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Military Father Returns Home a Superhero as he Surprises Son for Birthday Disguised as Captain America (Video)

Pass the tissues or your sleeve please.

 A military father was truly ‘Super Dad’ to his two young boys when he returned from duty in Afghanistan – after greeting his sons disguised as Captain America.

A video posted on WelcomeHomeBlog.com shows two boys opening a  door to find a man suited and booted in red, white and blue at their home.

But minutes later, brothers Cole and Chase realise the man behind the mask asking to speak to the birthday boy is really their dear dad. via 

Welcome Home Blog states:

Regardless of political stance, no one can deny the joy felt upon seeing soldiers coming home safely. WelcomeHomeBlog.com is a site that celebrates these amazing military reunions. Visit daily for heartwarming stories, videos & pictures of members of our courageous armed forces returning home to their families & friends.

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