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Oh Happy Day! New Hi Fashion Video Out Today! | “Where is the Party?”

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Stop everything and watch the new video from one of my favorites, Hi Fashion, for “Where is the Party?”. It is clear where the party is, it follows Hi Fashion around like a little puppy humping their legs, always exciting! Hi Fashion are always pushing the limits with their daring and outrageous clothing and beats. I honestly cannot compare their style or sound with anyone else on the planet. Although they may have some competition on Mars.

Directed by: Rene Vas
Music by: Hi Fashion
Produced by: Lou Becker

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“Described by Jen DM as an “all sensory take-over,” HI FASHION’s live show combines dancers, video, and experimentalperformance to blur the line between spectator and performer and offer an opportunity for a visceral and primal experience. Their eclectic blend of electronic dance-pop draws comparison to the likes of Scissor Sisters, Grace Jones, and Peaches.”


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