New AXXIDENTAL “Fire” Design a Nod to 80s Skateboarding and Volcanos!

We are stoked to share our new “Fire” graphic with everyone! A huge nod to early 90s skateboarding and hat tip to Thrasher. Founder Mike Enders says that he’s been a supporter and wearing Thrasher since the late 80s and that it is a gigantic influence on his first menswear collection.

This is a small look into the AXXIDENTAL Clothing Line that we have been working (fingers crossed will be out for Spring 2018).  Rock-n-roll city life meets Hawaiian beach life and cover it with a whole lot of bad ass. The first collection will be inspired by volcanos and the new land it creates by plowing thru anything in its way. That’s all we can share for now. More details coming soon! To get involved by sponsoring, investing in, or joining our creative team, email us at

Graphic designed by Mark Nubar |

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Glowing streams of lava pouring during eruption of Kilauea volcano


Black Sand beach at Road to Hana, Big Island Hawaii