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Art: Greg Miller’s “Happy Ending” is Politically Charged

After more than thirty years on the scene, the tongue-in-cheek American artist arrives in London for his first solo  


A Behind-The-Scenes Look at Eric Himan’s music video for “DUST”!

Fans drive hundreds of miles to get close and personal with the  Award-Winning Tulsa Singer/Songwriter Eric Himan. If you have been to his shows you know he takes the time to meet and greet all folks there to celebrate his music with him. Here,” Eric takes you behind the scenes of his new music video


Dave White’s “Americana” Exhibition at Galleri Jules Julian

We are talking some major expressionistic paint strokes here.  Davie White’s “Americana” exhibit will show at Galleri Jules Julian in Copenhagen Through October 22. From the Gallery: “This series explores the iconography of ‘Americana’ from all aspects. Frozen moments with an undisclosed narrative, leave the viewer challenged, taking one back to childhood exposure to the violence


Fruitti di Mare Editorial

Are you wearing the clothes or are the clothes wearing the concept?  “Fruitti di Mare” gives us a sea man emerging from the water with tacky treasures and shorts on his head. Survival of the fittest I guess. If you pull the pieces off the model one by one you will find some individual gems. All together


News: Memo To Bachmann, LGBT-Friendly Hospital Policy, “Sexual Anarchy”

‘Tea Party Zombies Must Die’ Video Game Lets Players Kill Off Conservatives A new video game is giving players a chance to explore a post-apocalyptic Fox News studio and kill off zombies that resemble famous conservatives including Michele Bachmann, Sarah Palin, Newt Gingrich, Rick Santorum, Bill O’Reilly and Glenn Beck. The game, called “Tea Party


Dear SF Nudists, I Don’t Want Your Ass on My Lips

San Francisco is the  role-model city of acceptance, but not always common sense. I have come to terms with the naked people with shiny penis decorations in the Castro district San Francisco, live and let live, until your ass covered in zits gives my lips scabbies. That may never happen but, while you flaunt your long


NSFW Video: Hunx And His Punx Give Us Music Video with Wiener Microphone

NSFW being announce should get all you pervs clicking away. Raise your hand if you like peckers and good music. Ok, good, good. What do you get when you mix an early day punk vibe, like Buzzcocks, a pecker mirophone and soft core playful porn? You get the video from Hunx and His Punx Girls -


“Style is a Simple Way of Saying Complicated Things” says The Pandorian

  Glorious beard art. These photographs will arouse your creativity and spark your senses. “Nelly erotic”, is that a term? That description may fit the bill. Mainly manly with a strong shot pizzazz. I am respectfully turned on by these photographs and recalibrating my own look. Mike Enders Images: Concept, Art Direction, Styling, Accessories: Sebastiano Ragusa, 2011

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NEW CHLOE: Vacation

Summer is almost over and Chloe hasn’t taken her vacation. Where should she go? I vote for Chloe to come to San Fracisco, take some acid and re-live 1968 in the Haight and Ashbury. Watch HERE   Performed by Drew Droege. Directed by Jim Hansen


ART: Pizzly Bears By Masahiro Minnami Design

Wow, teaching children about our impact on the world and the frailty of its animals and ecosystems instead of hating others that are different from you. What a concept. These little desk top do-dads are awesome with a powerful message. “Designer Masahiro Minnami has decided to do so by depicting a polar bear and a grizzly


Beams Fall/Winter 2011 Lookbook

With this collection from Beams you never have to pick one look and sick with it. This might also help if you are running from the law. One day you can dress as starving artist-trust-fund-baby, a runaway school girl and  the next a literary smart-ass cafe dweller. Beams have you covered for this Fall/Winter. Mike Enders


Carhartt Sleeping Bag by Salewa: Camping Fashion

Just in time for next years Burning Man hippy! Rugged Carhartt, known for their manly blue-collar jackets, are producing other products just as tough.  “Based on Salewa’s model Sigma Flex 1, the Carhartt sleeping bag has a complete weight of approximately 1.420 g and a body size of 190 cm. It can be used in temperatures


