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New Book | “Blind Item” – Hollywood Scandals Told by Hollywood Insiders Kevin Dickson & Jack Ketsoyan

No one knows her name, but now everyone wants to.

As an assistant publicist in Hollywood, Nicola spends her days (and nights) sweeping up the scandals of singers, movie stars, and TV actors. Fresh from Ohio, she’s rapidly discovering the real Hollywood is rotten under its glittering skin. Everyone is a hustler with a hard bottom line and a soap opera sob story.

When she breaks her own rules and starts dating a movie star, the Los Angeles scene starts to spill into her own life. As the paparazzi begin the hunt for sexy star Seamus O’Riordan’s new mystery girl, Nicola’s best friend Billy has her back while he prowls parties for the latest scoop to sell to the tabloids. Her roommate Kara keeps tabs on things too―in between befriending a former child star and transforming herself from stylist to reality TV sensation.

As the scandals pile up behind them, their pasts will be exposed… And every secret can be sold.

Written by two Hollywood insiders, Kevin Dickson and Jack Ketsoyan, Blind Item‘s jaw-dropping scandals are real, but the names are not. And they’ll never tell.

I had a few questions for Kevin Dickson about the book,  how it was spawned, what was learned after finishing the book. Check out his answers below.

What inspired you to write the book and get it off your chest?

Kevin Dickson – I’ve always been a storyteller and one of the things that made working at the tabloids tolerable was that I was always seeing the most surreal, unbelievable stuff. I’d go to parties and tell people about the things I’d seen in the course of my work and people never believed me. One time, I even interviewed to be on some show Kathy Griffin was doing, and the producers couldn’t believe my stories, so they sat me down for an hour with Kathy. It looked like I had the job, which I didn’t even really want, but after I left, Kathy told the producers that she was upset they’d force her to talk to a “big gay liar” like me. She couldn’t believe that yes, I had spent time at Octomom’s house, been backstage on The Swan, hung out with Donald Trump and been invited to way more parties than she had. None of those stories are printable, they’re just funny stories to share at parties, and Jack and I decided to fold them into a dark, twisted, funny love story. We wanted to create something fun and frothy as an antidote for the times we live in at the moment, but we also wanted it to have a big heart and a dark soul. and we wanted to set it in the real world of Hollywood, where fame is just another job. I’ve never subscribed to the notion that fame makes a person other or different, so I wanted that to be a big part of the book.

2. What did you learn about yourself while writing a book?

Kevin Dickson – I know myself pretty well, and it was fun to funnel a lot of my weirder aspects into characters in the book. But the process of writing a book, and then shaping it into a good book, taught me a lot. I learned that if you stay on social media you’ll never accomplish one thing. During the final phases of Blind Item and for the entirety of writing its sequel, I shut off social media completely. It’s not hard, and it gives you so much time to focus. I also learned that writing a book is much, much harder than making a record. You can hone songs and performance in rehearsal, but for a lot of the time, with a book, you’re writing in a total vacuum. We had to finish a sequel before anyone had read part one, so you deal with so much second-guessing and self doubt. You have to live with the consequences of what you make each character do, and you don’t have anyone but each other to bounce things off. I guess it made me much more self-sufficient. I learned to really trust my instincts, and have the strength to stand by them. Not a bad thing to figure out.
I just received my copy in the mail and looking forward to digging into it!

Find “Blind Item” on Amazon here

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