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New: Alexander Geist’s “A Woman’s Right to Choose” is Dedicated to War-Crimes Whistleblower Chelsea Manning

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Morose disco-soul; wryly cinematic music for the dancefloor and the boudoir.

Alexander Geist is one of the most fascinating musicians to emerge onto the music scene in past years. This past year we wore out his track “Bad Language,” and ecstatic  to have new music to paw all over. Watch below the just released video by Geist, “A Woman’s Right to Choose,” which is dedicated to war-crimes whistleblower Chelsea Manning. The video was produced by nowMomentnow in collaboration with Alexander Geist

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“The new boy-hero of pop has emerged,” declared upon the release of Alexander Geist’s stark and iconic debut single, Bad Language in May, and indeed he has. Hailing from Berlin, the very heart of the international demimonde, Alexander Geist has come amongst us with inarguably unique material, at once cinematically nostalgic and exuberantly contemporary. An artist with an immense onstage persona, Alexander Geist and his band have spent the last year touring Europe. From Zagreb to Paris, Vienna to Lisbon, London to Prague and back again, he has captivated audiences with his matinee idol charm and his charismatic stage prescence. Indeed, BUTT has marvelled at his “short but startling career that has made him a cult hit in much of Europe’s underground.”

But success should come as no surpise for this future legend. Part Evelyn Waugh novel, part silver screen star, Alexander Geist is the velvet voice of a new epoch in pop music. Embracing the dry wit of Morrissey, the soundscape of Moroder, and the sensibilities of Manet, he was born for the spotlight. Magnetic, lush, wry, with his melodramatic lyrics and insistent melodies, he has created the genre he calls, morose disco-soul. Of his sound Electronic Beats purred, “A little bit Bowie, a little bit Dietrich, and all class…rich, succulent disco-pop in the old tradition, melancholic yet sensual: this bad boy got soul.” READ MORE


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