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Nirvana’s “Come As You Are” Covered by Masha is Dark and Beautiful: Listen Here




Idolator reports on their exclusive premier:

“Covering Nirvana is no small undertaking, but if anyone has the vocal chops to do it, it’s New York songstress Masha, whose excellent EP Stupid, Stupid Dreams has been on heavy rotation for me all fall — but as it so happens, the singer-songwriter first captivated my attention with this very cover, which was featured this summer in promotional spots for Lifetime’s Witches Of East End. (Yes, I watch a lot of Lifetime. No, I’m not ashamed to admit it.)

Her vocals crush and soar and crash triumphantly over the haunting track; the harmonies on the chorus are wonderfully eerie, reinvigorating the song for a new audience — and those final thirty seconds, when the production kicks up dramatically, is genuinely chill-inducing. ”

Listen to full length of the cover only on Idolator

Listen to promo below, then buy the track on iTunes.

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