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New SF Web Series “Read the Signs” | A Road-Sign Guide to Sex Feat. Luke Anthony & Heklina


I wanted to introduce you all to the new San Francisco based web series Read the Signs.

SHORT SYNOPSIS: Diagnosed with the sleep-sex disorder sexsomnia seems like the perfect excuse for Jack’s pursuit of happiness in the bedroom. That is until his wife organizes couples therapy with a kinky feminist psychiatrist, his panty-wearing best friend tries to split up his marriage and his boss fires him. A drag queen becomes an unlikely voice of reason in a world where secrets and limitless sexual freedom should be liberating. 


The series consists of 6 Episodes | Watch all Episodes HERE

Watch the next 4 episodes  HERE

CREATOR/CAST: Luke Anthony – Award winning writer/director/actor/ art director with credits in the USA, Australia, UK, United Arab Emirates, China, Italy, Malaysia, Brazil, France, Germany, Denmark, Netherlands, Poland and Singapore. 

Heklina – Trannyshack, Trauma, Jerry Springer, The Daily Show, The Cho Show, Ricki Lake. (iconic San Francisco drag queen) 
Giovanni Espiritu – ER, Bones, Gilmore Girls, Trauma. (Mountainview)
Don Williams – Criminal Minds, The OC. (Walnut Creek)
Ansuya Nathan – Superman 2, best actress Edinburgh Fringe Festival (Los Angeles)
Jennifer Linkous  – Looking (San Francisco) 
Stephen Laffferiere – (San Francisco)

DP – Barry Stone CSC – 21 features, 47 episodes of TV and 6 Movie of the Weeks, working with Ellen Page, Jason Priestly, David Arquette and Pete Postlethwait. (Oakland)
MUSIC – Alaskan Other – Original music. (Oakland)

Follow Read the Signs on FACEBOOK and at www.readthesignswebseries.com



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