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Michael Fassbender Plays ‘Guess The Celebrity Penis,’ Wins (Video)

Now here is a game I am all about being hands on. Michael Fassbender Plays ‘Guess The Celebrity Penis,’ and wins, which must mean he is a keen observer and good with the penis. How do you think you would measure up?

Michael Fassbender is an expert on celebrity penises. Don’t believe me? Check him out as he participates in a game of “Members Only,” a game in which he correctly identified the meat-and-potatoes of Harvey Keitel, Viggo Mortensen, and Watchmen‘s Dr. Manhattan (whose bright-blue member we thought was far too easy, by the way). The one celebrity schlong he couldn’t place, however, was Jason Segel’s — he must have missed its starring role in Forgetting Sarah Marshall, it would seem. (jezebel.com)

Watch video HERE 


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