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“Never Slept with a Black Guy” | This Town: San Francisco Pilot Ep 4 | New LGBT Web Series

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In pilot episode #4 Rocky Rhodes (Mike Enders) chats with his roommate Rue (Norman LaRue Thouvenel) about being appalled by his white gay friends and how they talk about black men in their community and are unaware at how awful and racist they sound. #BlackLivesMatters isn’t fad of the week, not a moment but a movement, but his friends don’t quite get it.

“If I didn’t know you guys and overheard you talking I’d think you were card holding members of the Gay-KKK!” says Rocky as he repeats a conversation that disturbed him.

And finally friends helping friends out without any sex hangups #SexPositive #FriendswithBenefits #NSA

As always with the episodes we hope it encourages conversations and debate.

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“This Town: San Francisco” is a new web series written by Mike Enders (Owner of Accidental Bear Website). The series will be based in San Francisco and tackling and having fun with real-time San Francisco issues such as gentrification, drought, rental pricing, and within the LGBT community, body image, race, aging and much more, but most importantly, poking fun at ourselves as a community in order to start conversations and making change.

There will be 6 pilot episodes in what Enders is calling the “pilot season.” As a sound track for the episodes we will reach out to the LGBTQ musicians from the community, sharing and promoting from within as much as possible.

Enders describes This Town: San Francisco as Looking meets Strangers with Candy. The 6 pilot episodes will be released over the summer! Keep your eyes out!

Mike Enders as Rocky
Norman LaRue Thouvenel as Rue | Instagram
Chicken as kitty

Filmed by Mike Enders
Edited by Mike Enders
Written by Mike Enders
Directed by Mike Enders

Music by STOSE – “Evolution / Revolution” | Tumblr | Instagram | Itunes

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