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“JOHN” – This Melbourne New Years Day Party is Orally Fixated: Video

“We are happy hardcore to announce our very first JOHN – NEW YEARS DAY PARTY on the first of JAN. Come on down after your NYE come-down to celebrate this year’s ending at the beginning of next year — with top djs spinning tricks down the bottom basement of The Liberty Social. We promise to


The 2012 European Beard and Moustache Championships: Tons of Photos

Photo Source    


Levi’s Vintage Clothing Spring / Summer 2013 – LOOKBOOK

  Selectism reports: The Levi’s Vintage Clothing (LVC) focuses on the rediscovery of vintage Levi’s fashions from the past and presenting them as modern garments for the consumer who acutely aware of their history. Spring Summer 2013 for Levi’s Vintage Clothing focuses in on reinterpretations of fashions from two eras: the late 1800′ miner and the golden era 20th

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A Bear Named Lumberjackisto Sings “White Christmas”: Watch Video

Available on Isto’s Christmas album, “I’m Dreaming of a Chris Whitemas”  

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A Three Grumpy Cat Moon T-Shirt

A Three Grumpy Cat Moon T-Shirt Is Finally Here from Get it! Grumpy Cat Three Moon t-shirt is available at T-Shirt Outlet!  

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Violently Happy Christmas with Incoherent Yelling and Over-Enthusiastic Cooking: Video

  We are revisiting 2011 here, but so fucking worth it.  “The Swenglish mayonnaise-loving comedy geniuses at Regular Ordinary Swedish Meal Time celebrate the holidays in the only way they know how: With lots of incoherent yelling and over-enthusiastic cooking of ordinary food.”

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Colbert on Orange-Squeezing Technique for Curing Homosexuality: Video

  Colbert , the news source that cuts through all the bullshit. Stephen Colbert pokes at California’s recent ban on “ex-gay” therapy, with everyone’s favorite techniques used by reparative therapists, squeezing oranges one is encouraged to squeeze the juice from the oranges and drink it before putting them down his pants in order to represent gaining


Nick Offerman Is Sexiest Man Alive: Bacon Grease & Plentiful Nipples Got Him Here: Video

After Nick Offerman has been named the Sexiest Man Alive, he talks with Conan about it and reacts. And men, he also gives some tips on how he got this title “His secret to becoming objectified manflesh? Bacon grease & plentiful nipples…”

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Toronto Marlies Support Gay Players: YouCanPlay Video

Toronto Marlies hockey players pledge to stamp out homophobia in hockey. For more on this story click here:


Stunning Model / Actor Jack Guinness Photographed for ‘An Irishman in Milano’ Editorial

  Model/actor Jack Guinness is photographed by Joachim Baldauf and styled by Martina Riebeck for  the story ‘An Irishman in Milano’ for the Winter 2012 issue of Bolero Men magazine.              

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Conner Habib & Chris Donaghue Talk Sex Addiction: Ask The Sexpert

  Wacking off 20 times a day? Thinking about sex in the dentist chair? Can’t satisfy that sex drive of  yours? Afraid you may be ‘abnormal,’ then watch this video of New Now Next’s Sexpert Conner Habib as he tackles the topic of sex addiction. Conner Habib is getting a little bit serious this week, joining up with Bad

What Are 20-Something Gay Males in New York Saying Today: Video

What it’s like to be a 20-something gay male in New York today. Film-maker  Blake Pruitt from New York City decided to explore this in this short that was featured on The Advocate. 20MALEGAYNYC from Blake Pruitt on Vimeo.

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Study Finds Biological Causes for Homosexuality

A new study suggests that homosexuality can be explained by biology, though not by genes specifically. Instead, the researchers propose that there are sex-specific epi-marks on the genes that are triggered during fetal development to maintain a hormone level balance. These switches cause fluctuations in DNA expression that impacts sexual development, including sexual identity and various other gender characteristics.


Why Anti-Smoking Campaigns Need To Focus On The LGBT Community

By Tara Culp-Ressler A new report from the Legacy Foundation highlights the lack of structural support within the public health community to combat the disproportionately high rates of smoking among LGBT individuals. Despite the fact that members of the LGBT community are abouttwice as likely to smoke as their heterosexual counterparts — largely due to minority stress, but also because

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I Don’t Eat Beaver Neil Patrick Harris’ Puppet Dreams “The Restaurant”: Video

“Welcome to the brain of one of the sickest puppeteers ever encountered – Neil Patrick Harris. In this episode, Neil grapples with pushy customers and punny puns.” And the oh so obvious beaver joke, but still funny.

