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At the AFI Awards on Jan. 15, 'Mad Men' star Jon Hamm is looking less dapper and more mountain man. We wonder if his small screen counterpart Don Draper will be going grizzly as well.

Our Fave Male Celebs Gone Grizzly

It’s often that I see a pretty man, with beautiful eyes, clean-shaven and wonder what he might look like if I took him camping for a month, rolled him in dirt and denied him razors. Here is a great collection of celebrities that took it easy with the razor this year and we thank you


Hair Ball of the Day: “This is Beard” by Elvis Di Fazio

photo by Elvis Di Fazio


Meet “This is Beard” Bringing Awareness to Skin Cancer

A beard is always fun and as of lately it’s become a world sign of awareness to one cause or another. We have just gone swimmingly through Movember and some of those mustaches are long gone but where has the spotlight gone. We need the light to stay on such topics, as prostate cancer all


The Sound and The Furry’s Favorite Albums of 2011

The Sound and The Furry’s Favorite Albums of 2011 #1. Andrew Jackson Jihad – Knife Man (Asian Man Records) #2. Favourite Sons – The Great Deal of Love (Low Rent Recordings)  #3. Dad Rocks! – Mount Modern (Paper Garden Records) #4. Ezra Furman and the Harpoons – Mysterious Power (Red Parlor Records)  #5. We All Have Hooks for Hands – Girls EP (Afternoon Records) #6. Little Gold – Weird Freedom (Loud Baby Records) FOR THE REST OF LIST ON TONS


The Sound and the Furry’s Annual End-of-the-Year Music Mix (Loaded With Beards)

In anticipation of The Sound and the Furry’s Favorite Albums of 2011 list (coming soon!) I present to you my annual end-of-the-year mix of some of the stand-out tracks of the year. Expect to see a good number of these bands/artists on the Favorite Albums list! Download HERE or just click on the album art above. Then go buy

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Infectious Happiness Experiment: I Warn You, You Will Laugh (Video)

I warn you, you WILL laugh. Social experiment aboard a Berlin U-Bahn train: One passenger starts laughing, ostensibly at something she sees on her smartphone. Soon, the entire car is rollicking like a bunch of carefree children. They also may be on drugs.


10 Ways for Men to Reduce Stress

Your outlook is such an important factor in how your body deals with stress. Sounds easy, but you all may know, the basics sometime are the hardest rules to follow with a busy schedule OR the winter blues. Do your best and don’t try to fool yourself. Si se puede! Stress has become a major


Marriage Equality Boosts Gay Men’s Mental and Physical Health

Study shows that those states where there has been the legalization of same-sex marriage such as Massachusetts, “there was a significant decrease in medical care visits, mental health visits and mental health-care costs among gay and bisexual men, compared to the 12 months before the law changed.” Let’s not forget men that our mental health is co-partners


London: Bitterly Un-Christmasy: Bourgeois & Maurice: Fa La La La La | 14 Dec – 7 Jan | Soho Theatre (Trailer)

Bourgeois & Maurice: Fa La La La La | 14 Dec – 7 Jan | Soho Theatre ( A gloriously unfestive christmas show Creeping down to the basement of the Soho Theatre, we finally got to see the Christmas show by Bourgeois and Maurice. And besides one song it was brillantly, bitterly un-Christmasy. Their


Minneapolis, MN: “Graphic Design: Now in Production” at Walker Art Center Until Jan 22

The largest museum exhibition on design since ‘Graphic Design in America: A Visual Language History’, ‘Graphic Design: Now in Production’ captures how graphic design has expanded over the last decade. To be specific, it explores how design-led magazines, newspapers, books and posters have shaped our design landscape. The exhibition showing at the Walker Art Center until 22


Pini Leibovich “Happy Material” Chairs

Just admit it, they’re ridiculous and that’s why you love these chairs: absurd. Feel your inner wacky. Fubiz shares ‘Happy Material’ chairs from Pini Leibovich. The Israeli design studio have used several materials (the one below is from balloons) that fit into the loose description of happy and made some intriguing looking chairs from them. Let your

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PRPS Autumn/ Winter 2011 Early American Outdoor Lifestyle

PRPSAutumn/ Winter 2012 is rugged with the ambience of early American outdoor lives: not afraid to get your hands dirty clothing. Based on the history of the brand there is a strong denim dominance . Vintage inspiration, exquisite quality to keep up with the reputation of brand as being long-lasting garments. I WANT it all.


