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(More) Shit Gay Bears Say! Video: What’s the Line Between Funny and Mean?

Shit (yadda yadda yadda) People Say has been beat down like a sick horse, but secretly, however awful they are, I still enjoy watching them to get a sense of people’s perception of others and themselves. But have they just gotten mean? Last week we posted the video Shit Bears Say, to our FACEBOOK PAGE and got a shit storm of angry comments about how the  Shit Bears Say video was an inaccurate personal attack on the Bear Community. Here are a few comments from that discussion:

“I get that they’re satire. While, yes, about 99% of those things are factually identifiable in the bear community, the way the video represented them via the actor and the tone did not make me laugh. At all. And I love laughing at myself and us as a community. Basically, I have an issue with the execution, not the concept or the content.”

“I totally agree. Satire is such a hard form to execute because it can quickly turn negative and snarky, like this video did. Everyone of these “bearisms” is performed with snark vs. authenticity – which makes the whole thing reek of bitchiness vs. hilarity.”

“This guy took the fun out of it. Sorry. Total fail. I can never wear my black and white flannel again, I don’t have a harness, I can’t stand dubstep, I don’t go to Bearbucks. Some of it I feel was an attack almost. Fuck this guy. Horrible mustache.”

“This vid was more “what Bay Area bears say”

Just some food for thought. Friends of mine, Malcolm and Jason from Friday Night Furlosophy, who I adore, just made and published the video (More) Shit Gay Bears Say!  and gave thanks to the guys who made  Shit Bears Say. My brain is split right down the middle, I totally am a fan and then the other side of my gemini mind thinks that it could be interpreted as mean spirited. Love you guys at Friday Night Furlosophy, just wanted to get a discussion going.



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