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Beardonna “My Belt Won’t Reach” – “Papa Don’t Preach” Parody Video

  Want to know more about Beardonna? CLICK HERE  


Hair Ball of the Day: Flexibility and a Mustache is Everything

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Watch: Jesse Tyler Ferguson Interviews Isaac Mizrahi for Tie The Knot

Jesse Tyler Ferguson has an exclusive phone interview with Tie The Knot’s inaugural guest designer, Isaac Mizrahi. Get your bow tie for equality HERE   Follow FACEBOOK TWITTER

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Bob Mould Smears Jimmy Fallon’s Stage with Excellence, A Very “A Good Idea” : Video

  Bob Mould’s resume is getting meatier as he will need to add sex symbol to it! Check out video below as Bob and bands slays “A Good Idea.” Spin Magazine reports: And power through Sugar’s ‘A Good Idea,’ too Bob Mould brought the funny in the Late Night With Jimmy Fallon-assisted music video for “Star Machine,” the triumphant

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Griffin x Vallicans 2013 Spring/Summer Video Lookbook

  It’s not often that we hear the terms “guerrilla” and “gardening” thrown together, but for Vallicans, the combination of the two ideas is a way of life. Attempting to combat the decay of urban landscapes with aggressive planting, gardening, and growing, the organization aims to incrementally improve how we use public space. Teamed up


Bodega 2013 Spring/Summer Lookbook

With a penchant for well-received footwear collaborations, the team over at Bodega once again extend their design sensibilities to a new spring/summer collection of apparel. Moving on from a retailer’s usual foray into fashion via branded T-shirts, the full-fledged line looks to stand on its own amongst the increasingly competitive streetwear market through its own unique Boston-derived


Dr Martens Spring/Summer 2013 Film

“Dr Martens present Spring Summer 2013 . Harking back to their early days of skinheads, punks and various other subcultures, the brand turned to photographer Gavin Watson ofSkins fame for the shoot and Fred & Nick of Pulse Films for the video. ”Tribes are not just premised solely on style, but also by substance. A shared attitude, a spirit,

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Butt Drunk From Drinking Through Their Asses: Steam Room Stories New Skin Flick

  In this weeks Steam Room Stories, our fine fuzzy fella Mike is back and he is butt drunk. Visualize drinking steam water off of fuzzy Mike’s butt. “The guys show up to the Steam Room drunk off their asses.. from drinking through their asses.” GwistTV   Subscribe to gwistTV Go to for more SRS. Look

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WATCH: Gay Documentary, Art Film Hybrid Set to Debut at the 30th Miami International Film Festival

speakproductions studio are getting ready to show off their new project, “The Go Doc Project” at the 30th Miami International Film Festival. A shy recent college grad,  played by “As the World Turns” actor Tanner Cohen,  “devises to shoot a documentary about the NYC nightlife scene in order to meet the go-go guy he’s cyber-obsessed with. the go

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Video Recap of LGBTQ Entertainment News: David Bowie, CHRISTEENE, David Bowie, Tom Goss, Father Tiger, Drake Jensen, Purple Crush x Josh Peace and More!

This weeks highlights in LGBTQ arts, music, entertainment and culture. This weeks video features David Bowie, CHRISTEENE, David Bowie, Tom Goss, Father Tiger, Drake Jensen, Purple Crush x Josh Peace and More! Links below for video content: The Art of Drummer Magazine: New Outlines of Masculinity Presented by ANTEBELLUM Hollywood CHRISTEENE & PJ RAVAL Serve


Bigotry On Display: Mississippi Students Protest Transgender Classmate

    By Zack Ford for Think Progress In her senior year at South Panola High School in Batesville, Mississippi, one transgender student decided it was time for her to fully realize her gender identity and began dressing as a girl. The ACLU applauded the school’s interim superintendent, Mike Foster, for supporting the student and recognizing her as the

To relieve the near-constant pain, Sondra Scarber must use a syringe to squeeze medicine between her teeth. Swallowing anything solid - even something as small as a pill - is impossible. Speaking is very difficult. She said she was attacked at an elementary school playground for protecting a bullied four-year-old boy. The scuffle between children, however, quickly escalated into violence among adults, Scarber worries, because she is a lesbian.

