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Minnesota Firefighters Fight Fire in Drag (Video)

Drag comes in many colors, flavors and fire departments.

SEDAN, Minn. – A couple of well-dressed volunteer firefighters from central Minnesota are causing quite a stir online.

The pair helped put out a fire at a St. Patrick’s Day parade, but it’s what they were wearing that’s getting noticed.

In a small town like Sedan, neighbors need to look out for one another — but Ted Aubart and Ben Terhaar are more than next-door neighbors and volunteer firefighters. In a way, they’re “bosom buddies” in a more literal sense.

Every year, the men in the Sedan Fire Department trade their firefighting frocks for designer dresses as part of a beauty pageant of sorts that raises money for new equipment; however, as they were getting ready to ride in the St. Patrick’s Day parade, a pickup truck caught fire. That blaze spread to another car, and both Aubart and Terhaar hitched up their skirts and sprang into action. MORE

VIDEO: Minnesota Firefighters in Drag: MyFoxTWINCITIES.com

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