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Sui Generis’ Tips For Dressing Up for Holiday Parties: Accidental Bear Get’s Regal Makeover: Photos by Joe Mazza

  Accidental Bear’s Mike Enders gets the royal treatment at San Francisco’s menswear store Sui Generis and it’s all caught on film by the acclaimed photographer Joe Mazza. Dressing up for Mike usually means tucking his t-shirt into his dirty blue jeans. We’ve decided to get him some tips from the professionals. We reached out


The Outfit Michael Jackson Was Buried In: Photo

This hadn’t even crossed my mind. Probably because it is totally irrelevant to anything important in life, but interesting no less. Huff Post: Michael Jackson’s final outfit Michael Jackson’s final ensemble. The jacket was based on the one he worse at the Grammy’s in 1994. A rhinestone Tinker Bell was placed inside the right breast.


Twitter Makes Big Step To Compete With Instagram: Adds Own Filtering Tools: Video

Hours after Instagram pulled its photos from Twitter’s feed, Twitter announced it had a Plan B to keep sepia-hued images on its site: its own photo filters. In a blog post published late Monday afternoon Twitter announced it would be adding its own suite of filters and photo-editing tools to its mobile apps. The eight filters range from

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On the Street With Bill Cunningham: Bike Messengers Are Leaders in Menswear Trends: Video

First off, I fucking love Bill Cunningham. Somebody please get me a lunch date with him. In the video below Bill excitedly states: “There’s not a shadow of a doubt in my mind that the sensation at this moment in fashion is on young men’s clothes. They are breaking down barriers. You can’t imagine what’s


American Apparel Help the Marriage Equality Fight in France by Giving Away 10,000 “Legalize Gay” Shirts reports: – American Apparel, the vertically integrated clothing manufacturer based in downtown Los Angeles, is launching an initiative to support gay marriage in France. At the request of its French employees who have been eagerly following the country’s efforts to legalize gay marriage, American Apparel will be giving away 10,000 Legalize Gay shirts in its stores and on the streets of

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“Dandy Imperfetto”: An Exclusive Fashion Shoot for 360º Magazine

  Photo : Vito FaugianaFrom vintage stunning pieces to new ones from s/s 2013. An exclusive shoot for 360º Magazine. Styling : Stefano Guerrini Styling assistant : Piermattia Aiello and Cecilia Gioetti Make-up artist : Elena Toniutto Set assistant : Gianluca Zappoli Model : Diego Gennaro @Boom Agency Thanks to Cristina Scardovi     Sleeveless shirt vintage Haute from Archivi Mazzini, trousers Costume National Homme, scarf vintage from Archivi Mazzini, rings Sharra Pagano

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Hair Balls of the Day: Gay Lumberjack’s Washington Wedding

  “I love the word ‘husband,’” Cori told Freedom To Marry. “There is no other word that better conveys the dedication, depth, and quality of my relationship with Keith. I’m honored on every level.” All wedding photos by Kristen Marie. The picture outside of City Hall by Chona Kasinger for BuzzFeed. Check out more scenes of Seattle’s first legal wedding ceremonies.

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Sneak Peek Video of Accidental Bear’s Holiday Fashion Editorial: Photography by Joe Mazza

Mike Enders of Accidental Bear teams up with acclaimed photographer Joe Mazza and the most stylish men’s clothing store in SF Sui Generis to shoot  2012 holiday fashion editorial. Enjoy sneak video below, photographs will be published tomorrow.

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“A Very Skivvies Christmas” Tis the Season For Singing with Puppets in Your Undies: Video

We have posted videos of The Skivvies in the past singing in their fine underwear, but this time they add in some Seasons Greetings and a foul mouthed Puppet. Find more of their videos HERE.

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The Supreme Fabulettes – “You Ruined My Xmas”: Cameo by Johnny Hazzard: Video Directed by Boy George and Dean Stockings

Smorgasbord  of drag and porn starts.


Man Will Run Across Brooklyn Bridge in High Heels to Support LGBTQ Youth: Ali Forney Center: Video

ABOUT THE CAMPAIGN Everyone knows that Hurricane Sandy devastated the City of New York, but what many people don’t know is that it was particularly devastating for the Ali Forney Center and NYC’s 3800 homeless LGBT youth. Located in Chelsea, the Ali Forney Center is NYC’s leading service provider and shelter service for homeless LGBT


Testicular Cancer Organization Offers Christmas Ballsack Ornaments

Testicular cancer organization Orchid and the London office of ad agency Fallon have teamed up to offer “Bauballs.” Buy HERE From the Check Your Balls website: Decorate your tree with some festive bravado and help a good cause by grabbing or sharing some Bauballs. We’ve teamed up with Orchid to create some Christmas tree ornaments that raise money


