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MTV’s ‘True Life’ To Feature Gay Bears And ‘Chubby Chasers’

GET.OUT.OF.TOWN. This has the same feeling to me as the first time as as I saw a preppie guy sporting a mohawk, worlds colliding, MTV and Chubby Chasers, nothing sacred! Is there no “alternative” anymore? One thing that is clear, is that the more exposure these sub-groups get to the mainstream world, the more acceptance they will receives. “Gay men are still stereotyped in mainstream media as gym bunnies — and judging by the results of a recent British poll, nearly half would be willing to make significant sacrifices in pursuit of the perfect body.

Now, MTV is turning the spotlight onto a somewhat less-heralded subset of the community: gay bears and their self-proclaimed “chubby chaser” admirers.

The preview clip features 26-year-Justin, who says, “I’m not attracted to muscle, I’m attracted to mass.” Though Justin fears his conservative parents dismiss his relationship with boyfriend Josh as merely a fetish, he goes on to note, “When I’m with a bear, I feel safe because of his size. I like feeling dwarfed by this individual –- a protector almost.”

(Huff Post)

Check out the trailer for the episode, set to air Jan. 11.



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