Gay, Straight Couples More Monogamous than in the Past

Interesting story, but unless a lie detector test was administered to each individual who participated in the study, I am not buying it. There may be many components that make it appear that people are more monogamous these days. People are afraid of getting caught more now because we as tech crazy humans leave many


Hair Ball of the Day: Morning Face

(Source: hellocountrygoodbyenightclub)

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Minnesota Protester Drop Glitter on Anti-Marriage Equality Booth = Awesome

For unclear reasons, the Minnesota State Fair found last-minute space for a booth for the coalition supporting a constitutional amendment banning same-sex marriage (Minnesota For Marriage), but not for the pro-equality coalition opposing the amendment, Minnesotans United for All Families. To protest the seemingly unfair treatment, members of the “barbarian” group dumped glitter on the anti-gay booth from the

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News: ‘Kill Gays’ Bill, Gay, Veterans Seek to Re-enlist, New York’s Heroin Factories…

Mexico: Two Face 30 Years In Prison For Tweets MEXICO CITY — Think before you tweet. A former teacher turned radio commentator and a math tutor who lives with his mother sit in a prison in southern Mexico, facing possible 30-year sentences for terrorism and sabotage in what may be the most serious charges ever brought


Hair Ball of the Day: Better with Age

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National Suicide Prevention Week Sept 4 – 10: The Trevor Project “Talk To Me,” Campaign

During National Suicide Prevention Week, join Kevin McHale and The Trevor Project for “Talk To Me,” a campaign for conversation. Visit our website to learn how you can participate. And remember: If you or someone you know ever needs help, please call The Trevor Lifeline at 866-488-7386. It’s free, confidential and available 24/7. Or visit


Today in SF CA: HUG A HUNK! Benefiting the Trevor Project at The Edge

San Francisco’s bar The Edge will be hosting HUG A HUNK today, Sunday the 4th, benefiting The Trevor Project. This will also will be a platform for Ms Kylie Minono to continue her climb to become  Grand Duchess of San Francisco. This will be the perfect opportunity to go to a bar on sunday, help


Are Leather Man Bras In? JULIUS MENSWEAR S/S12

Designer JULIUS throws us gladiator, Mad Max, androgynous looks for spring/summer 2012. A leather bra may not be on the top  of my list but I will pay you 5 bucks if your wear one and walk through the ghetto in your town. For the whole article and more looks click HERE. Mike Enders Julius


Full Frontal Kick Start to Weekend with Joe Manganniello in “MAGIC MIKE”

by Mike Enders Eyes are already glued to the tele for HBO’s hit show “True Blood, to get a chance of getting a view of Joe Manganniello’s skin.  Being nude in front of a crowd is nothing new to him. Funny, me either. He is classically trained actor and was given and an adonis body by his

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Bluebeards Original: Products for the Bearded Man & Butt Pirates

  Pride in ones beard can possibly have a life all its own. Run you and yourself a bath, choose some soothing music, Tom Waits perhaps, and have an intimate evening with Bluebeard products and your chin. Internet porn not needed. Mike Enders Bluebeards Original is dedicated to saving beards. The cultivation of facial hair

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PSA: Religion, It’s Like History Class Without the Facts

Source: friendlyatheist

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Hair Ball of the Day: Nature’s Eye View

source unknown  


Video Warm-ups: Adult Life-sized Sandbox, “Everything,” Running on Empty…



News: ‘World’s Heaviest Woman,’ ‘Sexual Immorality’ is an ‘Abomination’ Before God, Gay Characters On TV Saves Lives

Green Day singer kicked off plane OAKLAND, California – Green Day front man Billie Joe Armstrong says his sagging pants cost him a seat on a Southwest Airlines flight. The singer-guitarist for the San Francisco Bay area-based band sent a message to his Twitter followers on Thursday expressing his indignation at being tossed from an Oakland-to-Burbank flight


