of hits on Youku. Watch My Way below. We have no idea what they are saying but still visually aroused. Short from award-winning director about a transgender woman proves again how internet-released films are by-passing China’s censors and reaching huge

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Today is “Day of Dialogue”: Religious Conservatives Will be Spewing Anti-Gay Messages in Schools

This story is amazingly hateful and gives us today living in 2012 a look at what it was like to live in the dark ages. On Friday, LGBT students and their allies will participate in the GLSEN-organized Day of Silence as a form of protest for the anti-gay and anti-trans bullying abuse that takes place in schools

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Rachel Maddow Covers “The Disturbing History of Pray the Gay Away” (Videos)

You can always count on our Rachel to get the bottom of things. Rachel Maddow is a role model to staying cool, calm and collected under pressure. Maddow for President! Think Progress reports: Rachel Maddow traced the mainstreaming of the ex-gay movement on her MSNBC show last night — from its rise in 1973 in defiance of


Colby Keller is Behind That Beard Made of Cherry Blossoms (Photo Spread)

Colby Keller, one of our VIPs, porn super star, artsy fartsy kid, sex advice columnist and all around good guy, posts behind the scene photographs for his interview with  Next Magazine coming out next week on his highly entertaining NSFW blog Big Shoe Diaries. Colby says, “If you’re in NYC, find me in the free stack at

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Our Italian Contributor Stefano Guerrini Brings You “Hippie Campers Home” Photo Spread

Our favorite fashionista- contributor from Italy , Stefano Guerrini brings us: Hippie Campers Home In a house under renovation, immersed in the bohemian atmosphere, two man and a woman in a ménage à trois that refers to certain French films.  Starring: passions, jealousies, and a hippie deluxe style. Via   Photo: Gianluca Mazza for COOC Studio >>> Styling:

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Screw Art! Artist Andrew Myers Makes Masterpieces Out of Screws: Watch Video

Artist Andrew Myers Biography Since his early childhood, Andrew Myers has been artistically influenced by european life and culture.  Born in Braunshweig, Germany and raised in Ciudad Real, Spain his exposure to modern continental living and classical architecture prompted the universal and classical themes, yet modern design found in his artwork.At the age of 20,

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Australian Marriage Advocates Use ‘Ice Cream Truck of Love’ to Sweeten Public Opinion on Equality

I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream! Australian Marriage Advocates add one important topic, marriage equality. Mmm, equality never tasted so good.   Think Progress reports:  LGBT advocates in Australia are hoping to raise awareness and “sweeten public opinion” for marriage equality with the Ice Cream Truck of Love, which will be traveling the country

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Pantless & Legs to the Ceiling JbDubs “F*** Em All” Official Music Video

You may know JbDubs from his previous hit that went viral I Hate My Job. He is back with this new song F***Em  ALL and he brought his ceiling high legs with him and is sporting banana colored pumps, but forgot his pants. We can see this being a hit in the clubs but would be

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Model Benjamin Godfre Takes Bath with Accidental Bear for Interview “From the Tub” : Watch Video

Taking a bath never felt better than hoping in the tub with male model/entrepreneur Benjamin Godfre. From the moment we set eyes on Benjamin and featured a photo spread of him shot by photographer Gabriel Gastelum, we knew we must team up with him one way or another. Never to dream that Accidental Bear owner Mike Enders


Denim Bowties by Federico Batelli for Spring/Summer 2012

What can we say, we kind of love these. Italian designer, Federico Batelli, loves denim and bowties. His new Untitled collection of Italian-made ties utilize denim in their production of bowties in various washes and distresses. The bowtie form has been re-worked and imaged many times over, but Mr. Batelli works these washes in a way


Flat Head & Dirty Stache – Native Loopwheeled Zip Hoodie

Flat Head FH Native Loopwheeled Zip Hoodie 100% Cotton Loopwheeled Fabric Double-Needle Stitched Body Vintage Style Hood Ropes Set-In Hand Pockets Repro’d Japan Made Zipper (FH Exclusive) Made in Japan Flat Head does these in limited quantities each year. In Japan these are some of the most collectible pieces from the FH collection each winter.


The Homeless Film Festival Featuring Stories from Mexico, Korea, Holland, the UK and America.

Totally fascinating. I mean really, how many people do you think are concerned with homeless people having a creative outlet? Read about a few people who give a damn below. Youtube page reads: The Homeless Film Festival 2012′ is a touring festival, aimed at screening some of the worlds best homeless related films ever made!

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Courtney Love and Hole Reunion after 15 Years, We Creamed Our Pants A little (Video)

Hole reunites after 15 yrs. at the after party for the release of rockumentary Hit So Hard  based on drummer Patty Schemel who played with past band members Melissa Auf der Maur, Eric Erlandson and Courtney Love as they hit the stage at Public Assembly in Williamsburg, BK. April 14, 2012, 15 Years after last playing

The Snake still 22

JACK IN A BOX Returns With Snarky Brilliance “The Snake”: Jack is So Excited He Got ‘Diabtes’ (Video)

Kenny Mellman (Our Hit Parade, The Julie Ruin, Kiki & Herb) joins the cast of Michael Cyril Creighton’s critically acclaimed web sitcom “JACK IN A BOX” for the series’ 28th episode, along returning cast members Lusia Strus and Desiree Burch.  “Jack in a Box” was a nominee for the 2012 Writers Guild of America Award for Outstanding Achievement in Writing Original New Media


Saudi Arabia: Schools ‘Ban Tomboys and Gays’

FYI, Homosexuality is still punishable by death in Saudi Arabia: The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has reportedly banned gays and tomboys from its schools citing efforts to tackle the two ‘phenomenons’. A report on Emirates 24/7 this morning says the The Commission for the Promotion of Virtue and Prevention of Vice has been called on to ensure implementation