Lesbian Parent Beat After Standing Up for Bullied Boy on the Playground: Video reports: MESQUITE –- To relieve the near-constant pain, Sondra Scarber must use a syringe to squeeze medicine between her teeth. Swallowing anything solid – even something as small as a pill – is impossible. Speaking is very difficult. “It’s hard for me to stay strong when I see myself in the mirror,” the 27-year-old

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StandUp with Ben Cohen | Dan Savage: American Savage | TakePart TV

Dan Savage profiles elite athlete Ben Cohen, who quit playing rugby at the height of his career to focus on a global movement to combat homophobia and bullying via the StandUp Foundation. Learn More About the StandUp Foundation: Subscribe Now!: Watch More American Savage: About American Savage Author, columnist, TV personality, and co-founder of the

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OREO Separator Machine Built by Silly Physicist David Neevel: Watch Video

  Catch phrase. “Let’s get that cream out of there.” LMFAO “It’s a basic human desire to separate an OREO cookie. Humans love either cookie or creme. And sometimes a man just needs to invent a machine to do the hard work of separating the two. Today, that man is physicist and cookie-part preferrer David


CHRISTEENE & PJ RAVAL Serve Up A Dirty-Raunchy ‘Big Shot’: Official Music Video

  In “BIG SHOT”, the 7th installment of the CHRISTEENE video collection, rabbits roam free across the sinister landscape of CHRISTEENE’s fuck fantasy. WARNING: You won’t be able to sleep tonight! Producer/director PJ Raval and the artist CHRISTEENE have birthed a video verging on the other-worldly weaving its way through a technological nightmare of neon dreamscapes. BIG SHOT

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Watch “Bear is a Bottom”: A Furry Parody of “Boy is a Bottom” by Willam Belli

  Just a good gold fashion furry good time. I wouldn’t necessarily classify this as a parody, but more of a lip sync. Youtuber Gabriel Urena says: “Parody video. Song owned by Willam, please forgive us for making a parody and go buy his song on itunes. This video was just made for fun.” Buy it on

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Out Country Singer Drake Jensen Takes on Bullies with “Pink Shirt Day” and “Scars”: Video

Drake Jensen and Jonathan Edwards performing an acoustic rendition of “Scars”, one of the tracks from Drake’s second album, OUTlaw. “Scars” was written by their good friends Don Graham and Zita DaSilva of Toronto ON, and has become Drake’s anthem against bullying. You go Drake! You men look mighty dapper in pink! —————————————-­————— On

Franck Glenisson

Maximiliano Patane & Paraskevas Boubourakas Photographed by Franck Glenisson

All photographs via who report: I really am a lucky wasp getting to work with some of the finest photographers working in the business to create amazing content for my blog, and very soon Franck Glenisson and I will be collaborating on a very special blog post featuring top French model/artist/singer/icon Benjamin Dukhan. Expect a fun and flirty

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New Music: Matt Gold’s Official Music Video for “Oh Joe”

Second single off Matt Gold’s debut album ” Drown Before You Swim” Biography- Matt Gold Singer, songwriter, and photographer – Matt Gold’s creative talents shine through in all that he does. His music career began when he was 18 years old. A self-taught pianist, Matt’s musical expertise comes not from a book or institution, but from


Video Music Tease: Kazaky Announce New Video “Crazy Law”‏

KAZAKY showed a teaser of a new music video for the new single “CRAZY LAW”, which will soon become part of the second studio album. Full video will be released next week. Announced location in the teaser is a real prison house that is intended for especially dangerous criminals serving life sentences. But we’ll let you know the


