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Monetizing Thirst: The Life of the Instafamous | Glorifying the Hot

First of all, Monetizing Thirst, is a brilliant title. Ok, I’m trying to be a better person. My first thought is to projectile vomit. But this is the world today. As much of the gay media is trying to promote diversity and acceptance of all body shapes, sizes, and colors, we are still shallow as fuck. I’m pretty sure we as a community will always be, despite some of our best efforts.

Hey, I’m only half complaining. These guys are hot, maybe not that interesting, and here we are.

‘Rick Twombley and Griff King are celebrities on gay Instagram, and they’ve found a way to monetize their sexy selfies. The married couple posts workout videos, cooking demonstrations, NSFW photo galleries and relationship advice on a subscription-based site called OnlyFans. On this episode of Fameish, VICE meets up with them in their Atlanta home and finds out what it’s like to sell a gay dream.”  VICE

Glorifying the Hot. Cashing in on your looks. Why not?


Ink Blot Test! What do you see? #rorschach #husbands #photography @thebubbleone

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