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New Music: Tom Goss “Bears” – Gay Bear

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Oh Tom!

Over 200 “bears” joined together to make Tom Goss’s most recent music video, which released nationally today.  The music video, directed by Aram Vartian and Michael Key, is for the appropriately titled song, “Bears.”

Produced by Rich Morel (Deathfix, Blowoff, Kinky Boots, Hot Sauce), both the song and the video celebrate “bears,” complete with close-ups of robust, hirsute men playing with Super Soakers, careening down a slip and slide, and dancing in a club (usually in slow motion).  Prominent figures in the “bear” and LGBTQ community star in the film including model and Bear World Magazine’s “Bear of the Month,” Miles Windsor (a.k.a. Lumberjack Bear), Charger Stone (DC Bear Crue), and well-known drag queen, B’Naka.

Tom Goss, the fit, 5’5”, guitar-toting, power-pop prodigy with 8,000 Facebook followers and a national fan-base, had been wanting to celebrate the “Bear” community for some time.  Aside from his personal tastes (his husband since 2010 is a self-professed Bear), Tom wanted to showcase the diversity of the gay community in a high caliber production.  “We are overrun with images of perfect men, in perfect clothes and perfect bodies, and as a result, many people doubt their self-image,” says Goss.  “This video showcases what it means to be beautiful and sexy, regardless of size,” he continues.  Even before it’s formal release, the buzz both online and through the production had already resulted in Goss receiving dozens of emails from men thanking him for boosting their self-image.

After the release of Bears, Goss will be heading on a national tour from July until late fall, hitting New England, the West Coast, Midwest, and the deep South.  In winter, Tom will be heading back into the studio to work his next record, which will feature explosive songs that return to his pop/rock roots.

I’ve been a big fan of Tom’s music for years.  I’ve posted all of his videos on The Randy Report, and here’s Tom’s appearance on The Candi & Randy Show last year when we celebrated the release of his CD Lost Songs and Underdogs.


Bears are amazing, fun and sexy. We should celebrate that often…
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