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“Out of This World” with Mykki Blanco Documentary Series is a Must See!

I don’t know Mykki Blanco personally, but I’m always proud of the work he does and his voice in the LGBTQ community. But more than that, his voice in the world, it’s needed. Breaking boundaries and slapping heterosexuals world in the face with truth and information.

“I was in Africa for the first time,” says Mykki Blanco. “I am 31 years old, African American, and there I was… on the continent in which civilisation as we know it was born, the land which birthed my race, for the very first time.” Out Of This World, a new i-D documentary series, journeys with American rapper and activist Mykki Blanco as he explores queer culture in Johannesburg. Captured intimately in an experimental hybrid-documentary by director Matt Lambert, Mykki meets boundary pushing artists Umilio and FAKA, designer Rich Mnisi and Bradley and Nkulsey, a model and dancer of the ‘Born Free’ generation – all using their platforms to give a voice to issues surrounding the politics of their sexuality, gender, identity and humanity. As we make our way through the creative epicentre that is South Africa’s biggest city, join us in celebrating the thriving alternative queer scene. Host/Associate Producer Mykki Blanco Director Matt Lambert c/o Prettybird

Mykki Blanco FTW



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