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Man in Milan Presents His 2nd Collection Casting Willy Cartier and Ladyfag

The Man in Milan presents his second t-shirt collection, vibing with a cast including Willy Cartier and Ladyfag “Marcelo Burlon launched his County of Milan t-shirt debut on Dazed Digital last year. And our Facebook comment box went into overdrive straight after. So it’s no surprise he can’t get them in stores quick enough. The Patagonian-born

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Marc Jacobs to Serve as Creative Director of Diet Coke in 2013: Video

Marc Jacobs will take over from Jean Paul Gaultier as the new creative director of Diet Coke for 2013. Celebrating their 30th anniversary in Europe this year, the campaign dubbed “Sparkling Together For 30 Years” will feature in Jacobs’ own words “whimsical, feminine” packaging for the soft-drink giant. The first cans and bottles are slated to arrive next month in

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Bad Boy Chic: KTZ 2013 Spring/Summer Video Campaign

“British brand KTZ gives us a glimpse into their 2013 spring/summer collection with a video lookbook feature. The clip, directed by Roman Kim and styled by Naz & Kusi from Tzarkusi, contextualizes the new range through influences such as football and military styles. This is evidenced by heavy, weighted materials used throughout the apparel, patchwork decorations, and an overall

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Hot Rod: Circa 1953 by Levi’s Vintage Clothing: Video

“Levi’s Vintage Clothing pays tribute to the golden era of the American hot rods and “the sharply dressed car owners and spectators who sported Levi’s” in this new film from Aaron Rose. Working with hour of vintage film and newsreels, Rose brings us a look into the hot rod scene in California during the 1950′s.” Selectism 

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Steam Room Stories: A Bromantic “Valentine’s Day” Video

  GwistTV brings us, “Its Valentines Day for the Steam Room guys, watch as they discuss their big plans for the evening.”

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Old Farts F♥ck Hate: Grannies & Geezers Stick Up for Gay Grandkids! Video

Wow, grandma got her groove on. Their grandkids are gay and these Grannies & Geezers don’t give a F♥ck what haters say!’s latest F-bomb comedy slam against homo-hate features old farts with a new message to “Legalize Love” This Valentine’s Day. A portion of the sales of “Legalize Love” T-shirts go to benefit organizations

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“Batman Has A Kiki”: Jonny McGovern aka Gay Pimp Turns it Out in the Video

Comedian Jonny McGovern aka Gay Pimp turns it out in this cray-cray funny video “Batman Has a Kiki.” Watch and learn! Find out more about Johnny on Twitter and Facebook

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Guy Ritchie Directs a Wet David Beckham in Short Film for H&M Spring: Watch Video

For brunch today I will have a Guy Ritchie and David Beckham sandwich with a side of dipping sauce. Hormones aside, this video is quite cute. “Exclusive short film directed by Guy Ritchie to celebrate the launch of the updated David Beckham Bodywear for H&M collection. Available in selected stores and online at on February 6th.” hennesandmauritz  

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Provocations Campaign Film — Sexy Explosions Featuring Alexander Skarsgård: Video

  Calvin Klein presents Alexander Skarsgård in Provocations, with Suvi Koponen for our Spring 2013 campaign. A film by Fabien Baron.   Visit Calvin Klein on the web:

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Dave Franco is Everything: Real Life H-O-R-S-E! with DeAndre Jordan: Watch Funny or Die Video

First off, Dave Franco is everything. When I was wee small child my imaginary friend was just like Dave Franco, all things good and fearless. “A friendly game of H-O-R-S-E turns into a cutthroat series of competitions between actor Dave Franco and LA Clippers center DeAndre Jordan.” I will do whatever it take to get

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Andrew Christian Has A “Special Delivery” For You With a Subtle and Sweet Safe Sex Message: Watch Video

$250 SHARE CONTEST: NEW VIDEO “SPECIAL DELIVERY” CLICK HERE **SHARE this post and be entered into a contest to win a $250.00 gift card for Andrew Christian, 100 AHF Condoms & 1 year supply of Lube from WET (comment below and tell us what you love about the video) ** CLICK HERE FOR MORE….MORE….MORE SPONSORED BY: Andrew

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The Straight Girl’s Guide to Gay Sex: Bunghole Licking and All: Video

Well, “Do you lick each others bungholes is a good question!” grahamgremore writes about video: I’m not sure why, but it seems like straight women are more interested in gay sex than gay men are. So I’ve decided to answer five of the most common questions I’ve been asked about gay sex by straight women.  


