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(NSFW)Sex Hygiene Videos- US Navy Training Film (1942): A Whores Bath Demo

These videos are amazing yet dated. It is amazing though, how most of the basic sex hygiene messages are still the same, put a damn rubber on it! In video part two there is an amazing video demonstration on how to give yourself a “whores bath” in the sink!! Mike Enders

This video is distinct from the other one on youtube which is from the same time period but for the US Army. YOU SHOULD KNOW that this video is probably rife with scientific inaccuracy. A LOT has changed in our understanding of the medical science of STDs since the early 1940s and among other things, it is probably not advisable to apply mercury containing creams or inject silver solutions into your dick if you have any of these diseases. This movie was made right on the verge of large-scale mass production of penicillin becoming available, making practically all these antiquated treatments totally obsolete. Science, it’s a wonderful thing! Enjoy!


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