Michele Cadelano “In-Sane” Graduate Collection: Glorious Beard and Duck Feet

Michele Cadelano

Duck feet may be the new thing.


Michele Cadelano, a graduate student in BA Fashion Design at IUAV University of Venice, present us a menswear capsule collection of 5 outfits developed around the imagery of psychiatric hospitals and their patients. Michele was inspired by the photographic work of Christopher Payne “Asylum: Inside the Closed World of State Mental Hospitals” and weaving it together with the stereotype, who wants the mentally ill in a straitjacket, and civil clothing of the ’40s.”

Michele Cadelano2 Michele Cadelano3 Michele Cadelano4 Michele Cadelano5 Michele Cadelano6 Michele Cadelano7 Michele Cadelano8 Michele Cadelano9 Michele Cadelano10 Michele Cadelano11 Michele Cadelano12 Michele Cadelano13 Michele Cadelano14 Michele Cadelano15 Michele Cadelano16

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