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Model Matthieu Charneau by Exterface for MUTO # 7

There are exactly two things we shy away from posting. Men smoking and gun exposure. Here we make the exception for Matthieu Charneau to prove our love. Call me!

Matthieu Charneau by Exterface for MUTO no. 7Commando

‘Some says life is a game. A lifetime adventure. You’re been given a body to play with, a misterious world full of levels, missions, obstacles. always harder, always higher. Either satisfied, either frustrated. You’re a believer. You keep on trying. You’re like your own army, defending your belief, fighting against your enemy. But in the end, aren’t you only fighting against yourself?’

Inspired by heroic fantasy and video games, MUTO Manifesto reunites with groundbreaking model Matthieu Charneau to celebrate its 1st anniversary.

All spandex clothes courtesy of Slick It Up.















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