MUSIC: New York City’s Electro-Pop Entertainer JONNY “He’s Amazingly Electrosexual!” ::EP

Let us introduce to you Jonny:

Jonny is a multi-cultural gay pop artist. Based in electronic dance pop, Jonny’s music mixes beats and genres.
Jonny records and performs regularly in New York City and has performed all over the United States.

Bold, Brash and Big, JONNY has had several hit singles that have generated buzz online and at shows.

Jonny has found success in New York and surrounding cities, having performed at the world famous Slipper Room, Sugarland in Brooklyn, and more. His lyrical content deals with heartache, sex and redemption, which are set to pulse pounding beats. His live show involves choreographed dance and live vocal performance set to pre-written compositions.

“I’ve had the pleasure of seeing Jonny live!!!  He’s amazingly electrosexual!!!” – Pop singer Charlie Demos

“Jonny is not afraid to be who he is, and this comes out loud, clear and unabashedly in his music. Not only will you be compelled to dance with abandon, you will identify with the message.  Whether you’re gay, straight, young or old – Jonny’s beats, energy and essence will move you.”

Listen to Jonny’s complete hit singles at Also, please check out a clip of Jonny performing here: Jonny at Sugarland.


Jonny is available for bookings via email at or by phone at 857-389-2366.


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