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New Youtube Channel, A Gay Agenda’s Top LGBTQ 10 Stories Of 2012: Video

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Accidental Bear’s Mike Enders teams up with Jay Leffew (Gay Family Values and The Right To Love: An American Family) on this exciting new Youtube channel A Gay Agenda. Jay and Mike are in the baby steps of creating the channel but their chemistry in undeniable. They give us a taste of things to come in their premier video, Top 10 Stories Of 2012. Watch below.

Here’s a look back at some of the most interesting and funniest stories of 2012. There is so much going on in the gay world these days from Politics to Entertainment that we Jay & Mike always want to comment on that we decided to team up and bring you this new channel “A Gay Agenda” This is our first video a look back and a preview to things to come. We are going to do a weekly rewind of the stories that matter the most to us. Look for a new video every Friday. Please Rate Share And Comment.

Follow this two on FACEBOOK and keep an eye on them to see what special guests will be popping up soon. A new weekly recap video will be up each friday.

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