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WATCH: Bob Mould, Indie Rock Stars Speak Out Against Amendment One (Video)

In a new campaign ad, legendary gay musician Bob Mould (Hüsker Dü, Sugar) and members of superstar indie rock bands, including; Fugazi, Wilco, and Superchunk, joined the growing chorus of voices who have come out against Amendment One—the proposed North Carolina constitutional amendment that bans same-sex marriage, as well as civil unions and domestic partnerships


Marines Strike Sassy Poses in Justin Bieber T-shirts at Afghanistan Base: Possible Tea Bagging

Check out these sassy pants Marines! As a trained marine, it’s hard to show off your softer side – but a skin-tight pink T-shirt of pop sensation of Justin Bieber might just do it. One soldier, identified only as vchama uploaded these hilarious photographs to Reddit, after his mother posted the fitted tops to her

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Surrealist London 2012 Olympics Posters by Oli Kellett

Wacky! “As the 2012 London Olympics are fast approaching, Oli Kellett has created a series of athletes that would surely have its share of world records. Each member of Team Vodkovia has been given surrealist proportions to exaggerate physical characteristics. Each athlete’s body is reshaped to enhance their natural talents.” Via 

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Male Model Benjamin Godfre Proves He’s Got Quality Genes, Poses with Brother Michael For Fan Day Friday

On Benjamin Godfre’s highly entertaining website he stays personally connected with his fans. Each and every Friday Benjamin has what is called Fan Day Fridays where he reaches out and names a specific fan and rewards them with a pic. And let me say these pics of his are laminating worthy, if you get my

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Some Dudes Marry Dudes, What’s the Big FCKIN’ Deal? FCKH8’s New Video

Little person “Mr. T” Lookalike with Short Temper Has BIG F-bomb Tantrum Against Gay Marriage H8ers! will give 10¢ for every Facebook “Share” & Twitter tweet of this video – up to $10,000 – to, a project that will give thousands of free “OK4U2BGAY” T-shirts to school kids to fight bullies, suicide and


Hair Ball of the Day: Tattoo Face Cammy Stewart (Video)

Cammy Stewart Source: inkedskins Cameron Stewert – Interviewed @ Cork Traditional Tattoo & Culture Festival on MUZU.TV.


Guys I Wanted To Fuck in High School: Part 1 “Gym Class” by Conner Habib

Guys I Wanted To Fuck in High School is a series of short essays about growing up  frustrated in small-town Pennsylvania.   from Conner Habib blog #1 – Gym Class I don’t know if this is normal, but in the early mornings before I left for school, I would actually get down on my knees

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Creepy Huggable Robotic Pillow-Phone Hugs You While You Talk to Loved Ones (Video)

I puked in my mouth a little bit. Hugvie – the huggable communication medium with a heartbeat. I say put a hole in it for some good old sex talk and then pound out the veal, if you know what I mean. Hugvie, the huggable robotic pillow-phone invented by Professor Hiroshi Ishiguro, of Osaka University, has a


Hedwig’s Michael Pitt Fits in Prada Editorial Like a Glove For Panorama Icon Magazine

We have had our eyes glued on to Michael Pitt every since Hedwig and the Angry Inch and boy has he blossomed. Permanent pouter Michael Pitt once again dons the robes he was seemingly made for, a Prada editorial for Italian magazine Panorama Icon draping him in the seriously smart Spring/Summer 2012 collection. Once again a moody, brooding, troubled lost

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Bondi Hipsters : The Bondi Exercise Routine & Letting Out Quiet Farts in Yoga Class (Video)

Ok, who farted? We have gained an unhealthy wicked crush on these two Bondi Hipsters. Dom and Adrian try to keep fit and maintain good beach rigs. In this video they expose the secret to their totes amazeballs Bondi figures. Twitter: @DomandAdrian

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“Land of Dreams” Gay Couple Included in First Ever Global Tourism Campaign for the United States.

Though the gay couple is not featured, you can spot them on a trolley in New Orleans I believe. We gays do love to travel and get our freak on in new cities. Watch the music video for “Land of Dreams,” the original song written by Rosanne Cash and John Leventhal and performed by Rosanne


Unusually Ripped Sexy Firefighters Pose For Jacobi Medical Center Burn Unit (PHOTOS)

All in the name of charity I tell ya! Although they may have been attacked by a bunch of hoodlums armed with razors that stole all their body hair, you have to give it to them for staying away from carbs. New York’s bravest are turning up the heat with the 2013 Firefighters of New York calendar featuring

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NEW MUSIC: The Burger Girl Covers “Miss You” a Song Written by Mick Jagger and Keith Richards

