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Nicklas Kunz Spring/Summer 2015 Lookbook

Nicklas Kunz

“For Spring/Summer 2015, Nicklas Kunz dissects the male wardrobe, by mashing traditional tailoring techniques with modern street silhouettes. The collection boasts a fresh range of reworked sweats, hoodies, tanks and shorts. Fabrics are mixed, to underline textural interplay and flexibility. The functional garments are constructed neatly, to protect wanderers on their nightly escapades. Variations in length are introduced to defy proportions and challenge traditional urban vistas.”

Nicklas Kunz2 Nicklas Kunz3 Nicklas Kunz4 Nicklas Kunz5 Nicklas Kunz6 Nicklas Kunz7 Nicklas Kunz8 Nicklas Kunz9

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