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Statement from Councillor Hubley on his son James’ Suicide

Yesterday I had posted the tear jerking story of 15-year-old Ottawa teen Jamie Hubley, who took his own life after being bullied one to many times, but  that wasn’t the only reason he did it.. Released today by his father, Kanata South Councillor Allan Hubley, is a touching statment, remembering the too short life of a


Wear Purple On October 20 For #SpiritDay

  2, 4, 6, 8, who do we appreciate? YOU! Millions of Americans wear purple on Spirit Day as a sign of support for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) youth and to speak out against bullying. Spirit Day was started in 2010 by teenager Brittany McMillan as a response to the young people who


Bearded Art History: The life and death of Vincent van Gogh (60 Minutes)

You think you know everything about artist Vincent Van Gogh and the tragedy of his ear, but think again. In this shocking news, Van Gogh’s death may be changed in the history books from suicide to homicide. This is mind-blowing. Throughout my dark teenage years, I held onto Van Gogh’s story, as if my muse,


Music Tips from The Sound and the Furry Site: “Come for the Beards, Stay for the Music”

If I were to to remove my brain and hand it over to someone to fill with music and stunning visuals, that would be the mastermind behind the phenomenal site The Sound and the Furry. Oodles and oodles of pages of rare music being performed by the furriest bunch of  bearded bastard you have ever


4HOME: Kristýna Pojerová | Greenhouse Lamp

  Very cool, but I can see it becoming a muddy mess. via Nothing like gorgeous design that serves a utilitarian purpose. Kristýna Pojerová of the Czech republic came up with, and executed the idea for a hanging lamp that doubles as a greenhouse,  in an attempt to create a more aesthetic method for growing herb


Hey Couch Potato: 100-Year-Old Man with Luscious Beard Finishes Toronto Marathon (VIDEO)

100 year old Fauja Singh crosses the finish line at the 2011 Toronto Waterfront Marathon becoming the oldest person ever to complete a full marathon. Now, if that’s not motivation to get your ass up off the couch, you’re helpless.                              


Amazing Race Hair Balls of the Day: Andy Finch & Tommy Czeschin



Musician Matt Mercer Will Titillate Your Ear Buds: Interview with Accidental Bear

    You cannot live on hunky good-looks alone. Thankfully for this fuzzy hunk from  Portland, Oregon, musician Matt Mercer  “ has been releasing music under his own name since 2003, beginning with a pair of minimal/glitch techno 12″s on Forte and Neutonmusic, and then moving into digital-only self-released tracks which combine dancefloor function with headphone-listening details.”

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“The Right to Love: An American Family” – Documentary Trailer (Video)

“The Right to Love: An American Family” – COMING SOON 2012 Documentary Film (88 minutes) Synopsis: While the passionate debate over the legitimacy of Marriage Equality in the United States rages on, the LGBT community continues to fight for their slice of the American dream. Powered by media, religion and influential anti-gay organizations, the

Kanata South councillor Allan Hubley and his son, 15-year-old Jamie Hubley. Photograph by: Family photo,   Read more:

15-year-old Jamie Hubley, Documents last Month of Life Before Committing Suicide Resulting from Bullying

Another preventable suicide by a young gay boy, who claimed, “I hate being the only open gay guy in my school … It f—ing sucks, I really want to end it,” he wrote. Jamie Hubley, as interesting as it may seem to us, and media worthy today, documented the last month of his life. This may

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Morning Awkward Video: Irish popstars Jedward Do Birthday Dance in Superman Underwear Video

Identical twin Irish popstars  Jedward turn 20 2o and give us a birthday dance. Sporting superman underwear, a jean coat vest with bling and their staple hair-do standing tall. I don’t care what you say. I. Can’t. Look. Away.  Check out more of planet jedward  

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Designer Paul Smith’s Model Choices Has Got Our Attention

It has caught our attention lately, that Paul Smith is using some interesting models on the runway and print. Beards are a dime a dozen this season, but Smith has thrown in men of color bearded and we even found on the Paul Smith Japan website, male models bearded and bushy, and  appearing to be in


Ben Cohen Defends Himself Against Other Straights: “Random acts of kindness are simple”