Our dear, dark, super model, artist, VIP, The Burger Girl aka Benjamin Dukhan from overseas brings us his reinterpretation  cover of Miss You  a Song Written by Mick Jagger and Keith Richards. We are revealing in the feeling that exudes from Burger Girls voice and penetrates our soul. This music video for Miss You is also reminding us


Hair Ball of Day: Paul Rudd Sips on Gigantic Throbbing Pink Veiny Penis Water Bottle


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Q & A With Michael O’Neil from MEN on Up Coming San Francisco Show, D.I.L.F.’s & Spam

I love the intimacy of language and words. That’s why in my mind I will call my most recent talk with Michael O’Neil from the shocking, startling, stupefying, breathtaking, awesome, awe-inspiring and sensational band MEN sensual. Hell, after all we talked about washing body parts and D.I.L.F.’s! In preparation for MEN’s upcoming show in San Francisco on May 11th at

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Bearded Russell Brand Wearing Flower Power Vibes & Legwarmers, Possibly Weirdest Outfit to Date

Is this how divorce leaves you? I never want to get gay married then! On the other hand, maybe Russell has found happiness within a cult and shares whole grains out a communal bowl each morning and sips on happy juice all day long. The Brit comedian dressed in white sweatpants tucked into brown, wool

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Watch Ashton Kutcher’s Possibly Racist and Bizarre Dating Website Commercial (Video)

Racist? Homophobic? Insulting? Maybe. “Ashton Kutcher joins a dating service? You won’t believe this is Ashton!”

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New Music Video “Gay For Pay” Greg Scarnici’s Ode to Rough Trade

QE returns with an ode to rough trade. Hook by Lil’ J aka Joe Thompson. Featuring Glenn Payne & Ricky Perez. Cinematography: Brandon Herman. Shot on location in DUMBO, Brooklyn   Available on Itunes:… And Amazon:…

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“HOMOPHOBIA” Gay Bullying Themed Short Film: Released May 11, 2012 (Video)

Project Homophobia is a short film about gay bullying and self-acceptance by Austrian filmmaker Gregor Schmidinger. Release in May 2012. Homophobia means being afraid of homosexuality. But what if you would be afraid of your own homosexual feelings? What if you could not handle them? The short film Homophobia explores these questions. We invite all

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From Lunch to Landfill: Where Does Your Trash Go? (Video)

A journey through LA:   Mexico City is trying something different: The government’s environmental agency recently launched the Mercado de Trueque, a barter market where recyclable materials are exchanged for fresh food to support the city’s farmlands. “This innovative program is designed to show citizens directly and tangibly how what we call trash becomes raw materials. If solid waste


Hot Messes: Faces of Those in Connection to a Plot to Blow up a Bridge in Cleveland, Ohio

In this handout provided by the FBI, five alleged anarchists (clockwise from top left: Douglas Wright, Brandon Baxter, Anthony Hayne, Connor Stevens, and Joshua Stafford) pose for mug shots after being arrested in connection to a plot to blow up a bridge in Cleveland, Ohio for political reasons. The suspects face charges including conspiracy and


Amendment One Pastor: ‘Crack’ Your Four-Year-Old Son’s Limp Wrist

Sean Harris of the Berean Baptist Church Fayetteville, North Carolina is the latest pro-Amendment One pastor to demonstrate just how virulently anti-gay the campaign is. In his sermon this past Sunday, he gave the parents in his congregation “special dispensation” to use violence against their children if they violate gender norms. For example, if you see

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Texas Rapper Adair Lion Makes “Gay is Okay” Music Video

Check out new music video from Texas Rapper Adair Lion Makes “Gay is Okay.” Light hearted message with a clear message of love. “Ben” is Adair’s controversial first single off of his project titled “Michael & Me,” an album that pays homage to the late great Michael Jackson. The release of “Michael & Me” will

Aiden Shaw by Giampaolo Sgura for Hercules Universal Magazine

Stunning Aiden Shaw by Giampaolo Sgura for Hercules Universal Magazine

Check out these photographs of  Aiden Shaw by Giampaolo Sgura and styled by Miguel Arnau for the new Spring/Summer 2012 issue of Hercules Universal. I just had this weird vision of  Aiden Shaw being my grandfather and having sex with him. Does that make me a perv? VIA

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RuPaul’s Drag Race disqualifee Willam’s New Music Video “Love You Like a Big Schlong”

What more can you say, “Word up Willam.” Bring on the big schlong dancers! Our guy Shawn Morales makes some sexy moves on Willam. If only his finger tips could talk. “After Kelly Osbourne made RuPaul’s Drag Race disqualifee Willam lip sync for her life against Eden’s World star Eden Wood on Logo’s 2012 New

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Jon Stewart Chats with the Extraordinarily Cute Zach Walls About His Book “My Two Moms” (Video)

