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Bearded Chaz Bono Surprises a Young Trans Fan – The Rosie Show (Video)

Eleven-year-old Jazz says she was born a girl in a boy’s body. With the love and support of her family, Jazz is living as the girl she was always meant to be—and she’s been inspired by the way Dancing with the Stars’ Chaz Bono lives his truth. Watch what happens when Jazz meets Chaz and


Hole’s Guitarist Instructs Crowd to Yell “Foo Fighters Are Gay”

What a twat! Love Courtney Love’s music, but the love pretty much ends there. This just screams bad taste. via  [Update: Miss Love has apparently responded to the article in the comments section.] In her apparently never-ending quest to become the Frances Farmer of modern music,Courtney Love took to the stage in front of tens of


10-Year Old Girl Takes Life After Being Teased For Getting Hair Cut Short

The hair cut in which caused this lovely young lady to be call a boy, was a bob.  She’d often been called fat or ugly, her family said. So, remember that parents that parents, this applies to you as well. Children copy and repeat whatever you do. To sick to write another word. via


Accidental Bear Picks His #1 Christmas Gift for 2011: “Gay in America” by Scott Pasfield

And the winner is… Being a professional consumer, this was a tough task at hand, picking the number one item for 2011 Christmas and Hanukkah holiday gift giving season. Like a Christmas miracle in itself, I had a chance to experience the power of photographer Scott Pasfield and his enormously successful book Gay in America,


The Travel Almanac: Personal Perspectives of Innovative Figures in the fashion, Music, Art, and Film worlds (Magazine)

The Travel Almanac explores the topics of traveling and temporary habitation from the personal perspectives of innovative figures in the fashion, music, art, and film worlds. Addressing an increasingly mobilized creative community, it is the first publication of its kind to speak to this sophisticated generation of travelers. The plurality of this community inspires the

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Robotic Bear Paws Your Face When You Snore (VIDEO)

No Joke! At the  19th International Robot Exhibition (IREX) held at Tokyo Big Sight displaying the world’s most advanced, innovative and sometimes plain bizarre robots. Over 270 different companies and organizations joined this year’s theme of “Robot Technology, Making a Future with Robot”. Amongst the technologies on show were singing robots, climbing robots, industrial robots and even

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Gay Bachelor Blog Asks: What Was Your First Time Having Gay Sex Like? (Video)

Cute, informative, honest, awkward, sometime painful watch, funny and heart-felt. Just like gay sex should be! Gay Bachelor Blog Asks: What Was Your First Time Having Gay Sex Like? (Video)  I suggest you hop over to their Youtube channel and watch this video and read the HEATED hateful comments. They are so awful, they couldn’t possibly be


The World’s Most Expensive Tea To Be Fertilized With Panda Poo

I pray for the day I am asked to ingest something, and then be followed around until I poo it out and that fine specimen is sold for a pretty penny. Hey, you must have dreams. Wow, this particular tea blend, and Panda poo from southern China, might sell for about $36,000 per pound. Hell, I

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Ginger on Ginger: Jesse Tyler Ferguson Holds Kathy Griffin’s Boobs for Out Magazine’s Out 100

Can’t you just hear Kathy’s mom saying, “Why’d you have to do that?” Kathy Griffin never hesitates to got the extra yard for us gays. In this photo she re-enacts the famous Janet Jackson photo and has Jesse Tyler Ferguson hold her little perky friends in the cups of his hands. They are both honorees on


George Michael Has Snatched Himself a Hunk of Burning Love ( or Hot Hooker)

See kids, being a aging drug addict isn’t a bad thing at all. In fact Mr George Michael, when not falling asleep at the wheel or being arrested while being freaking out of his mind high, has scored himself one hot tamale! The Dlisted  says,” This furry bear of a man is George Michael’s newest trophy piece

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Latest Work from Our Italian Fashion Contributor, Stefano Guerrini: Tailoring Art

I am seeing some New Years Even outfits appearing. This year I will where a tuxedo blazer, a rope and a record hat! TAILORING ART   Photo: Mustafa Sabbagh

 >>> Styling: Stefano Guerrini Model: Christian Zucconi >>> Styling assistant: Erik Manfredi Thanks to Angelica Pianarosa and Isotta Sabbioni.   Ritorna il talento di Mustafa Sabbagh su webelieveinstyle. Dopo


Hair Ball of the Day: Lost in Space Face

via powerofthebeard

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Video| Dutch Children’s Rights Group Tackles Anti-gay Teen Bullying Issues Directly and Detailed

      This is the story of Mike, who was beaten up at school for being homosexual in one of the most tolerant countries in the world. And he’s not alone. When he turned to the school for help, they ignored the problem. This film is part of a children’s rights campaign in the


Mexican Actor and Singer Eduardo Capetillo: Name Suites Him, or Should We say Hirsutes?