Arpad Miklos, a NYC Based Gay Adult Film Actor Has Taken His Life

  Tragedy strikes once again. Arpad Mikos, a NYC-based gay adult film actor who appeared in more than 58 films, has taken his own life. Howard Bragman spoke with writer Randal Lynch and broke the news on his web show Gwissues. Miklos passed away some time on Sunday. Watch Bragman’s interview with Lynch below Miklos,

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Straight Men Who Watch Porn are More Likely to Support Marriage Equality

  My dirty mind took a detour while reading this title  and filled in the blanks as so….A study suggests that straight men who watch porn are more likely to support marriage equality (engage in gay sex with Mike Enders). Pink News reports: New research suggests that the more pornography consumed by straight men, the


‘Ace Of Cakes’ Star Will Bake Wedding Cake For Lesbian Couple That Experienced Discrimination

Cake talk! Think Progress reports: Responding to news that an Oregon baker refused to bake a wedding cake for a same-sex couple, Baltimore-based Ace of Cakes star Duff Goldman sent out an open offer to bake and transport a wedding cake for them completely free of charge. The executive chef of Charm City Cakes told the Huffington Post that it makes


Super Bowl Star Brendon Ayanbadejo Speaks Out For LGBT Equality: Video

  “Well I don’t consider it rights, just rights,”  said Brendon Ayanbadejo in interview after Superbowl. Now this is a real man! Super Bowl champion Brendon Ayanbadejo has, as promised, used the spotlight of winning the big game to speak out for marriage equality. CNN’s Don Lemon conducted an extended interview today with Ayanbadejo, who used


Sexy Ginger Beard For Dinner: Gnam Box, In Food We Trust

What’s for dinner you ask? Ginger -salty beard is what’s on the menu. Google translate translated the sexy Italian language from Gnam Box‘s website and most likely butchered it along the way. Be forgiving while reading translation below: We met Olivier here in our kitchen. We invited him because we have always admired his style

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Photographer Denno Dushs Tackles the Beauty of Male Model Ramiro Eruburu

  These photos were shot exclusively for Fashionably Male. Here they  introduce the artwork of photographer Denno Dushs who wrangled up  male model Ramiro Eruburu. Ramiro is wearing garments from Abril Bellati, ASOS, H&M and TOPMAN. Credits: Credits: Hit me back Photography: DennoDushs with pieces from: Abril Bellati,asos,h&m,topman hair: delarostudio assistant: Albano Giangiordano H/T to for finding this treasure. RAMIRO from matías.piro

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Sistah From Another Planet P’Trique’s New Music Video for “Chic Freak”

My sister from another mother, P’Trique, has got an earful (and eyeful!) for us in ‘her’ new music video titled “Chic Freak.” Check out video below and count the number of LA’s best locals spotted. If this song grabs you by the booboo you can buy it HERE! If you like P’Trique’s sweat ass, follow it HERE RSVP

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Benjamin Godfre Interviews Jeremy Lucido of Starrf*cker Magazine: Video

  Let’s watch the video together and get the dirt on Jeremy Lucido of Starrf*cker Magazine. Our pal Benjamin Godfre delivers a variety of questions, from porn to dick to Randy Blue to art. Find out more about Jeremy Lucido at: More on Benjamin Godfre at:

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Swoonable Christian for Lee Paton Photographed by Lee Roberts

Drool over this handful (handful being the keyword!) of photos released this morning by CleverPrime Retouching & Photography. Lee Roberts’ photographs always add another sparkle in our eye and bulge in our pants. What, can’t handle the truth? More images from this shoot HERE Check out more of Lee Roberts’ work:


Trending in Nigeria: Men Tattoo Their Lips Pink: Watch Video

There is a new Nigerian fashion trend sweeping the country’s tattoo parlors pink lips. Sorry to be so short folks, but I’m off to the tattoo shop.

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Sexy-Cute Promo Video for Boston Party “Fur and Gold”: Watch and Swoon

    Event Facebook Page states: 3 Years, and going Strong! F&G wants to thank all of our fans and people who have supported us throughout the years! We have grown so much over the past three years, and we are so excited to have you be part of us! Couldn’t do it without you!

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Gay Couple Needs Therapy After Repetitive, Over Used Jokes: Video

Vincent and Daniel, a gay couple, work out their issues in couples therapy. Gays are so funny, right? CAST Stephen Daniel Guarino….Daniel Mike Rose…………………Vincent Chase Winton…………..Therapist Whitney Avalon……………….Kim Dawn Cody…………………..Dawn Jonathan Lisecki……….Jonathan Nick Triplett………………….Grant Director of Photography Zach Zdzbieko Written and Directed by Mike Rose

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The Jeffrey Dahmer Files Official Trailer: Serial Killer Documentary

An experimental documentary film that uses archival footage, interviews, and fictionalized scenarios to tell the story of the people around Jeffrey Dahmer during the summer of his arrest in 1991. “What drives a seemingly mundane man to commit a series of acts so heinous that it captured the attention of a horrified nation? In the summer of


Hair Ball of the Day: Helping Hands

  Source: bangarangblog  

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The Scrumptious Christopher Camplin Poses in Cock & Bull Menswear

    A Cock & Bull Story: The Cock & Bull collection was launched in 2012 from a desire to offer a range of designer menswear entirely made in the UK from sustainable fabrics and yarns.  Based in East London, the dedicated menswear line manufactures small runs and limited edition menswear staples. Sustainable Style is


Bradley Cooper Talks About Mental Health in America: WATCH

“Silver Linings Playbook is such a personal movie for David and when we all came together, it became a personal movie for all of us. Tiffany, she serves as a catalyst and she’s the first person who actually sees who Pat is. That’s the thing that this film has done, people around this country who have


