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Naked Margaret Cho Featured in Sexually Explicit New Video by Dorian Wood’s for “La Cara Infinita”: Watch

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My first time seeing a fully naked Margaret Cho. What a natural true beauty. Why has the video been out for a month and I am just now seeing it!? I didn’t know I could love Margaret Cho anymore, but I now I know. Oh, and great boobs  Margaret.

 talked to Huffington Post recently:

“I’m Gay, I’m Angry, and I Made a Dirty Music Video”

The lyrics of the song “La Cara Infinita” are in Spanish and detail a mythology in which thousands of women escape captivity and rise up to the sky to form a gigantic face (à la Voltron) that vengefully brings about the end of the world. The video captures that essence, with nude women and men interspersed among the performing musicians, only here, the nude women (the “Infinites”) stand by silently, observing, transcending the chaos that unfolds around them, while the men are humiliated and made to feel shameful of their bare state. The setting is a tiny room in which tensions escalate and the protagonists, including one portrayed by a very nude Margaret Cho, are led down a path to despair. I should point out that in between takes there was a healthy amount of giggling and tomfoolery, with a couple of pipes being passed around. One could not have hoped for a more jovial shoot, despite the intense subject matter. READ MORE

“La Cara Infinita” was written, composed and arranged by .
Why Are You Doing This Music (ASCAP)

From Dorian Wood’s new album Rattle Rattle

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