Zach Wahls, who addressed the Iowa House Judiciary Committee in opposition to a proposed amendment to ban gay marriage, discusses his book, “My Two Moms.” Here Zach has a lot of fun with Jon Stewart and discusses among many other topics and the  values he learned by his his courageous mom while one was faced

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Tonight: Nat Geo TV to Air Hour-Long Special, “American Transgender”

On Tuesday, May 1, 2012, at 8:00 PM EST, Nat Geo TV will air “American Transgender,” an hour-long feature looking at the lives of three transgender people and their families. From the NGTV Blog post:  American Transgender takes us firsthand into the daily lives of three individuals—Clair, Jim, and Eli—who each identify with a different gender from


Hair Ball of the Day: Monkey Butt (Photo by Ryan McGinley)

photo by RyanMcGinely Via

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The Gypsy Gentlemen in San Francisco: Tattoo and Travel Magazine Video

This episode # 3 is dedicated to the American Tattoo Renaissance . The Gypsy Gentleman Episode 3: San Francisco, Ca.  Marcus Kuhn presents the third edition of a brand new tattoo and travel magazine. Featuring interviews with Jason Kundell and George Campise. Follow he Gypsy Gentlemen on: FACEBOOK TWITTER  

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VMC Store Switzerland – Lookbook (Beard Alert)

FREE/MAN point towards this store lookbook from VMC in Switzerland. Describing themselves as “THE original store in Switzerland for vintage styles and American and British sportswear”, established in 1986, their current line up of brands is pretty solid, including the likes of Kapital, Arn Mercantile, Woolrich, LVC, Iron Heart Jeans, Monitaly, Rising Sun and more. The lookbook is


Do Not Disturb, Masturbating Sign Might Have Come in Handy…

This sign may have helped out a lot of us from those embarrassing moments of “come in action.” VIA


Anderson Cooper Meets 37-lb Pussy, Meow (Video)

Overweight cat Meow, whose 87-year-old owner could no longer care for him, was brought to the “Anderson” stage. Co-host Kristen Johnston commented, “Meow’s literally looking at me like, ‘You could be lunch.’” Tune in to “Anderson” to see the original broadcast on Monday, April 30. Subscribe to our channel: ‪‬

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Andrew Christian Presents “Locker Room Payback”: Water Boys Get Hazed Video (NSFW)

No doubt this video will have views and gay judgement split right down this middle. For some this will be great soft core jack off material (be sure to check out the Uncensored version at and for other they are gagging from the pure cheese and will be crying because this perpetuates bland, typical stereotypical homos.

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Video of Polyamorous Relationships in New York City: Lover & Son?

It may be clear from the photo above that Vinny, the third member may have brought  into this relationship as a play toy for the other two. All eyes on <—— Is that true or is this polyamorous relationship three-way-equal? A look into a polyamorous relationship in New York City. Franco, Mark and Vinny have been


Pink, Studly Tattooed Husband and Baby Willow Sage Stroll in Malibu’s Market (Photos)

Pink has always made my homosexual prick tingle a bit with strong woman presence. Her up and down marriage with husband Motorcross racer Carey Hart has produced a lovely baby girl Willow Sage. Boy would we like to see a sex tape leaked from these two. Daily Mail reports: Wherever Pink goes she takes her bouncing

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Testosterone Fueled 70s Adverts From a Time When All a Man Needed in Life Was a Mustache and the Right Liquor

It’s fascinating to think what society thinks make a male macho. What if society told you that skid marks in your undies made you a macho man, would you by it? Watch out world here comes the skids! Via Daily Mall They were the golden days where men managed to look dapper even while playing

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Some May Not Want to See Perez Hilton Dance in Skimpy Briefs (Video)

This is interesting. I stand up out of my lazy boy and clap for Perez who has lost the weight he wanted and now leads a healthier life, but I still so not want to see him flopping around in skimp underwear. On the flip side and what makes me happy about the diversity of


Gay Men Who Lesbian-Bash: What’s Up With That?

WTF? You know it’s true though. Being a lesbian is the butt of many gay guy jokes: “You’re such a lesbian!” etc. Shortly after Mitt Romney’s new gay foreign policy spokesman, Richard Grenell, was announced, he wasscrubbing his caustic tweets about women and the media from his Twitter feed amid much attention to them. Among the

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Should LGBT Rights Be Accepted Globally? Infograph & Video


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Paul Rudd With Legs Spread in “This is 40” :: Official trailer

Same actors, another variation of Knocked Up and 40 Year Old Virgin. Is this third time a strike out or third time a charm? Check out the teaser trailer for This Is 40 featuring Paul Rudd and Leslie Mann! The comedy “expands upon the story of Pete (Rudd) and Debbie (Mann) from the blockbuster hit Knocked Up as we see first and how they