As I folded a mountain of laundry this morning, I started coughing, and them before I knew it out flew a hairball. This was the perfect chance to take a break and check my email. What I found waiting for me in my inbox was a delicous, musky photo spread of  Mexican actor and singer Eduardo


TODAY ONLY! Museum Quality Large Prints by the Controversial Austin Young on Sale (FAB.COM)

I am a pusher in people’s art when I believe in it. This is too good to be true. Like most of my readers, the decision to buy art is made up for us by the lack of funds in our old stanky wallets. Austin found kindness in his heart today.  So, skip that double-skinny-no


The Double Play: A Wake For 1978: Goodbye to Jonestown, Harvey Milk, George Moscone, and More |City Lights Books, SF

This gathering here in San Francisco will be in celebration of the release of  Double Play: The Hidden Passions Behind the Double Assassination of George Moscone and Harvey Milk  by Mike Weiss City Lights Books and Vince Emery present: A Wake for 1978: Goodbye to Jonestown, Harvey Milk, George Moscone, and More. A remembrance of a

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Ejector Invited to Madrid’s Bear frenzy, MADBEAR: Headlining D3 DIES3L Roundup Party

When describing the upcoming bear event, MADBEAR, in Madrid, battle is the metaphor used. “The Third Battle lies dead-ahead, and the forces of man are preparind for a bloody conflict against the machines.” So, it makes sense that San Francisco’s  Ejector was called upon to entertain the the rowdy, furry & beefy  masses. Ejector has a dark


Geography of Discrimination Map “Nearly 60 % of Americans Live in Places That Do Not Protect Gay Couples ”

via A New York Times editorial celebrated the Senate Judiciary Committee’s vote in favor of repealing the 1996 Defense of Marriage Act — which prohibits the federal government from recognizes same-sex marriage performed in the states — but warned that “nearly 60 percent of Americans live in places that do not protect gay couples in any way”: Twenty-nine


College Course Titled, “Homosexuality As Gateway Drug” in Waco

A gateway to what I ask? Awesomeness? A gateway to a total enlightened life of truth and self-love? That would be lovely, but this is a teaching of disguised homophobia. It hard to determine by the course description what your will be leaning. “we can’t tell whether the course is homophobic in nature or a


PSA: You’re Not an Idiot


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Miss Piggy Give a Snout-Out To The Gays

How 2011 of her. And just in time to plug this: The Muppets opens in theaters November 23. Read about Miss Piggy’s rightful place in the gay pantheon by clicking here. BY OUT.COM EDITORS With her new gig at ‘French Vogue,’ fashion editrix Miss Piggy is in hog heaven. Here, her snout-out to the gays. 1. You can call


Introduction: Accidental Bear, Action Bronson Rapper, Chef & Big Boned

  WHO: A trained chef-turned-rapper from Flushing, Queens, Action Bronson has built up a loyal following in the year and a half since he decided to leave the kitchen for a recording studio. His full-length debut, Dr. Lecter (out now on iTunes and his website,, is a peppery stew of food jokes, weed talk and pro wrestling shout-outs drizzled liberally


(Video) Buffalo, Man’s Best Friend & Pet

Listen to the Story All Things Considered [4 min 15 sec] Time they are a changing. Canadian Jim Sautner’s pet weighs 1500 pounds, is 6 foot tall and 8 foot long. Meet buffalo Bailey Junior, the world’s largest house pet. Report by Nathaniel Lippiett. Like us on Facebook at and follow us on Twitter at Imagine

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(Video) Simply Plimpton: “POLITICS” Invite For Tea Party Post at Gun Range

“I don’t anything that’s brown, but chocolate is an exception.” Simply Martha Plimpton puts an out for an invite for a tea party at a gun range and gets quite to turn out. Best episode yet!