Ellen’s Live Underwear Commercial with Winner Gluteus Mikesimus: Video

  Ellen delivers a live underwear commercial featuring Mike, winner of male underwear model search.  Ellen and Gluteus Mikesimus, as she called him,  posed on rotating platform . Ellen moved Mike like a puppet and prompted him to make sassy movements like picking up a lucky penny, playing football, and  flexing his arms and abs. I want to eat pizza off


A Portrait Of Louis C.K. Made Out Of Cheetos


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The Adorable Tom Goss Covers Macklemore & Ryan Lewis’ “Can’t Hold Us”: Watch Video

Cute toes Tom Goss! And super loving the flashback the wood paneling is giving me. You tore this song a new a**hole! Download the song for free HERE Acoustic cover of Macklemore & Ryan Lewis’ “Can’t Hold Us.” Recorded live, in Tom’s house, 2/21/13 using a Boss RC – 30 loop pedal. Follow Tom Goss:

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“Little Bitch” by Purple Crush & Josh Peace: They Work a Few Things Out in this Music Video

  There has never been a more appropriate time to say, “WORK!” “Little Bitch” by Purple Crush x Josh Peace CREDITS: Hypevision – Director/DP Purple Crush – Producer/Editor Josh Peace – Co-Producer Abelardo Soto – Stylist Malice Hyde – Little Bitch’s Make-up   CAST Isla Cheadle – Purple Crush Jared Selter – Little

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New Music: Father Tiger’s “Head Hung Low” Official Video: Food Fight and Skin!

“Head Hung Low” is the newest single off our “Winter Solstice” EP This video is a ton of fun. FATHER TIGER is a modern indie synthpop duo with a love of vintage analog synthesizers and everything mid-century modern. Having grown up on opposite ends of Los Angeles county, members Greg Delson and John Russell now

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Megan Mullally & Nick Offerman’s “Smell Yo Dick” Song: Video

Nancy & Beth cover Riskay’s hit single “Smell Yo Dick” Live at the Largo in Los Angeles CA. Featuring a guest appearance by Nick Offerman. Nancy & Beth are on Facebook   Megan Mullally & Nick Offerman Rap About Dicks from Megan Mullally

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There’s No Such Thing As Offline?!? | Idea Channel | PBS Video

Meet the newest video from my number 1 nerd crush. Smart guys are sexy! “What an outdated question this has become! Of course you’re online, unless you’re an off-the-grid survivalist or a remote tribesmen!! From Facebook to bank accounts, you always have some sort of online presence, whether you’re actively engaging in front of a


New Music: San Francisco’s Hangover Brigade is a Diamond in the Rough: Videos

The Hangover Brigade are worth bookmarking because I predict they will be  titillating and tantalizing your earbuds and all your senses very soon! Lead singer Tawnee Kendall, who also rocks the  rhythm guitar, has the most powerful, soul driven voice I have heard in many moons. Each of the songs she belts out takes you on a personal

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David Bowie Shares Screen with Tilda Swinton in Breathtaking New Video: “The Stars (Are Out Tonight)”

  What a brilliant pairing. Two of the wolds most oddly beautiful people, David Bowie and Tilda Swinton come together for this breathtaking new video for “The Stars (Are Out Tonight).” Thank you Bowie for keeping the music biz interesting, androgynous and gender flip flipping. This is the  second single from David Bowie’s new album The Next


The Penis Is A Dipstick For The Male Health (VIDEO)

My penis is a dipstick of all kinds; health check, pleasure stick and also my best friend. Here Dr. Oz talks about how a penis is a dipstick for the male health. Television personality and health expert Dr. Mehmet Oz told HuffPost Live Monday that libido — or lack thereof — can provide a glimpse into the

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Santa Monica High School Ain’t Got Time Westboro Baptist Church’s Hate: Video

Amazeballs is totally appropriate to say about this! I love to see the Westboro Baptist Church crumbling right before our very eyes! Hateful bitches. The Westboro Baptist Church decided to protest at Santa Monica High School in Santa Monica, California. We protested right back at them. L.A. Times reports: Members of the anti-gay Westboro Baptist Church,

