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Pounds Chest and Repeats Jake Gyllenhaal’s Name Over and Over For Magic Bath Tub Ride Interviews: Sneak Peek Video

  After the huge success of our bathtub interviews in 2012, we have decided that we must continue! We have had a major discovery and wanted to give you sneak peek. While taking a bath and scrubbing off the scum of the city and filthy thoughts, Accidental Bear’s Mike Enders discovered that his claw foot

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Shirtless Cake Icing Guy Brings You Sexy Shirtless Homemade Pasta Tutorial Video: Yummy

  Just recently going viral was Nude Dude’s Tutorial on How to How To Ice a Cake, Dirty Talk and All: Video. No doubt because of it’s success, today we bring you Nude (Correction, shirtless) Dude homemade pasta tutorial. We love the safe sex message and the sensual music.


Vivienne Westwood Man Fall/Winter 2013-14 Show

Gaze here at Vivienne Westwood’s Fall/Winter 2013-14 men’s show ‘Climate Change’ in Milan. It’s hit or miss, but overall true Vivienne Westwood brilliance with unthinkable fabric choices that work splendidly. Via homotography  

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Nadav Kander Nudes: ‘Bodies’ Exhibit At Flowers Gallery In London: Photos

  First thought… I don’t think these lovely model’s bodies have ever seen the sun. Not a bad thing, I personally love pasty white. Second thought… Mmmm gingers. Huffington Post reports:   “In an age when airbrushing the naked body has become a photography standard, the works of Nadav Kander are absolutely refreshing. The Israel-born, UK-based artist


Bally Fall Winter 2013 Collection: Beardy Model Alert

  I want to grab some snow shoes and camping gear a spend a week in the wilderness with this guy. Only one sleeping bag needed …wink.   “Bally traces its roots with their Fall Winter 2013 collection as they celebrate the 60th anniversary of the first successful Everest summit climb – one where a pair

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Hong Kong: Short Film Calls on Citizens to Break Their Silence on LGBT Discrimination

The Pantry is based on true stories drawn from offices around Hong Kong. The film, which is the first in a series from AD Media, aims to raise awareness and hopes to inspire LGBT and LGBT-friendly citizens to break their silence and stand up for human rights. Meet The Pantry – The Team website:   Production

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New Music: Aiden James’ “Hurry Hurry” Official Music Video

  Check out below newest music video by Aiden James titled “Hurry Hurry.” With an ending of bearded treats. Aiden paired up once again with director Marquise Lee for this project and says about day it was filmed, “It  was a million degrees that day in NYC and I think everyone and their Aunt was in

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Beard Porn: Fab Magazine’s “Sexy Beards” Cover Shoot Video

This has our name written all over it, possibly in semen. Behind the scenes of  Fab magazine‘s sexy Beards cover shoot. This is sure to heat up your January.


Sharon Needles Debuts 12 Track Album and Music Video on January 29 Along with Documentary and Limited Edition Book

Sharon Needles Debuts Twelve-Track Album and Music Video on January 29, 2013, along with Documentary and Limited Edition Book New York, NY – Sharon Needles conjures up a vision of ghoulish ecstasy in a crypt, with red lacquered fingernails clawing at a stone entombment. Her onstage entry, usually in a casket, elicits chills and laughter. Behind

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Neil Patrick Harris is Excited to be Abducted by Aliens! – Neil’s Puppet Dreams

  Welcome to the brain of one of the sickest puppeteers ever encountered – Neil Patrick Harris. In this episode, Neil becomes acquainted with some way-out-of-towners. My question is, ” Does Neil like to give the anal probe or does he like to receive it?” Logical questions, no?   Check out the making of Neil’s


Accidental Bear Has Announced They Will Be Entering the World of PR Focusing on LGBTQ Talent!

 Let us use our reputation, positive relationship with the community and connections to help you open doors! Accidental Bear website is just 2 years old and has shown much success and have proven itself to be a useful, trustworthy resource for the LGBTQ community and beyond. Accidental Bear has made much effort to highlight acts,


Most Talked About Gay Couple Today: Victor Garber and Rainer Andreesen: And the Bears Go Woof

Victor Garber confirmed in an interview something that had quietly been known for a while… He and Rainer Andreesen are a couple. They’ve been together over 13 years. In honor of all my gay bear brothers, I say this for you (because I don’t say this), WOOF! On the heels of the actress’ cryptic Golden

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Bears Invade Steam Room on Mainstream TV Show “2 Broke Girls” (no cup involved): Video

  Gay bears land themselves on the  mainstream television program 2 Broke Girls (no cup involved).

