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MUSIC PREMIERE – Princess, a “sci-fi feminist rock opera” Experience – Check them Out Now

Accidental Bear is thrilled to give you the exclusive premiere of Princess‘ second single “Far Away”

It’s Album Art, but Not the Way You’re Thinking

Princess Will Trick You Into Listening to Their New Album by Making You Want to Watch It

Alexis Gideon and Michael O’Neill are Princess, a performance art band with a new “sci-fi feminist rock opera” that is performed live alongside an immersive narrative video in museums and rock clubs alike. Between the two of them, the duo has shared bills with artists as diverse as William Kentridge and Peaches, and they bring all of that experience to this project. 

Their new concept video album, Out There, is being supported by two national tours and the release of three video singles over the course of a month, starting October 4th. “We know a full album is a hard sell in 2019. But the idea of a big video element opened up the possibility of holding people’s attention on some big ideas,” said O’Neill. 

The album is in large part a self-reflective exploration of toxic masculinity. Party culture and reckless egotism get special attention in the critique. The first video single, “Party Party Party,” shows two overconfident men destroying the landscape with their laser penises as they dance the night away. “Far Away” is structured around a bitter band break-up, culminating in an intergalactic stop-motion animated fist fight. 

In the third video single, Princess passes the mic to JD Samson & TEEN. “Rise Up” was co-written with JD Samson (Le Tigre/MEN), whose vocals represent a call from the Divine Feminine planet. The ethereal choral backdrop comes courtesy of TEEN, the alt rock band composed of three sisters. 

“It seems like nobody listens to albums anymore, and yet we were all inspired by Beyoncé’s Lemonade.  Audiences are sophisticated enough and ready to embrace the long-form album. Out There is meant to be a whole narrative. It’s like Jesus Christ Superstar, but with bangers. And leotards,” said Gideon. O’Neill added, “In a culture of toxic masculinity, love and listening can be revolutionary. It’s time for men to take more responsibility. This album is an attempt to do just that.”

Album officially drops November 1.