Meet Japan’s Only Male Geisha

I have a sick fascination with all things Geisha. This story of male Geisha put a nice twist on traction. Male geisha actually predate female geisha in Japan, but as the popularity of the art form declined in post-World War II Japan, the male geisha — or taikomochi — began to disappear. Today, men drum alongside geisha, but

American Cub Scout salutes as he holds an American flag

Merck Foundation Ends Relationship with Boy Scouts Funding Over Anti-Gay Policy

The Boy Scouts of America (BSA) have lost yet another corporate sponsor angered by the organization’s stance on the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender community. Following in the footsteps of Intel and UPS, the Merck Foundation announced it would suspend all funding to the Boy Scouts until the ban on gay scouts and scout leaders is lifted. The Merck Foundation’s

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Jake Gyllenhaal Talks About His Beard with Graham Norton: Video

Graham Norton is not pleased with Jake Gyllenhaal’s beard that his has quite large at the moment for a play he is doing. We say get out of the way Norton, your opinion is not valid here (although we do love you).


Tonight! Accidental Bear Website 2 Year Anniversary Party: Big Dipper, Rica Shay, MC Crumbsnatcher & Tim Carr

Come celebrate Accidental Bear Website’s 2 Year Anniversary! 4 power house special performances! We are titillated to be flying in Big Dipper for his first West Coast performance. It’s going to be hot, hairy and naughty!!! December 8, 2012 @ 9:00 pm – December 9, 2012 @ 2:00 am Truck 1900 Folsom St San Francisco,CA 94103 USA $3 cover   EVENT FACEBOOK PAGE Performances by:

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Hot Shirtless Guy Talks About Benefits of Cold Showers, Listen or Not: Video

Cold showers just aren’t just for taming the libido anymore. Listen to this cute guy discuss how it enhances his mood and betters his skin.

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The Killers Release Some Redneck Hotness: ‘I Feel It In My Bones’ Annual Xmas Single: Video

  For the past 7 years The Killers have released an original Christmas single (including last year’s The Cowboys’ Christmas Ball) and this year they bring us I Feel It In My Bones. So bad ass, including some redneck hotness!

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Andrew Christian Models Give Us X-mas Cuteness in “The Holiday Card” Video

Are you naughty or nice? Regardless, all of these young men need to be spanked! There is no better way to celebrate the holiday than with the sexy models from Andrew Christian! Music By: “Hey Santa!” by Mr. Vegas Man/ Getty Images Hunky Santas: The Holiday Card (Uncensored) from Andrew Christian on Vimeo.   STARRING:

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Big Burly Pro Wrestlers Awkwardly Sing “Jingle Bells”: Video

WWE Superstars and Divas express their holiday cheer by joining together for a group sing-along. Is anyone else uncomfortable?

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Santa Never Looked So Hot and Lick-able: Father Tiger’s “On Christmas Day” Video

Holy smokes young Santa has my toes curling in  Father Tiger’s “On Christmas Day” new music video. I want to comb this guys beard all X-mas day long and drink coffee that has been filtered through it. “We did a synthpop Christmas song!”  FatherTiger Free Download of “On Christmas Day” here: Thanks for the tip


Folk Spring/Summer 2013 loobook is a Winner

I want one of everything please, minus the white coat with blue polka dots. I’m just not ready for that. From England comes a look through the Folk Clothing collection for Spring Summer 2013. The casual wear looks run the gamut in styles and looks. Keep an eye out for unique hits on shirting pockets as well

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New Episode: Neil Patrick Harris’ Puppet Dreams: “Doctor’s Office” Video

Welcome to the brain of one of the sickest puppeteers ever encountered – Neil Patrick Harris. In this episode, Neil’s unique physiology causes a stir in the puppet medical community. Curiosity has got me wondering what’s under Neil’s hospital gown as well! Stay tuned for the next episode premiering on December 11th.   Check out


Arousing Behind the Scene Pics from Cub Camp 2013 Calendar: Hot Damn!

We featured this calendar awhile back, as long as their mentionable Cum Rag towel,  but they are on our minds everyday! First step after receiving my Cub Camp 2013 Calendar in the mail and am going to run and get it laminated so it doesn’t get sticky (wink). Cub Camp 2013 Calendar is the perfect amount

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Adult Actor Troy Daniels Gives Accidental Bear a Facial, Talks of Fave Body Part and Berlin: Tub Interview

Is Mike dreaming or did Troy Daniels, adult film actor just give him a homemade facial? Just another day in the life of Mike Accidental Bear Enders, napping, bathing and asking hard hitting questions to porn stars. In the newest bath tub interview Mike jumps in the tub with Troy Daniels to catch up on