New Music: “Fight Fight Fight” by The History of Panic: Video

The History of Pan!c is the nom de plume of Gerald Roesser, a Detroit-based multi-instrumentalist, vocalist and songwriter. In his youth, Pan!c grew up with a steady diet of techno and Morrissey, later championing Britpop at a series of local DJ gigs, spending late nights at Detroit parties, and witnessing the city’s garage rock revival. Meanwhile, in 1999, Roesser first unveiled Pan!c as an outlet for his experimental pop music. Then armed with only analog keyboards, a drum machine, and electric guitar, Richard Panic sounded something like techno pop for the rock masses. In the 2000s, Pan!c the solo artist was put on hold while Roesser joined Detroit band Pas/Cal as the group’s keyboardist, helping to record a series of critically acclaimed and meticulously crafted EPs and albums. Pas/Cal soon gained a loyal following, and the experience allowed Roesser to hone his songwriting skills, and re-focused his attention on the new possibilities of modern recording. The History of Panic is therefore something old, and something new. A debut album that is 12 years in the making, reflecting Roesser’s past, present, and future. A love of all things R&B, 70’s studio production sounds, mix of influences from the Junior Boys, to Phoenix, to Daft Punk, to the Smiths, the album contains wry, knowing lyrics, and well-constructed pop hooks. It turns out that the History of Pan!c was here all along, writing the songs to keep you company driving to and from Detroit parties, waiting for the sun to come up the next day.


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