CUTE TANK by San Francisco’s Own Lucas Ringhofer and Eden Slezin

Having a tank top on is one step closer to being nude, think about it men. What I love about tanks is that they are celebrated by every demographic of queers. Muscles gays can show off their guns, bears can high light their fuzzy shoulder, backs and chests, twinks can reach in the sides and


Hair Balls of the Day: Mercy

(via loyalidiot)


Move Over Lady Pinups, “Men-ups” by Click-and-clash are in Town

Take notice of the toe points, my favorite little detail. I don’t you’ll be calling any of these fellas a damsel in distress because they look well equipped. clickandclash’s photostream


San Francisco Zine Fest 2011: September 3 & 4

  BONUS: Wuvable Oaf will be tabling at the tenth SF Zinefest, this Saturday and Sunday! Stop by and say howdy…they’ll have our full range of stuff (including the new comic and prints) at our new, redesigned booth! Best part: IT’S FREE!!! Zine Fest 2011: September 3 & 4 The San Francisco Zine Fest is a

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News: Alaska Earthquake 2011, ‘GAY PANIC’ WINS, GLAAD Announces ‘Amplifier’ Advertising Award Winners

GLAAD ANNOUNCES ‘AMPLIFIER’ ADVERTISING AWARD WINNERS GLAAD has announced the winners for its Amplifier Awards, celebrating LGBT-inclusiveness in television, print, outdoor, and social media advertising. See the full list at GLAAD’s website, but here are the television campaign winners (Google Chrome/”It Gets Better,” Absolut Vodka/RuPaul’s Drag Race, and Expedia/TripOut):       MISTRIAL IN LAWRENCE KING

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Video Warm-ups: Celebrity Trainer Johnny Pearman, Are You Shaving Your Balls & Wolfman’s Footy Social


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The Burning Hotels – “Beard” Video

Just because the title has the word beard in it. There, I said it. Here is The Burning Hotels with their video for “Beard” from their just released self-titled album. Check out the album version of the track below. “Beard” by The Burning Hotels from The Burning Hotels  


Celebrity Accidental Bear Jude Law Sports Some Scruff in London

A bearded Jude Law leaves The Ivy in London. (Via  


NY Law lets Sikh Staffers Wear Turban & Grow Beard

The only problem I see with this, is the men’s bathroom will be crowded with conversation of beard conditioning tips and how to wax the perfect mustache. You may also get a storm of beard fetishist following these bearded, turban wearing Sikhs around the office. Mike Enders NEW YORK: Sikhs in the US will be allowed to


UCSF Prostate Cancer Survivor Grows a Beard for a Good Cause

Anything for a good cause with a beard! (via For the first time in his life, 50-year-old Art Wagner is growing a beard. He wants people to ask why. He will tell them that he is a survivor of prostate cancer, the second-leading cause of cancer death in men. He will tell them that


Are there Any Grace Jones Fans in the House? Hurricane Dub Released Sept 5

Grace Jones just wowed the crowd with her performance at  London’s Wireless Festival on 3 July. Now, her Wall Of Sound, have announced Hurricane Dub – a special edition version of Grace Jones’  2008 LP. Due for release on September 5 2011. “Her first album since 1989’s Bulletproof Heart, Hurricane – considered by some to be one


Hair Ball Series of the Day: Jump for Beards



Man Attacked Outside of Salt Lake City Gay Club

A 20-year-old Salt Lake City gay man was attacked and hospitalized last Friday night as he left the downtown club, Club Sound. Dane Hall was in the hospital for four days, lost six teeth and his jawbone was broken in three places. This is a dirty rotten shame on the human race! Mike Enders  


Taishi Nobukuni Autumn/Winter 2011 Collection

Grandpa can I borrow your clothes? You are hip now by the way.     The Relativity points us in the direction of this excellent Autumn/Winter 2011 collection from Japanese designe, Taishi Nobukuni. The former St Martins student spent time working under British tailor Charlie Allen and has used these formal skills to create a traditional