Model Will Lewis Photographed By Mustafa Sabbagh: Flash Back All the Way to 2003

  This kind of a flash back. Posted in 2009  on The Fashionisto, revisited editorial from 2003. Whoa old school. Accidental Bear Website wasn’t born yet, so this is new to us. “Nearing the end of our month getting to know Will Lewis more intimately, we revisit this editorial from 2003. Photographed by Mustafa Sabbagh for ZOOM magazine, the shoot is


Trainerspotter Fall-Winter 2013 Lookbook: Beardy Model Alert

This model ‘looks’ like how a like my men: Bearded of course, possibly from Colorado, most likely frequents farmers markets, enjoys naked hot tubbing and wears no cologne. What can you guess by the way a guy dresses? Selectism reports: More thoughtfully designed casualwear from the folks at Trainerspotter. The brand continues to mix modern, easy


Exhibit Highlights Queer L.A. Mags Dating Back to the 1940s: ONE Archives Gallery & Museum

An exhibit from the ONE Archives in Los Angeles showcases the role of Southern California in the creation of LGBT publishing and activism. Check out some of these daring and confrontational publications.     Queers Print February 2 – March 17, 2013 ONE Archives Gallery & Museum 626 North Robertson Boulevard West Hollywood, CA 90069

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Aiden Shaw for El Burgués’ Fall/Winter 2013 Campaign

Dominating the male model world, the lovely Aiden Shaw wears El Burgués. That’s all.    

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Today’s WTF: MeTube: August Sings Carmen ‘Habanera’ Video

  Well slap ny ass and call me Judy! What is going on here? About “MeTube”, a homage to thousands of ambitious YouTube users and video bloggers, gifted and less gifted self-promoters on the Internet, has attracted international attention. No less than George Bizet’s Habanera from „Carmen” has been reinterpreted for MeTube and enhanced with

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Calling Old School Punkers: The Misfits Return to Their Roots on ‘DEA.D.ALIVE’ – Album Premiere and Album Signing

Share Full Album Stream of DEA.D. ALIVE! Out February 5th on Misfits Records     Pre-order the album HERE  Click to listen to the Misfits’ DEA.D. ALIVE! Follow us: @rollingstone on Twitter | RollingStone on Facebook Punk icons the Misfits return with their long-awaited, first proper live album since the 1980’s. In celebration of the release this Tuesday, the Misfits are sharing the full stream of DEA.D.

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The Stunning Singer Song Writer Bobby Jo Valentine Covers “500 Miles” by The Proclaimers Cover

“I make music and laugh a lot.” ~Bobby Jo Valentine Bobby’s Biography: San Francisco based singer-songwriter Bobby Jo Valentine received numerous accolades and TV and radio appearances for his 2011 debut, including designation of Songwriter of the year by the West Coast Songwriter’s Association, spots on KGO, KSVY and KRSH and ABC’s “The Morning Blend”

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New Music: Bobby Jo Valentine – “Warm is The Light” (Official Music Video)

Bobby Jo Valentine’s music has the energy of a massive hurricane behind it and nothing can stop it now. Just hours ago today Bobby released unto the world his newest music video for his song “Warm is The Light.” The video is sweet and simple and guided by the pure sound of his voice. Don’t take my word for


Hair Ball of the Day: The Guy with the Great Butt and Fuzzy Body at SF Nudity Protest Today

    SAN FRANCISCO, CA – FEBRUARY 01: Nude activist Trey Allen helps a blind woman up stairs as he protests San Francisco’s new ban on nudity at San Francisco City Hall on February 1, 2013 in San Francisco, California. At least four nude activists were arrested as they protested San Francisco’s new ban on

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A.B.’s Weekly Video Re-cap: Bob Mould, Sharon Needles, Mykki Blanco, “Boy is a Bottom”, Teen Suicide And Much More

This week’s LGBT Weekly re-cap is going to be like downing 5 espressos. Get a pen and take some notes! This weeks tips: New Music: Bob Mould’s “Star Machine” Video Sharon Needles “This Club is a Haunted House” Video Willam, Detox & Vicky Vox’s “Boy is a Bottom” Video Mykki Blanco – Kingpinning (Official Video)


Jeffrey Fashion Cares 2013: Benefit for Non-Profit Organizations That Improve the Lives of People Living With HIV/AIDS and the LGBTQ Community

Jeffrey Fashion Cares was established in 1992 in Atlanta, GA, by Jeffrey Kalinsky, fashion pioneer and community leader. He launched the first-ever Jeffrey Fashion Cares event to heighten awareness of the plight of people living with HIV/AIDS and members of the LGBTQ community. When Jeffrey brought his fashion show and reception benefit to New York


Trent Reznor: New Band, New Song, New Video, Still Awesome

  I don’t think I have ever officially thanked Trent for helping get through all my angst years, so, Thanks Trent! Pitchfork reports: The members of How To Destroy Angels, a collective featuring Nine Inch Nailsfrontman Trent Reznor, his wife and singer Mariqueen Maandig, art director Rob Sheridan and the brilliant composer Atticus Ross, have an unambiguously