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Olivier Flandrois’ Daily Drawing Project of Beards and Men

Olivier Flandrois
Olivier Flandrois Photo by The Torres Ibarzo


In love with these. What is it about those bright red cheeks that we love so much? Don’t know but they pop for us and funnel all of our attention.

“The daily drawing project is a graphic exploration made every day! I mainly focus on the body and hair. The overall of my drawings are put on tumblr. All my drawings are made in Paris with models working for free often met on the streets, social networks or social network apps as well.” Olivier Flandrois

See more images at and be sure to check out Olivier Flandrois’ FACEBOOK PAGE  for all of the latest .


Olivier Flandrois1 Olivier Flandrois2 Olivier Flandrois3 Olivier Flandrois5 Olivier Flandrois6 Olivier Flandrois7 Olivier Flandrois8 Olivier Flandrois9 Olivier Flandrois10 Olivier Flandrois11 Olivier Flandrois12

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