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Naked Tub Chat with Singer Brendan Maclean: Polyamory, Gay Baiting | This Town Vodcast # 4

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This week’s “This Town: San Francisco” Vodcast went down in the bath tub. Special guest this week is the talented Australian singer Brendan Maclean. Steamy Topics: San Francisco in broken, polyamory, valuing the queer artist, playing into the gay community standards, Gay Baiting, relationship dependency, poop, #GrowYourPubes, death, and more…..

Brendan wants to write honest music that represents the queer community. Thinks popular out artists, like Sam Smith is boring and ‘leaning on queer community but not engaging into it and not adding more to the conversation.” He has new music and projects coming and hopefully a very bright career ahead of him, one that his talent deserves!

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