When you are swimming up-stream as Ben Cohen is doing in his fight to stop bullying, fighting for someone else’s team or rights may not be clear to all. Ben, heterosexual himself, has been asked by his straight peer, ‘Why are you doing this?’. Ben’s answer is clear and from the heart.  Mike Enders  Read our in


tommy+alan Photography Find Men Over 50 to be Hot and Real

Diversity is something we try to highlight, young or  old, hairy or smooth, purple or yellow, one ball or two. Gay culture is dominated by young, one dimensional types in gay and lesbian magazines and media. The only place I have seen men older than 30 appreciated is in the porn industry. These two artists


Singer Eric Himan is Cooking: TRIAL AND ERIC! A LIVE COOKING SHOW

  One of our favorite people around here, musician Eric Himan invites you to join his table. Eric admits to being one of the pickiest eaters (my boyfriend would give him tough competition for this title) He will try to diminish his fear of trying new food items and goes out site of the box


Weekend Workout Inspiration; We’ll Call Him Buff

(via pit78)


Dustin Lance Black To GQ: Grow (the fuck) Up!

Dustin Black is right on the money with this one. It is hard for non-gays, guys especially, to think that ALL gay men don’t want them. This feeds one of the basic roots of homophobia, fear, and puts out there the wrong idea that gays are all lecherous trolls. Mike Enders  via Advocate Dustin Lance

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Chris Sollars Makes Dumpster Play Ground:Trash, Fun for Kids at The New Children’s Museum

    A new exhibit at The New Children’s Museum, San Diego will make you think twice before taking out the garbage. Trash is an exhibition designed to empower kids to be agents of change in their households. Chris Sollars,  San Francisco based artist and director of 667 Shotwell creates a “play fill, where kids


Hair Balls of the Day: Hairy, Bearded Passion

  via  homotography

Screen shot 2011-10-14 at 2.27.51 PM

Paul Smith AW2011: Inspired by the 1970’s Music Scene (Ginger Alert)       

photo by Andrew Paynter

San Francisco’s Unionmade Clothing Expands and Dips its Toe in Indigo

If this were a game of Monopoly, buying up property on the corners of 18th Street and Sanchez in San Francisco CA, would be the best move yet. About a month ago, San Francisco’s prime clothing store Unionmade expanded and took over corner store front. This doubling their space and products they have to offer.

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Illustrious Fashion Illustrator Richard Haines Has a Heart to Heart with Accidental Bear

Fashion illustrator Richard Haines, has come full circle and couldn’t be happier than where he is now and landed. Arriving in New York to pursue illustration, he was pulled into the vortex of what we call fashion, and rolled around in a successful design career for some time. His sketches have a language of their


Mortgage Due? Yoko Ono Accused of Selling Altered John Lennon Artworks

Oh no Oko, say it ain’t so. There is no peace in crime. via Yoko Ono rented out a big space in SoHo this weekend and held a sale of her late husband John Lennon’s artworks. Lennon would have been 71 this year. A Florida-based “artist, creator of original lithographs, scholar, and author” named Gary Arsenau

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Karen O of the Yeah Yeah Yeahs Covers Willie Nelson’s Country Music Classic “Mammas Don’t Let Your Babies Grow Up to be Cowboys” :The Chipotle Cultivate Foundation

“Abandoned” and its accompanying soundtrack were commissioned by The Chipotle Cultivate Foundation to raise awareness about the economic hardship family farmers face in the increasingly industrialized American agriculture system. In the film, director David Altobelli tells the story of three boys exploring an empty house late one night. The boys break into a farmhouse that

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Carlos Díez Madrid Fashion Week Spring-Summer 2012 “Drunken Kiss”

Here’s is a close up of designer Carlos Diez’s spring/summer 2012 collection appropriately named “Drunken Kiss.” I was trying to get a close look at these eyeball boxers to see if there was any trace of lipstick around  the pee-hole. Now that would be a story!  Diez has a taste for theatrics in his designs, don’t ever


Hair Ball of the Day: Tea & Tattoos

  image via Tone Rini Albriktsen


Bear Hug iphone Case, Bear Hug Design is Not Just for the Body Anymore

Bear Hugs, does a body good! T-shirt info HERE By now you have seen my famously popular t-shirt called Bear Hug (that I can’t seem to take off). Now, the designer Matthew Parsons from Halifax, CANADA, has gone and reworked the design and spawned the Bear Hug onto an iphone case. Let’s see if you can resist. For

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Music Video: Gay Bearded Bubble Gum Pop: “Stay In Touch” – Garçon Garçon Who are Garçon Garçon you ask? Combining new wave synths with a unique ’80s feeel and a dash of blatant pop, Garçon Garçon write intelligent songs with catchy hooks. Coming from different musical worlds of classical and punk rock, the duo conjure a sound as complex as it is podium busting. The pair

1st Lt. Josh Seefried is the author and editor of a new anthology, Our Time: Breaking The Silence of "Don't Ask, Don't Tell," a collection of stories from other gay military members.

