Muslin Brothers – Fashion Island at Jerusalem Design Week is Stellar!

“A spatial work and live installation created by fashion collective ‘Muslin Brothers’ especially for Jerusalem Design Week, titled Fashion Islands. The former post office space was covered with sand and lid up by a gradient light installation though hues of yellow to hot orange, altered the room in to an abstract, artificial desert. Hanged on humble iron poles presented a collection of 80 coats, all are a variation of the military M65 field coat, however each one is slightly different and customized in colour, fabric and details like pockets, lacing, detachable collar and patches.” Kaltblut

Photos by Dor Kedmi





“By picking a number from 1-80 the visitors were randomly assigned a coat to wear while walking in the space, enabling to test the effect of colour, materials and a whole range of direct and indirect associations on the body, on movement and on the experience of getting dressed, as all visitors were somewhat wearing the same item, standing in front of a mirror together. During the design week the Fashion Island hosted different creatives for a secret mail art workshop, a fashion presentation and a video filming. Jerusalem Design Week was made possible with the support of: The Jerusalem Development Authority and in cooperation with the Jerusalem Ministry of Affairs & Heritage and Jerusalem Municipality.” — Kaltblut

Photos by Dor Kedmi


Fashion Island – Jerusalem Design Week 2017
Creative partisipants: Asaf Einy, photographer Shay Lee Nissim, stylist Maayan Goldman, writer Shay Nifusi, product designer Omer Sheizaf, light designer David Adika, artist Mishka Aqizashvili, dancer


Also known as ‘American coat’, the M65 field coat was originally designed for Vietnam war. Donated in ’73 to the Israeli army, it quickly became extremely trendy within the military system as well as a desirable garment common stolen form the army to wear in every day life. Later it became recognized as the informal uniforms of anarchism, and now a day is produced and sold in any fashion giant as a commercial style both for men and woman. For ‘Im feeling lucky’, Muslin Brothers created 80 field coats from sheer organza, crunchy plastic and cotton canvas in sand hues. Limited and signed the coats are sold exclusively at

Photography: Asaf Einy Styling: Shay Lee Nissim Beauty and muse (models): Shay Kukui Shay Buziashvili


Established in 2011 and based in Tel Aviv-Jaffa, the label led by Tamar Levit and Yaen Levi. The collective design two unisex collections a year along side fashion installations and performances spanning a range of platforms including of Tel Aviv Fashion week, Holon design museum and Tel Aviv Museum for art. For Muslin Brothers fashion plays a significant part in cultural production, human communication and urban space comprehension. Thus, they transgress the borders between public and private, negotiating the will to stand out or recede, modify known social rituals and forms into unknown surreal appearances. Surfacing as a contemporary Israeli fashion brand, Muslin Brothers has been selected by London’s Centre for Fashion Enterprise for its pioneer program in addition to receiving the Emerging designers grant from The Israeli Pais Foundation.

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