Oliver Spencer Autumn/Winter 2012 Collection (Scruffy Models Alert)

Taking inspiration from “the 1970s art house movement and the iconic persona of a young Lucian Freud” definitely implies that you are not trifling about. And that is certainly the case with stalwart Oliver Spencer’s Autumn/Winter 2012 collection. “Emphatic with color and texture, the collection presents a man brimming with confidence and attitude,” the story goes. Normally we might take issue with such audacious claims, but look at these freaking guys. They could stroll right over a cadre of linebackers without smudging these handsome-ass looks.

The patterned-sleeve baseball jacket is a real eye-catcher but the understated stuff packs a slow-burning wallop as well. The union-suit-esque henley, for instance—or how about that asymmetrical, half-buttoning jacket on the guy whose beard could beat us at arm wrestling? Step right up, but make damn sure you mean it. Selectism 

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