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MenXclusive, The Male Stripping Collective of Australia – Video

This doesn’t do a thing for me. Although a middle aged gay male isn’t their target audience. After watching this clip I feel men’s self-esteem being squashed left and right. Especially with MenXclusive, The Male Stripping Collective of Australia’s obsession with no body hair. I threw up in my mouth a little.

VICE follows Sid, owner and choreographer of Australian erotic dance group MenXclusive in a behind the scenes look at male erotic dancing. These are men who show up to hens celebrations dressed as cops or airline pilots and put on a burlesque show for the bridesmaids. And although you might assume this scene is all about gym sessions and protein powder, for many of them, it’s a creative fusion of dance and acting. As Sid explains, “People would say I’m a stripper but I’m not a stripper. I’m a performer.” In the latest episode of VICE’s Australiana, we examine the high pressure world of male erotic dancing: the sense of solidarity between performers, the tantrums, and most intriguingly, the lead choreographer’s constant struggle for artistic credibility.

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