The Creation Of OutServe Magazine: New Challenges After DADT Repeal

A powerful read that will help us get an insiders look and a play for play fall of ‘Don’t Ask Don’t Tell.’ Forget about Oprah’s book club people, this is on the top of Accidental Bears book club list! Reading the description of new book had me gripping my seat and sighing with sympathy. Get

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2011 National USA Beard And Mustache Competition Results

The Second Annual Beard Team USA National Beard and Moustache Championships took place on October 8, 2011, in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. After drooling over all of  these well hung beards for hours, I can’t get past this fellows eyes. I am a beard man almost as much as an ass man, but those eyes. And for the


5 Men Arraigned in Ohio Amish Beard-Cuttings

What has the world come to? Amish men being arrested for cutting off the beards of their peers. This must be some kind of abomination of sorts.  Check out that there are brothers with the name Mullets. I don’t even know where to go with that, but some where terribly inappropriate is in order. Mike

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BULK: The Bear Web Series Second Episode Released “Fourteen Months”

“Because we need to get out of the apartment and socialize, even if it kills us.” Been there? Check out and see what the result of leaving your home nest might be in this new episode of BULK! Click HERE to watch episode 2 “Fourteen Months” Bulk: The Series is a dramatic new web series following Leo Durán


4HOME: Klassiker Lounge Chair, Chair-gasm!

Chair-gasm! Heaven would be made out of wood if it were up to me. Wooden bath tubs, sinks, beds,refrigerator , etc. After seeing these chairs by Klassiker, I know who I will call on to design everything! This lounge chair is perfectly crafted to cradle your back and sturdy as a rock. Find out more  Yanko

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(Video) Heterosexual Guys Who Like Glee, Someone Has Too

Does anyone else find this to be homophobic? I mean, straight guys talking about kissing each other on the dick and all, is funny, I think?

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Accidental Bear’s Round Two of “Ask the Doctor” with Dr George from The Healthy Bear Website

We need to properly introduce Dr George Forgan-Smith from the Health Bear Website. Dr George is a family doctor based in Melbourne Australia. “Trained in Brisbane Queensland, I have a strong interest in male health, mental health and health promotion. Three times a year I get to take part in Camp Quality, a charity for


Talk to JD Samson from MEN Live Video Event Oct 12, 10 AM PT √

Do you have a burning question to ask JD? LIke how did you get to be such a fox? This is your opportunity, so jump on board. I have chatted with JD in the past and he is laid back and super friendly. So, do it! I double dog dare you to ask JD a

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Just in time for National Coming out Day, Simply Plimpton : HOMOSEXUALITY

“When Martha is cast in a film that requires her to do a nude scene she calls on her pal Gina Gershon for advice. But Gina is ready to give her so much more.”


15 Stories (And Incredible Photos!) Of Growing Up Gay

Huffington Post bring us some amazing stories, but WAY BETTER photographs of children growing up gay. Drum roll please, here comes a whole lot of camp! For more stories, visit the Born This Way Blog. Eamonn, Age 4, Brighton, Mich. (1991) It was an epic Christmas morning, and I had just turned 4 a few months prior.


News: Romney on AIDS Policy, National Coming Out Day, Betty White…

LESBIAN COUPLE UNDER FIRE FOR SUPPORTING DAUGHTER’S GENDER TRANSITION | A lesbian couple featured in a recent CNN story about transgender children are now under fire for helping facilitate their daughter’s transition from “Thomas” to “Tammy” by suppressing her hormones. The Guardian profiled the family(inappropriately describing Tammy with male pronouns), and multiple anti-LGBT groups have responded. The National

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Meet You in Melbourne, Get Ready to Ride (SEXY, HAIRY, VIDEO PARTY PROMO, HOMO)

JOHN – Cup Day There is nothing better than being a virgin for the thirty-first time. And so on the 31st day of this month, on the eve of the day where men gather and compete for a cup, JOHN will gather all and sundry on the dancefloor to jockey for the truest virgins among