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Nickodemus feat. The Illustrious Blacks – “Funk That”

The video features the Illustrious Blacks on a trek through New York, asking some pressing questions like–

“Question, how can someone who is racist, sexist, homophobic, Islamophobic, and an ableist be President of the United States of America? FUNK THAT!” Can we get an amen!

Nickodemus, a fixture in the NYC DJ scene, re-works the song ‘Funk That’- originally of Sagat’s 1994 song of the same name. The new rendition is in collaboration with NYC recording artists and nightlife legends The Illustrious Blacks (Manchildblack + Monstah Black), and targets the social political climate in the country. The single was released June 30th on iTunes and most digital music platforms. wonderwheelrecordings

The song is taking me back to my early 90s club days and Crystal Waters – “Gypsy Woman (She’s Homeless)”


“Funk That” by Nickodemus featuring The Illustrious Blacks. taken from the “In My House” 12″ single release on Wonderwheel Recordings 2017. Find here: wonderwheelrecordings

Video by Three Gloves Productions. Produced by Nico & Lamira. Filmed & Edited by Howie Glover for Three Gloves Productions.