PRPS Spring/Summer 2012 LOOKBOOK

With this Lookbook for Spring/Summer 2012 by PRPS, I think some members  of my hill-billy family are going to slip by as hipsters on the cutting edge of fashion by accident.   The mainline focuses more on denim with some nice pleated jackets, chambray and light denim shirts. For those who like that pre-worn look, plenty

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Two Jasperjohns “It” Part Two: Possible Animal Death Curse

Do you ever watch a program and can totally imagine yourself in the shoes of the main character and you start assigning, in your head, your friends as the other cast members? Yeah, me neither! Here we have Part 2 of “It” from the Two Jasperjohns opener of season 2. “Jude’s secret curse is revealed

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Gay Dads Are Going to Grand Daddies: Natural Response of Joy (Video)

Nothing could be more natural than the overwhelming emotional response, as two gay dads,  finding out your are going to be grandpas.  

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“306” A Short Gay Film by Elliot London With A Twist (Watch Film)

Watch this powerful silent gay film, “306,” by Elliot London. It guides you along through the eleven minutes with curiosity. At one point you will think you have figured it out, but you will be wrong. Wait until the end for a little switcheroo! A little bit about Elliot London: Hi my name is Elliot

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Melbourne: TROUGH X turns SIX Returns to Club80 (Video)

TROUGH X turns SIX and after a six months hiatus re-turns to spin its tricks inside Melbourne’s underground of Club80; a club for men and sex. Featuring the glory of resident djs STEREOGAMOUS plus Mandate, The Sweats, Spanky and Ste-BE. All hands on decks. This video is out of this world stunning! What this video


Morning Hair Ball: Tattooed Biscuit


Are you my mother? Alex, 2011. C-Type photograph, 40 / 37cm. - Edition 5, 230euros

Artwork for sale “Are You My Mother?” Überflug Berlin

Überflug is an artist initiative that gives artists a platform to exhibit their work outside the traditional gallery space. We are currently working with an exciting new space in Neukolln Engels, situated Herrfurthstrasse 21 in 12049 Berlin. Next to Templhof airport entry. For more info CLICK MORE


Hard-line Indonesian Police Shave Punkers’ Mohawks

This is so hardcore to the core! These 65 or more Indonesian punkers with their spikey mohawks, had them shaved off and were stripped away of body piercings because of the perceived threat to Islamic values. Then these poor guys were thrown into a spiritual pool for cleansing. In this moment of WTF, read below the insanity

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Zeitgeist 2011: Year In Review Video

Google hand picks its annual Year in Review video. See how the world searched in 2011, and maybe, just maybe, leave with a little more hope than you had. These type of video montages always grab me by the testicles and cover me with an unexpected dose of nostalgia. See how the World Searched with


Word Of The Year: Merriam-Webster Dictionary Picks ‘Pragmatic’

Hey you sexy nerd. Merriam-Webster Dictionary picks the word of the year. Drum roll please….. Pragmatic Pragmatic takes the gold and go for a victory lap! via When the time came for Merriam-Webster to pick its top word of 2011, its editors decided they needed to be pragmatic. So they chose … pragmatic. The word, an


Teaching Your Young Child about Homosexuality and Transgenderism

Is it a race to get to your kids before their classmates fill their little minds with false information, myths and even fear about sexuality, Homosexuality and Transgenderism, or is there a science to the right timing?  have spoken on this topic several times in the past . “One thing that strikes them as all too common when


Facebook Launches Suicide Prevention Effort

Facebook is stepping up to the plate and creating a resource that gives users who have expressed suicidal thoughts the option to connect directly with a crisis counselor via Facebook chat. Don’t worry you bitchy comments, tasteless party pics and angry rants won’t be interrupted. This new initiative is dependent on people speaking up when they feel


NORTH CAROLINA: Winston-Salem Firing Range Promises “Pansies Converted Daily”

Wow, this is the most horrifying and tasteless piece of trash I have ever witnessed. Thanks for this comment you found on the Facebook page of Equality North Carolina  from one of their readers ( comment): “The Pansies Converted Daily billboard is quite possibly the most offensive advertisement I’ve ever seen. Congratulations. According to, the slang