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CNN Includes Gay Adoption Advocate in ‘Heroes’ Series (Video)

  In warm and fuzzy news, Gay Dad Heroes: CNN has named David Wing-Kovarik, who founded Families Like Ours to help gay and lesbian people adopt children from the foster system, as one of its Heroes of 2012. “I’m fighting for the right of that child to have that family,” Wing Kovarik says. “It’s why I keep doing

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Conservative Group Having Hissy Fit About Urban Outfitters’ Gay Advertising

Trash Your Teen’s New Urban Outfitters Catalog Today! Really Moms? Shouldn’t you really be more concerned about your kids free basing the Ajax form underneath the kitchen sink. Mom, you are totally embarrassing me, stop! The conservative group One Million Moms — a project of the American Family Association that has nowhere near a million moms — has found

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New Music: Jonny McGovern “#TOTDF” (Texting On The Dance Floor) Feat. Drew Droege, Colby Keller and Selena Luna! (Video)

Jonny McGovern cracks me the hell up, enough said #LOL #LMFAO Lots of rad cameos including some of our VIP’s Drew Droege, Colby Keller and Selena Luna! Why do we get the feeling like Jonny McGovern is pointing his finger at YOU? “The Gay Pimp” Jonny McGovern’s new single “#TOTDF” aka “Texting On The Dancefloor” from

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Chris Evans Showing Off Beard Promoting ‘The Avengers’ In Brazil (Photos & Video)

And beard fans everywhere go wild. Hunky Monkey Chris Evans  sported a beard on a visit to Brazil to promote  his film The Avengers on April 9, 2012. When we meet let’s do a beard rub Chris, No homo! Oh, and great choice of shirt color Chris, this blue makes your eyes pop something fierce!

Tarek Halaby

Smorgasbord of Today’s “It” Bearded Male Models

It wouldn’t surprise me if you end up with some hair caught in your teeth after viewing this fine display of today’s male top bearded model.  What comes first the beard or the model? VIA                    


Hair Ball of the Day: Beard & Eye Protection

Source: kellimallory

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Food For Thought: When Your Therapist Commits Suicide by Chuck Gomez

Chuck Gomez Playwright, former Emmy Award-winning television news journalis Nothing prepares you for the shock of learning that the person you thought had all the answers in life didn’t really have them at all. My therapist committed suicide, checking out of a life that many perceived as an almost perfect one. Bob Bergeron was the

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Homosexual Agenda A ‘Moral Iceberg’ That Could Destroy U.S., Anti-Gay Short Film Claims

Now that’s just crazy talk! The anniversary of the Titanic’s sinking and release of ‘Titanic 3D’ has apparently inspired Truth in Action Ministries, formerly Coral Ridge Ministries, to produce a new short film presenting the “radical homosexual agenda” as an iceberg that could potentially destroy the United States. The Truth that Transforms film features well-known anti-gay activists


This Week in Beard: NHL Playoff Beard Watch, Beard’s Floral, Figuring Jesus, Bearded Woman Assaults Officer’s Genitals

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All The Seneca Crane Beard Memes You Could Hope For his weekend marks The Hunger Games’ third week as number one at the box office. While most would argue an intense fan base, a well developed heroine, and some impressive action shots are what makes the struggles of the tributes so popular, I would argue at least some

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Designer Walter Van Beirendonck Finds Balance Between Pins and Balloons: Dresses Little Ones Too (Heart Melting)

Here is something to melt the icebox that encases you cold heart, our good friend Walter Van Beirendonck has made some clothing for little people, otherwise known as kids. He currently designs a children’s collection ZULUPAPUWA for JBC and is artistic director for Scapa Sports. We can just hear gay dads out there all in a flutter

Junior Peter Blanford conducts a song as Ithacapella, Ithaca College’s all-male a capella group, practices Monday night in the Whalen Center for Music. Ithacapella and other a capella groups are promoting LGBT rights. Rachel Orlow/The Ithacan

Ithaca College Acapella Groups Unite for LGBT Acceptance (Sample Song)

It’s my duty to report this seeing my birth certificate is certified with Ithaca, NY as my birth place. I-T-H-A-C-A gooo Ithaca! Lady Gaga has a new group of little monsters at Ithaca College, and they’re ready to say they were born this way. A cappella groups Ithacappella, Premium Blend and IC Voicestream are working to produce a new arrangement


Freakishly Attractive Model Beach Volleyball Tournament in Miami (Photos)

Sweaty models on the sandy beach playing volley: this is the concept of Model Beach Volleyball Tournament held annually since 2010 in Miami. The 2012 edition was held on March 31 and April 1, and brought together several agencies of the foals of prestige in the U.S. such as Next, Wilhelmina and Ford. Read more HERE  Let’s just call

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CCOKC – Child Celebrities Opposing Kirk Cameron (Brilliant Video)

Some other famous kids of the ’80s and ’90s want you to know that gays rule and Kirk Cameron drools and they do not want to part of the horse shit he is spewing out his trap.   CCOKC – Child Celebrities Opposing Kirk Cameron – watch more funny videos


Jean-Paul Gaultier’s Cheeky Diet Coke Campaign (Video)

Diet Coke recently named French designer Jean Paul Gaultier as the brand’s new creative director. And the first campaign launched under Gaultier’s command proves his creative mettle remains firmly intact. This campaign wast photographed by award-winning photographer and director Stéphane Sednaoui. Gaultier stay to true form and gender fucks all the images (thank you). Gaultier

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Bearded Male Model Also Talks, Score! (Video)

Model talk: Perth male model Tom Bull talks to wish about his career-defining facial hair and plans for the future. His beard was no accident. Watch video below to find out how here in America the model world embraced him and booked him many gigs.