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Hair Ball of the Day: Fashionista Corbin Brett Chamberlin

Corbin Brett Chamberlin   Contributor at The New York Times (Fashion & Style). Follow on Twitter

Corbin Brett Chamberlin - The New York Times (Fashion & Style)

An Open Invite: Ask Corbin Brett Chamberlin Questions on Plus-Size Clothing for Men for

Ask The New York Times (Fashion & Style) contributor  Corbin Brett Chamberlin questions you may have about dressing if you are chubby, husky, plump or whatever word you use for you fabulous size. Chubstr is a style destination for men of many sizes. Whether you call yourself chubby, plus size, fat, plump, or nothing at all, it’s not about

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GuySpy’s Social Network and Apps ‘Sexy’ Promos, Facials & Foot Longs: Videos

Added to the world of online social networks and apps for gay men, GuySpy, looks like it may have be one of our favorite (of the moment). We just caught wind of these hilarious videos for their new video campaign called “Taste The Difference.” I love a story that has protein, foot longs and simulated facials in

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Gays in Sports: On the field — And in the Closet (And Steam Room…Wink)

    By Wade Davis @ LA Times When I was 7 years old, my friends and I would play football in my backyard for hours, often with my mother watching through the kitchen window. One of the games we played was called “smear the queer.” At the time I didn’t know what “queer” meant.

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San Francisco Lawmakers Are Considering Naming the City’s Airport After Harvey Milk

  This story makes me want to jump up and down in a cheerleading (girls) outfit and scream, ” Two, For, Six, Eight, Who do we appreciate… HARVEY..HARVEY.. MILK!” By Associated Press SAN FRANCISCO — A San Francisco lawmaker on Tuesday planned to introduce legislation asking voters to rename the city’s airport after slain gay rights

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Documentary About Ex-Gay Therapy: “Chasing the Devil: Inside the Ex-Gay Movement” Video

  Anytime I hear somebody claiming to be an ex-gay, I can’t help but to think they are getting paid for speaking (speaking big heaps of shit). Take a peek at an upcoming documentary about ex-gay therapy offered in JONAH, the Jewish ex-gay group currently being sued for fraud. See which family member of Goldberg’s is gay! A first-of-it’s-kind lawsuit charging


Book About Lesbian Family Helps Prevent Bullying

Report by Think Progress: By Zack Ford Last June, Utah’s Davis County School District caved to the complaints of 25 parents and removed the book In Our Mothers’ House by Patricia Polacco from general circulation in the elementary school library. The book, which features a family with two moms, was not outright banished, but was held behind the librarian’s


Bearded Naked Men at World’s Largest Religious Festival India: Powerful Photos

  (Reuters) – Upwards of a million elated Hindu holy men and pilgrims took a bracing plunge in India’s sacred Ganges river to wash away lifetimes of sins on Monday, in a raucous start to an ever-growing religious gathering that is already the world’s largest. The ritual “Royal Bath” was timed to match an auspicious


Stunning Video Released by Photographer Boots Bryant: Light Painting Series “Bearing Light in the Darkest Hours”

Enjoy this video of excerpts from Boots Bryant‘s light painting photography series. Boots Bryant says, “Songs: ‘Bend the Sky’ & ‘Septic Rinse’ by Velvet Acid Christ – If you don’t like this music, mute it and put on your favorites tunes. I hope you enjoy my work” Find out more about Boots Bryant and his work on FACEBOOK  and


Beardy Man Walks All Day to Create Spectacular Snow Patterns

While walking amidst white mountaintops and cozy ski lodges, Simon Beck creates enormous works of snow art that look like giant wintry crop circles. Believe it or not, the immense snow patterns are made entirely by foot – Beck creates them while he walks across the terrain in briquette snow shoes. The ephemeral art installations last only until

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Raising Money and Collecting Artifacts to Open a LGBT Museum in D.C.

Bayard Rustin, an African American scholar from eastern Pennsylvania, was on the front lines of the civil rights movement in the 1960s. He was a key organizer of bus segregation demonstrations in the South, the Southern Christian Leadership Conference and the March on Washington, where he scheduled the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr.’s speech and drilled police

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Ricky Gervais & Conan Take a Bubble Bath Together for Epic Twitter Pic: Video

It doesn’t get much better than this and you all know how I feel about bath tubs (See Tub Interviews).  Ricky Gervais & Conan take a bubble bath all for some epic  twitpic’s What happens in the tub, stays in the tub. Except for what was televised nationwide.


