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NEW MUSIC: Asian Envy, An Aussie-New York Musical Fusion in Homage to Their Love of All Things Japanese

Asian Envy formed in Tokyo, Japan in 2008 with the purpose of creating electro dance/pop music with unusual and elaborate accompanying videos.

Keyboardist and programmer Steve Edwards and lead singer Ross Larkin both reside in Melbourne, Australia where they write and record all their own music in a self-made, recording studio in an apartment near the ocean.

Asian Envy are so called in homage to their love of all things Japanese, particularly the distinctively outrageous fashion and culture present in certain Tokyo provinces.

Their music, however, draws influence from bass driven, edgy electro such as Justice, She Wants Revenge and The Presets.

Their first album, Sweet & Vicious, available to buy here was released in 2010, and spawned several quirky, elaborate videos.


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