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New “This Town” | Q & A with Gay Man from Russia and Actor Justin O’Kelly from #WTFamily

Check out the newest episode”This Town” Vodcast hosted by Mike Enders. In this two part episode, Mike first talks with, Alex, a young out gay man who lives in Russia. Is he afraid for his safety? Do gay men in Russia use gay hookup apps? Is gay porn blocked in Russia? Coming out to his mother, and much lighter subjects  like, “Do gays say ‘Woof’ in Russia? and much more.

In part 2 (Starts at minute 25:00), actor Justin O’Kelly, stops by and chats about the San Francisco show he is in, #WTFamily, that is currently running at Shelton Theater, by the Left Coast Theater. The handsome actor appears on stage shirtless, so of course I had to ask him to strip. Find details for #WTFamily on Facebook  and at

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