STARRFUCKER Magazine Issue #7 is Ready For You to Sink Your Teeth Into [PRE-ORDER]


Meet Tusk: Synth-Wave Meets Sci-Fi: Video

Who is TUSK? Armed with haunting vocals and synth melodies, TUSK is a dance floor renegade with beats fit for the runway and an escapist sci-fi fantasy with no limits. Fusing together a disco rave swagger with the dark arts of a black magician, TUSK inhabits the nexus point between Xiu Xiu, John Foxx and

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Sassy Pavel Petel Invades Flaunt Magazine

Pavel Petel has extended his 15 minutes into 2013 and we are so glad! Pavel was captured here for the cover of and also in the innards of the magazine too.  


Bruce LaBruce’s “Gerontophilia”: “Reverse Lolita” Relationship of 81 Yr old Man and 18 Yr Boy

  Accidental recently had a correspondence with Bruce LaBruce who passionately mentioned: So we’re finished shooting my new feature, Gerontophilia, but we could use your support! We have a great script, great cast, great DP and crew, the dailies are looking really cool, and I had a blast shooting again. But we’ll need more money

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“Global Warming” Trailer: Two short Films, From Bollywood to Hollywood: Video

  Good wholesome fun!   Global Warming: Synopsis Two short films, one heated experience! From Bollywood to Hollywood, these two movies will take you on a sexy journey around the globe! One is an East-meets-West, boy-meets-boy love story about a spicy tryst with a hotel clerk. The other is a naughty comedy about two straight

San Francisco’s 12th Annual “No Pants” BART Ride Day: 1/13/2013

The 12th Annual No Pants Subway Ride will take place on Sunday, January 13, 2013 in San Francisco. The whole point is for 600+ people to ride BART (and then Muni) without any pants (wearing interesting undies and colorful socks) and to keep a straight face and act completely normal. The event which takes place in over 15 countries

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Hair Balls of the Day: Sunday Mates (Benjamin Dukhan/ Burger Girl on Top, Mate on Bottom)

  Source: dyuslovethebeauties Find out more about The Burger Girl/ Benjamin Dukhan (on top) Facebook Page   Youtube… Booking Agent


Taxonomy: A Selective Glossary of Gay Male Body Types from a Bear’s Eye

  Experiencing D.C.’s hairiest gay subculture has never been easier—or more complicated. Read full article titled Bear Essentials here

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Michael Phelps Has An Awesome Porn Stache: Photos

I don’t know, I personally think he looks adorable.

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A Gay Agenda’s LGBTQ Weeks Recap: Obama, Hagel, Neil Patrick Harris, Big Dipper, Koortwah, AB SOTO and Anal Demons: Video

What an interesting week it has been in the queer world of LGBT news…We started the week of with Obama making some really shitty choices for Defense Secretary and once again picking a homophobe to give his spiritual inaugural speech. But not to be all down and negative congrats on this years poet Richard Blanco


Lady Jesus DeGeneres and the Lesbian Last Supper: Mural by Bronwyn Lundberg

  Holy shit, I’m dying over here! Did you say Lez Dinner?   The fantastic  mural titled Lady Jesus DeGeneres and the Lesbian Last Supper, and was created by Bronwyn Lundberg.   Let’s get a head count: from left, Jane Lynch, Sandra Bernhard, Rachel Maddow, Linda Perry, “Shane McCutcheon” as Judas, Portia de Rossi, Heather Matarazzo, Wanda Sykes, KD


Xander Zhou Wicked Fall/Winter 2013-14 Looks: Photos and Video

  One word: Hair! Xander Zhou Fall/Winter 2013-14 show at London Collections: Men Photo Source homotography XANDER ZHOU studied industrial design in China and fashion design in the Netherlands before launching his label in 2007. His is a design aesthetic that centres around deconstruction, taking something familiar and doing something unfamiliar with it – a case in point being


Philipp Plein SS13 Campaign Video by Terry Richardson Featuring Kissing Twin Brothers!

      Terry Richardson, Lea T and Poppy Delevingne are the stars of the PHILIPP PLEIN Spring/ Summer 2013 campaign. The famous American photographer once again shoots the Swiss maison’s advertising campaign for Spring / Summer 2013. Featuring Richardson himself alongside two international top models. MORE

Marcílio Lobo

Model Marcílio Lobo Photographed By Maurizio Montani

Male Model Marcílio Lobo is skinny mini, but that just means you’ll have to eat twice as much of him. Marcílio Lobo is represented by Beatrice Models in Milan.  


MC Crumbsnatcher Featured with Azealia Banks: 212 – The 415 Grindr Remix: Free Download

MC Crumbsnatcher, you naughty little fox! You have all my love. Some of you may have been first exposed to MC Crumbsnatcher at Accidental Bear’s 2 Year Anniversary Party and most likely craze more. Today MC Crumbsnatcher has a treat for you; a free download  of new remix of Azealia Banks feat MC Crumbsnatcher – 212