Oakland Songwriter Catch Prichard Shares New Single “O.K. Cool”

I was just introduced to Catch Prichard’s voice and what a captivating and soul searching one it is. Take a listen for yourself below. He is definitely now on my radar.

“Don’t Want It” is the first in a new collection of singles that Catch Prichard will be releasing in the coming months, titled O.K. Cool. The soundscapes of his new material evoke an atmospheric dream of sweet and low-down folk storytelling, splashed with spacey notes of West coast ambiance and coupled with his dexterous fingerpicking style on his steel guitar. O.K. Cool underscores the evolution of Sawyer’s core themes as an artist from his earliest dirty roots recordings to his present work – honest songwriting at its deepest and most raw, about love, loss, going broke, and the inevitable, revolving door of starting anew.

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