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NEW EViL Share “Pale Skin Latin Girls” Official Video

The fighting video concept was a longtime passion project for Reyes, who also combines her love of martial arts with music on stage by kicking and punching her way through the group’s high-energy live shows. Says Reyes, “My aggressive stage style seemed to inspire others so I thought, this is something I have to create next.”  With the help of her boxing enthusiast brother, Jeremy, and the video’s director, Jaime Reed, Reyes was able to bring her vision to life.

The music video continues a story first established in NEW EViL’s previous video, “The W.”  In that video, the band stumbles upon a crystal that awakens a powerful witch (played by Reyes) who is trapped inside of a tomb by a mysterious Man in Black. The new video reverses the scenario: the band has now been kidnapped by the Man in Black and the witch, along with her magic crystals, has to fight her way through an abandoned warehouse riddled with thugs in order to free her band.

Although the story is fantasy, the video has an empowering message aimed at the real world. “[Doing a fight scene] was a childhood dream come true for me,” says Reyes. “Everyone on the crew and in my band was so supportive. No one ever doubted me because I’m a girl and that’s very much what NEWEViL stands for.” 

“Pale Skin Latin Girls” is is the latest single of the album A Witch Shall Be Born, released at the beginning of 2017.



Brought together by the graces of Craigslist, NEW EViL began touring local music venues as feverishly as they could with the help of Play Like a Girl, a female identified musicians collective, who recognized the band for their inspiring high energy live performance style packed with lyrics that speak about social issues and current events. After numerous shows in Los Angeles, the audience’s general reaction was summed up into one statement: “I’ve never seen anything like this before. It wasn’t just a rock show, it was an experience”. The band has shared bills with notable female fronted acts such as Le Butcherettes, and Barb Wire Dolls.

They received an official Certificate of Recognition by the city of Los Angeles, and their animated performance inspired Cartoon Network’s Power Puff Girls artist Benjamin P Carow so much that he drew the band in his recognizable “power puff” style.

The band launched a successful crowdfunding campaign raising thousands of dollars to record their first studio album ‘A Witch Shall be Born’. The album was recorded by John Would (Fiona Apple, HBO’s True Blood)  at Stanley Recordings. Their new single ‘King of the River’ will be released by PLAG Records this fall, as well as a professionally choreographed full on fight scene music video for their song ‘Pale Skin Latin Girls’.

Upcoming shows

October 21st – The Monster Mash: A Halloween Arts & Music Festival at Garden Amphitheater, California.
October 28th – Haunted High w/ Ramona Hammer, SP/BH and Velvet at The Hi Hat, Long Angeles.