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New Menswear Line Blade and Blue Dresses Up Accidental Bear from Jock to Hot Teacher: Exclusive Fashion Editorial

Accidental Bear’s Mike Enders got schooled in how to look sharp 101.

We had an amazing play date with new menswear line Blade and Blue based out of San Francisco and photographer  Ariel Lin. The outcome was magic.

Owner and Founder of Blade and Blue, Peter Papas says, “Blade + Blue began When I found the baseball mitt that I used as a little kid. It was a reminder of all the things my father taught me and my brother. How all men were taught these same things. How we are connected through tradition. How some things never go out of style.” Papas proudly states that his garments are made in the USA and many right in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Blade and Blue has a strong tie to tradition with flashbacks to lessons learned from your father or other men in your life; how to oil your baseball mitt, how to tie a tie, how to drive and other rites of passage that connect us all. “Our dads teach us how to be men and I wanted Blade and Blue to honor my father and all the things he taught my brother and me. My dad always told me to be loyal to my barber… I will get the best haircut that way,” said Papas.

We get a vintage Mr. Rogers-Hot Nerd-hipster-Old School vibe from these garments, in possible good ways! We have a feeling that Blade and Blue will soon be on the tongues of all stylish men around the world very soon.


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 “Be Good to Your Barber”


All photographs by Ariel Lin

Model: Mike Enders


Where did the logo of a Dachshund spawn from?

The dachshund logo is based on Papas dog Gavin, who has to be his loyal and  best friend. While wearing one of  Blade and Blue‘s  polo, Papas loves the the feeling that the Dachshund logo lying on his chest is  looking up at him.

Where did the name Blade and Blue come from?

The name Blade and Blue came from Papas second dog Blade whom he saved from a shelter. The name he came home with was  was Blue because he was so sad all the time. Papas took him home and named him Blade because of the blade of white fur on his face.

Papas states, “Blue because guys love to wear blue.. because all of the looks are paired with blue jeans and for ‘rhythm and blues’ since the love of music is in my DNA. Blade is also so appropriate because of the connection to ‘be loyal to your barber.’

Blade and Blue roots:

Many times Papas will start with a piece of old artwork or an album cover and develop a color palette and mood and then begin to develop the patterns for the shirts from there. Below is a pitcure that takes you through the visual thought process. In the photo below is  an old painting Papas found at a flea market in NYC about 20 years ago. He  loved the colors and built a range of shirts to reflect the mood of that painting.

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All photographs by Ariel Lin


All photographs by Ariel Lin


As a special thank exclusively for Accidental Bear readers, Blade and Blue is offering an outrageous special just for you. When filling your closets with Blade and Blue and stuffing stocking this holiday season as well, be sure to use this limited special promotional coupon Code: BEARD at checkout to receive s 30% off your purchase. This is HUGE! Sale ends January 3, 2012.







All photographs by Ariel Lin


All photographs by Ariel Lin


All photographs by Ariel Lin

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