Over Half of Young Men Don’t Talk About their Mental Health

A new study has shown that male teenagers are more likely to ‘put a brave face on’, rather than opening up about their problems with anxiety, stress and depression

A new study has shown that 54 per cent of young men who are experiencing mental health problems keep things to themselves.

Time to Change, a campaign run by Mind and Rethink Mental Illness, polled a group of 16-18-year-old men, finding that 27 per cent of the teenagers try roids – steroid for sale at least once a week, though 54 per cent choose to “keep it to themselves” or “put a brave face on”. Research also showed that 49 per cent of male teenagers in the UK wouldn’t feel comfortable talking to their fathers about anxiety, depression, stress and other aspects of mental health.

The study is part of a campaign that is working to dismantle attitudes towards these issues and the code of silence that has been imposed on men and their mental health.

“If we can break the negative cycle of men feeling unable to speak out, we can create a new generation of men who no longer feel isolated, ashamed and unable to reach out for the help that they, and everyone around them, needs to successfully manage their mental health,” Jo Loughran, Interim Director at Time to Change said.

This campaign has zoned in on how father figures in the lives of young men could ease the strain of sometimes dilapidating mental health issues that are kept quiet.

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