17th Annual Out100: Annual Salute to Years Most Inspiring Humans

Lets just remember that inspiration for everyone come from different places and people. Each person would have their own Out100 list, but this particular list is well-rounded and beautifully photographed. I test you to find inspiration from unlikely sources on this list, by stepping into someone else’s shoes for a day. Mike Enders 17th Annual

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Weekend Warm Up Video: Damien Walters 2011 Official Showreel is Sick

Sick as in AWESOME! Damien Walters 2011 Showreel: Professional stuntman, gymnastics coach and free runner Damien Walters returns with his annual video: Damien Walters 2011 Showreel. Here Damien showcases his latest stunts, flips and tricks in true creative fashion. Track: Yogi ft Ayah Marar – ‘Follow U’ (Xilent Remix) ITunes link – Follow me

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‘Boys Called Me Hairy Monster': Madonna Reveals She Was Bullied at School

Madonna, once known as a hairy beast to her classmates, no longer has to worry, she survived, and survived well. Proof that it gets better!  She has shared her personal story about a not such glamorous time in her rising star. ‘The boys in my school would make fun of me,’ she revealed in an


Amish Gone Wild: Son Attacks His Father and Cuts Beard

These breakaway Amish communities are so intriguing. I am growing out my beard Amish style right now so I can try out for a part in the film that will be inevitably made. Am I wrong to want to watch an Amish gay porn? via An elderly Amish man was attacked by his own

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Video | “Men of Distinction” Series: “WE SUPPLY MEN WHO CHANGE THE WORLD.

The Men of Distinction series is an on-going conversation with men who create, explore, advocate and inspire. Each portrait looks into the world of a young man who is a game-changer in his respective field. Over the next month we’ll introduce Taylor Pemberton of Cavalier, Jean-Claude Homawoo of Lineby, Will Robison of Subports, Ruben Hughes


FREE Pair of BLOWOFF SF Tickets & Classic BLOWOFF T-Shirts 11.19.2011

What you need to do to win a pair of tickets to BLOWOFF SF on Nov 19th and also we just add a pair of classic BLOWOFF t-shirts with the prize: Print out a copy of the flyer of the upcoming event and take a picture of yourself with it No nudes! The perfect

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RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 4 Teaser

Gentlemen start your engines!!   Enter a new Drag Dimension


Hair Ball of the Day: Head Over Heels for TGIF

Source: furrific


Update: Gay African Penguins Will be Reunited in the Spring (Phew!)

After throwing a fit and wondering how the world could be so cruel, when hearing that these two Gay African Penguins would be separated for breeding purposes, today I bring you good news. After they take one for the team, their species, “the pair-bonded penguins will be reunited as soon as the mating period is over.”

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Video | Skin – Is Tattoo Culture High Art?

Not such a new concept, but when a video is styled as well as this one it can pump new life into the subject, or in this case it pumps vibrant colors into the skin. Ryan Hope’s debut film, Skin, is a documentary that tests the boundaries of art and the human body, Skin is


Kickstand Furniture, Ride + Work at the Same Time

Hey, I didn’t call you fat! But, you might benefit from riding your bike AT work, genius, out-side-the-box thinking. Ride + Work We’re cyclists. We want to ride, but we have to work. Unless you’re riding for work, you’re not riding at work. Our idea was simple: create a way that someone could ride at

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Sailor Jerry 2012 Calendar Behind the Scenes Vol. 1 (Video) Foxy Ladies!

Meet Vee and Alyse, two of the 2012 calendar girls, and get a little look into what next year’s calendar holds. All I know is I want to get tattooed real bad after watching this, I can almost taste the ink.


NS Denim Spring/Summer 2012 Lookbook

The terms selvedge and non-selvedge are thrown around these days, but it may fall on ears that have no idea what it means : The selvage (US English) or selvedge (British English) is the term for the self-finished edges of fabric. The selvages keep the fabric from unraveling or fraying.[1][2] The selvages are a result of how the fabric is created. In


Veterans Find Success Making Jewelry Out Of Bullets: Bullets2Bandages

Talk about body armor. These 2 unlikely men create detailed wearable art and come up with catchy name for their line, Bullets2Bandages. Did you ever think while in the military that one day you’d own a fashion jewelry business? No. I was a weapons and systems engineer in the Naval Academy and Cole had a background


Divine Tribute Show “Pretty? Pretty?” Opens Tonight: Meltdown Comics Gallery in LA

The Divine tribute show “Pretty? Pretty?” opens tonight at Meltdown Comics Gallery in LA. Above is a wonderful peice by San Francisco’s own, Ed Luce , the man behind  Wuvable Oaf Jadwiga . Swing by Meltdown Comics Gallery on Friday, November 11 to see some amazing art work. Tonights reception from 8-10pm provides free booze, score! Additional artists include: Aiyana Udesen, Guy Davis, The

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11.11.11 Eleven Is One Louder – Spinal Tap Video Explains it All

via Conspiracy Theory