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Our Fave Male Celebs Gone Grizzly

It’s often that I see a pretty man, with beautiful eyes, clean-shaven and wonder what he might look like if I took him camping for a month, rolled him in dirt and denied him razors. Here is a great collection of celebrities that took it easy with the razor this year and we thank you for that. Below are some highlighted from the list made by Check out the entire list of 52 HERE

Jake Gyllenhaal traded in his clean cut look for lumberjack-inspired scruff during his appearance at the 2010 New Yorker Festival In Conversation in New York City.


Maybe starring in 'She's Out of My League' inspired Jay Baruchel to go for an older, more sophisticated facial fuzz.
Comedian David Cross is starting to look a bit homeless with his salt and pepper beard.
Why cover such a perfectly chiseled jaw, Aaron Eckhart?!
At the AFI Awards on Jan. 15, 'Mad Men' star Jon Hamm is looking less dapper and more mountain man. We wonder if his small screen counterpart Don Draper will be going grizzly as well.
'Couples Retreat' star Jason Bateman covers up his boyish good looks with an overgrown mane at the Golden Globes .
It seems Sting is following in Pitt's footsteps. Quick! Someone call the police
British super-hunk Daniel Craig has ditched his debonair 007 look for a bushy moustache. But don't worry, it's just for his role as Joey in the Keith Huff Broadway play, 'A Steady Rain.'
Jim Carrey usually looks pretty clean-cut, but the actor arrived at the UCLA's Visionary Ball on Oct. 1, sporting a full-on beard for the occasion. However, he's not the only funnyman all scruffed out these days...
Peter Sarsgaard's facial hair evolution has been quite eclectic! In January 2007, he was sporting a bit of a beard, but by October 2008, his beard and 'stach had taken on a mind of their own! But the 'Orphan' star was back to a more low-key version in July 2009.
Do you even recognize 'Walk the Line' actor Joaquin Phoenix under all that beard? Guess it's the new look for his - er- rap career.


Ryan Gosling's movie roles have varied from his sweet character in 'The Notebook' to his tougher role in films like 'Half Nelson.' And his beard is just as diverse.
Tobey McGuire dabbles with some stubble - but we're not sure alter-ego Peter Parker would approve.


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