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New Music: Brooklyn Native Singer-Songwriter Aris Releases Remix Single & Video


Brooklyn native singer-songwriter Aris has just released the deluxe edition of TWILIGHT REVIVAL, an album that blends alternative rock, electronic & pop genres. From the thumping opener “Twilight” to the campfire-folk closing track “Revival” to the diverse bonus tracks included on the digital release, Aris’ self-produced album is rooted in dynamic instrumentation, and exploration of vocal styles. The release is accompanied by a collection of music videos and photographic art.

Aris and his music have been featured in fashion campaigns for Project Runway winner Irina Shabayeva and on dance floors at venues such as the legendary Webster Hall, the Bitter End, Santos Party House, and most recently he performed a duet with Grammy winner Paula Cole to a packed house and standing ovation. Jim Fusilli of The Wall Street Journal describes Aris’ music as “rock with big lyrical themes” and offers comparisons to singer Peter Gabriel.

Tom Clover of UK based entertainment blog praises Aris’ new album. “Vocally, Aris’ voice has the same sort of gravelly cadence that Bryan Adams has seen take him to worldwide acclaim, while the lyrics shift from positive party-ready messages to bleaker moments, like on the somber plea of, ‘Fallen Blind.’ The moods are reflected in the production as Aris shows a whole range of emotion on this strongly produced 54-minute selection.” “Sometimes real quality can rise from the most unexpected of places, and Aris’ ‘TWILIGHT REVIVAL’ manages to do just that… It is clear that Aris is not afraid of stepping over boundaries.”

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Aris has gravitated towards emotional music by singer-songwriters who bared their souls through musical expression such as Paula Cole and Chris Cornell, whose confessional works continue to influence him, particularly on the kaleidoscopic TWILIGHT REVIVAL. From as early as age 3, the Brooklyn native can remember being influenced by the city’s melting pot of musical sounds, and as the son of an Irish belly-dancing mother and a Greek immigrant father his musical worldview was influenced by the diversity shared by his family and hometown.

Newfound perspectives gained through life changing events experienced during the death of his mother during Hurricane Sandy can be found within this refined collection of songs. The album’s tracks have been honed to reflect both a journey of inner transformation and healing as well as exposing the cracks in the government and institutional response to the disaster. This is a life-altering period Aris hopes to further explore and illuminate in a documentary that would use the story of his mother as a lens to tell a larger story about the failure of local and national systems to manage emergency disaster relief.

Despite the tragedy of this story, the process has left Aris with a very optimistic outlook. “I write from a highly personal place so my albums are usually soundtracks to what’s going on in my life. For TWILIGHT REVIVAL, I was feeling both shattered and uplifted spiritually and wanted to express that particularly intimate dichotomy musically and explore the universality of those themes. I set out with the intention to try to bring these disparate energies into the lyrics and arrangements, to give the listener something that could inspire resilience and strength. ”

TWILIGHT REVIVAL is now available on iTunes, Amazon, Google Play, Rhapsody and Spotify. The music video for the single “Twilight” has been generating buzz, placing it in the top 5 of Logo TV’s “NewNowNext” Best Music Video contest. Another video from the album for the song “Pray for Change” gained attention for featuring New York’s largest food program, the Holy Apostles Soup Kitchen, with proceeds from the track benefiting the charity.



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