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Football Players Photographed for the Book ‘Campioni’ for Dolce&Gabbana

Domenico Dolce photographed an array of up and coming football players in the book ‘Campioni’ for Dolce&Gabbana. Domenico explains, “I strongly believe in this book. With my images I wanted to pay tribute to the strength and innocence of these players and at the same time I wanted to realize one of my dreams: to take photographs.” It is a


Espionage 2013 Spring/Summer Lookbook

  Looks like I’m in love (lust) with another model.   “Korea’s Espionage presents its Spring/Summer 2013 lookbook. Featuring a “homecoming” theme following that of the Cold War for the Fall/Winter 2012 lookbook, the collection once again features a military-inspired vibe and is punctuated by seasonal pieces like cotton henleys, denim work shirts, field jackets, fatigue caps and

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Hypebeast & Levi’s launch the #501 Style Interpretation Project: Submit Here

“Hypebeast and the Levi’s® brand will be accepting submissions from February 25, 2013 at 11:00 a.m. EST concluding on March 7, 2013 at 11:59 p.m. EST. The final selection and winner announcement will be made on March 8, 2013 on and our social media platforms.” Open to Global readers. All prizes won by minors

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“Argogo” a Beardy Argo Parody Video: Funny or Not?

  Funny or a waste of time? “Ben Affleck only got half of it right. Argogo tells the REAL declassified story of the Iranian hostage crisis in this action packed, disco extravaganza. It’s up to one secret agent to make sure the hostages are Stayin’ Alive as they set off to make the most epic,

Young White Gay couple sunbathing in a park in the sunshine. Image shot 2009. Exact date unknown.

10 Straight Myths About Gay Sex

by Mark Brennan Rosenberg (Author, ‘Blackouts and Breakdowns’) for the Huffington Post Straight people seem to have this preconceived notion about what happens when two men or two women hit the sack. Whether they be the crazy religious type, Republicans or irrational homeless people in the subway, every straight person seems to have some theory on what happens when


British Therapist Suggest “GSD” Replace “LGBT” to Recognize all Gender and Sexual Diversity

It’s a nice thought but I don’t think it should happen. Let’s make a discussion out of it, but leave LGBT alone. Think you are lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender? Not any more, apparently you are a Gender and Sexual Diversity BY JACK FLANAGAN at The term LGBT is too exclusive and should be replaced with Gender

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Sexy- Creative Party Promo Videos by Nik Dimopoulos Enrich My Life: BYOB (Bring Your Own Beamer): Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

  My life really is better because of the party fantastic party promo videos made by Nik Dimopoulos for these night down under. Watch and drool over the newest video by Nik Dimopoulos for BYOB (Bring Your Own Beamer). Thursday 28 February at 6pm-8pm at RMIT Design Hub BYOB is an international series of exhibitions hosting artists and their projectors


Cuckoo for Bellerose Spring Summer 2013 Lookbook

  You are the wind beneath my wings Bellerose Spring Summer 2013 Lookbook “Belgian brand Bellerose, best known for their love of vintage and a dufflecoat collaboration with Nigel Cabourn, present some looks for Spring Summer 2013. The usual fare, American ideas from days gone by reworked for a modern audience, it’s not exactly groundbreaking but it is


The Art of Drummer Magazine: New Outlines of Masculinity Presented by ANTEBELLUM Hollywood

ANTEBELLUM HOLLYWOOD presents THE ART OF DRUMMER: New Outlines of Masculinity   DRUMMER MAGAZINE was the granddaddy of all BDSM~Leather publications. Groundbreaking for it’s time~ Drummer set precedence for all homomasculine representation to come. ROBERT MAPPLETHORPE, TOM OF FINLAND, ENTIENNE, BILL WARD, REX, NIGEL KENT & RICK CASTRO among many others were featured in Drummer. NYC artist~ GRANITE~ will