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An ally starts off by asking questions…. GForce Sports is a group of dedicated LGBT athletes and allies advocating for equality in sports regardless of sexual orientation. Our focus is on the invisible athlete — the gay, lesbian, bisexual or transgender athlete who must play their sport in silence and fear. Why it is no


√ DJ Rotten Robbie’s 2011 Holiday Mixes Are Here

How many of you have ever hosted a Holiday party with Bears, Twinks, Drag Queens, Hipsters and old people and struggle to find music to please the masses. You don’t want to go all club-dance-mix-versions of holiday classics because it might cause flash backs from those friends of yours in recovery. You worry about how

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How Bikes Can Save Us Infograph: Two-Wheeled Key To Better Health and a Better World

  This infograph could save your life. America is a car country. Americans drive everywhere and cars are killing us. Bikes provide the answer. Skeptical? Below is my argument.  Awesome infograph by . These guys do  the most amazing work.  

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BANNED 2011 USAFA vs. Army Spirit Video “I’m Sexy and I Know it”

  Goooood Morning! How YOU doin’? This is what I like to call blowing off steam. This video was called out as “too inappropriate to play for the cadet wing.” No sweat, because the rest of the world is all eyes. “Documentation: This video was made by “Six Star Productions” for the upcoming Army game. Well


Hair Ball of the Day: Off the Shoulder

  Source: jeanbaptistehuong


Reinvent Beards at WAD BARBERSHOP Contest(Video)

Beardalicious, Beardbanaza, Bearditude, Avant-Beard etc. The resurgence of beards in the last few years have made many happy campers, have kept many of chins warm, given male models an edge, and have put razors on the endangered species list. To promote their partnership with Braun, WAD Magazine created this witty photo/video project in which they are



Striking image and the sound of gold running across your chest hair has me all twittipated and aroused. You must know Sean Johnson, from the internet. Famous for beard rub videos and you could say a hairy man and beard guru ( Check out this party, Fur & Gold,  that he started to host back in


Faggles to Faggles: A Hilarious Party Game For Faggles and Haggles

ABOUT THIS PROJECT A hilarious party game for Faggles and Haggles!  How outrageous are you? No, really. We don’t mean “I liked Van Wilder.” We’re thinking, “I find Shia LeBeouf’s taint fair game for comedy.” If the latter applies to you, you’ll love Faggles to Faggles — an outrageous, queered-up party game for you to enjoy


A Quick Guide to Lumps on the Penis by The Healthy Bear (Video)

Oh no! Oh YES! Real men take care of their health, however ungodly the topic may sound. It’s called being a healthy adult. Taking care of your health, including your penis, will take away the stress of “not knowing” the answers to questions that make you lose sleep at night. This is what our good


10 Yr Old Hangs Herself, Takes Last Breath in Mothers Arm: Bullying

Bullied to death. Devastating does not begin to  scratch the surface. I ask you to take a minute and think back at what you were doing when you were 10 years old. Put yourself in the mind state that you had. Now think about Jasmine McClain, 10 year young girl, that just hung herself after being


Hulk Hogan Sues Ex-Wife For Claiming He Is Gay, Had An Affair With Brutus Beefcake

Best headline EVER! Joking aside, The HULK claims that if he were gay, that he would have no reason not to come out. I believe in the The Hulk (still). via Relations between ex-spouses are often strained, but in the case of Hulk Hogan — aka Terrance Gene “Terry” Bollea — and Linda Bollea,


Bad Bear: Captured In Downtown Vancouver

VANCOUVER – A little bear caused a big reaction when it showed up in downtown Vancouver on Monday. The black bear cub got caught in a garbage truck that had picked up a load in North Vancouver before driving to Vancouver. (WATCH: PHOTOS OF THE BEAR) Police and conservation officers were called when the bear


Hair Balls of the Day: Dudes, Mustaches & Plugs

Source: thenewkidonthesquad  


Vintage Hair Ball of Day: Straight White Trash “A Woman’s Place is…”

via panchoandlefty


“Cruising in The USA” Photography by Chad States (Adult Content)

To think of all the dirty, dangerous, muddy, dark, SEXY places photographer  Chad States had to go to, to get such an elaborate variety of photo’s of men looking to get their rocks off. Chad deserves a metal of owner or a facial by the man of his choosing. Hey, it’s the giving season! Photography by Chad