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New Music: Ayer’s “Circle Down” is Coming at You Like a Dance Storm: Listen Up


We are totally digging it. And would you take a good look at this adorable photo above. We totally have a big ears sticking out fetish! That is meant in all the best ways possible. Check out the beats by Ayer below and be sure to download.

AYER: Info: Ayer is an independent project from Brooklyn singer Danny Schmittler and Mickey Valen, the producer behind NOOSA’s upcoming self-produced album. They combine sex infused vocals, catchy hooks, vintage synths and high fives, for a completely unique and unforgettable sound. Their first single Circle Down has been remixed by Keljet, and has been strongly received by music blogs and fans since hitting the internet only two weeks ago.

KELJET: Keljet is the Indie-Disco collaboration between Koen Mestrum and Teun Pranger. Since as early as 2009, the Nihmegen based Dutchmen have been flooding the blogosphere with their remixes and original productions, harvesting support by many dj’s and producers such as The Knocks, Goldroom, Zimmer and Don Diablo.

Their official collaborations include AVAN LAVA, X Ambassadors and Falcon Punch. Plus, official remixes for The Knocks and Milwaukee. In 2012, Keljet achieved a new milestone with an official remix of Don Diablo’s “Silent Shadow” on Columbia Records, a guest appearance on KISS FM and features on Ministry of Sound Radio.

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Take a listen to the first exclusive remix of Ayer’s debut single Circle Down by Keljet:

AYER remix artwork



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